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August 4, Live Feed Updates

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12:40 BBT[mortystv]

Jen talking to Eric and Jess[mortystv] in the bedroom after some small talk Eric tells her they are going to be and Jen says "good night"

Dustin singing "she's an man eater"[mortystv] and we get foth

In work out room Jameka and Amber talking saying she swore on her daughter to Eric and syas "I need to stop doing that" and Ambers says "I can't lie" it's impossible.

Jameka[mortystv] saying she can't tell when Dani is lying....

Amber asking why Dick wanted to know why Dick was yelling at Eric today Jameka started to answer and we got[mortystv] FOTH

Jessica comes in and says "I don't think you should come in" and Jess leaves. Eric tells them that they are going after me and if not him then Dustin...Jameka tells Eric and Amber they should go somewhere else [mortystv] to talk.

they all leave

Jameka "notice Jen and kail didn't practice" for POV

In the LR Eric Amber and Dustin but zach comes in so they can't talk. Amber prentending she his MOM "Zachary go to bed"[mortystv]

Eric is whispering after zach goes to bed....Amber says "we have the votes" Eric says Jess tells them one of the are going to get backdoored..telling them they are pissed off at Dustin.......Eric saying the have Jen Jess and Zach's vote that's wht they think they can do it...[mortystv]....Eric saying why Kail will save herself and Eric says "they are probably going to pick me"{morttstv}..Already approached Kail about the plan and she would be safe.....Eric saying he will threatned Kail if she wins POV and tells them Dani and Dick don't want eoither Dustin or Jameka to win.... Eric saying he destroyed jameka and Dustin and Amber calling the bible belt alliance and the "fag hag allinace" [mortystv]

Dick comes in convo turns to farts...[mortystv]

Eric saying Dick trashing Jamecka's beliefs and says she has no beliefs..Jameka saying "that's fine"[mortystv]

convo stops..Dani in the kichen....

1:00 BBT BB warns the "the lights will go out in 1 hour" Eric wondering why Dustin says they got those warnings first week.

Dick comes to sit and Eric talking to him about trivial crap "acid reflux" Allergic reactions" [mortystv]

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1:04 BBT[mortystv]

Jameka and Jess talking asking if she should go along and say to just say "i don't know" because then she'll become their "number one target" and Jameka[mortystv] doesn't want that to happen.

Jess saying she is 100% with them and Jameka saying the God "low blow" isn't right...Jameka "i'm going to do a diary because I'm pissed" '[mortystv]

leaves....[making my exit early tonight back tomorrow night..night all]

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Dick and Daniele have joined them in the living room but NO intresting talk going on. Dani talking about her wrist hurting and about illnesses.

[well i was gonna update on what they are doing but there isn't really anything to report so i'm out]

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1:30am BBT

Dustin, Jessica and Eric in LR, having light conversation.

Dick comes in, conversation about energy drinks continues. Dani joins them.

Eric says Jen has a tail. There is a huge bump right above her behind, like an extra vertabrae. Everyone else says now they'll have to look for it.

Talk turns to soiled underwear, brown stains, skid marks and Jen's crusty panties. Long periods of silence.

Dustin and Eric talk about how disgusting Zach's ringworm scare was today. Dustin compares it to shingles, Dani says someone on her work gets it all the time. They explain what it is to Dick, say it is the body releasing toxins through barnacles on the skin. Keep calling the people who get them WT (white trash).

Dustin goes to DR. The rest start talking about a DR person, hope that its James. A feed bleed from the DR we hear Dustin saying "This is some f'n bs, that is what is up". Feeds switch

1:40 BBT Feed goes to Jen and Kail in bed. They are saying someone doesn't talk to them anymore, he is all consumed by Jessica. Jen says he doesn't tell them how they are voting anymore. They can hear Jessica in the other room, so they turn over to go to sleep.

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1:45am BBT

Jessica in bed, Eric standing beside it talking to her. Dick walks by headed to his bedroom. Jameka has gone to shower and play some more croquet. They engage in silly conversation.

Jessica says tell your stripper black ex-girlfriend I'm sorry for that. Eric corrects her, she is an ex-stripper she got out of the business.

They begin whispering really low, sharing what both Dick and Zach said to the both of them earlier. Dick said all of them (meaning Zach, Dani and the nominees) had to give 110% tomorrow. Zach told Eric he has no one in the game and was looking for an ally. Eric is going to get Dustin to speak with Zach tomorrow.

They begin laughing about Jameka complaining to the DR about Zach.

