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August 4, Live Feed Updates

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My first post.....hope it's okay.......9:30 pm BBTFeeds switch to HOH room where Dani and Jen are.....Dani telling Jen that she is safe if she (Dani), Zach or maybe Jamkea win POV but if Dustin or Kail wins she might be going home. Dani tells Jen that she will be safe and won't be going home. Jen asks if it is a 3rd person going home or if it is Kail....Dani wants Jen to convince Kail that if Kail wins the POV that Kail will take Jen off. Dani says that she is telling all this to Jen to help her and Dani says there is a bigger picture. Dani says that Kail isn't there to help her. Jen agrees and says that she is friends with her but that she hasn't lied to anyone. Jen says did you figure out who is lying? Dani says yes she knows who. Dani says it wasn't Nick. Jen says is the mustard person the same person that you know is lying and Dani says she doesn't know but she thinks so.Jen says she doesn't know what she's thinking but Jen says that she (Dani) has a better chance to win without her Dad in the house. Dani doesn't say anything. Dani says that she isn't stupid.Dani repeats that there is a bigger picture and Dani isn't going to tell her everything.Jen is now going on and on about how she really hopes to get to be better friends with her. Jen saying that she can't wait to watch the show on TV.(ed - Dani looks like she is done talking and Jen is going on and on)Dani tells her that if anyone asks what they talked about to tell them that she (Jen) was told that if she didn't win POV that she was going home.Dani says that if Dustin or Jameka get the POV they will keep the vote the same and she is telling Jen that she doesn't have the votes so she will be going home. Dani says she isn't really sure about Zach but she thinks he will do whatever he says and save her. So Jen has to worry about Dustin or Jameka. Dani says if you're sure that Kail will use the POV to save you then it will be 4-2 and you should be okay this week.Jen says thank you and leaves.To clarify, the veto players are Dustin, Zach and Jameka, and of course Danielle as HOH and the 2 nominees Jen and Kail

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9:43 pm BBT

Amber and Jameka talking in bed. Jameka is filling in Amber with the conversation she had with Dustin earlier......Jameka telling her (Amber) everything Dustin said. Amber keeps saying "unbelieveable." and "Wow". Jameka doing all the talking telling Amber all the stuff that Dustin said earlier in the day. Amber saying that she tells her everything and he (?) has no clue.

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10:05 pm BBT

Nothing going on.

Dick, Danielle and Zach in kitchen. Dick making chocolate milk. Zach trying to talk but Dick making short comments in response, etc.

Everyone else (Eric, Jessica, Dustin, Jen, Jameka, and Amber) is in the big bedroom. Amber is dominating the conversation talking about her life outside the house. Now it's Jessica's turn talking about something that happened in first grade. Seems they are taking turns telling stories about their lives......

Jameka went into the kitchen and says that she was told tomorrow is a maze game for the POV.

BB annouces go to storage room. Dick goes into the storage room and gets big golf looking mallets with a ball and the note says "these might help you in a future competition"....there are only 2 mallets. People are taking it outside to practice...they think they are for POV tomorrow.

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10:15 pm BBT

Danielle, Zach, Jameka, Jen, and Kail are in the BY practicing with the mallets for the POV tomorrow.....

Dustin, Amber and Eric whisper when everyone leaves (Jessica is in the DR). I couldn't hear anything but it seemed like Eric and Dustin told Amber that Danielle's "show to put up Zach" if they get POV was "all for show".

Their talk was broken up when Jen comes back into the room wanting to know if Dustin was going to practice. Eric thinks they should find out if anyone knows the rules to croquet (sp) and since this is Alice in Wonderland they wonder if it has to do with the Queen and her croquet mallet.

Seems everyone is heading outside. Dick and Jameka sitting on couch. Kail and Zach practicing with the mallet. I can't see anyone else. All 4 fees are in the BY.

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10:24 pm to 10:31 pm BBT

Eric and Jessica talking in the kitchen. Couldn't hear a lot of it because the water was running while Eric was washing. Eric is really worried about POV tomorrow and who wins and if he'll get put up. Eric says it's unfair that if they are going to target him they should just target him, not back door him. Jessica says that if Dani wins POV they have to go up and talk to her. Eric says that Dani has been nothing but nice to him but that behind his back he talks sh** about her. Jessica says "you shouldn't be." Jessica jokes and says "do you want me to kick her ass for you". They both laugh. (ed - they are so cute!)

