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  1. 1. Brittany 2. Hardy 3. Amy 4. Jun 5. Nakomis 6. Janelle 7. Will 8. Daniele 9. James 10. Renny
  2. I know a lot of people are saying that she should have put the boys up but IMO that was not her best move. If she had done that she would have lost Dan or Memphis's (whichever one stayed) support in the house and a possible jury vote....plus she knows the boys will target Jerry and Renny before her. Also, I think Keesha has a good chance of winning against Dan AND Memphis.
  3. James, Sharon, Chelsia, and Josh were some of my all time favorites....Sheila, Amanda, and Allison were some other standouts but I have to say I like the dynamics of the BB10 cast much better. In BB9 my favorites went fast and Natalie is the only HG in BB history who has ever made me consider canceling my feeds for the rest of the season because she was so irritating. The Libra/April/Keesha triangle was fascinating to watch, Dan, Renny, Angie, and Memphis have all been great to watch as well. I think there will always be some cynics for every season, but IMO BB10 has so far been one of the better seasons (along with 2, 3, 6, and 8)
  4. I'd say Memphis and Dan, however, I feel that if Michelle gave him a better opportunity he would sell Dan out in 2 seconds, so I have to go with Keesha and Renny.
  5. I'd love to see Keesha and Renny in the finals. I think Michelle and Memphis are both playing a very underhanded game, and the others in the house will catch onto them sooner than later and if Dan isn't careful he could be caught in the crossfire.
  6. I think Dan should call Brian up and ask him what "Semper Fi" means to him if Jerry is going to go after his religion
  7. I am team Libra/Keesha/Renny/Memphis Dan Jerry/April/Michelle/Ollie are horrid IMO
  8. haha sorry but Chelsia = amazing but I agree it was probably the most tasteless lol
  9. To be honest, no one really knows Libra's situation, no one here (to my knowledge) has actually met her or any of her family. To me, it is fine to judge how people are playing the game, but when it comes to the personal lives of HGs, none of us know the real situation. Who knows, maybe Libra saw how Danielle became a target during Season 3 from talking about her children too much and that is why she doesn't talk about her children much, or maybe she really just isnt phased....however, in my opinion it isnt my place or anyone else on a message board's place to make that call.
  10. BB8 Dick Daniele Jen Eric Jessica BB9 James Chelsia Josh Sheila Amanda BB10 (thus far) Libra Renny Memphis Keesha
  11. They can't sing for copyright reasons, though I am not sure why in BBUK they can sing all the time.
  12. She looks like John McCain's wife.
  13. LIBRA 08 CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN <3 haha. Why is everyone going on about her kids? We dont know her situation so I think you guys are being very quick to judge. Libra FTW!
  14. He will be the leader of the White Male Republican alliance. Please prove me wrong Jerry.
  15. BB2- Kent putting Krista up (idiot!) BB3- Jason not putting Roddy up, the infamous veto incident BB4- Nathan taking Ali off with the Veto, Jee putting Michelle up BB5- Adria putting up Will (thanks for giving us a Cowboy/Drew final, behotch), Diane voting Karen out BB6- Kaysar giving the HoH to Jenny, Ivette picking Maggie at the end BB7- Jase NOT hitting Janelle off her podium in the first HoH competition, Kaysar nominating Nakomis and Diane over Will and Boogie, Erika backdooring Danielle BB8- Daniele not pushing to keep Nick the week he got evicted, Daniele not putting up Dustin and Eric her first HoH BB9- Allison/Ryan and Adam/Sheila not voting Matt/Natalie out week 2, Team Pink not winning ANY HoHs ("soooo frustrating")
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