Eric and Jessica move to the backyard because Dick may be listening at the Bedroom door.

Jessica asks Eric if he tried to get Dick kicked out because of the tea thing. He says no and she starts to say because he... then FoTH.

Jessica tells Eric about how Dick keeps bringing up Eric's fake yawn while leaving the HoH. Eric explains it was because he didn't want to stay up and talk to Dick that day.

Jessica says that D&D think Eric is connected to Kail through Jen, that he talks to Jen on many occasions. Eric and Jess agree they are afraid of Eric.

Eric feels they want to get Dustin, Eric and Jameka before they will go after Jessica.

Jessica says they are blaming Eric for Nick's eviction, Eric starts making up stories about how excited he was to evict Nick. He then lists the reasons why he wanted Nick out.

Eric admits he is concerned about going up on the block because anything can happen. But if he did go up, then D&D would be totally outted as going against the group.

Jessica tries to tell him the gist of Daniele's Eric nomination speech. Jessica conferred with Jameka and will play dumb at that time to remain safe. Eric wants to be sure everyone is on board about putting D&D up after next HoH.

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2:00am BBT

Eric and Jessica trash talk Daniele and Dick; she's negative all the time and Eric speaks nicely to Dick to make him uncomfortable.

Eric wants to tell Zach and Jen what's going on to get them on their side. He says in any case he wants to evict Kail as a big FU to D&D. Jessica thinks thats a good idea but they need to keep them in the dark until the vote.

Jessica reiterates Dick's version of the hammock fight from the morning. Eric tells her the truth, some of which she had overheard.

More ridiculing of Dick's reasoning for scapegoating Eric for Nick's eviction, Zach's targeting of the women in the house.

Amber joins them in the backyard, Jameka went to bed. Eric asks Amber what she thinks about all this. She thinks its F'ed up, but has little else to say. They agree to not let D&D let know that they know about the plan so that Jessica is not compromised.

Dustin comes out, says who is in the DR... FoTH

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2:15am BBT Jessica reveals to Amber that they don't want Jen gone this week. The four votes D&D thinks they have include Jessica and Zach. Dustin says he has Zach's vote because of the deal they made the first week. Eric wants Dustin to speak to Zach first thing in the morning, but the others want to wait until after the POV. Dustin has already spoken with Zach because he is afraid Daniele would put Dustin up because of Nick leaving.

They discuss Kail's idea of using POV if she wins on Jen. Eric wants to threaten Kail to get her to not do that. Dustin brings up the deal he had with Kail last week, promising her safety.

Amber tells them everything Dick told her this afternoon.

The group goes over all the conversations previously had concerning Nick's eviction.

Eric is running scenerios and Amber keeps groaning, feels they backstabbed her after she threw the shuffleboard competition.

Dustin is adamant that they be put up against one another to avoid both getting safety.

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2:40 BBT They try to figure out how Dick thought this was going to work afterwards if their plan succeeded. Amber points out the LNC would be split 3 - 3, and they thought they had Zach and Jen.

They finally get back how Jessica can handle the situation. They decide that if the POV is won by Dick's side, Jessica can voice that she is not 100% sure of the plan, feels it is too soon to cannibalize the LNC. The hope is they put up Zach. No matter who is left as nominee they vote off the one that D&D want to keep.

Dustin goes to bed. Jessica is relieved that everyone knows now so it doesn't look to her friends like she is in an alliance with Dick and Daniele.

Amber says God did not want them to get HoH this week so that Dick and Daniele could show their true colors.

Eric says they should take Dick's advice and chill for a few days and decide what to do with the vote either Wednesday night or Thursday morning.

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3:00am BBT

Before they go off the bed, Eric suggests if the POV is not used everyone play dumb about the D&D plan and vote as instructed just in case Dick wins HoH. This will protect Jessica.

Dustin and Eric meet up in the bathroom and seem happy because they are really playing the game, its a win-win situation.

3:07 Dustin and Amber in bed, stroking each other platonically, Eric and Jessica in bed whispering and giggling.

