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August 4, Live Feed Updates

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Dick admits that he stole the fanny pack Jen had, so that she couldn't use her stuff. He says that he put it back on the counter after the comp. Dick says he tore off his sleeves and wanted to use them on his hands, and he wasn't allowed to do that (in the bat hanging HOH). Jess says that Jen went outside with those gloves, though! Dick doesn't care. He says it gave her an unfair advantage, so he took her fanny pack before this comp to keep her from having that advantage.

Dani says that Nick told her that when he was "kinda forced into" being in the Mrs. R alliance that he didn't talk to Kail.

Jess: But how come Nick never said that, that Eric was a part of it?

Dani: He didn't know.

Jess: Oh.

Jess is saying to Dani and Dick in the HOH that it does her no good to keep Kail in the house.

Dani is talking fast, trying to convince Jess that it should matter to her that Eric was framing Nick.

Dani says that Dustin and Amber talk to Kail. Amber was handcuffed to Kail. Dustin talks to Kail and Dustin said that she was putty in his hands. So, that's "not for nothing." (So, it would make sense to take Kail out--Does Dani realize what she is saying? --Cat)

Dani says that everyone did backtracking for Dustin after he said Kail was putty in his hands.

This transcription belongs to Morty's site.

Dani: I'm looking out for you, Jess. I swear to God, it's not just for me.

Dani: If I hadn't gotten HOH, Jess, I swear it would have been me.

Dani says that Eric would have set up Dani as the second vote.

Jess: mmm mm hmm

Jess: OK, I believe all of this stuff. My thing is, look.

Dani interrupts and says that if Jameka agrees, will Jess be on board? Jameka is the "morally right" person in the house, and if they can call Eric out and convince Jameka...

Jess: Well, you can try!

Dani says that Kail gave up HOH because she feels safe.

Dani: Because of Eric. Who's kept her here every week? Every single week!

Dick: Every single week!

Dani: Week one, who was her partner! Eric! From week ONE! From week ONE! That was their side deal. Week One!

Jess: Yeah...

Dick says that they had a whole plan.

Dani keeps saying "Week one. Week one."

Dani says that Mrs. R is Kail's "Fake alliance" and that is why she will sell Jen out. She has Eric!

Every now and then, Jess says "yeah."

Dick says that he told Kail she sold everyone else out, and he knows there is one more. Kail freaked out, and if it was Evel, he would have laughed in their face, but Kail freaked out!

Dani: Haven't you noticed how he (Eric) acts when we are around?

Jess: No.

Dani: He freaks out! He freaks out, Jessica!

Dani says that she "gave him a look" and it was a "you piece of crap look" and she was "thinking really hard" and Eric freaked out.

Dani says that nobody is safe if Eric is playing every single person, because the only person he cares about it Kail.

Dick is slapping his hands together, talking face, trying to convince Jess, saying that Kail knew everything from Kail.

Dani asks if someone should go down to the bedroom (to spy)?

Jess says everyone is down in the bedroom.

Dani says they need a guarantee on the vote, and Jess says she doesn't think you could ever have a guarantee on the vote. Jess says that they need to talk to Zach. They say Zach is a guarantee. She asks why they think that?

Dani says that he hates Kail!

Dani: Kail sold him (Zach) out!

Dani says that she and Zach weren't cool, but not Zach and Dani talk all of the time because they have the "Nick bond."

Jess says that is because Zach doesn't want to go up!

Dani says they can use that. Zach doesn't care about Eric!

Jess: Yeah. that's true.

Dick points out that Kail can't get HOH--she's done for 5 weeks.

Dick: That's beautiful! That's beautiful!

Dani says that they can make sure if Eric is gone, that the only person against them is Jen.

Dani: But so, one person, just Jen, getting HOH?

Dani says Amber might be in on it. Possibly Dustin.

Dick: Amber and Eric are liars. (Quoting banner).

Dani whispers "stop."

Jess says that keeps going through her mind.

Dick and Dani say that Eric said "Who cares about this."

Dick; Ooopsie!!!!

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Amber is questioning Kail, whispering.

Kail says she did not offer herself as a pawn, and in fact she told Dani she can't go through it again, three weeks in a row.

Amber says "Sorry about the bathroom that day. I was so upset."

Amber says that it's hard now that Mike is gone, and Mike did a lot.

Kail says it's okay.

Amber says if Amber gets upset, just leave her alone for a while, because she needs time to get herself together.