Eric says "they don't think that I have a clue about this at all?" Jessica says "no" because they think I'm with them. Eric says "are they f'ing retarded". Jessica tells him not to stress about it. Eric says that he really wants to be here, and be here with her. Jessica says she knows and that he will be. Eric says that this is the first time he's put his trust in someone. Jessica says you've done all you can do, don't stress. We have to stay together. Jessica says "I've trusted you since day 1 almost; you think I'd trust someone named Evil Dick?" Jessica says that it will be their mistake. Jessica says there is no way it will work because even if he goes up he will get the votes to stay. Jessica agrees. Eric says (missed some) that he'll be the rudest person in the house and then he'll "come kiss you but under the covers" (ed - not sure if he's serious or not)

Kail comes in and breaks up the conversation.

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Showtime II Observations:

Showtime II uses different camera feeds that are not available online. I have them side by side.

Eric and kail and jess are in the kitchen talking about the veto tomorrow. They r now talking about the less amount of ppl here. Eric is makinf fun of zak.

more talk about veto saturday. Amber enters, dustin enters, all in kitchen now, (chit chat);

eric taking pills, bb send amber to DR

jen says she tired and wants to go to bed, her hand hurts, eric says he aint ate all day, more bitchin from jen about her hand, kail pretending to care.


zak practicing

BACK in kitchen:

eric whispering to jameka about d&d trying to backdoor him, zak interrupts them

zak leaves; eric resumes


jen and kail talking about eric and whther he was the mystery voter, now they suspect amber cause she didnt cry when she came out of the DR vote;


ERIC still whispering to jam, he says they aint got the votes to backdoor him, jameka affirms this and wonders why they r making a move that wont work;


kail and jen talk abot the LNC meetings; kail suspect eveil the mustard guy and eric mystery voter


D&D TALKING; dani saying zak on board cause he wants to prove trust;


ERIC, JESS, DUSTING SAYING IF D AND D backdoor eric than kail will go home [ damn d&d r smart but supid, smart for figuring eric out , or at least dani is, dick is well jjust a dickt

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10:42 pm BBT

Dustin, Jessica and Eric in bathroom. Eric and Jessica filling them in on D/D plan for backdoor. Dustin says "they are out of their f'ing minds". I thought this would come 3 weeks from now, but not now.

Dustin says he will do what he can to win POV tomorrow and keep the vote the same. Dustin and Eric don't understand why they will put them up based on speculation.

Dustin says that if him (Dustin) or Eric go up that they will be staying no matter what, they have the votes. Eric says that if something happens that one of them should stand up at POV and say 'oh well you just don't have the votes and you two just dug your graves'

Dustin leaves before they get caught. Everyone goes outside. Seems everyone is outside except for Jen and Kail who are in bed.

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10:51 BBT


Jen and Kail talking Jen saying it would be safe for her to let Kail win.

Jen saying that Daniele is trying to back door her dad. Kail says "no way" "i can't see her doing it" Jen saying "it's her smartest move" and Kail says if it's true then they can start working with Daniele because Kail says she doesn't fit in "with them"

Jen tells her not to say anything..Jen says "they need to fix it for next door" talking about the backdoor but Kail says it makes it interesting.....Kail says watching other seasons BD usually doesn't work......Jen says don't "tell ERic"..Kail says Amber and Dustin are starting to "part ways" as Jameka and her are starting to cling to each other[mortystV]

Kails saying every night when he goes to bed he "cries every night" for about 3 mins. Jen says Why? and he told Dustin he "hates himself" for cussing Jen out because "he can't control it"

Kail saying "goal is get Jen down" Jen saying you can knock people down "dustin first than Jameka second" then Zach and Danilel

Jen saying not to say anything if it gets out "its done"

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11:00 BBT

Kail and Jen testing if they can be heard from the bed as someone [missed who] was standing there in the other room.. guess she couldn't hear.

Jen asking Dani who's practicing[POV] and Dani says Eric and jen saying he's still mad he can't play for POV.

Kail laying in bed and Dani sitting in kitchen by herself and everyone else in the backyard.

