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July 12th Live Feed Coverage

Guest ranster627

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Jennifer and Janelle are both sitting at the counter.. Howie is now hitting on Jennifer... Janelle left and went into HOH bathroom

HG(Kaysar?) noticed seats at counter have lever to raise/lower the seat


back inside, lots of HGs in the kitchen, tossing random insults while making food...


Howie: Best thing about kids... making them

Eric: trying

Howie called to the DR: they should have a bathroom in the DR

Eric: they would have told us already if we have evictions today, right?

Beau: what's her face said it's on Thursday


Ivette, Rachel, laying out by the pool

Rachel and Ivette discuss putting their hair up...

I: is it horrible that he gives me the creeps now?

R: yea, but we gave him a fair shot, but he has a temper problem

I: I was talking with him yesterday, he doesn't want a woman that challenges... conservative, although the sound like good qualities, its to control, you know? His father was 38 and he married a woman 20, vulnerable, I find it funny one second he says he likes me, then he says I stand up to him

R: the next HOH is going to be...

I: brutal

R: I don't think it's going to be Thursday... I've been in a week and a half, I hate that, but I didn't have control over that

April, Maggie join them..

R: I've been in the room how many days

I: April was there too, when we talked with Michael, I got disgusted by him, any conversation we had with him, was just like...

I: think that's why he was drawn to Jenny, she's manipulative

A: anyone who watches all the movies he watches, is disturbed... like the video he downloaded... he wouldn't stop about it... like about that swan...

I: what movie?

A: about killing a Russian soldier

I: it's not normal in an environment like this...


Janelle gives Maggie hair conditioning tips in the bathroom...


April, Ivette, Rachel laying out talk more about Michael, plans to win HOH and if he should be nominated or wait until after the POV


Eric, James talk strategy in the bedroom... win, win, win at all costs [lol]

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James brother worked for a race car pit crew... now his shop is a 6 car garage next to an apartment... he restores cars and sells them to collectors[story time for James again?]

he has an acid dipping tank to strip down cars... my brother is a genius when it comes to stuff like that.. he builds pit boxes... video game company had him design a pit box to hold a television...

Kaysar: he makes good money?

James: I guess, we haven't talked for about 2 year... he's 10 months younger[i think he said 10]... since my parents separated, they are still married, that kind... he was upset with me about something... my point was if my brother can't call and tell me why he's upset... we are adults [oh really? lol]

guys still talking, about it being hot in the house last night...

Michael: I didn't sleep too well because Ashlea was next to me...


Eric, James, Beau, Kaysar

James or Eric: more than one vote, and we go on a witch hunt.. no reason this shouldn't go 10-1...

talk of shock if Kaysar got evicted

BB got on Beau/Eric for MO(mic obstruction)

James wants to do something, suggests chess, then suggests showing off his shark boxers, tells an ex-girlfriend gave them to him... sharks are his favorite animal, was going to get a shark tatoo... now plans to get all BB6 HGs names tatooed on his thigh... right now.. and mark them off as they get evicted...


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4 feeds on guys laying in beds... [no one else in the house is active/talking?]

Beau is whispering to Eric, we get a cut to the bathroom [!!?!?!?] then back to Beau/Eric

B: Kaysar is following everyone around

E: he's changed.... I wouldn't trust him... (comment from Beau) exactly... how many times? He has no life experience, he's like a little kid... he'll learn, the hard way but he'll learn...


James/Kaysar in the bathroom, James in the shower stall

J: I've got to find out from Rachel if we are good for one week or two weeks... I want to get rid of Janelle, because she wants to get rid of all the guys

K: she's trying to use her charm... she came to me with some good info

J: if Jan got HOH, she'd put up Eric, he'd go after her all week

K: honestly, I'd rather, if I get HOH, I want Ivette out, no matter what

J: remember the power of veto... Beaus not a competitor... you want to be smart, put Beau against someone, after POV...