Kail says she doesn't hold any grudges for stuff like that.

Kail says that she did think, there are other people there that don't do crap.

If this is printed anywhere other than Morty's, then it is stolen work.

Amber is saying it was because Kail came and hugged her right away and she needed time.

Feed switched back to HOH

Jess asks how they think everyone else will react to this?

Jess: This is like backdoor season.

Dani: You're not joking.

Jess: Except for Carol.

Dick says they will need to wait and see how it goes, and if Eric doesn't go, Kail is gone.

Dani says she needs to "know what is going on." She needs to know if Jen will use the veto on herself or Kail.

Dani says she doesn't want to throw Eric up there if it's not a guarantee that he will go. She can't take the chance.

Dick says that he will make a deal with Jen that he won't put her up if he gets HOH. Dani says Jen wouldn't believe him. She didn't last time. Dick says he didn't make a deal with Jen. He mentioned one, and Jen "scoffed" at him. So, he didn't feel he made any agreement with Jen.

Dani says Eric is playing a game, using them. He is only using them until he wants to get rid of them. He's not helping Jess.

Jess: Yep

Dani: Wouldn't you like, really, really not want to be sitting next to him in the final two?

Jess: Yeah, I don't think I would take him.

This transcription belongs to tvfanforums.net

(Dick and Dani are double-teaming Jess, and she is handling it really well--Cat)

Dani says that every single thing Eric says that will happen in the house, happens.

Dick says Eric keeps saying he found stuff out from Jen or someone else.

Dani says it sucks because it would be going back on her word, but she has to.

Jess says that she thinks if they put up Eric against Kail, then the people will think that they should take out Kail, as that will leave only one person who would come after them--Jen.

Dani says that if they put up Eric, they will make sure everyone in the house knows everything they found out about Eric.

Jess: oh.

Dick says Eric depends on noone believing Jen.

Dani says Jen really doesn't lie!

Dick says it's true--Jen never lies. (This is a change of tune. --Cat)

Dick says he wants to see the tapes--how Kail and Eric paired up. It might even have been in sequester, sitting next to each other at dinner. Jess says no--they were all there at the same time.

Dick says Jen wasn't "in on it week two, and that's why he spent so much time up here!"

Dani asks if they should go downstairs.

Dani: What are you thinking?

Jess says she understands what they are saying, but she would have to have a guarantee that Eric was leaving, or he would say she is a traitor.

Dani and Dick are saying they need to talk to Jen before POV.

Dick says he doesn't see how they can get everyone together without Eric.

Maybe they could get people in twos and threes.

Jess says she could entertain Eric.

Dani: OOh, Jess!

Jess: And you can have at the group if you wish.

Dani says she doesn't want Jess to be uncomfortable.

Jess says she is uncomfortable, but she doesn't want to be lied to the entire game.

Dani: Nick never, ever lied to me the entire game. And of all people, ERIC convinced me that he did????

Dani says that if Eric can convince her, that's bad.

Dick: It was weeks of planting seeds with Eric.

Dick says that with Nick's little thing of getting drunk and hitting the tetherball, Eric used that against Nick!

Jess asks again about Zach. Dani says Zach is "such a guarantee."

Dick: Why do you think he is wearing that bunny suit? He didn't take the 10 grand.

Jess: He doesn't want to go up!

Dick: Yeah, that, too.

They leave the HOH. Jess says the buzzer will be going off soon.

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4:05pm bbt (property of Morty's)

This is priceless.

Dick holding court in the BY talking to Jess. Giving her evidence of why he knows Eric is in an alliance with Jen.

ED: How can he contstantly rip into Jen and still have Jen come to him and give him information? (Uh, gee DICK isn't that what you do and Jen still blurts out everything she knows to you?)

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Jameka is lying in bed, and Dustin is talking to her. Jameka says that she "loves her girls" (nieces). Dustin says that the girls will understand that Jameka did this for a good reason.

Jameka says she can't get HOH for five weeks. Dustin says that none of the other four will ever put Jameka up, until it is final five. Dustin says Dick will go home next week.

Stealing is a crime. Please don't steal transcriptions from tvfanforums in the future.

Dustin says that Jameka is the most admirable person in the house.

Jameka says that it just went over the line when Dick comes in and gets Jen's property and takes it. Dustin says that Dick is going as far as he can, stopping just short of getting expelled.

