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August 4, Live Feed Updates

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jess asked jen if she should call him (eric) out, jenn tells jess that dick wants to call a meeting. They talk about how hard it is getting... jess says that she will try to keep it cool and that if he tries to talk to her she will back off, jess says that he has been playing her for a fool and she doesn't appreciate that... jen tells her that he told her from the get go that he said he was going to play everyone. Jess: He Did!! jen: yeah. general talk about eric's dishonesty.

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Jes tells Jess that Eric told her they had to talk and Jen said, we haven't talked in a month, she says eric said he knows but he wants to talk to her later and she was like, okay. Jess says she's really angry. Jen asks her if she thinks she's going to blow at him...Jess starts answering, then Jen says maybe it's best to let Dick start the yelling...

Jess says she's gonna kinda keep it cool for now. She feels she's being played for a fool. Jen says Eric's told her he was playing everyone. Jen asks Jess if he didn't say that to her, Jess says no. Jen doesn't want Jess to tell Eric because she doesn't want him now to come yell at her. Jess says she doesn't know what to say. Jen says, it will be all girls not even on porpouse...

Jess says she knew there was something weird going on...says goodbye to Jen and tells her to feel free to come to her with any questions she may have...

Jess is walking around the house like she's looking for someone...now goes in the BR and is about to take a shower...hears something and asks "when's it going to be, this mass outing, cus i'm so excited to see it"... Jess goes toward shower again and in comes Dan....Dan asks her if she's okay. Jess says yes, she thought she was close to someone, but she's not...Dan says "I want you to know that i really like you"...Dan starts whispering...

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Jess is talking with Jen in the round room. Jen is doing some heavy-duty strategy. Jess says that Dick and Dani told her that Jen outed Eric as being in an alliance with Kail. Jen says that she thinks she outed Eric not by actually saying that Eric was in the alliance, but by things that Jen said that gave them hints.

Jen says that Eric talks trash about a lot of people. She says that she thinks everyone believes that they are Eric's "number one." Jen says that Jen thought she was Eric's number one, Dick thought he was Eric's number one, Amber thought she was Eric's number one, and even Dani thought SHE was Eric's number one! Jess seems shocked. Jen says that she knows Jess thinks she is Eric's number one, too. Jen points out that Eric told Jen that he wouldn't let some little 21-year-old girl play him. Jess asks when Eric said that? Jen pauses, and Jess asks if it was recent? Jen sits for a minute and then says, "It wasn't this week...." Jess is shocked. (Eric said that really early on--Cat). Jess says she needed this extra confirmation, because she wouldn't have wanted to believe Dick, as he is...Dick. Jen says the only thing is that she doesn't want it to get out that Jen said this, because Eric will get mad. Jen says she hasn't told anyone else this info. She tells Jess that she doesn't want Jess to "associate her" with Dani and Dick by any means, but Jen has the "same cause" they have. Jen says that Jess should think about the people that Eric wanted out! Joe, Nick--where are they now? Gone!

Jess says she hasn't told anyone this, but she will tell Jen: Last night, Eric was having a long talk with Amber, and Jess asked what he talked about, and he wasn't telling her the whole truth. Jess says, "Wow."

Jen says she doesn't want to be with evil, lying people.

Jess says it's hard, because she really felt she was close to Eric. Dick told her to think about it, and after talking to Jen....

Jen says you don't want to wait until it's too late and then you're screwed!

Jen says Eric said after all this, it will be "me, you, Jess and Jameka." Jen asks who Eric included in that conversation with Jess? Jess says "Me, Jameka, Dustin and Amber." Jess asks if she should say something to Eric or not? Jen says Dick wants to say something and have a huge episode with Eric. Jess: That's what he's known for.

Jen says that Dick made a truce with her. Jess says she told him he ought to, and it was ridiculous. Jen says Dick said they could have a truce, if she didn't talk about Dani. Jen says that she told him she didn't like the language he uses against her--she's a nanny and doesn't use that language.

Jess says she thought that Dick and Dani came to her just to put that thought on her head against Eric.

Jen: Even Kail says things that are that related. Like they wouldn't put up Eric? I said I didn't know who they would put up.

Jen says everyone feels number one with Eric.

Jess: I thought I knew him, and I don't.

Jen: That's why it's going to suck later. That's why I like people like Jameka.

Jess: I'm so pissed off right now.

Jen: That's why you don't trust boys. He's always been watching reality shows.