K: when they talked to Eric, he sold you out, I'm not lying, the entire time he tried to pin you... first he said he trusted you... next day it was Michael... then he says he doesn't trust you a bit... I told him the twist, Ivette, he said so what... he's lowering the importance of our alliance... if there is an alliance, what about James and Ivette, the same modeling alliance.. why are you (Eric) so quick to sell out our alliance(James)...

they hear something so James starts shaving and Kaysar leaves


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Kaysar, Jenny, Janelle outside. Jenny says that as the weeks go on, at least more people will be leaving and it might be easier to be in the house, hopefully "the right people" would leave. Kaysar asks who the right people are, Jenny avoids the question, starts talking about crap in her drinking glass.

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14 people in the house, and we have 4 feeds of James shaving his chest

now 4 of the kitchen...

Ashlea: did they ask you if you were going to hook up?

Kaysar:(to Howie and Ashley) you are both Jewish, you should hook up..

Howie: what does religion have to do with hooking up? You're from Iraq, but you like white women

Kaysar: when did I say that?

Howie: I thought you did, but if I'm wrong again...

Ashlea: I just like getting 8 gifts at Hannukah(sp?)


BY is filling up... lots of HGs laying by the pool


Kaysar asking Jennifer about her crying...

J:nobody made me cry, I'm just emotional... Eric and Mike were fighting... all this tension, just got to me

Maggie/Rachel in the kitchen

M: holding 7 fingers up... those don't give me any reason to evict them... for the jury... ok, 9...

They walk to the picture wall and start moving keys... I'm not worried about K, E I like, A, not worried about J, me obviously, H and I I want to keep...

her, honest, even (Janelle walks in) and they stop whispering

Ivette comes in and Maggie thinks her face is burning... Maggie says she requested certain cookies

back at the patio, Janelle has joined Kaysar and Jenny

Maggie, Rachel and Ivette discuss a barbque

Jan: it's a choice, do I want a cigarette or no...

Kaysar talks about seeing an attractive woman, then he sees her light up..

Jan: stereotypes are meant to be broken

Maggie alone with Rachel again

R: this HOH is going to be scary...

Ivette walks back in... talk about last night sleeping arangements, the noise again...

Kaysar/Jen/Jan talk about Jen crying again... Jan asks why she did... Kaysar jokes it was because he told her he would never go out with Jen


K: we are getting sick of people in the house

Jen: it's a house divided

K: I'm sick of myself

Jen/Jan: I'm sick of looking in the mirror

K: can you imagine what's going to happen in week 2?

Jen: we think we'll be ready to shoot ourself, but people are gonig to be leaving, hopefully the right people

K: who are the right people

Jen: it's all a matter of opinion

Jen: I just want to do a competition

K: make me dress up like an apple...


Michael is working out... Jen leaves Kaysar/Jan at the table

K: I want to find out what she's thinking... she's afraid to tell...

Jan: she knows what's going on?

K: knowing what's going on, and being able to predict the future are different

Jan: she doesn't like Ivette

Ashlea joins K/Jan at the table... then K leaves...

Jan: we're the kitty-cat club...

A: I miss ordering sushi...


A: he's getting more attention than in his whole life..

Jan: I need an ipod case for my mic

Rachel, Sarah, Maggie, Ivette, James, April in the kitchen

Rachel replaces Jan at the table

A: can you handle it the whole time?

R: yea... the PBJ?

A: no, I didn't realize how much down time we'd have

Rachel thinks it was hotter yesterday

James: Jen, what does your mom call you?

Jen: Jennifer, but my family calls me Jenny

Rachel eating, Ashlea sitting...

A: I'm hungry, but I don't know for what... one of those stare at the fridge for 30 minutes things

Ashlea goes to the kitchen and Kaysar walks over to replace Ashlea at the table


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Sarah and James have a meeting in the bedroom. They assure eachother that they have eachothers backs. Sarah tells James she is uncomfortable around both Howie and Micheal. Sarah quickly leaves, giving him a quiet "I love you".

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HGs are sleeping, fixing food or eating food or laying in the sun [why wouldn't people want to be on the show for 3 months?]


Janelle is sunning, Michael is laying near her, Howie is standing over them sporting a mandana... BB tells Michael to put on his mic... Howie asks if he needs a refresher course... Howie goes to the weights...

Inside James and Sarah are eating at the table...

Jan/Michael talk about the heat, Howie comes over to comment on Jan then go back to weights, Michael ignores Howie and goes on talking...

[6 seasons, so I'm guessing BB prefers showing us 2 scenes in the house on 2 cams each, it's not that they aren't bright enough to think we'd like more variety in the camera shots?]