Eric comes in and asks Jameka and Dustin whether he should be upset that Jess went up to HOH for an hour and a half conversation, and now has willingly gone outside to listen to them further? Jameka and Dustin say no--Jess has his back. Jameka says they can't mess up Jess' game.

Eric says that Dick came in and stole Jen's clothing, and then when Jen looked for it, he went in and messed up her stuff further. Eric says that Dick listens in on their conversations.

Dustin says that everyone knows now that you can't trust Dick and Dani, as they will go back on their word and lie. Dustin says he went upstairs and asked Dani if she is putting up Zach and she said she is. Eric says that they (Dani and Dick) want to go around saying they have never lied in the game, but "the jig is up" now.

Jameka leaves to go to the bathroom.

Eric says with the way Jess has been acting, he thinks he is the one going up on the block, although he can't get the whole story out of her (He is protecting Jess by saying this--she already told him earlier--Cat) This is tvfanforums property. Eric says that Jameka has proven that she has the "heart of a lion" and has proven she will do anything for them. Amber would do anything for them and so would Dustin. Eric says he hopes Jess would. Dustin says he "believes in Jess."

Eric claims that he was talking with Amber, and Jess asked him what she was doing, acting paranoid. Dustin says that he is sure Jess is very worried for her own safety. Eric says that Jess needs to be assured that it is appreciated and she is safe. Eric says that they went after Jess for a reason, instead of one of them. Dustin says that they know Dustin and Eric are very close, and Jameka is close to Eric.

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Daniele making jen thinks she is safe..like seriously. Jen is listening...not sure if Jen agrees with everythingJen is trying to get jen to go against Eric...which Jen is playing along with...hopefully. Surely she knows that dani is making a moveDaniele is by far the best player in the house

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Daniele now telling Jen there is another person in the Mrs. Robinson alliance and Jen just said Eric and Kail. Jen said no. Dani is sure though that it is Eric.

Jen is now telling Dani that Dustin and Amber told Jen and Kail to nominate Daniele and Dick when they win HOH.

Dani is still pushing for Eric being the brains.

Dani saying Eric and Kali are the tightest in the group and Dani saying she just knows. She says if she is wrong, she doesn't care because Nick was the one person she could trust and Eric convinced her he lied.

Dani saying how Eric is so smart and rational and how he's seen every season.

Dani/Jen really bonding and talking strategy and seem to be revealing a lot of important info to the other.

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Dani is saying that she is trying to help Jen...too jen. I'm not sure if Jen is just sgreeing with her to keep any heat off. She is very non-committal. She is talking some shiet about Eric. Being non confontational.

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Jen tells Dan she's never talked game with Amber, just about boyfriends and how they're going to vote. They don't talk game.

Jen is telling Dan why it would be good for her to put up Dick up so she doesn't have to live in fear of him pouring bleach on her clothes or making her life miserable. Dan says she can talk to Dick and have him stop and she knows that she can make Dick not nominate Jen if he becomes HOH.

Jen says she has younger brothers and does not want to be humilliate infront of millions. Dan asks who else would Jen nominate, wants to know if Jen would put her up. Jen says not right now, but that may change eventually but not in the next two HOHs. asks if that makes sense, Dan says "not really".

Dan keeps pushing to know who will Jen put up but sying she doesn't have to tell her if she doesn't want to...Jen asks if they're still going to have meetings. Dan says everyone is terrified so yeah, they'll have a meeting.

Jen tells Dan that Eric told her to go talk to Dan cuz he thinks he's going up. She tells Dan Eric told her this yesterday. Dan says that she doesn't want the group to know what she's going to do and that's the only thing she's lied about to the group.

Jen says everyone knows Dan's not putting up Zach. Jen says by saying she would and then not, Dan is going to look like a liar. Dan says she's not worried because she's planning to call out Eric and that she's told her dad everything about Eric.

Dan says the house is going tobe in turmoil when she calls Eric out because he'll explode and Dan will be pissed and her dad too.

Dan asks Jen not to say anything, even to Kail. Jen says she won't and not to believe, if she hears any rummors, that it was Jen talking.

Dan tells Jen, that Eric is the smartest person in the house, then adds, "except for you, of course". Jen says it bothered her when Eric told her that he cussed her (Jen) out to save face infront of Dan/Dick.

More talk about how Eric is playing everyone and Dustin is selfish...Kail comes in and talk turns to slop. Dan asks if Kail wants to talk.