Jen: I know it sucks, because I don't want to say I feel like you do, but it's like, what if he's not lying?

Jess: I know!

Jen says that he's obviously nervous for a reason.

Jen: He was like, we need to make some time to talk. I was like, Eric, we haven't talk in a month. That will look stupid.

Jess: He's probably gonna try to vote for him or whatever, instead of Kail.

Jess says that's not going to happen, as "you (Eric) don't even have mine, now!"

Jen says she would rather have Kail in the house. Kail isn't going to put Jen up.

Jen; She CAN'T put anyone up!

Jess: Yeah!

Jen: You think you're gonna blow up at him?

Jess: I'm not sure if I'm going to or not.

Jess says she knows Dick is going to, so she might not have to. Jen says that Dick will have a big meeting with the house and blow up at Eric.

Jen: It's weird, because each week is harder and easier at the same time.

Jess: Man! OK. I don't know. I guess I'll just try to keep it cool for now, but....

Jess: He's been playing me for a fool!

Jen: That's how I feel.

Jen says in the DR they ask who you trust and she always said Eric. Jess says she did, too.

Jen: He told me he was playing everyone.

Jess: He DID?

Jen says she felt like that proved she was his number one.

Jess says he didn't even say that to her.

Jen says that she told Eric he didn't have to prove it to her, they didn't have to talk. She guesses she should have kept it in and voted for him (Eric) to stay, but she isn't going to do that for someone who is manipulating everyone and making them look stupid.

Jen: Now, what?

Jess says she doesn't know what to do.

This transcription is for tvfanforums.net.

Jen says Jameka and Kail can't win HOH. There aren't that many left.

Jen says that normally boys win because girls never talk. Jen says it is a good thing that this happened at week 5 and not week 11.

Jess says she knew he was acting weird. She thanks Jen for talking to her, and says that if Jen ever has any questions to ask her and she will be honest with Jen.

Jen: Even in a bunny suit!

Jess: Even in a bunny suit!

(Jess totally believes this now, I think--Eric may be toast. --Cat)

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jen tells jess that is how they boys usually win because they know the girls don't talk and this time it happened in week 5 and not week 11. jess tells jen if she ever wants to talk or ask her anything to please do... jen: even in a bunny suit. Their talk ends... jen now in kitchen with dick, dani, and dustin. jess walking around like she is bummed, dani asks her if she is ok jess: I am fine dani: are you sure jess: I am just thinking... jess goes into bathroom... listens to convos and hears dustin talking about the 'outing'.. she yells "when is it going to be, I really want to see this!"... dustin says in about 45 minutes... dani comes into bathroom and asks jess if she is ok... jess says that she is just upset because she thought she was close to someone and she wasn't... BB: jess please put on your mic. dani and jess whispering about the whole discovery of eric thing...

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jess is seriously mad! she said she just wants to change and doesn't even want to take a shower... jess goes into her room she is getting dressed... dick and dust in kitchen... dick is cooking and whispering with dustin... ED telling dust that he may have acted a lot of ways in here but he has not lied, that is more than eric can say... dust: thats for damn sure...

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Jess is in the bathroom with Dani. Jess yells "When's it gonna be--this mass outing? Because I'm really excited to see it!!"

Dani asks if she is okay--is she pissed? She says yes, she is mad.

Dani says that Eric is figuring it all out, she thinks.

Dani says that Dustin had no freaking clue!

Jess asks if he knows now? Dani says he is figuring it out. This transcription is for Morty's.

Dani sings out: Everything is going to come out in about an HOUR!!!

Jess says she is okay. She just thought she was the closest to him (Eric), but she isn't!

Dani says she is here for Jess.

Dani says that the only reason Nick was put out was that Nick was on Dani and Dick's side, and no one else was.

Dani: Believe me, I feel so bad!

Jess tells the story about Eric talking to Amber at 6 a.m.

Jess: I was like, ok, there is something there!

Dani: Amber's been trying to get me out the whole time, too, after acting like she was so close to me!

Dani says what makes her angry is that when her dad has talked about Amber, Dani told him that she didn't want to talk bad about Amber.

Dani: We have the numbers, for sure!

Jess: Yeah!

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Dick: You know what, Dude, you can call me an asshole or a sonofabitch for the ways I've acted in here, but I have not lied. And that's a hell of a lot more than some people in here can say!

Dustin: That's for DAMN sure!