(Night all, I'm outie)

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3:52am bb time

for mortys: after a few minutes of foth we come back to erik/amber whispering on the bathroom chair

amber:i asked dustin do you have a relationship with kail or zach? and he was like..

erik:he's trying to position himself for on down the road, but i dont think that changes how he'll vote now

amber: the other day daniele asked me if i know where jessica's head's at, she was like 'i just dont know where her head's at'

erik: if she ever spoke to her before then she'd know where her head's at, she's so fake

amber: i hate fucking fake people [mortys tv]

erik: i said to jessica you believe who you want to believe, but im telling you this is not the case

amber: did jessica see the banner?

erik: yes...and dick/daniele trying to use that against me....dustin/jessica/jameka none of them brought up the banner to me today so hopefully we can just let that go

amber: yeah yeah

erik:i think this is meaningful, jessica said she didnt tell me this if she didnt want to be on my side, she was afraid that if any of us said anything she'd be stuck, i was like it's up to you but i said im going to prove my worth to you...she was putting herself on the line by telling what they (dick/daniele) said....she was really really happy after we all spoke and saying great things about all of you, so i was really happy about that, and jameka is totally on board

amber: oh totally, she was so hurt , she was like i cant believe people are so fucked up, she was crying and ive never seen her cry.....i told her YOU NEED TO PULL IT TOGETHER, if they want to start making shady moves (dick/daniele) let them , they'll bury themselves, dont fall apart ( yeah, amber instructed jameka to get her shit together :animated_shocking: )

erik: she's awesome

amber: yeah she is

erik: the best part is that he'll make it like we turned on HIM, he'll be like 'i would have never turned on you amber...blah blah blah'.....is he blind or retarted that he thought he could talk to jessica and it wouldnt get back to me

amber: it shows how loyal us five are, he thinks none of us talk about him because he thinks we all trust him so

erik: he's such a fucking moran, i cant fucking stand him

amber: on the hammock that night, oh my fucking God

erik: that night, im thrilled that daniele wins, jessicas looking at me supersuper weird, so i wanted to talk to her, so on the hammock i thought we were going to have this conversation......and later, jameka was there but jessica said she wanted to talk even with jameka there and i thought that was weird, so i was like im sorry i sucked in hoh, and i could tell jessica wasnt acting normal....so she said she didnt know if she should tell me, and she went on and on about it (what dick /daniele told her about erik)....this was last night, we went to bed....i got up to go to the bathroom, and she was up talking to dick...later she didnt deny it or anything, she said i thought after talking to you i needed to talk to him to see where his head was at...[mortys tv].i told her i wasnt comfortable but she assured me it was just a followup conversation

amber:see i dont know jessica like you know what i mean, but i get a really good vibe from her

erik: oh yeah...i sincerely believe she is one million percent

amber: yeah out there i was talking to her and she was like when i get disgusted by someone i cant even look at them (dick)

erik: after the pov (pov player choices made last night) they are like the only people they dont want to get it are jameka and dustin

amber: im glad jessica's not playing in it (so she wont be stuck in the middle)

erik: its fucked up that me and jessica are the ones left out of playing

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amber: that is so fucking weird that you jessica and dick are the ones not playing?

erik: they called in (to diary room) the people that ARENT playing in the veto right after veto players were chosen, its like can you be any more obvious (he's saying that the diary room wanted to talk to people that are being targeted by daniele/dick)

erik: he made a fucking speech about how its going to be a great week, and we need to support daniele, and they're going to get jen out this week...its the worst fucking plan its ridiculous, it wouldnt have been a bad plan if they actually had jessica voting....absolutely the worst plan ive ever heard in my life

erik: they asked (diary room) why are you worried about being back doored, and i was like im not because whoever im up against is going home

amber i know i know (nodding yep yep endless agreement mortystv)

amber: and one of them did not apply.....i think it was dick...(ahh, catching on to the dani/dick alliance...slow indeed)

erik: and they knew, the grandmother knew are you fucking me, when they asked about the enemies she didnt say a fucking word, then she's like i think my dad applied....its disturbing

erik: they funny thing is they think they've outplayed us that we dont see it coming, but we do, they're digging a grave for themselves

amber: God i hope one of us gets hoh next week

erik: its them against all of us, no ones throwing hoh's now.

amber: i hope hoh next week its down to you and him and you fucking kill him

(ed-they must have slipped erik crack in the diary room, he can talk about this for the next 72 hours straight easily.....im out...nursie)

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6:05am BBT Jen goes to BR washes hands and heasd back to bedroom also Jessicia is havinga nightmare again tossing and turning and sounds like in pain Jen stoped by her bed as she did this. she then gets back into bed.(i wonder whats with Jess nightmare's 3 nights in a row, Jen seemed puzzled by it)

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All is quiet in the BB House. Jessica had a nightmare(maybe about the BLOODBATH PLAN with her Dustin and the rest.(SEE video thread)

In recap it was a night of paranoya...all are sleeping now.