Jan/Michael talk of foriegn travel, Howie making random comments or just stares at Jan... 2 cams of them, 2 cams of kitchen counter...

now we lose the H/Jan/M feed and get two of the patio and two of the kitchen counter...


K: the way he got power was he started killing people... he started reading names, people in the auditorium started crying, firing squad outside...

R: how could he just do that?

K: he took control, of the army, everything... he's insane... here's the thing... it's all the Arab countries have a hand in it, lots of the technology we are going after, we gave to them, to go after Iran... what's going on now, I wish it was taken care of before the last war... things about kids born with defects from nuclear war...

R: and he was cruel to women...

K: he was cruel to everyone... my uncle was killed by him... he was trying to defect from the army... was found at the door of the house, and they left a bill... there is so much unrest...

R: what are the insurgents trying to do?

K: it makes me angry, do they think they are doing good?

R: what is their purpose

K: they've convinced themself... not to say one life is greater than another, but what is the purpose... beats me... I guess it's amusing to them...


more talk by Kaysar and Rachel, with Jennifer listening in at the patio...

Ivette, April, Beau, Maggie eating at the kitchen counter

Eric awake again...

Rachel's mom was 15 minutes from boarding a planeflight on 9-11


Sarah/James whispering in the bedroom

S:Rachel was standing up for Howie, making him a good guy... don't start Rachel...

S: Kaysar's not part of our thing... what about Beau?

J: figure it out when it gets here... BB is doing all he can to not have another one...

S: the first one is always 2 weeks... I... want... Michael... gone... he gives me the creeps... he's always touching me... now Howie's getting to that point... I feel yuilck! (sp?)

(I think Sara just said "I love you so much"... then realized she needed to back off from getting mushy)

J: you'll last longer than I will

S: if anyone wants to get rid of one of us, we need to let the other know...

I love you...

J: I love you too...

S: ok, I need to get more tan...

Jen leaves and James starts to nap...


Howie outside: it's cooling off to the 120s

Kaysar asks about a scar on April... it's my battle scar from the surfboard... I want it to get worse so I have it forever

then they talk about is knee from the POV...

inside are Eric, Sarah, Ivette, and Jennifer... about Michael

Ivette starts to get emotional, pointing her finger for emphasis... Eric tells her to keep her emotions out of it... it's a game... they break shortly, and Ivette/Eric retreat to James in the bedroom... Ivette talks with James while Eric is the lookout

April/Kaysar say the POV comp, by the end 'it' wieghed 30/40 pounds...

Jennifer/Eric joins the bedroom conversation... Ivette is still worked up...

April says she is going to lay inside...

Eric: two weeks is Saturday...

I: Michaels not in your group, Kaysar isn't in your group(to James?)

E: we'll do the back door thing

I: the reason Jan is egging them on, is she knows they want her out last week!

Maggie/Kaysar rocking in way too squeeky recliners....

3:05 fish?!?!?!?!

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Kaysar and Maggie still rocking... stop it!

(switched to feed 4)


E: you have to keep your emotions out of it! soon as you do... you'll snap... every other show, when you snap...

I: I don't think I'm snapping...

E: just keep it cool

I: they aren't saying your names...

E: if Jan gets HOH, I'm going up

I: but if Michael...

J: you think M likes Eric?

E: we have to win... if we don't, we'll go to plan be... and that depends on who won... let's get thru evictions... it's not today, it's already 6 on the east coast

J: if Beau and you are up, who would the house vote out?

I: the house wouldn't want...

J: but there has to be one loser...

E: let's just win HOH... you are thinking way too way ahead of yourselves

I: we were just voicing to too many people that we want Jan out, to Michael...

E: but who cares, I'm just using that to change the conversation with Michael...

I: I don't think Jan's going to win, she'll let the guys win...

I: but still, Maggie's good

E: she isn't going to give us trouble, she doesn't like Michael

James: but she might put me up...

E: I can guarantee she won't put you up....

Howie walks by... change of subject...

Eric asks Howie if he has his word that he's voting Ashlea off...


