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August 4, Live Feed Updates

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Feeds back for a minute. In bedroom, Dick was being confrontational with Jen, he admitted to something (came back in the middle) and that next time he will pour bleach on all her stuff. Said something about hiding his cigarettes. He went back to the kitchen, then back to bedroom. He looks agitated and caged. Camera cut to Daniele sitting at the counter for a minute, she is keeping a low profile. Kail comes in and asks what the sound is, it sounded like he hit something, or clapped his hands. Jen said this time he was inches away from her face. Kail said she saw. Jessica is also in the room. Feeds go to kitchen, where Dustin asks Eric about eating, then FoTH again...more trivia.

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1:04BBT Back from Trivia and Dick looks really mad. He is staring Kail down.She refuses to look at him. He goes to bedroom and starts in on Jen.

Dick - It's a shame I already moved all the cigerettes isn't it.

Jen - It is. You knew

Dick - I should have put bleach all thru your shit.

Jen - you knew

Dick - I promise you that. of course I knew cuz your a skeeve you're shit

Jen - cuz you took all my stuff

Dick - of course I did. I didn't take your stuff

Jen - you just admitted you did

Dick - of course I did. So you crossed the line and so did I.

Jen - Oh God!

Jessica is just watching them.

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1:04BBT Back from Trivia and Dick looks really mad. He is staring Kail down.She refuses to look at him. He goes to bedroom and starts in on Jen.

Dick - It's a shame I already moved all the cigerettes isn't it.

Jen - It is. You knew

Dick - I should have put bleach all thru your shit.

Jen - you knew

Dick - I promise you that. of course I knew cuz your a skeeve you're shit

Jen - cuz you took all my stuff

Dick - of course I did. I didn't take your stuff, But I didnt go thru your shit

Jen - you just admitted you did

Dick -of course I did.I admit when i do something. So you crossed the line and so did I.

Jen - Oh God!

Jessica is just watching them.

**i saw this and rewound it a few times just so i was sure... in bold i added what i heard.** fizzle (i think she went thru his stuff looking to do something to his cigs and he in turn threw her clothes around the room.. just speculating)

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It sounds like everyone but Dustin was willing to wear the bunny costume for a week - I didn't hear who ended up w/it though. So far it sounds like at least Daniele and Jen - they were saying they weren't going to wear the gloves because they wouldn't be able to do anything.

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I think Jen just said that neither said her, Jameka, or Kail could play for HoH next week. Zach & Kail also have to wear the bunny costume. There is some talk of 30 days - like someone has to do something for 30 days? Some of them also have to do something every hour. Jen was saying something about taking off the bunny suit, pouring something over her head, & then putting the bunny suit back on. They are unsure if they have to do that for 24 hours or a week.

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Dani was comforting Jameka, who was crying really hard. Dani keeps apologizing to Jameka, and Jameka says she wants Dani to "enjoy her HOH--she worked hard for it -- two hours."

Dani says she feels bad, and she doesn't want to be thought of like that, as Jameka said the SAME THING TO DUSTIN last week. (Dani also tells Jameka that everyone tried to tell Jameka before that last question to put NOTHING down. They wanted to try to protect her, as they didn't want her to be in the same spot she was in last week. It sounds like maybe Jameka took the deal of forfeiting half of her money--which I've described below. I'm not positive, but it sounds like it.--Cat) Transcript property of tvfanforums.net.

Jameka says that she didn't see it that way with Dustin at first--not until Dani talked to her and made her see it a different way. She says that she was just happy for Dustin until then. She says she "holds no ill will" for Dustin, or Dani. She says what was Dani supposed to do, when two people were there (Jen and Kail) and obviously one of them will still be around next week. She says that Dani had to watch out for her safety. Dani keeps saying she wants to talk to Jameka. Jameka said no, she was fine, at first, but then agreed she would talk later.

Dani says she will change into a bikini under the white rabbit costume, which is very hot.

They are going to get manure dumped on them as a result of this POV.

They were offered $5,000. They are discussing that if Dustin had taken that, he could have had "more than the stipend." (I'm not sure if Dustin somehow got the money or not--unsure.

They are going to be awake for 24 hours, and a buzzer will sound to wake them up.

Everyone who participated in the POV will be wearing the bunny suits until Wednesday. Zach is happy about the bunny suit and says if they "gave it to him, he would wear it."

Dick says that Jameka asked a good question. The charity question. If she won, would the money go to charity, or would it stay with BB? Dick says that is a very valid question.

Dick: I'm going to say it again. Eric, you differ from me, but I wouldn't want to participate in that.

Eric says he understands that position, but he is there to play.

Dick says obviously, some people want it more than others.

Dick says, "Yeah, but would you want to forfeit half the money???"

(Apparently, they had the option of forfeiting half of their money they will earn. Jameka asked if BB would keep the money, or if it would go to charity).

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Jen was talking to Jess in the BR. Seems she can't play for HoH (normally it's veto) for 4 weeks. Daniele only said 3.

Kail, Jen, Daniele and Zach are in the bunny suits for a week.

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2:57 pm bbt

Dick & Dani talking in HoH. They are discussing whether to reveal the whole Eric thing.