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11:04 BBT

Amber asks if Jameka would vote to get rid of Dustin while on the hammock and Jameka says she doesn't think so because its too early..

Amber says her or Dustin will probably might be put up...


Jameka says it won't be her but will put up Dustin...Amber thinks they are hold the Nick eviction against her and Dustin......Jameka says they will not talk about it and will not call a meeting until they know what will happen in POV.Jamek says they want Kail or Jen to win it.......Jameka says "if they get one of us out thi week" it will be good.

Amber talking about Dick saying no one was "cheering Daniele" during HOH and Jameka says Dick was referring to her and she says she was cheering for everyone because she doesn't dislike Kail or Jen......Jameka says "thats to much control" and "I can cheer for whover I want" calling Dick a control freak.

Amber saying she apologized to Dani for Nick and admits it was kinda a bad move....Amber saying Daniele says that they didn't think she would turn against the group....Amber said "she was kinda annoyed with me" saying if Dani and her Dad voted and she would have done it too Nick would of stayed..

Jameka mad because of the talk of "voting against the group" Amber saying she isn't going to make..and Jameka pep talks her saying she needs "to push" and find it "deep inside of her" Jameka [bible talk] telling Amber "to believe" for her "sister" "little girl"..calling Dani and Dick under handed..saying "she will fight to make sure your[dani and Dick] are not in the final two"


Jameka saying "we have the votes" if Dustin and Eric go up.....Jameka says "they'll talk tonight" but says they can't because "ed is up"

Jameka will fight to keep the noms the same.

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Jessica and Dustin and Eric in the bathroom.

Jessica tells the entire story that Dani and Dick told her.

Eric then swears very heated that he was not the F&*(ing vote. He swears how dare they plan to put Dustin and I up..There is gonna be a bloodbath.

We can get Kail and JEn who hate them anyhow, get Zack out and then take them out next week. (see video link)

Its great!

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The houseguests have been trying out the huge croquet mallets and balls (I put some pictures in the screencaps area, here at Tvfanforums.net).

Kail drew the houseguest's choice ball for POV, and Kail thought Jameka would agree to use it for her, but Jen told her that Jameka isn't doing that any longer. Kail asked Jen how she knew, and Jen told her that she heard that Dusting and Jameka will leave the nominations the same. (Earlier in the evening, Jen was called into HOH by Dani, and Dani told Jen that she needs to work to get Kail to use the POV on her (Jen) and that Dustin and Jameka will keep nominations the same. Also, earlier than that in the evening, Jen told Kail that she didn't think the POV trust with God that Jameka believes in works for houseguest choice, as her ball wasn't actually drawn by Kail).

11 p.m. hamster time

Kail and Amber are in the hammock talking about Dick. Dick claimed that people weren't cheering enough for Dani during the competition. Amber says she told Dick she was cheering for Dani! Amber says that Dick claimed that some people didn't try to win. Amber wonders if Dick was talking about her? Jameka says that it is about Jameka. Jameka says that Dick wants to be in control and "micro-manage every little thing." She says that is too much--she can cheer for whomever she wants! [Tvfanforums.net]

Amber tells Jameka about how she was talking to Dani earlier, and told Dani about how Nick didn't want to go to sequester, and Dani corrected her and said she was wrong about that.

In the kitchen, Dani is telling Dustin that she is so excited to write her HOH blog. Dani says of all weeks, this is the best one for her to write it. (This transcription is property of Morty's TV--Cat)

Amber says that Dani claimed that they didn't ask Amber to change her vote because they didn't think she would change her vote. Amber says she told Dani she didn't see how she could vote against the group. She feels that Dani was annoyed with her. Dani told her that with Amber's vote, Nick could have stayed in the house.

Amber says obviously they are talking.

Jameka says "That's shady as hell. That should be brought up! You all (Dani and Dick) are admittedly saying that hey, you would have voted against the group. But yet they are trying to figure out who this one vote is. It's one of them motherfuckers. That's all it is. Sneaky, man. I can't--oh, I can't deal with it!

Amber: Jameka, I don't think I'm going to last much longer here. I'm not gonna make it here.

Jameka: If you talk like that, you won't. You better, Girl, fuck that! You better find something deep within yourself and pull and hold onto that. They are not gonna put that over us. It's not written to be that way. I don't believe that. I don't believe that. I'm not intimidated. I'm not gonna be scared.