Dan just told Kail she will be safe, Jen will take herself off but she will be the one vote Kail needs to stay. Dan tells Kail she's never like her in this game, but she has her word that she's not going home. Dan promises she's safe.

Kail keeps insisting that Dan might be getting played because people have been telling Kail that she may be leaving...Dan tells her not to be stressed but if she wants to act like she is stressed to go ahead. Dan says she has nothing more to tell Kail other than she's going home, she swears.

Kail says she believes her. Dan repeats that Jen was the one vote they needed and she just got that so, she's safe...

Dan says, you have 4 votes guarranteed, maybe two more.

Dan wants a favor from Kail. She needs Kail to tell other people if anyone asks Kail anything to say that Dan gave her her word that she was safe and that she'll put up the one she's told all that she would put up. Kail tells Dan that she'll be asking her again in a coupke of hours.

Kail goes to Dustin and says Dan gave her her word she was safe, but no deals were made. Kail says she never offered to be a pawn, not even while they were on the monkey bars. Than seh told Dan she was tired and gave her HOH and Dan, still, put her up.

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Now Dick, Dan, and Jen in HOH room. Dick telling Jen they got along for a period of time and then sh8t happened...that stuff is magnified because they are trapped in there. Dick tells Jen that, as long as Dick/Dan and Kail/Jen are there nobody really gives a f*ck what goes on.

Dick talking about how every week everyone knows that if Jen/Kail get HOH Dick and Dan go up and if Dick/dan win HOH then K/J go up, so they all feel pretty safe. that mike and Nick were collateral damage. Dick talks about Kail's "other" secret alliance and how everything "clicked" for him (ed. Dick's giving too much info, again, and so is Jen)

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Jess, Jam and Eric talking in Hot tub. Eric is telling them to tell someone, that "a line has been drawn in the sand". That the six of them are going after the two of them and they are going out of the house.

Eric wants Jess to tell Dan/Dick that they better not put Eric up because from what she (Jess) has heard, it's not going to work. Jam says that would put Jess in jeopardy, Eric agrees and says he won't ask her to do that.

Eric thinks it will be a trivia thing again this week (HOH comp) so it either Zach or someone from their group who would get HOH. Talking about dick yelling that he "hasn't lied one f*cking time in this house" Eric says Dick has lied lied in conversations with him (Eric).

Jess says she knows who stole Dick's cigarrettes, Eric says he (Dick) hid them after Jen took some of them...Jam says Jen did that AFTER Dick messed with her (Jen's) stuff. Eric says that there's nothing he hates more than being called a liar (ed. hmmm).

Eric says he knows there's no love lost between Jen and Jess/Jam but that a week ago she (Jen) had told him it would be great if Eric, Jam, Jess and Her (Jen) made it to fianl four together. Eric tells them he dismissed her, but he's just sharing that . Jam: Wow

Eric repeating that he wants to stay in the house (ed. already campaigning) Jam says: I know...

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Dick is talking to Jen and explaining his stupid behaviour to this point and now saying that he is a calm and distinguished human being. What an asshole. He is not fooling Jen...whi I happen to think is a very smart player in this game, but she is great with playing along. Dick now trying to switch blame to Eric...won't work at this pointHow delusional is he? He is trying to act like he is on Jen's side. Jen is doing great by acting like she empathizes. Dick acts like he can make a play for her...lol

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6:07 BBT: Dick just asked Jen if she trusted him. Jen backtracked and said "would it look weird if you started being nice to us" but never gave a committed answer.

Dick said that the only person Kail hasn't rolled over on is Eric. Dick mentioned that Jam got really pissed when she found out that Nick was going up nstead of Zach. Dick accused Eric of manipulating everyone in to voting out Nick instead of Kail.

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Dick tells Jen Eric is freaking out right now. Jen tells Dick that she told Dan not to say she's nominating someone an then put someone else instead because that will look horribel (ed. the volume on the feeds is really low).

Dick tells Jen all cams are on them because they're having the conversation of the season. Dick shakes hands with Jen telling her he's gonna take it easy on her.

Dick tells Jen he would never talk behind people's backs but...tells her that Jam was furious at Dustin for leaving her with the bag. Dick talks about the plane tells Jen they all saw the plane...

Jen says she didn't because she was told by BB not to look so she didn't, she's the one idiot that didn't...Dick says something I can't hear about Eric...Dick says this has been a ping pong match between K/J and D/D while everybody else is safe and no one should ever feel safe there...