Dick: I thing for me, with you, was Amber. Coming to you was the hardest thing for me, because you two are so close, and because of how she gets into everything.

(Sounds like Dustin has flipped on Amber? --Cat)

Transcription property of tvfanforums.net.

Dustin: Yeah.

Dustin: Do you think she had something to do with it tonight?

Dick: Yeah! (laughs)


Dick says that he gave several 'innuendos" to Dustin. Think! Think! Think!

Morty's owns this transcription.

Dustin: You said, think about who knew all of the info about Nick. I was like, well that was Amber!

Dick: Think about who fed all of the info to the group! That was Eric. Every single thing he said, "Kail told me, Jen told me"---What about the first sneaky vote--Eric came up to me and said, "Jen told me that Nick told her that it was him." Why the fuck would Nick tell Jen, and why would Jen tell Eric?

Nick says he asked Jen, and Jen is a "lot of things, but she's not a liar in this!"

Dustin: Yeah, but Nick told me that he told Jen.

Dick: Nick told me he didn't.

Dustin: Why would Nick tell me one thing, and tell you another?

Dick: That was one of the reasons I agreed to get rid of Nick. I didn't trust him 100 percent. And the thing with Dani.

Dick says Eric is like Joe, but a lot smarter than Joe.

(This was all whispering)

Dick starts to talk about tacos to Jess.

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dust and jess talking in bathroom. dust is trying to convince jess that maybe eric is NOT doing it and that they are all not that stupid to fall for it and that dick has had a conspiricy theory from the beginning because of the votes and the banner... they mention that they are gonna call out eric at dinner... dust says he doesn't buy it with jen but he does with kail because she confides in him... jess says that they have until thursday to decide... they start talking about trust...

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dust and jess leave bathroom dust: I think they are in the SR right now and I just don't trust the 2 of them plotting it out... more whispering... jess standing behind the bar chair and is very confused... dust: it is a lot to figure out... jess goes to her room alone to think... sitting on floor between besd looking very upset... jess now sitting between beds in bedroom against wall looking very deep in thought and hurt... jess looks like she is going to cry...jess is tearing up... we get FOTH...

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dani up in HOH room talking to dustin... she is pointing out that every decision has been based on eric... everything... dustin chewing very loud... dani tells dustin that when she was hanging upside down on the pole she was like wow! everything made sense... dust is asking what everyone says about it but it will come out. dust says that eric and amber are the 2 people that he trusts in the house dani: that sucks more talk about how eric tells everyone that everyone says... talk of nick... dani defending him, dustin says that he doesn't feel like nick voted for kail... dani: he was set up, don't you find it weird that everything was turned one me? dust: I turned it on both of you I'll take the blame for that... dani talking about how the meeting was the most uncomfortable situation for her and how she went downstairs and was crying and was in the DR for like two hours... she says that she knew and she told her dada and he didn't believe her that he believed her over her. dani is trying to have dustin open his eyes...

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dani saying it is hard to tell dust cuz she knows how close he is to amber... he said that he basically will make his own decision. dust says he is not getting emotional the only time he cried is when he got the letter from his brother. dani is telling how nick told her that he should trust her and that by the time he leaves the house he will trust her 100% and she is saying that he did nothing he did nothing to go home, he wasn't a threat she is saying that nick didn't even like talking about the game period. dani says that is sucks and that it is a crappy situation and dustin agrees... dani is saying how she started figuring things out and by the time she saw that she was wrong she couldn't tell anyone because no one would listen to her because she was so close to him (nick) dust asks isf she is sure it is not just one person dani: well there is 2 the thing is that eric is using everyone in the hose he sways everyone dust: no it was your dad he said that everthing is stratigic (sp)... dani: no I am not talking about last week dust: I am talking about last week... dani saying that she and her dad both feel guilty but she feels so guilty and so bad... FOTH...

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Dustin mouths to Jess to meet him.

Dustin and Jess whisper in the bathroom.

Dustin: He's trying to link Amber and Eric together, like the banner said.

Jess: I believe it now.

Dustin: You do?

Jess: About Eric. Not about Amber.

Jess says she talked to Jen.

Dustin asks what Jen said.

Jess just says she told her a lot of things about Eric, and she believes it. She says why would Jen would lie about it?

Jess says that Jen told her that Dick and Dani approached Jen with a deal, and they will be nice to Jen. Jess says Jen confirmed everything they told her about Eric is true.

Dustin wants to know WHAT, though.