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8:13am BBT all HG's sleep still nooise hearing is snoring and Dick bitting his teeth( which sounds worse then nails on chalkboards.) and that keeps waking Kail up and she has troble getting back to sleep.

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Dick and Dustin chit chat in Kitchen.

Daniele is in HOH bathtub (wearing swimsuit, she's no Amber!) Dani is shaving her arms. 9:29 AM BBT - Now she's shaving her belly button area and legs...(I really wish the camera would switch - two cams on her and two on Dick & Dustin...guess no one else is up)

Dustin complemented Dick on his fart...they discuss farting briefly. Dick and Dustin said something about can't believe they're still sleeping in there, and then Dick asked Dustin if he's ever seen Jen first thing in the morning, he says "It's fucking scary dude".

I can see Kail (Yep, it's Kail) in the mirror behind Dick, she looks to be eating at the Dining Room table. Camera pans out to show her alone at table, Dick and Dustin at the Kitchen Bar eating, drinking coffee, no one talking.

9:35 AM BBT - Brief FOTH - think they are waking the rest of them up. Dustin said they want to have the POV at 11:00 am BBT Dustin sing-songs "We're starting to get repeat songs in the morning!" and again it goes FOTH for a second

All cams on the 3 *amigo's* in the kitchen/dining room now. "AWK-WARD" Silence ensues, Kail sitting there looking pitiful and bored out of her mind. Dick called to DR.

Dustin now in Gym with Kail. Telling her "Why would you ever trust Daniele and Dick? Just trust me!" then "Oooh Oooh Ohhhh!" (don't know what happened there!) Zach is up...heads to kitchen from bathroom to eat.

9:41 AM BBT - Now all 4 feeds on Jen in bed/Kail walking around the room. Kail now in Bathroom with Dustin....brief whispering...Kail grabs her bathing suit (literally, as she showers in this green bikini daily!) and goes to change in bathroom stall, guess she's going to shower.

Zach and Dustin in kitchen now. Zach saying he can only date Ogres (guess he knows they call him Shrek)...mindless chatter...then Dustin says he's finally losing the weight he gained, Zach says he is gaining chest muscles...now FOTH

Back and Jen strolls in to kitchen walking funny and holding her hair up..Dustin says "Morning, why are you walking like that?" Didn't hear her reply but then he told her You always look funny in the morning, but this was something different.

FOTH again...Big Brother must be getting tired of being ignored by the sleeping ones...

9:52 AM BBT Back and we see all 4 feeds on Jen and Jameka doing ADL in the bathroom. Jen talking about Slop...she wants to be "put back on" slop. Kail in the shower Jen asks her about the straightener, if she turned it on. Dick heads up to HOH, asks Dani if he can come in...now FOTH again

(Going to make my exit here, will keep it on while I do some ADL's of my own, if I hear anything interesting I'll come back to report!)

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9:20BBT (just turned on feeds)

Daniele in HOH bathtub. Washed her hair. Put conditioner on and leaving it in while she is shaving her arms.. tiwce! with 2 differnt razors.

Rising conditioner off. She looks in deep thought about something (im guessing)

now shaving her underarms with pink razor

Now shaving her belly near belly button .. um now shaving inside her bikini bottoms

now her legs

9:35bbt shes still shaving (she should invest stock in shaving cream company)

9:37bbt FOTH

(i recommend if she wins. pay for a full year of body waxing i think it would save her some time lol)

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POV is supposedly scheduled for 11 AM, according to a just woken up Jen & Kail

Dustin to Kail : the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

It looks like the only people are awake are the ones playing for Veto (minus Jameka) (must be the anxiety) I don't believe they've gotten a wake up call

Kail getting in the shower and has no Mic, but Dustin just went and whispered something to her. She says ok and gets in the shower.

D comments that he is finally losing the weight he gained here, Zach says he is starting to get chest muscles.

9:48 BBT - FOTH: wakeup call??

feeds back. can't tell if it was a wakeup call, Jen is up and walking around but she was up earlier too so..

Z cooking something in the microwave and keeping light convo with Dustin (who is sitting at the breakfast bar) every now and then.

Jameka is up and walking around



Jen & Jameka doing ADLs

Dick asks Dani if he can come in for 2 minutes.

Dani is in the bathroom and thought the door was locked "god" she huffs


Dick saying he wants Kail to go this week

Dani saying she wants eric

Dick saying he means if veto fails.