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Ivette tells Beau she overheard someone saying that if someone (not sure who) got HOH that they would be on the block (Ivette & Beau)

Ivette- Ill be damned if I lose to their psychotic group

Beau- I know

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back to quad feed

Ivette went out with Beau to recliners

Howie still in bedroom with Eric and James

Ivette is telling Beau she's not going to lose to 'them'

Maggie asks if Ivette and Beau have the same sandels... seems they are just the same color...

F1-closeup of Beau

F2-wide shot of Beau

F3-closeup of James

F4-wide shot of James, Eric, Howie



E: should be 10 to 1 vote...

Kaysar... talking about what he believes.. no backstabbing... Ivette asks how he can play the game... he says he'll try not to do that... Ivette and Maggie ask if 'the game' is a gamble, is about trying to get rid of others...

Eric, Howie, and Jame discussing option 27 of more strategy options for the coming week...

E: only way I know I'm not getting voted out is if I'm not on the block!

Ivette/Maggie continue questioning Kaysar about his decision to come on the show... if his religion has 'priests', and if he talked to them before coming on the show... and how he deals with being on the block with Ashlea...

K: I went to her, told her I have nothing against her, I'm not going to campaign against her... if it was the case, she wouldn't look me in the face, be my friend... what can I gain from being her friend now, we are both on the block, but I still treat her as a human being, in the end it's still a game and I have my integrity, there is deciet and deception, but I'm not going to lower myself...

Sarah and April are on the couch whispering strategy..

A: wish we could fast forward and see what happened.. my first question will be how did they portray me!? I wish we could turn off the lights...

I: I don't want to feel like I'm doing dirt...

K: I think we will all want to hang out with each other...

M: there are some...

I: there are some I wouldn't, that darted you on the first day... you(Kaysar) were the first day.. what did you tell me... you separated yourself, and...

M: you have to be careful how you play it... I've seen it once but won't say who... someone came to me and said this other person said something, but they never did...

I: actions speak louder than words, the person that darted me has never come near me...

K: some that were close to me, after day 3 they can't look me in the eye... it can't be because I haven't come out of my shell... based on what Maggie said... things will get made up, just to spark tension...

I: that's the ones people want to get out

M: but if they are a snake in the grass

K: sometimes they are messengers

BB: this is a reminder that sleeping on the couches is not acceptable...

Sarah/April: we're talking!

A: Eric takes a nap on the couch every day... they are afraid of him! [lol]

I: sometimes you have to figure things out on your own... someone tells you something, you have to go check it, who does that benefit... in here it's a problem... if I told Rachel... I know you wanted me out in the first 12 hours... that creates tension... so you avoid conflict... more talk of Ivette telling Kaysar he alienated himself the first two days...

M: in my industry, you have to be friends with... you can choose your friends, but you have to trust the people you work with... I don't think alot of people have to do that... when they come in here...

I: even though, the game has to be a single thing eventually, but inintailly, you have to help clean up, just to be there, it's a group thing... the ones targeted put up their own red flags


[time to call it a day... enjoy the show tonight all!]

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Guest Blhuebutterfly

Well first up was Aprila nd Racheal and of course they wondered were Eric the Chef wsa. Then came James, told April she smokes too much and has a smokers cough and should slow down. Then the rest of the tired BB guest awoke, real slow had a fun night I guess. The guest were put in lockdown so the fish tank could be fixed.

Most of the day alot to do about nothing. Howie his regular self, telling Jannel he would not lsat 28 sec in bed with her ont he first try cause she is so hot.

Now James was in ebd and his girlfriend Sarah came in to tell him how Howie and Mike make her feel gross. He told her not to worry and they confessed their undyogn love for each other"James tell Sarah, I cannot wait to hold you again" Sarah is concerned the guest will be pissed when they find out they are in love and together. Sarah tell James that some guest have said they should hook up, he tells her then it would be a bad idea and be suspicious.

Later Eric, James, Ivette Sarah discuss winning the furture HOH for their survival. They want Jennel OUT ......and this week I am not clear if they want Kash or Ashlia out ...they seem to be up and down on that one,

be back later...dinner!!