That Eric makes everyone think that they are his #1. Jess says a lot of things against Jess.

That he called me a stupid 21 year old. Jess says that Jen told her that Eric has tried to work with Jen.

Dustin: I don't buy that. Jen is trying to buy herself another week in the house.

Jess: She's POV.

Dustin: I know. I mean after that!

Dustin says it's a game, and for Jen it's not about the money--she wants time in the house.

Dustin says he spends the most time with Eric, and he is NEVER with Jen!

Jess: Right!

Dustin says that he (Eric) is not with Jen.

Jen tells some of the things Jen claimed Eric said--he would take each person he talks with to the end. Dustin says that is the type of thing that Nick said, too. He would carry certain people to the end.

Jess: They say he's been working with Kail since the beginning.

Dustin says he does not believe it. He (Dustin) isn't working with Kail, but he has conversations with her, and she cried to him every single day and did not cry to Eric.

Dustin: I don't know. We'll have to see. Jess says there's time before the vote.

Jess says Eric is going up on the block.

Property of Morty's tv.

Dustin: WOW! Wow!

Jess says that it's such a shock!

Dustin says it is too shocking.

Jess says Jen doesn't even like them! Dustin says he doesn't get why they are being nice to each other. Jess says they agreed.

Dustin: To be nice to each other? I think that is bullshit! I think that Evel made a deal that if he puts Eric up, Kail stays in the house another week. And then she thanked him for it, you know, and then they probably made a deal that he wouldn't put up Kail and Jen any more.

Dustin says he is just thinking this. Evel talked to him in the kitchen and he was dropping hints to Dustin. Dustin told Evel that he was thinking that Dick was talking about Eric, and Evel told him he was so smart!

Dustin: I don't know, Jess!

Dustin: You spend a lot of time with him, and so do I. It's hard for me to believe that he would be doing that!

Jess agrees, but...

Dustin says Dick has been on a conspiracy theory because of the phones.

Jess: Yeah, I know. And the banner, and the--

Dustin: And Kail eating a bowl of slop.

Jess: And the two people Eric wanted out was Joe and Nick.

Dustin: But I wanted out Joe! And we all, we all--like, I can't believe we are all that stupid!

Jess says she knows, but then she thinks maybe she is!

Dustin says that you do have to consider it, but...

Jess says that Evel will call out Eric at dinner, and she doesn't even want to go to dinner now!

Dustin says that he thinks Jen tried to do this--he doesn't buy it with Jen, not one bit.

Dustin: I have a relationship with Kail, and Kail would be like, no! Kail trusts Eric, but she doesn't confide in him. She confides in me. Like more than you guys know.

Dustin says he guesses they will have to wait and see what he says. He says Jess knows more than he does.

Jess: I just went like okay, but we have until Thursday to decide.

Jess says if he calls Eric out at dinner, they will be able to tell.

Dustin says he can say that this is my friend, and "I can't flip my script like you can," and this is just him--he can't give them an answer right away.

Dustin says the two of them are in the storage room right now, and he doesn't buy the two of them plotting up.

Jess says when they told her all of this, she had to think about it.

Dustin: It's a lot to take in.

Jess: Yep.

Dick walks in.

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2 cam in BR. Eric just out of the shower. Jess shows him something...then leaves. Eric leaves...Now Jam and Jen showering, Kail comes in, waiting for a stall.

2 cams on Kitchen area where Zach, Amber, Dustin, Dick are snacking and chit chatting...

Dustin says he didn't come to this show for the money, he came to find a boyfriend...Amber says: or girlfriend...Dustin says: ...and I found one...

Kail is called to DR

Amber says tomorrow is lazy day. Dick says that was the most hard core POV there ever was. Jen: You think so?...

Amber and Dustin hugging.

2 cams on Eric in BR, getting ready, putting gel on his hair. Eric is wearing a red shirt, black or dark blue shorts and white tennis shoes (ed. thougth I'd do it like on "E!" news, LOL!)

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zach, dust, and amber eating chips a guacamole... dick asks if everyone is ready for dinner... zach says he is going to crap in his bunny suit... zach telling dust that he needs to trim his chest... he says that it is kinda manly... dust: I didn't come on this show to get money, he came on to get a boyfriend... amber says or a girlfriend... dust: uh hu amber: what if the twist was that he really wasn't gay and that we were in love. dick says something about heads exploding... they talk about the schedule of the shows that are upcoming... amber: tomorrow is lazy day dick: ive said it before and I will say it again, that was the hardest hordcore comp ever... they start debating it and bring up how danielle (last season) was locked in her room for 24 hours... they bring up that they didn't have to give up multiple HOH's and money... zach asks if dick has seen all of the past BB's... disck says that he missed some because he was in europe... general chit chat...

