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First Impressions In A Word (or Two)

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What word would you use to describe each Houseguest after tonight's episode?

Joe- Drama Queen

Dustin - Hilarious (he's one of my favs)

Jessica - Adorable

Carol - Snobby

Kail - irritating

Eric - total awesomeness

Danielle - quiet

Jameka - outsider

Amber - sweetheart

Zach - Tall (which makes him hotter than I thought)

Nick - Over-rated

Mike - like was he even on the show because they barely showed him

Jen - undecided

Dick - not nearly the Dick I thought he would be

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Joe- Has Gonorrhea

Dustin - Gives Gonorrhea

Jessica - Nice Voice.

Carol - Hot.

Kail - Smart, Very Smart.

Eric - Irritating.

Danielle - Needs Food. Pronto.

Jameka - Kick Ass Cool.

Amber - Needs Comb. Pronto.

Zach - Teeth!

Nick - Will touch anyone for immunity.

Mike - Paints things.

Jen - In my Bed, plz kthnks.

Dick - Oddly Likable.

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Joe- attention whore x 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

Dustin - infected

Jessica - slut

Carol - calm

Kail - kick butt

Eric - game rigged for him

Danielle - drama queen

Amber - leech/floater

Zach - outcast

Nick - priviledge

Mike - gamer

Jen - attention whore x10

dick: comedy relief

jameka: chilling

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Joe- Annoying

Dustin - Mature

Jessica - Annoying

Carol - Awesome

Kail - Arrogant

Eric - Fun

Danielle - Fake

Jameka - okay

Amber - Jerri Manthey? Is that you?

Zach - who?

Nick - cute

Mike - who?

Jen - annoying!!

Dick - Oddly Likable. <-- same

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Joe - Drama Queen

Dustin - Genuine

Jessica - Annoying

Carol - Quiet

Kail - Driven

Eric - Funny (Rob C. from Survivor???)

Danielle - Emo

Jameka - Sweet

Amber - Fake (Jerry from Survivor???)

Zach - My, what a big smile you have.

Nick - Hugable

Mike - Kramer!!!???

Jen - Snob (Jenna from Survivor???)

Dick - TOMMY LEE!!!???

I think I watch too much Survivor... half these people look like cast-a-ways. O.o

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Joe- Total Idiot

Dustin - Loved an Idiot

Jessica - Kinda Quiet

Carol - Total Hottie

Kail - High and Mighty Jerk

Eric - Bugs Me

Danielle - My Favorite Player

Jameka - Possibly Good Player

Amber - Scary Looking

Zach - TALL!!!

Nick - Meh

Mike - Cool Guy

Jen - No Personality

Dick - Love The Guy


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Joe - Catty McClap-erton

Dustin - Victim

Jessica - Holly

Carol - Cool

Kail - Ignorant

Eric - Festive

Danielle - Weak

Jameka - Observant

Amber - Disadvantaged

Zach - Okay

Nick - Hawt

Mike - Who?

Jen - Uggggggg

Dick - Dicktastic!

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Sorry to switch things up, but it works better for me alphabetical:

Amber - snake

Carol - smart

Danielle - sweet/naive

Dick - hilarious

Dustin - fun

Eric - whiner (such a James)

Jameka - very smart

Jen - useless

Jessica - bitch

Joe - bitter queen

Kail - arrogant/condescending (such a Maggie)

Mike - odd

Nick - shallow

Zach - weird

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Joe- Annoying (don't care much for him)

Dustin - Love him, he seems like a great guy!

Jessica - Dumb Blonde who owes me 5 dollars!

Carol - Very sweet; i like her a lot

Kail - Blah, she's too bossy

Eric - Horrible Choice - he called Janelle fat - he's a bastard!

Danielle - Boring; she just sits there like a stone

Jameka - Total Outsider

Amber - no opinion - i think thats worse than having an opinion.

Zach - another howie

Nick - he's a floater - as in terd!

Mike - he scares me

Jen - Talks waaaay too much

Dick - Really cool

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I don't get the feeds (I have dial up and currently connecting at 26.4), and on the Dave Ramsey plan, can't afford it. This is off the first show, and not seeing any previous commercials.

Eric - obvious

Jen - unknown, yet

Jessica - whatever

Daniele - hurt

Mike - unknown

Carol - unknown

Zach - pleaser

Dustin - ok

Joe - wannabethegayestmostannoyingpersoninBBhistory wanna be

Amber - sweet

Nick - loner

Dick - old fun guy

Jameka - powerful

Kail - naive

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Joe- Gossipy and impetious but not necessarily a lost cause.

Dustin - Nice guy.

Jessica - Sorority Fluff head.

Carol - Christian Cheerleader Fluff Head.

Kail - Intolerant, Bigoted Jerk.

Eric - Funny, clever and swears a lot.

Danielle - Melodramatic and unsure of herself.

Jameka - Cool woman in bizarre surroundings.

Amber - Wannabe good stategist. Not.

Zach - ...?

Nick - Eye candy.