Amber says when she is nervous, she can't "do good in competitions."

Jameka says that this is what it is all about!

Jameka: You gotta push.

Jameka says that God is good with redemption and giving people a second chance to redeem themselves. Jameka says if you doubt that you belong here, you won't be here. You have to believe 100 percent.

Amber: I know.

Jameka says her little girl and sister are counting on Amber.

Jameka: It is not an option to fail. It is not a fucking option. It's not. Especially not being mistreated and you know, just, what they're doing which is ridiculously underhanded, and no! Especially not to that.

Jameka says she might not win, but she will make sure they don't either. She will fight to make sure they are not in the final two!

Jameka says as long Jameka, Amber, Jess and Eric don't go up, they have the votes.

Jameka says Jess can trust her more than ED and Dani, who don't even talk to her!

Amber says they feel Jess is vulnerable.

Amber asks if Jess has talked to Jameka yet? Jameka says they will later. Amber says ED will be up--there's no way.

Jameka says somehow, some way.

Jameka says she has to fight to keep the nominations the same.

Amber asks who told Jameka--Eric or Dustin? Jameka says Eric did.

Amber: Me, too. Why?

Dani is saying that on internet websites, they keep minute-to-minute updates.

Dani says they will say Dustin and Dani are eating chocolate chip cookies. Again.

Dustin asks about the updates.

SHOUT OUT TO MORTY'S!!!! 11:10 p.m.

Dani: Like that one website, Morty's, like there's always somebody watching the feeds 24/7, like, keeping notes of every, EVERYTHING, every conversation that's going on. It's RIDICULOUS! (Hiya, Dani!!!--Cat)

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11:18 BBT


Dusti nad Dani kidding around saying if you don'tr like me why didn't you nominate me and Dani saying well you better win POV because I might..Dustin doesn't say anything......

Dani talking about all he outfit changes because she sweats....

Eric sitting there...talking with them.

Back in the round room and saying she could hear her doing the test if they can hear and Jes says she can hear really good....Kail lowers in the voice she usually talk but Jen could hear as well and again in a lower voice....and Jen could hear "load and clear every word"


Eric in full paranoia with Dustin and Eric is going to threatn Kail if she doesn't use the POV on herself telling her she will "get voted out" and will go down as "the stupidest move in history"Ha Ha Jen walks in...Eric hasn't been eating and has been feel nausesous telling Dustin.


Jen in with Dustin asking where Dani is and if she was watching them.....Eric comes back in and talking about 409 and ingredients .....on "fruit loops" whick Eric is eating...

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11:37 BBT


Jen and Kail talking about Deals saying she would rather win then have "to lie"......Jen says she would want to be here "if people don't like me" and "people don't trust me"

Kail wonder if Dani will take her off and Kail says the ultimate goal will to be to get herr off "even if the rest of the house hates you" "our goal is to get you off"

Kail says "i'm not staying here" if you're not here....[mortystv]

Jen saying "i'm pretty sure we're both staying" Kail saying againg "I'm not staying if you're not"


Saying the best case scenario "you win" Jem saying "if Zach or Daile win"...."last person we want to win is Jameka" Jen says "or Dustin" [morystv]

Jen talking about POV saying it will have to with knocking people out.....jen saying to her stay positive...[mortystv]

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Kail saying she will spill her guts to Dani if she wins POV and what went down..Talking about maybe getting Amber nominated..

Kail saying I know what Dustin said "that they were fired up" what she told Dani on the bars......Jen saying she was on slop and said she didn't say it.

Kail saying Dani is wearing Nicks wristband and saying that must makes her boyfriend feel good.


jen sayin everyone is really paranoid except the two of them and they are on the block....Jen says she would "never vote for him" about dick. laughing about Dick.

Talking about Dick.....Kail says he told her "i know you didn't out everybody" because there is one person she didn't share in their alliance.....and there is one person she didn't says "that's why everyone is so paranoid" and Kail says that why she keeps getting the vote to stay..

[mortystv]Kail says Dustin woke up and told her Dick is so mad all night and made her promise to "tell anybody" that "she was the pawn" also told her not hang around with him at all..and Kail says ED was watching her "galaring" and Kail says she got out of there...and lets it all out "on Eric".....Kails says she couldn't hear what Dick told Eric......