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Dustin and Amber are now whispering to Eric in the bedroom. Dustin tells Eric that Dan told him that Eric was the leak...

All three go thru the little door to have the whispering session. Dustin tells Eric he thinks it's all b*llsh*t...Eric leaves...Dustin and Amber whisper again (didn't hear) Amber leaves...

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Approx 7 p.m.

Dani and Dustin are talking in HOH.

Dani is going on and on about how Eric manipulated everyone into getting Nick out. She is telling Dustin that Nick would have been a sure vote for Dani and Dick, and that is why "they" wanted Nick out.

Dustin asks who are "they?" Amber and Eric? If so, is she taking that banner literally??? She says no, it's not the banner.

Amber talks about how horrible it was to be in the HOH when everyone was looking at her and she said she would vote for the group, after trying and trying to keep Nick. This transcription is property of tvfaforum. Dustin says he will take the responsibllity for that! She says no, it was Eric. She says that Amber sat there and said she would get rid of Nick, and then she tried to act like it wasn't her.

Dani talks about the fact that Eric is working with Kail. (Well, a fact in her mind, I mean--Cat). Dustin says that he doesn't think Eric talks to Kail. Dani says Eric tells Jen, and Jen tells Kail. Dustin asks why Eric has said. Dani says Dick will bring it all up when he calls out Eric.

Dani goes back to talking about how Eric manipulates everyone to get the people out of the house that he wants out. They are all because of Eric. Dustin interrupts and says no, Nick was because of DICK! Dani says she wasn't talking about Nick. Dustin says he IS talking about Nick. He says they all went around the room and said who was their strategic and personal choice for eviction. Dani tries to interrupt and he continues, anyway. He says that every person except Dani said that Nick was their strategic person to put out of the house! Then, Dustin said Zach would be put out and DICK told everyone to wait--it should be Nick, and why wasn't Dustin putting him up?

Dani: You know why he said that, though? Because of ERIC!

Dani says that Dick is feeling so bad, kicking himself over his mistake with Nick.

We get a long FOTH

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Dan is sitting at kitchen counter smiling to herself, drinking out of a green bottle.

Eric goes outside where Jam is already, sitting on the couch...Eric asks her if she's okay. Jam says she is and adds "22 more to go". Jam says something about Dick reconciling with Jen and being best budies with Jen now....then something about telling someone "why don't you cool off?"

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amber, eric and jam in by talking about what is happening... zach comes out ahd says 5 minutes... FOTH getting a lot of FOTH... dustin sitting at table saying that he will need a day or two to process the information... dick explains that it is just like the janey and ericha connection... dick says no one wanted to say it... dust: says it is hard on him is none of it is fact it is all based on someones word dani and dick: that is not true dust: how dick: it is a fact how did everything come up... jen and kail and then the whole thing that he was gonna go off on the tether ball... duct: no that was jam dick: no most of it was eric... let me tell you something else... he starts whispering something and then says that he probably said the same thing about me... dani: and he just didn't tell him that either... dustin dustin: what he said that to you too dani: oh yeah! dick: i'll bet if you ask others he said that to them too...

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Add to myss911 post above. Dick's whisper at the end of the convo was that Eric told him that when they got down to the final 7, Dustin and Amber would need to be the first to go up and I'll bet he told you that I had to be the first to go. Dani said that Eric told her the same thing. (You could tell by the look on Dustin's face that this kind of shook him up and made him think.)

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dani si making her up a cup of 'airborn' because she said she thinks she is going to get sick because she was freezing out there and going from cold to hot and back and forth she is going to get sick, she gets sick easily... eric: thank you for your chefery dick: u are welcome eric: i am not sure if that is a word... everyone talking about hair, dick whistling, dustin talking about facial hair, zach asking dustin when his hair grows back is he gonna get a shark fin dustin says "No it won't work on me because I am not jewish"... dustin is singing "The lips the teeth the tip of the tongue over and over and then enunciata articulate and exaggerate (sp!) over and over again... everyone si wondering where jess is... asking if she is in DR or what... everyoen is looking for her they ask jam if she is back there... jam says uuuuuuh let me check... jam yells dinner! jam goes into bedroom and puts her bra won... jess pops her head out of the room and is talking about eric and saying that he is a liar...jam tells jess that she doesn't buy it (what dick and dani and jen are saying) because he is the replacement... jess is still thinking about it... dinner has started... waiting for the showdow... they are having tacos... dick whistling... we get FOTH....