Dick saying he is going to make a great argument for Kail going if the nominations stay the same.

Dani saying lets just wait until after the competition.

Dick saying Kail is a threat, shes involved in everything

Dani saying she KNOWS that, but she thinks itll be hard to get the votes b/c dani gave her word to kail and people dont care about jen going they care about kail going.

Dustin telling Amber and Jameka that Dustin just tipped Kail off saying, "you either keep noms the same, or take yourself off, you're being set up"

Ja & Dustin & A talking

Jameka saying shes gonna bust her ass today so putting eric up is not an option

J thinks tipping Kail off was jumping the gun.

D doenst think so.

Attn houseguests: the veto competition will begin in 2 hours.

All HGs playing int he veto: WHAT? WHAT THE FUCK? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!!

All hgs are pissed cuz it's scheduled to be in ONE hour.

Dick and Dustin are the most angry about having to get up. They said they specifically asked what time the competition would be so they could plan their sleep around it, and they both say they didnt need 2 hours to wake up and walk to the backyard.

Jessica saying to Jen she had a lot of trouble sleeping last night, she was tossing and turningg

Amber saying to Dustin that "ryan" it working today, she heard his voice.


Amber telling Dustin tipping Kail off was a bad idea.

BB tells Dustin to put on his microphone.

they stop talking.

Dick and Zach discuss Kail. Dick wants to know why Kail went running to Zach.

Jessica and Jameka whispering over brushing their teeth.

Hard to hear over the running water/ brushing.

Jessica saying Jameka needs to be filled in on everything but J says Jameka knows the jist of it.

Jess telling Jameka eric WILL be the one going up and D/D were making sure Jessica was 100% on board with the idea. Jessica said she was like uhhhh.. and ddnt really say much, shes gonna see how the day goes. (as far as how to respond to D/D, becuase D/D think they have Jess and from what we all know, they don't--A)

Jess telling Jmaeka how stupid of an idea it is, since they have the votes to keep Eric. Jessica saying D/D told Kail to use the veto on Jen. Jessica also saying that even if D/D don't go through with putting up eric, D/D need to be put up next week.

Jessica saying they think they have Jens vote, which they wont, Jessica calls it absurd. (maybe in reference to next wk.. cuz this week they wil have her vote if she comes down, obviously...-A)

Kail enters in the Bathroom and Jess and Jameka stop talking immediatly. The 3 continues doing ADLs

Jameka: so basically, kail knows both sides?

J nods, and then says something

they continue to whisper to each other but I can't hear a thing over jessica obstructing her mic

Jameka leaves.

Dick joins Jessica in the bathroom

D whispers to Jessica if the noms stay the same, Kail should go.

J says she doesn't care which one goes.

D: it'll be easier that way.. make sense?

J: yeah.

Earlier- Kail told Jen taht Dustin said not to trust Dani. K wants to talk to Dani, Jen told her no.

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Kail going back to bed.

Jessica saying she'd be drinking in Witchita if she were there right now, because tailgating for football starts at like 8 AM

Jen cooking Jessica and herself breakfast.

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10am bbt

Dick/Dani in HOH

Dick: we both want Jen out, but I think the smartest thing is Kail

Dani: I think the smartest is Eric... are you talking if it stays the same... I don't think we can get everyone to agree on Kail

Dick: it's not that hard

Dani: I think it is because I gave her my word

Dick: so what, you can't give my word

Dani: I'm saying for the group

Dick: you don't have a vote

Dani: I'm saying personally for the group

Dick: I don't care, Kail is always invovled in every single one of these, and I'll make a *&^%^ arguement

Dani: I know she is, but I know they don't want Kail going home, they want Jen... let's just wait until after today

Dick: everytime it's Kail, believe me, Jen is just a stupid *&^%

Dani: I know that, believe me I've been thinking about this

Dick: alright, see you downstairs in a little bit

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10:05am bbt

Dick/Zach in kitchen

Dick: she did it again this week

Zach: you are calling me out for my vote


Zach: I don't trust her... if you can give me a real reason, and I'll

Dick: well, Jen doesn't believe anything going on, that's the one... she's going to be quite surprised when she goes home and watches the show

Zach: that's why this is hard

Dick: she did, she rolled over on everyone, she told Jen... wouldn't have had any problems if she hadn't freaked out, I put her on the block and she rolled on everyone...

Zach: (unheard)

Dick: you think I want that? I hate liars... people that lie to their best friend

*Jen enters kitchen*

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