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July 12th Live Feed Coverage

Guest ranster627

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James was up to use the restroom, but all feeds are of sleeping HGs still at this point...

(I'm rushing to get caught up on last night and get work done before they wake up! lol)

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rachael is complaing that they were having a party outside hoh room and saying once the hoh goes to bed they shouldnt be outside playing chess and yelling. april is saying eric is sleeping and he needs to. rachael is complaing bb is "big rodents" in the wall doing stuff and cant they wait till they are up before doing repairs. :roll:

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Guest Charoliney

April and Rachel talking at the BY.

Talking about stress. April is stressful of changing bed almost every night.

Rachel asked if she had breakfast. She suggested to make breakfast. Rachel also complaining about some noise outside BB house.

Rachel dreamed of going to a party on new year eve.

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there is movement on the feeds! something besides the night vision greenish look of sleeping HGs...

April is up, changed her batteries and in the bathroom doing morning routine... went outside for a smoke...


another body is up and moving... looks to be Rachel coming from the HOH room... she came down the stairs and looked outside, saw April so went outside

A:morning huney, sleep well?

R:when I could sleep... we should tell everyone, when the HOH goes to sleep, they shouldn't have a party right outside the door

A: at least just have 2 people playing chess, or go outside or in the kitchen

R: not even the kitchen, it's too loud there

A: did Janelle stay in with you?

R: yea.... did you eat breakfast yet?

A: no... I just woke up

R: Eric isn't even up!?!?!?

A: no... let them sleep... it's dark in there...

(because you people want to know this stuff... they both say they have started their period)

discussion of Rachel breaking up with a guy

A: sometimes we get the fight or flight feeling

R: I was so angry, I sort of brought it on

A: to just get out.. it's ok, we've all looked stupid one day or another

R: it's a nice day, we should get food and bring it out here... I need to go back up and get my pills


they go inside, April in the kitchen, Rachel off camera for now, 2 cameras still on nightvision of sleepers starting to move around more

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ya the girls are up now, i can't belive the rest are still sleeping, but i suppose the excitment of it all has finally come down. we must now pray for two more fish that they will make it. AMEN. lol

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[my comments are in these]


April feeds the fish [so if any die today, it's her fault lol]

A: (to herself) I hope that one is getting better

A: I'll make some bacon.... there's one fish, I don't think he feels good

R: should we make some coffee?

A: I did

R: It's not going....

A: oh, I thought they put the water in already[from the night before maybe?] ok, I'll start it... (then she knocks something off the top of the fish tank [hehe]

R: we need eggs... I'm going in to get my batteries, because I need to get eggs and 1% milk

A: (to the fish) what's the matter with you... oh, there's two of them...


A:I'm gonna try to get in[the DR?}, and tell them two are looking horrible... it will just take me two seconds

(April goes into the DR)

A:yes... there's two... (and her mic goes silent)


April is back out, April/Rachel are in the kitchen


A: we've had more lockdowns because of the fishies than anything, it's sad

R: I know... you hear the cameras? we are the most exciting thing going on this morning

someone new is stirring in the bedroom... looks like James is getting up

A: who was being loud?

R: they weren't being super loud, [she named a few HGs] I was listening on my headphones for a while, but... it's not soundproof, it's not like the DR

A: I think it's louder for you than for us, because the sound echos up...


R: (looking in the fridge) what in the world is that?

A: that's not good, throw it away...

R: well, I didn't make it, I won't throw it away

A: (looking back at the fish again) poor little fishies...

James walks to the kitchen, when April mentions the sick fish, James jokes of cooking them for breakfast...

they talk of April/Rachel getting in a fight... April says she may not be able to fight, but she can run really fast, they used to call her 'Jackrabbit'


(someone else sitting up in bed on nightvision)

J: do we have any sugar free syrup?

A: it's funny, no one here is diabetic

J: because we are all so young

A: (after looking at herself) I'm healthy...

J: but you smoke too much...

A: that's because that's all you know of me..

J: and you all think I'm a jerk, because that's all you know of me

[they are joking/teasing each other]

A: girly James, you were sleeping with that mask on...

James comments about the food they are preparing, makes a suggestion... April teases he should keep quiet right now.... she coughs and James jokes it's a smokers cough...

April/James go back to look at the fish tank again, the cloudy eyes on another fish...


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Rachel says (they need to do a part water change and clean the tank and add more fish...) There have been comments from April that some of the fish aren't eating... Again it's my opinion that they are feeding these fish way toooo much...