Dick and Jen hug and promise not to fight anymore. Jen says she's still going to be Kail's friend...

Dick: war's over...Dan comes in and dick asks them how about all 4 of them (Kail, Jen, Dan, Dick) call out Eric togehter. Dan and Jen not crazy about it. Jen says she can add to what he says but...

Dan says they already have a target on them, no need to make it worse....Dick says this is like Erica and Janelle talking in season 7 (ed. I wonder if Jen knows how that worked out for Janelle)...foth

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all 4 cams on BY. Dick walks up to Jess (in hot tub) and tells her something about how Eric has always been right about everything, then walks away and we get foth...

All cams in BY still, now Dick is whispering to Dustin...foth (ed.ugh!)

Back for a few secs...Jen dumping a brown liquid on herself...Kail and Dan apparently did so too...they get their towels...Eric is in hot tub looking like he's literally stewing!

2 cams now in kitchen... Dick tells Dan there's not boubt about it "he knows" Dan: yeah, he knows. Now Dick telling Jess that "I told you, I told you, it all clicks, he's shitting his pants right now and he should be" Jess: mmmhmmm

Jess goes to Jam and tells her dick just told her (Jess) that Kail confirmed that Eric's been in an alliance with her since the begining...Jess sighs and says she needs to talk to him (I think she means Eric)

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6:28BBT: Jess just ran to Jam in the bathroom to report that ED just said Erick and Kail are in in an Alliance and should be scared now.

Jen: This is an exciting day: A bunny costume, 24 hours of slop and this every hour. What an exciting day! She is now in the shower trying to wash the crap off her.

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6:25 BBT

Feeds back. They showed Jen dump the bucket on her head, yet she missed most of her head and a little just got on her hair. They shortly showered outside, then came inside to shower again and/or put back on their bunny suits.

Funny quote when someone said something about Zach being in his bunny suit:

Zach: Just trying to be the best ogre I can be.

6:35 BBT

Dick in backyard with the boys. Tells them he just solved everything with Jen, the fighting's over and they even hugged at the end of their conversation. Zach said, wow, it's over like that? Eric was surprised as well.

6:37 BBT


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2 cams on Kail putting eye cream in BR, 2 cams in living room, dining room area where Jen and Dick chit chat about food while Jess sits quietly at the counter.

2 cams now in BY. Zach, Dustin and Eric there, Dustin says he's feeling a "Dick spurt" coming on...

Dustin says that after the "panty raid" this afternoon they'll prolly get no booze tonight...Dick says that's all done and over with, that he talked to Jen about stopping the fighting and they even hugged at the end...

Eric says it sounds like a hallmark moment. Dick says there are plenty of those going on in there...they start talking about a comercial and we get foth...

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Outside, Dustin says that he has a feeling with a certain "panty raid" that happened this morning, he thinks that they won't get beer tonight.

Dick says that's all over. He and Jen have repaired things. Dick says that he and Jen were fine with each other the first few days, and then the stuff with Dani happened, and now they are fine again. He says they even hugged at the end of it. This transcription belongs to tvfanforums.com. Zach is incredulous about this. Eric says that it sounds like a Hallmark Moment. Dick says there have been quite a few of those today--Hallmark moments. (So, Dick is outing the fact that he is now fine with Jen and Jen is fine with him--bad move, Dick --Cat) FOTH

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Jess now talking to Jen. Telling her what Dick said to her and that Dick said that Jen confirmed it about Eric. Jen says maybe Dick thinks she's confirmed it by her (Jen)not saying anything.

Jen tells her that Eric has told her he wasn't going to be played by a 21 year old. Jess asks when did he say that, Jen says not this week. Jess says she's asking Jen because she doesn't believe anything Dick says.

Jen says Eric is a good manipulator. Jen says Eric's bigger threats were Joe and Nick and now where are they? they're gone.

Jess tells Jen about how long Amber and Eric talked the night of the banner, tells Jen she (Jess) thought she was pretty close to Eric but now, she is not so sure...Jess want to know if she should say something to Eric. Jen says Dick want to make a big thing out of it. Jess says that's what Dick does.

Jess says Dick had told her he was going to talk to Jen and Jess would know then, that Dick was right. (ed. looks like Jess is believing what Jen's telling her because she's giving too much info herself) Jens tells Jess "that's why you don't trust boys".

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