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July 12th Live Feed Coverage

Guest ranster627

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Guest Kalla
it is our mark to where we picked up materials for the upload ... lol

lol. ok... thought I was missing something there... ty.

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James said maybe if they gave them a little pivacy than maybe they wouldn't get too excited. Someone needs to alert this idiot that he's on BB and there is no such thing as privacy.

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Guest Kalla

Well ladies and gentlemen, what a turn of events. Thirty minutes ago, Eric was ready to leave the house because he feared for his safety and the safety of others in the house. He was hell bent on Michael being crazy and ready to do kung-fu on the others.

Now everyone is laughing and having a good time. Frisbee in the BY, a small paryer service in the BR to help find a lost pendant and Eric.......

Well Eric was standing just outside the door to the BY like a good little soldier making sure all was well and all was safe!

(do you think Eric is missing his work just a little bit?)

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Howie is trying to kiss Beau

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Unsucessful because Beau's playing hard to get

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Howie just kissed beau on the lips, and he keeps trying to do it again, beau is squirming, they turned the lights out, all the girls are screeming, so eric, rachel, james and maggie came in the bed room to see whats going on

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Mr "domestic abuse" is now threatnening to Kick Howie in the balls and kick his ass. HYPOCRITE ASS$%^*!!

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Howie seemed unaffected by the news of Janelle's panties

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Kaysar and Michael on hammock.

K: I'm just gonna stay out of everything

M: keep your eyes and ears open but dont think too much. last night you looked like you never slept because you were thinking too much

K: pretty much

M: everyone here is a wannabe supermodel.

M: f*** em dude let em talk. i haven't done anything wrong. let them talk. when we get hoh they will be so ass kissing. we aren't playing I wanna lick your balls, we're playing a game..if you wanna play go lick your balls.. *trails off*

they go on a tangent over the bugs and movies.

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Howie said (about Beau)" he's not a fag he's gay. James than says "what's the difference"

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M: we can't let these people get to us. all this behavior is out of weakness. we jsut need to say level headed and they will stay close to us.

K: if someone curses at me and i curse back they think it's funny.

M: I have no interest in any of the girls here anymore. now im like eh. throw em out.

K: you're just upset because you hugged em and they think it's sexual harassment and howie fondled them and they think that's not.

K: the only chick i attract is beau.

M: beau beau beau, you sweet little ho

((they are cracking me up in the hammock))

M: they will find us out sooner or later I think. we'll have to wait and see.

K: I think im just gonna ignore everyone.

M: watch out theres a sexual predator in here! and his head is miguel sanchez...*goes into description* ((it's actually pretty funny)). F** howie cant stop talking about molesting girls in here.

K: and some of the guys too.

K: you think they will give us real grass if we win the luxury comp??

((wow...who knew michael and kaysar had this much of a sense of humor!!))

M: i'm losin it.

K: you act like this when we aren't here.

K: imagine if you hang out with someone...say a couple hrs a day every day, 2 per day, thats 14 hours. so say we sleep for 6 hours. that's 18 hours. so lets just to make it easy

M: when this is all over I'm gonna need a break from you for some time.. *they laugh*

K: 18 hrs you are hanging out..every day..we do that in 1 day. we've done the = to hanging out with them for about 180 hours.

K: that's 10 weeks of every single day

M: ya but a lot less annoying

M: theres some weird fuckin people in this house.

M: we jsut just adopt the howie technique and annoy them so much

K: you're doing that already.

M: I'm looking for a sexual harassment suit for doing this to a girls neck *does demo*

K: why did eric run to the diary room like he had a big concern.

M: maybe hes gay and needed a fix.

K: imagine how happy beau would be.

M: I wonder who eric knows. what if they all know about us, and they all know each other. and they all know us. and we're being suckered into this and all the american public is laughing at us.


M: that would suck.

M: what if big brother made the 2 of us made like complete morons.

K: it's a risk we had to take.

m: they wont make us look like assholes would they?

K: we're not the twist.

M: we're not supposed to talk about this

K: every person in here, lets presume, has a pair.

M: jen and april dont know each other. pretty sure. she cried to me today.

M: lets win em all and nominate everyone.

M: lets nominate ivette and eric. we take 2 people out with loud mouths. that would be smart.

K: erics being so nice to me.

M: I do't dislike eric, we could be friends. but strategically, its smart. they are the loudmouths.

K: he doesnt bother me. he isn't being a straight shooter.

m: it's shady.

and fish.

and back to silence.

K: this hoh is HUGE. you, me or howie.

M: howie.. i think he's...i think he's..kinda...you sohuld chat with him.

K: I have! here comes april. don't make it obvious.

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