Jen says "then it's Eric' "eric is working with everyone"


Kail now says the stray votes were Eric and Amber

Kail and jen thinks "dustin is working with Evel" that's why we can tell him anything saying if she goes out she will whisper "remember what your sister told you"

jen says "don't worry you're not going home" kail says "true dat"[mortystv]

Jen saying "we're not going home" and kail says can you imagine if we got HOH "and we don't put Evel up" Jen can't and says "it gets to the point" then FOTH[mortystv]

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Dustin and Amber in the weight room.

Dustin is telling Amber that Dick wants him out because he took out Nick, and he wants Eric out because he is the "mastermind of the group." Dustin says it is the stupidest move ever to split up the group so soon. Dustin says this is the reason Dick went off today.

Dustins says that Dani is holding a personal vendetta against him. This transcription is for Morty's TV.

Amber asks if it is Jen if it is not Dustin? He says yes.

Amber asks about Zach. Dustin says he told Zach to keep the votes the same if he gets POV.

Dustin and Amber agree that they have the votes, either way.

Dustin: I would understand doing that three weeks from now, but you don't do that now. You don't do that now.

Amber: And they want to split you and me up.

Amber says he needs to "bust his ass to get POV."

Dustin tells Amber that Kail will use the POV to pull Jen down. Kail feels completely safe. Dustin says they are "two dumb motherfuckers!"

Amber: She is so stupid!

Dustin: Kail is so stupid, but so is Dick and Dani. As if we don't have the power. They are two against five.

Amber says they see themselves as part of the group, still.

Dustin says that if they do this, it is two against five.

Amber says she will be out there with them tomorrow, as she is hosting. Amber hopes Jen doesn't get it.

Dustin say it has to be him that wins.

Amber: Yeah.

Dustin says if he gets HOH next week, he is putting Dick and Dani up, and he will say, "Fuck you!"'

Jameka comes in, apologizes and asks if she can come in, and they say sure.

Jameka: Man, y'all. That's so shady.

Dustin: As if we don't have the votes, you know? It's fucking stupid. You know, I expected this, but I didn't expect this this soon. (This transcription is for Morty's TV!--Cat)

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12:06 BBT[mortystv]

Workout room

Dustin tells Amber that Kail will use the POV to take Jen off..."they're two dumb mother fuckers" "we have the power" 5 to 2


Dustin saying if I win hoh he will put up Dick and Dani..Dustin saying 'they're so stupid" we have to votes saying "they are holding it against me" "eric is the mastermind" and they "want us out"


Jameka comes in talking about it...Amber saying she didn't want to put Nick up but did it so she wasn't selfish...

Dustin says we need to get HOH and if we lose a member it will be 5-4..."why would they do that to themselves" Dustin leaves.

Amber telling Jameka not to repeat anything to Dustin as she needs to watch out a bit.[mortystv]

Jameka saying they didn't talk to her because "they don't consider me a threat"[mortystv]

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Dustin: I'm outie!

He leaves.

This transcription is for Morty's TV.

As soon as the door closes:

Amber: Hey! Whatever you do, do not repeat what ED told me today, about, remember about how you guys are going to eventually come after Dani and Dick and I'll be the replacement. Don't repeat that to anyone. You haven't yet, right? Good. Don't. I'm not even going to tell Dustin. I've gotta watch out for myself a little bit, too. And ED told me, you swear you won't say anything, and I said yeah.

Jameka agrees, silently.

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Amber tells Jameka that she prayed before she entered the house that she would get a bed by the wall, and that she would be in the first group of houseguests to enter the house. And she was.

Jameka: That was considerate! (God's got his hands full with Amber. --Cat)

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Daniele/Dick talking

(this blog belongs to Morty's TV)

Daniele talking about how Eric is working Jessica.

ED saying he basically gave a fuck you to Eric

(this blog belongs to Morty's TV)

ED: tries to sweep everything that involves him under the rug, like the votes. Why do you think Jameka was asking me?

D: At the same time, I think we might be able to sway Jameka. We (this blog belongs to Morty's TV) need to wait and see what happens. You need HOH next week. It's imperative. I think they would backdoor me. I won two POV's and an HOH. People know that I see things. Kail was the one who noticed that I tapped you on the shoulder and said look what Jen did. Remember Eric was still talking about the TV and stuff?

