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July 12th Live Feed Coverage

Guest ranster627

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M: I want a shake.. lets go inside.

K: what you want me t follow you around?!

Michael stood up and Kaysar flipped off the hammock. kaysar jokingly claimed a fractured wrist.."I obiovusly can't give you wrist BECAUSE IT'S BROKEN" ((LOL it was so funny))

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April reassured Kaysar all the dramas over. She said she's going to brush her teeth and get ready for bed. Since it's 11:30 that doesn't sound like a bad idea. Good night til tomorrow.

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April & beau asking Kaysar his type.

Kaysar says Janelle is beautiful, and sometimes her personality is and sometimes it isnt.

K:I ask her about her family.

B: you know about her family??

K: I Know her dads name is kevin??

K: sarahs cute too.

A: will you marry outside your religion??

K: I wanna make it easier on my family.

A: are there a lot of pretty muslim girls??

B: are girls allowed to shave their cooch??

K: first of all..they are. and second of all.. i dont wanna answer that.

B: so are they allowed to?!

K: you're supposed to keep clean!

B: can they wear makeup??

K: yeah...not like a hooker!!

B: like bikini waxes?

K: I'm sure it's fine.

B: ok..some have potential.

A: they can shave their legs..of course.

K agrees.

K: I hear women from texas arent allowed to shave their armpits.

A: we're all so fiesty.

A: kaysar came in here quiet and reserved and now hes like 'seriously, im not answering that'

K: I'm gonna backhand someone. this is the backhand area.

B: you're gonna have a muslim website.

K: I dont want a muslim website.

A: you're hot though.

K: come on guys, don't sugar me up.

A: I'm smoking one then going to bed.

A: all i know is I'm not going to hold any gruges for anyone because this is a weird situation, once we get out. unless someone calls me a slut

K: crap..Big brother!!! take off that thing about me calling april a slut!!

A: he isn't goin to be a muslim when he gets out of here

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Guest Shockalot

Kaysar repeatedly to 'BackHand!' people for hassling him about being Muslim.

April and Beau suggest Kaysar will have his own 'Muslim Website'.

This will be to get Muslim girls.

Beau and April tell Kaysar he is really good looking.

Beau says "Your my Type!"

They joke more and tell Kaysar he wont be a Muslim when he leaves.. he will be De-Muslimised.

(because they are antagonising him to be so pissed off lol)


Oh great.. Howie in the kitchen informing Jen and James he shaves off everything on his wang.

He pulls down his shorts to show them what he did.


Now Mr.Charming is over at the smoking table with April, Beau and Janelle and he wont stop rubbing Beaus bald head.

Says something about Jerking it.


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hope someone got this more then me..but April relayed conversation that mike had with her to to eric, maggie, and jennifer. they all agree he needs to go, but can't risk doing the bb5 thing.

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Eric & Maggie are pissed at James because James is smart and James [they think] figured out viette & beau knowing each other in real.

eric says nobody has any idea they are together. and maggie says except james.

maggie says james and sarah wont leave anyone alone. they come up in mid convo.

maggie says howie and rachel are 'fucking brother and sister'

eric says he isnt sure if james is figuring out what maggie thinks he is.

eric says kaysar was freaking out earlier, eric threw him off. eric said it was stupid of kaysar to come running to eric.

eric telling maggie about the whole 9-2....eric says 'listen to that sneaky son of a bitch'

maggie says it's a test. to see if eric knows maggie.

eric reiterates james is a sneaky sneaky sneaky son of a bitch. eric says he HAS to keep james close. eric says he isn't worried about ivette, she is strong. maggie says to say something. eric says let her go with it. ivette feels he owes james something. maggie says that is so fucking manipulative. james says he is fucking good. eric says he is a slippery slippery son of a bitch. maggie says she talked aobut him in the diary room. eric says he is slippery (again). maggie says he will never connect with james. eric says 'they have security here 27/4, if there was any violence they will be here in a minute. as soon as there is a threat...' ((is this aobut michael?!?! what the hell??? how did they switch so quickly?))

((3:30 AM on the east coast...sleepy time for me.))

eric again says james doesnt have a clue maggie and eric are together

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Guest Shockalot

Eric and Maggie joking they are best friends in the house and will leave the house seeing each other naked and smelling the worst smells out of each other.

Now whispering to each other.. talking about Kaysar being on to the Beau-Ivette Duo.

They are aware others are suspicious of James-Sarah being a Duo.

James is snooping about the Beau-Ivette thing and Eric wants it stopped. He suggested that James worry about why 5 of them are all from the same modelling agency.

Maggie interupts Eric - "Do you think they are all Models out there?"

Eric considers it - ".....No.. well.. I have been thinking about that possibility"

They are really flying fast and furious with the analysing of almost every combination and possibility but the bottom line is that Eric insists he needs to keep on James, keep James close and be on James all the time.

They agree James is 'very smart.. very dangerous'

Now discussing the convo Eric had about James potential 'Violence' earlier in the day.

He assures Maggie that BB has told them they are all 'Safe'. Safe. If any violence happens they will have security in there right away. Eric is just gonna trust BB to protect him and Maggie from James.

Once again.. Maggie warns Eric to be very careful, very careful about James.

Eric assures he will be very careful to stay safe from James while still keeping James 'Close'.

((imo.. Eric and Maggie..lol.. are SO PARANOID its almost hysterically funny .. they are SO intensely SERIOUS))

Eric - "Keep your eyes on the prize... we are one week down.. just keep it day by day now.. we can keep going... "

Maggie "I know.. I know.. You know how I am.. so independant"

Eric - "Your so strong.. your so Strong..."

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Guest HermanoGrande

I was planning on doing some late night reporting like I did last night but I received several private messages complaining about them. I'm sorry to those of you that didn't like my reporting, and I guese ill stop. :(

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Janelle and Kaysar playing Chess with howie sitting there being kinda quiet by Howie standards. Not too much substantial conversation going on.

Overnight posters don't be shy to post here. Remember you can't please everyone. I for one appreciate the effort!

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Good ol Howie posing a multiple choice climax question to Jan. She ended up answering "climaxing together" I think they are drinking wine and giving her a backrub while she plays chess with kaysar. Janelle says her bro will think Howie is an a$$hole.

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Good night guys..have fun!

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Guest Shockalot

Too Funny. Kaysar, Janelle play Chess as Howie gives Janelle a back massage and is well... Howie.

"Kaysar, your a good looking guy, buffed body, strong with Allah.. dont you (want some) of this hot blonde babe"

Kaysar at his wits end with Howie: "Howie... can you try.. try .. just try and not talk about sex for a week?"

Howie: "No"

Kaysar "A Day?"

Howie: "Bro.. dont do that to me"

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Janelle may be on to Yvette. Howie asked if Janelle thought the reason Yvette hated her is that she's good looking and gets a lot of attention. Janelle is like no and says "actually I might think she may be a dyke"

Now Kaysar,Jan and Howie are talking to putting up both Beau and Yvette if they get HOH. So it's sounding like they want James to join in with them too.

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Guest Domestic_Goddess

Its 7:42 BB time and all the houseguests are still asleep.

{Looks like even early riser Eric is sleeping in for once}

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Guest Blhuebutterfly

Could someone let me know how to get a schedule...I can do the late shifts..


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