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eric: there's this rumor going around that if michael wins hoh that he's going to put up ivette and beau

kaysar: i just want to stay out of this

eric: we see you hanging out with janelle and michael and howie, you don't want to be grouped in with them and have people that are behind you right now against you

eric: michael is pissed at me, so sh!t went down last night, told him that people like the women are uncomfortable around him

eric: we are in a game and the women don't want to piss him off, i can tell he's pissed at me, and now he's all tight with janelle

kaysar: i'll lay off of him i don't want to make it too weird

eric: don't bring it up to michael, just let that be

kaysar: about the ivette thing, i'm over it

eric: these people are clearly

kaysar: whats the twist, i just wanted to come to you

eric: i don't see someone like ivette hanging out with someone like beau, he hangs out with high end people, he hangs out with a total different class than ivette

kaysar: you put it that way, your right

kaysar: i feel like an idiot for even bringing that up

eric: janelle and james are from the same modeling agency, and they admitted that

kaysar: i don't know

kaysar left alone outside started to say to himself "why is eric trying...."

went to inside cam of eric and james talking

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james: we cant tell ivette and beau things cause they over react

let them tear each other up, all we have to do is pull the grenade and throw it

eric: kaysar is sh***ting his drawers right now, he's a mess

james: he cant play this game, you can see it in his face

eric: he'll list to me if he's hoh, he wont put me up, i'll strike the fear of god in him

(shoot lost the feed)

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Guest Blhuebutterfly

Eric is on too the pairings. He all but told Kash that James and Jannel are together. He said MY god they are from the same town, same agency, and told us they worked at the same agency just a year apart. He was furious thinking how could anyone think we wouldnt know basically. We know that James and Sarah are together and the way Eric is acting he and Kash are too. Eric just told James and Ivette he will NOT vote for Kash.


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Ivette just suggested to Eric and James that they change the vote to Kaysar and keep Ashlea and she will be indebted to them...but Eric and James say it is too late to flip flop, Ashlea HAS to be voted out.

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(ok back)

james:I don't trust jenny or april

ivette: we need people on our side, beau soon as he hears something he runs to you or me, what if we break up that group, we throw out kaysar and leave michael alone, if we throw out kaysar michael has no one behind him

james: we know janelle and ashlea are a team ashlea needs to go

eric: i told kaysar he's playing with fire associating himself with them

ashlea still has the votes

james if its not 10 to 1 or 9to1 then we know someone is lieing to us

james;i don't trust april, she will run to someone else like beau or maggie

ivette: gives them the heads up when safe and get their votes

ivette: the girls like me

james: maggie talks to everyone, she's shady

ivette: kaysar has two left feet, in desperate measures michael would kill for HOH,

james: the girls are scared of him

eric: he'll put us up, he wants me out, he thinks that if he cuts off the head the rest will fall

rachels cool with us cause she needs friends

eric: james has to put up jennifer and michael if he wins hoh

ivette: put up jennifer and kaysar then take one off and put up michael

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Guest Blhuebutterfly

Now Erica and James and Ivette are talking and they are looking at pairings. They say perhaps Maggie and Kash are together because they are both from California, Ivette, HATES Kash and wants him gone, James and Eric tell her to rein in her emotions and relax or she will go off.

Ivette is so funny, they keep psiing theirselves laughing and Ivette I must say has the biggest Potty mouth ......LOL

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eric: kaysar can't take a stand to save his life

ivette: janelle couldn't look at me in the eye since the second day, she has something up her sleave

ivette: maggie has a lot of respect for you( eric), she's a hippie

eric: thats a suprise, she doesn't even talk to me

james: i think maggie and kaysar are friends, they are both from california

ivette: she was talking to him on the couch today

james: she knows he's safe so she doesn't talk him up

ivette: i suggested throwing off kaysar to break up the guys, she said 'you know thats not a bad idea'

james: maggie is just playing it off cause she knows ashlea is out, and we know ashlea know janelle, janelle was calling her 'ash'

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Guest Blhuebutterfly

THey are discussing Micheal, Ivette is afraid of him as is James and Eric. They say he is so creepy, they are so afraid of his temper it has been reported that Eric told the producers about it in the diary room. Eric told Ivette to relax keep her f**cking emotions in check, they want him put up but are to afraid that he wont be a done deal ..It has to be a sure thing or he'll go off!!

Ivette:HE is a sick f**ck!!

Eric seems to know her real well, says I told you, I know you ...get it together.

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