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Guest Tareq's No1 Fan
is it just me or does james piss and moan alot, he seem to be obsesive compulsive ( i cant spell by the way) lol

Please restrict your comments in this thread to transcripts of the live feed only. Thank you.

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Guest Charoliney

James lied about telling the girlfriend "outside" that he is coming to BB.

James is such a liar!

Is james from Miami? He just said he missed talking to his friend from Miami.

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Rachel/April/James in kitchen

R: I was dreaming all over the map

J: April, where did you sleep

A: I slept with Rachel, crazy woman

J: you were still thinking about me mooning you?

A: I might do some walking today... after drinking 5 cups of coffee and smoking a pack of cigarettes...

A: Maggie is loving life right now... we need to let them sleep

J: it's amazing what sleep and good food will do for you...

R: pancakes, it's the one thing I can do well... blueberries... I may be odd

J: at least you have a talent

R: everyone has one

J: April, what are your talents

A: I'm a nice person, I'm good at listening, I like to plant, flowers and stuff

J: that same towel you used for baking grease, you going to use to wipe off the counter? let me put it outside...

A/R: it's ok

J: don't make me feel bad, I have a concience

A: I'm good at making cinemmon rolls, out of the package, so don't get excited! [lol]

A: what are your talents James?

J: I don't have any...


J: my talents... I'm good at sports

A: you're a good teacher... [lol he lied about being a teacher! lol]

J: why is there a hair on this water bottle? Is Janelle still up in your room? The princess...

(nightvision cam shows someone else rising)

J: do you guys miss anything yet?

R: just some freedoms

A: I miss my husband, but you have to get past it...

R: I'm glad I'm single, I can't imagine the girls dating...

J: that's why I told the girl I'm seeing, I'm going to be on this show for 3 months... she said I won't know what you are doing... I said look, I'm the one that will be on film the whole time, you're the one that can be seeing others

A: what's the longest relationship you've been in?

J: 2 years.. I miss talking to my friends in Miami... I have 3 best friends... my sister is in Ohio.. and my friends in Atlanta, they'll be watching tonight... and the live eviction tonight!

A: it's not live..

J: don't ruin my fantasy! [lol]

(Jennifer came out, then decided to go back to bed)

J: if I'm nominated, I'm wearing my shark boxers[?]

A: Eric said don't let the door hit you on the way out if you leave, I'll see you on the outside...

April says when they came in, she asked someone to run with her in the house[when first going in]... James said he got to go in first because BB likes him... he got a corner bed and then was asked to give it up later


Jennifer is back up and in the kitchen, Beau, Eric, Maggie are also up now

E: I was having the strangest dream

R: we all are, we were just talking about that

J: I had this dream I was part of a special commando team, Jenny was on it, Eric was but as someone else, Beau was on but with dreadlocks

R: I was dreaming of poltergist

A: Eric, you happy you slept til 9:30?

A: everyone is coming out here with gold on them[glitter from the gold room]

James goes to blow his nose in the bathroom... joins Maggie washing her face


all back in the kitchen

J: I thought about staying up, but why?

R: I woke up at 7, there were critters in the wall... sounded like they were changing the camera lens

J: they aren't here to make us comfortable, they are part of the game

A: last night was fun

R: there was a party going on last night(starting to tell others about the noise)

J: didn't you hear Beau? he was telling them to go outside

Maggie: we thought he was just playing around

R: I think they did eventually go out, because it got quiet

R: we went to bed around midnight I think

Jennifer is doing her morning situps

Maggie looks in the freezer... oh, ice trays, how cool is that! There's got to be something going on today... it's Tuesday...

R: I'm sure if there is, we'll find out about it

M: there was nothing on the grey screen

Eric comes back to the kitchen


Rachel says she's eating to much food

Eric: yea, I want to get back on pace... wonder when they will open up the gym... is it a conversation piece?

E: I went in the Gold room and was out... Maggie said she tried to say something to him, but he was out...

R: there were rodents in the wall, giant 180 pound rodents...


Eric/Maggie/Rachel/April in kitchen, Jennifer still on the floor exercising)

E: when I was competing, I'd put nutrasweet on this(pancake?) roll it up and eat it

April mentions the fish again... back to worries about the fish...

E: they need to take all the fish out

R: they need to do a water change

A: how can the doctor not know what it is?


Jennifer is up getting food now, lots of moving around, Eric is getting on a roll in the kitchen again... Ivette is up also...

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