ED: This week is definitely the week to get him out of here

D: YOu know what I was thinking? But remember what Carol said? Maybe someone will be coming back (no, not this year). Season 3, hg votes, season 6, america voted and we know who America likes. I would be ecstatic.

ED Eric would (this blog belongs to Morty's TV) shit a brick.

Daniele said in the hotel that they said expect another (this blog belongs to Morty's TV) twist around FOTH

ED: How would they give it away?

D: They have peopel working day and night. Can you imagine? That would be so perfect, omg. It would be perfect for ratings and for us becasue of our situation and he (Nick) could come back and I would tell him everything.

Talk of Coup d'etat and now Dick is explaining it.

Daniele only thought that one person could come off with the coup.

Dick is 100% he sure is right (and he is (this blog belongs to Morty's TV) right)

Both come off and that person replaces with two of their own.

D: Where is everyone? I feel so segregated from everybody. I feel like everyone hates me in this house.

ED: I was looking around the table and I was thinking who I would keep in touch with after this?

D: It's just a game though

ED: No Eric is fucking weirdo to start with

D: Not Jessica?

ED: Oh yea, I like Jessica. I won't be going to kansas. I didn't come here to make friends. I came here to win this game. Now that your here, it's to make sure one of us wins this game. The rest of it is a bullshit to (this blog belongs to Morty's TV) try and make it to the end.

D: You know that they'll want both of us in sequester since they figure we vote the same

ED: You need to get in good with Jessica, you'll need her.

D: Eric is always around though

ED: fuck him

D: Why aren't they out here playing?

ED: They're in bed

D: They didn't even play for two minutes

ED: Everyone is saying that she (Kail) won't pull a marcellas with veto

D: I need to make her feel so safe.

ED: I don't want to though. I'm not saying anything

D: that'll make her feel safe, trust me and if (this blog belongs to Morty's TV) she wins POV, I'm going to tell her a million times that she has nothing to worry about. I'll tell her that everyone wants Zach out because everyone thinks he's a perv. That's what I would tell her. I really feel sick to my stomach. I feel like I can't even concentrate (this blog belongs to Morty's TV). I am so freaking sick of hearing people saying it's better to have Nick gone because it'll help you concentrate on the game. I'm so sick of hearing that.

ED: People always want to justify things to make themselves feel better. Same thing with Jameka. I reinacted her phone call from God and told him not to do that anymore

D: I'm serious a mess over this whole situation. I can't stop thinking about it. I feel so bad and feel so stupid. I can't stop beating myself up about it.

ED: His game is that he is a 98 pound funny looking Jew guy and he has been playing it since he walked into this fucking house. idiot (Dick, you might eat your words... the house knows of the plans to evict Eric and Eric has 4 votes to stay... that's enough to keep him.)

They're now talking about if anyone came back.

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Dani and Dick talking Dani sayin she feels so segregated and Dick saying who he would keep in touch with and says "no no no no" maybe Jessica but not Eric....

Dick says "I didn't come here to make friends" the rest is all bullshit and it's just getting to the end[mortystv]


Dick telling her to get in good with Jess but says "i'm trying" but says Eric weasles his way in.

Dani worried no one is out practicing saying she should tell kail that Jameka isn't going to use it on her.

Dani saying they need to make her feel safe[mortystv] Dick saying we need to make sure these votes are secure with Eric.

Dani says "i feel so sick to my stomach" and sick of hearing people telling her she's better off without Nick in the game..

Dani saying "i'm a mess" over the whole situation ....Dick making fun of Eric "98 lb " "jew guy" "who can't win anything" playing it up since the beginning...


Dani wondering if they are going to vote someone back in and Dick says "I don't think so" Dick sat if it did it "would be Carol" Dani saying if we voteed not if America voted...Dick telling her not to count on it.


Dani is so depressed abouit Nick about it "i can't even look at his picture" it makes her want to throw up...[mortystv]

Dick saying he thought "Eric was going to have a nervous breakdown" when he yelled at him and Dani says "you need to relax" and "control yourself" because she doesn't want it to get messed up and Eric is getting "into Jessica's head"

Dick asks if she wants to practice more and says "not really to be honest"[mortystv]

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