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all cams at dinner table where they are all gathering and about to eat tacos...we get foth...

Eric looks nervous says he's never seen more topings in his life, "this looks like taco central"...Dick offering drinks...everybody eating. 1 cam on Dan eating, she doesn't look nervous. cam 2 on Jess, eating also, she's serious. Cam 3 on Eric eating...he looks really nervous. Cam 4 on all of them

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everyone sitting down at dinner... eric is looking VERY nervous... everyone telling dick thank you for dinner... eric: I have never seen so many tacos in my life.... jess still looking very upset... everyone getting their plates lately... jess: dick I want to tell you that you just fell on my list for perople that I didn't want in this house but now I DO want in this house... FOTH... everyone is just chit chatting about you have to be quick to get anything around there... everyone thanking dick for dinner again dick: it is absolutely my pleasure dust: thats a lie but ok... general jesting... everyone eating...

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Amber jokes that the twist is that Dustin isn't really gay--they are in love. She asks what Dick thinks? He says that they can't use Dustin for two twists--their heads would explode.

Getting ready for dinner (and the confrontation, I guess!--Cat)

Dustin and Amber hug, and he tells her he needs to talk to her in the bedroom.

Dick is in a great mood....


Dustin, Dani and Dick in the kitchen. Morty's TV

Dani: I think I'm gonna get really sick from doing this. That shower out there is freezing, and it's only 8 o'clock.

Dustin: Hey, I want to let you guys know that I'm probably gonna need a day or two to process information.

Dick: Understandable.

Dustin: OK?

Dick: Without a doubt. And understand, too, that the manipulator is gonna have an answer for everything.

Dani: Umm hmm.

Dick: It's what he's been doing since this.

Dani: Seriously.

Dustin: I'll keep it in mind.

Dick: But the bottom line is. Same thing that happened in season 7 when Erika and Janelle came together (Dick brings his index fingers together in the air) he never expected that we would come together and talk with Jen. She (points at Dani) figured it all out. When she said something, boom, it all clicked for me, it all clicked for a couple of other people. That's why I kept pushing you.

Dustin: The thing is, like, I knew it this morning, but I didn't want to say it.

Dick: Nobody wants to admit it because he's a very, very likeable guy. And nobody wants to...

Dani: And it splits up seven people.

Dustin: Yeah. The thing is that it is really hard for me, is that none of this is fact. It's all based on someone's word.

Dani and Dick: That's not true.

Dustin: What do we have that's fact?

This transcription is property of Mortystv.

Dick: Think! (Dick's working himself up now). Every single thing he said, where did it come from? Kail or Jen. Every single thing. He was setting Nick up since day two, he was talking to me about Nick. What a threat he was. How he would be the one at the end, how he needed to get out of here.

Dick does an impression of Eric.

Dick: Oooh! Wait until he hears! He's gonna go off on the tetherball! We should all stay together in pairs! It might not be safe!

Dustin: That was Jameka that said that. (He's correct--Cat)

Dick: No, Eric said a lot of that.

Dick: And, Jen confirming everything!

Dick: He always told me, once it comes down to the seven, you and Amber are up first. He said it every single time. He probably said the same thing about me.

Dustin: What did he say?

Dick: When it came down to the seven, you and Amber were gone first.

Dani: And he didn't just tell him, Dustin.

Dick: Don't kid yourself, Dude!

Dustin: He said that to you, too? (to Dani)

Dani says yes.

Dick: And several other people, too!

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everybody's quietly eating...no talk...

Jam breaks the silence bay asking what has everyone learned this week...convo goes off and on, just talking about comps...

Eric asks if it's his turn to speak, then says it was commendable how all the people competed today...(more, but I didn't get it)

the others agree.

Dick says he learned a lot today. A lot of things about himself that he didn't want to admit and about others...Dick talks about Jam giving up 5 HOHs (...and other stuff). Dick says "that's all"... Eric says "well said, although it sounded a lot like my answer" (ed. it did)

Dustin says he learned today that when you run you should breath in your nose and out your mouth...

I think they are waiting for Kail, who's not there...so they're just chit chatting about the comp...

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