Dani: It's the whole Eric thing. I totally screwed us over. . . They are all flipping out, everyone in the house.

Dick: (about Kail) She is on slop the entire time, she can't participate in any HoHs.

Dani is realizing they don't have the votes to get Eric out.

Dick: I think Eric is the one we should talk to; if we're going to lay it all out anyway, cut a deal.

Dani: Everyone listens to Eric in this house, they're going to believe him over us.

Dick: I'll bring up the banner . . . everyone saw it but no one's talking about it.

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Dani goes to HOH.

Dick is waiting for her.

She says her heart is pounding. Dick says he thinks that the best thing to do is to pull a "ME" and out everything about Eric to the whole group.

Dani says that Jameka is freaking out. He asks what she is freaking out about.

Dani: Kail comes up to me and asks, when are we gonna talk?

Dani says she told her she would talk to both Jen and Kail together. Dani says she will tell them the only way they will both stay in the house is if Jen uses the POV on herself, and someone else goes up, and then that person will go up. She is considering saying to Kail that she knows all about the alliance, and it is either Kail or Eric going home.

Dani says she is shaking and she really messed up. Dick says if it hadn't been Dani, it would have been Dick. Dick says it is okay. She says it is NOT okay. Dick says "nothing is irreversible." By the way, anyone who steals this transcription from TVfanforums.net is a thief.

From what I can gather, Dani agreed she would sit out 3 HOH comps. Jameka said she would sit out 5. (Not sure about this).

Dani says they are trying to pull crap on her and make her feel guilty, like she was selfish like Dustin. The question in POV was "how many hours do you want that stuff dumped on your head?" Dani tried to communicate to Jameka and tell Jameka what to write (22). Jameka asked Dani what she was putting down. Dani tried to communicate to Jameka that she would put down 23. Dani wanted Jameka out so she would be safe. But Jameka doesn't play that way. Dani knows the house will see her as selfish.

Dick: You didn't take any money!

Dani asks Dick if she should call Kail out on the alliance with Eric? (This is nonexistent, as far as I know! --Cat)

Dick says yes--call them all out.

Dani says what if Jen doesn't use it?

Dick: If she doesn't use it, Kail has to go.

Dani says she doesn't know if everyone will vote against Kail, though!

Dani says she totally screwed us (Dick and Dani) over! Everyone in the house is against them.

Dani says that Eric is flipping out.

Dani says Kail is flipping out. Dick says Kail SHOULD flip out. She is on slop for the ENTIRE TIME and she can't participate in ANY HOH's.

Dick: She's fucking done for!

Dani is saying she hates these people. She hates the game. It sucks when everyone is against Dick and Dani.

Dick: Look at fucking droopy shoulders there. This thing, all the time. She is key. And Jameka. I think if Jameka knows what's going on, she might be upset!

Dani: Who should I talk to first? I think I should talk to Jen first. What do you think?

Dick says Jen will use it. Does Dani think she will use it on Kail?

Dani says yes. He says let her then! She'll be gone.

Dani says that will screw THEM, though!

Dani says Jen doesn't want to be in sequester. She wants fame and if she uses it on Kail, Kail is safe and she (Jen) wouldn't have the votes against Eric, Eric will stay in the house, and they will be screwed.

Dani: Especially me!

Dani says that Eric might be working with Jameka, Dustin and Kail!

Dani says she is flipping out. Dick says not to flip out.

Dani: Of all people, you are supposed to be the one with the slip of the tongue. Why me????

Dick laughs

Dani: I'm being serious!

Dick: As soon as you said it, I turned around and looked at Eric.

Dani asks where Eric was, and Dick says on the bench. She asks if she said it that loud? He says that from the reaction everyone had, yes.

Dick says they should bring Eric aside, make him a "fucking deal" and call him out.

Dani: How can we call him out, though?

Dick says they will tell Eric that they know what he did.

Dani says that Eric won't take that deal. He's good with words, and he will go and tell everyone in the house that they came up with this scheme!

Dick says point that out to everyone. Who was the one manipulating, who is turning everyone's minds? Dani says people will believe Eric.

Dick says he hasn't lied at all. Dick says Eric is the one who lies.

Dick: Look at the banner. Don't think I won't bring that up, either!

Dani says she doesn't want that brought up. Dick says why not? They all saw it and everyone is acting like it didn't happen!

Zach is ringing bell.

Dick: Who's that?

Dani: Who do you think? Ogre!

Zach; I just came up here to tell you guys I tried.

Dick says that's all right.

Dick says it worked out okay. Kail gets no HOH's.

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Zach: I just wanted to show you guys I'm here to play. $10,000 could have gotten me out of a lot of debt.

Dick: Jen & Kale are on slop the rest of the time they are here.

Zach said he didn't know what to put for the power shortage question.

Zach: Kail said on the first day, 'all I want to do is make it to sequester.'

Dani: No, she doesn't want to be in sequester.

Zach: Well, now that's she's here.

Dick: This was the most brutal PoV ever. They've never asked anyone to give up prize money before.

They had to give up becoming HoH for 5 weeks. [Jen, Kail, & Jameka I think.]

