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BB Christmas


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Courage - to Chicken George so he could make a decision and stick to it instead of being so easily influenced

A Brain - to Janelle if she isn't playing Will as hard as he's playing her.

A Heart - to Danielle

Will - a new curtain for his "booth o' wonders"

Boogie - bananas

Erika - a new broom

I had a dream. And you were all in it....

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Erika: A years supply of food

George: New workout equipment to tone up his ever so saggy skin

Janelle & Will: A trip for them to go & do what they have wanted to do to each other since the beginning

MB: Some new clothes that don't advertise his alliance and his work partners

Dani: A trip to the jury house :o

Did I just do that?

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Hmmmmmm (assuming they don't get too lavish)......

Will - An iPod so he doesn't have to sing

Janelle - a trip to a day spa

George - a BBQ grill

Danielle - Have her hair done, new clothes

Boogie - a karaoke machine complete with rap songs...lol

Erika - an all you can eat pass for one year to a local restaurant

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Will - I am stealing the lie detector present.

Janelle - A day with James and a free pass to harm him all she wants.

George - a BBQ grill

Danielle - A years supply of liqueur. (either that or a new robe)

Boogie - a free seminar on how to grow up and act your age.

Erika - a free stay in an anorexic clinic.

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I'd give Janie an at home plastic surgery kit, since she's so into plastic surgery .. she could use it, and with any luck, she'd pop something. Ha. (I amuse myself if no one else).

I'd give the chicken man, a kit with various fabrics, tin foil, plasic wrap, glitter, scisors, and misc other stuff so he can make costumes to his heart's content.

I'd give Dani a shoulder to cry on. I think she's tried hard to play different this season.. and her watching over other people's back, has caused her to get a knife in her own.

I don't know what I'd get the rest of them.

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Okay...I am sooooo confused!

I have been on vacation and am so behind on what is happening. I have not even had the chance to watch the shows, let alone keep up with all of you and the feeds. Please fill in the blanks!

What is this about Christmas presents? Is BB setting up some sort of scenerio based on Christmas?

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They won a luxury competition & gave up some food for today so they could have it be Christmas. other than that we don't know if they will be getting gifts or what it really means.

For Christmas I would give...

Will $500,000 & everyone else gets coal in their stockings :P:lol:

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This is what I've heard so far about who got what...

George got a digital camera

The girls got lingere (sp?)

The boys got calvin clein undies

George got some sort of Chicken Hat (i think at least, ive never seen him wear this one before)

I'll update as I hear more...

Will is trying to get the girls to jump on the trampoline in their new lingere

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Janie - $500,000.00

Will - a blow-up doll that he can use as a girlfriend because after Erin sees his antics she wouldn't have any self respect if she were to stay with him.

Boogie - a brain

Chicken George - A true friend, someone that would be his friend in the house and not only when they want his vote.

Danielle - A new robe and a clue

Erika - A feeding tube

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I'd give Will..............................ME!! :wub:

I'd give Janelle a CLUE!

Dani a T-shirt saying "I think I'm SO Tuff" on it :rolleyes:

CG a gift certificate to his nearest Costume Shop


Boogie........ a book titled 'How to Dress for Dummies'

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