Mike - Decent seeming. Still pending.

Jen - Whatevah.

Dick - Danger Dick.

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Kail - Applied for the wrong show, was meant to be on the 700 club...

Funny. That show used to come on after Whose Line Is It Anyways late at night as I was falling asleep and I would be irritated because I would have to search for the remote to change the channel.

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Dustin - Funny

Jessica - Holly Jr.

Carol - Bad actress

Kail - Interesting


Danielle - Sweet

Jameka - Tough

Amber - Nicer than I expected

Zach - Crazy smile!

Nick - Not all that

Mike - Who?

Jen - Like, like, like

Dick - Surprisingly tolerable

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Joe- selfish

Dustin - honest

Jessica - Holly's cousin

Carol - former A-lister

Kail - smart but opinionated

Eric - the abrasive, pierced F-Bomber

Danielle - pouty stick woman

Jameka - fun & direct

Amber - kind & pretty

Zach - nice guy

Nick - a legend in his own mind

Mike - the resident male hottie

Jen - likes to show off her "ass"et

Dick -smart & likable

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Joe- Will Wikle Wannabe

Dustin - Interesting

Jessica - Sneaky

Carol - Unknown

Kail - Don't know yet

Eric - Class Clown

Danielle - Beauty Queen

Jameka - underdog

Amber - My pick to win

Zach - Wildcard

Nick - Pretty Boy

Mike - Fellow Cheesehead!

Jen - Mean queen

Dick - Misunderstood(lol)idk

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Joe- Love Him

Dustin - HA-HA

Jessica - Stop Talking

Carol - Liar liar

Kail - Self Righteous

Eric - Good actor

Danielle - cry baby

Jameka - cool character

Amber - big hair

Zach - Jedi wannabe

Nick - Attention whore

Mike - wall paper

Jen - not smart

Dick - Oh, Mama!

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dustin...really funny, like him


jen...get a new bathing suit!

daniele...beautiful...slightly vacant-seeming


dick...funny/paranoid...tommylee wannabee

carol...easily fooled

amber...clueless but harmless

nick...very cute

jessica...i like her more than i thought i would

no read on the rest yet

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Joe- Loud & Annoying as hell

Dustin - The Better half

Jessica - Cotton for brains/hot

Carol - Stupid Snob

Kail - misunderstood, never been exposed to the real world

Eric - never heard anyone say 'F***' so much in my life

Danielle - Have a Big Mac...or 20

Jameka - Fish out of water, smart

Amber - Overthinks everything

Zach - Eww

Nick - Will do anything to stay in the game

Mike - Havn't seen much of him, is he actually there?

Jen - Total bit*h

Dick - Like him oddly enough

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Amber - sweet

Carol - sorority girl

Danielle - anna nicole look alike.

Dick - seems ok...

Dustin - victim/ honest

Eric - funny

Jameka - funny/underdog

Jen - nice body/ don't know if she has a good personality.

Jessica - omg like $5.00!

Joe - drama queen

Kail - cocky/self-righteous

Mike - who?

Nick - pretty boy

Zach - no thoughts on him.

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Joe- Queen Of Hearts

Dustin - White Rabbit

Jessica - Tweedle Dum

Carol - Tweedle Dee

Kail - Lory

Eric - The Mad Hatter

Danielle - Alice

Jameka - Bill the Lizard

Amber - The Doormouse

Zach - Cheshire Cat (huge smile)

Nick - The March Hare

Mike - Card Guard

Jen - The Duchess

Dick - The Catapillar

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Joe - Flame On! (human torch style)

Dustin - Easy Going

Jessica - Not Bad Seems Ok

Carol - Rag Time 24-7

Kail - Maggie Senior (emphasis on senior)

Eric - Nephew of show producer or something (not a religious knock i swear hahaha jk)

Danielle - Worse then Christian Bale in the Machinest

Jameka - Boring

Amber - Irritating to look at

Zach - Looks like Howie a bit, wish he acted like that

Nick - Has released his full FLAME ON! ability

Mike - Looks lost a lot, has a monster face

Jen - Sexy at times but being saggy already is gross

Dick - The man...awesome and smart...better win unlike the bullsh1t that happened last year.

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Joe - Drama Queen

Dustin - Constantly afraid to say or do the wrong thing, afraid to be himself.

Carol - Thought she would be the hot girl and ended up being the sad one, spoiled

Kail - Bossy

Eric - Nervous chihuahua on speed

Danielle - Lazy, sarcastic, not able to be herself because Dick is there, probably is the "hot" girl

Jameka - Holding back, not being herself yet

Amber - BFF to everyone way too fast

Zach - His inner alpha dog is being smothered by Mike and Kail and Nick

Nick - Romantic and passive

Mike - Flying under the radar, doing work around the house and trying to "date" to get votes

Jen - Insecure, could be the hot girl if she had a better personality.

Dick - Sees everything, says everything

Jessica: Stupid, thought she would be the hot chick and now has to be one of the guys with Eric to try to fit in

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