Dustin: If everyone had the absolute lowest on any question than everyone would be out and there would be no power of veto this week. . . If Jen's in the final two and gets second place then she gets no money.

Dani: No one's going to vote for her to win.

[it sounds like Jen agreed to give up $250,000.]

Dani and Zach are complaining about having to have manure dumped on them every hour. Zach said he had sensitive skin, Dani said her hair would dry out because she'll have to wash it everytime. Dani's unhappy that she'll also have to wake up every hour during the night.

Zach: I hope I get to keep this suit (the bunny suit).

Dick doesn't understand why Jameka competed so hard - gave up so much & accepted undesirable stuff, when she had nothing on the line.

Dustin: Because that's the kind of person she is.

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In the silhouette room:

Amber: It's horrible!

Eric says "He" (Dick) took "her" (Jen's) fanny pack so that she couldn't use the stuff in it!

Eric says that this has all gone too far. He says they have shown the clear difference and they are dispicable.

Eric asks if Jen wants to sleep in with them? Jen says she does, but doesn't want to leave Kail alone. Eric says that they have two beds. Amber says that is still Dani's bed. It will only cause trouble if they take it from Dani even though she is in HOH.

Eric says if they feel unsafe in the round room, that they should be able to come in and sleep with them. Jen says maybe they can move Evel out? Then she says they have tried that before and failed, though.

Amber suggests that she can sleep with Jess, and then Kail and Jen can have her bed.

They all agree they can work it out, though.

Jen says that it is actually a good thing that Kail can't play HOH. She says that anyone put up against Kail every week, that other person can play HOH. Since Kail can't play against them, then they won't take out Kail. They'll take out the other person. Kail doesn't understand and is stressing that they would take her out, then. Jen says nevermind--don't worry, that's not what she is saying. Kail says or they will put her up every week as a pawn! Jen says nevermind-she didn't mean that. Jen leaves.

Jameka says "Let the games begin!" in the other room.

Kail and Jen in bunny suits in the round room. Kail is telling Jen that Dani guaranteed her 100 percent that she is staying.

This transcription is the property of tvfanforum.net. (They are really shaking things up with this competition! --Cat)

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Kail says that her bunny ears aren't good. She says she tried several pairs. Jen says she thinks she got the good head. Talk of bunny feet, as well.

Zach is in the room now, talking (seems to be spying, in my opinion -- Cat)

The competition answers seem to have been how many hours and minutes various things happened in the house. One had to do with when Mike stopped using hand signals.

Jen asks if Zach got off slop? He says yes. She asks if that is the question he got out on, and he says yes. This transcription is the property of Mortystv.

(They were told the first manure dumping will be around 4 p.m. Earlier, Dani wanted to know if it would be fully body, or just the head. --ed)

Eric tells them that he would have been "a disaster" in the comp. He says that they all put themselves through so much, and when he says he wanted to play, he isn't discounting what they had to go through.

Jen gave up bunny, funk, slop and the money. So, she has to wear the costume, get manure dumped on her, eat slop and not get the money.

Everyone did the funk.

Jen says they just have to wash their hair every hour, and that's good for them.

Jen says they will be awakened every 45 minutes because a shower every hour will take 15 minutes.

Dustin says he has his fetishes about bunny suits. He likes to have sex with animal costumes on. (joking).

Jen wonders if they have caffeine pills, as they have to stay up 24 hours. Mortystv owns this transcription.

Kail says that the cold water will wake them up. Kail calls Jen "GI JANE" and says she is her hero. Jen says the only thing she wouldn't do is cut her hair. Amber claims she would do it--shave her head--it depends on what was at stake. (Yeah, right--Cat).

Kail says she (Kail) would probably cry for a week if she had to shave her head. Dustin tells a story about a friend who went to a student hair salon and they hacked her hair, and Dustin tried to give her a weave.

Kail: $10,000! Zach, I thought for sure you would take the money! No offense!

Zach says he makes good money at his job, and it's just money. He's not much of a money guy.

Amber says in the intro, they said this comp was so hard because it is the last person who will not go to sequester.

Jen thinks the comps will keep ramping up in difficulty. This transcription belongs to Mortystv. Some disagree and think this is the big one. Eric says last year they had one sort of like this at this time.

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Dick, Dani, & Jessica in HoH - 5:20ish pm bbt

Dani: Jen did it for her 15 minutes of fame. She doesn't care about the money. She may take Kail off the block and then Jen will go home.

Dani said something to Zach about voting Eric out and is worried that Eric heard her. Dick and Dani asked Jessica if she would find out if Eric knows about it. Jess agreed.

Jess: I don't think he'll (Eric) go home if he goes up because you can't count on Jen's vote...Jameka won't vote out Eric.

Dani: Why not?

Jess: Why would she?

They are saying the votes to get Eric out are Dick, Zach, & they think they can get Jen. They said that Zach doesn't know yet but that he guaranteed that he would do whatever they wanted. They told Jessica that if she was the fourth vote they would never tell anybody that she was the fourth vote.

Jess said she's going to have to think about it because it doesn't do her any good to keep Kail here.

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