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    GO CHARGERS!!!!!!!!
  1. I dislike these two as one of my two disgusting teams. I also was going to shoot myself in the foot over the "bro" thing. It just grated. I really wish a team I liked prevailed!!!
  2. They heroes may have thought that Russel still had the idol since they (Rupert) figured it was not played at Tribal. Maybe they thought he would play it and therefore did not write his name down.
  3. The only reason I am sad to see Rob go is that there will be no Russell/Rob competition. Rob has always been so full of himself that it is quite humorous that he says that Russell is "full of himself." THEY BOTH ARE! But Russell is a better player.
  4. I loved Rupert in his first season. I don't know who this guy is, though. He is not doing much to help or I guess hurt his team this time around. He is just not playing.
  5. It is survivor night and I am finally back on my computer. You are right. I did have the two mixed up. Sorry for the mix-up. I still don't like how James is acting this season, though. It just turned me off on that challenge.
  6. I don't care for James at all and it is not just from this season. I did not like the whole racial thing in the previous season. (I don't even remember what was said.) Now he is just a total jerk. He is not the thoughtful guy I liked at the very beginning.
  7. Thanks Sharonda. I am signed in for the FS.net. The CBS site tribe name is Morty's Marvels and is a public tribe. Anyone can join.
  8. Okay...confusion set in. I thought Tom was the one who burnt his hands and was taken out of the game. Who was it that had burnt hands?
  9. No, the spoilers aren't always perfect so it can really mess up your game. And, also, the fantasy games don't have as much to do with just the person kicked off. That is only one of the questions. So, yes it is fun to see if you can get some points. The two games, fantasy and CBS fantasy play completely different from each other. I usually do well on one and absolutely terrible on the other. So, no wet rag thrown on my fun!
  10. Are we on and should we put in tribe names? Anyone want to take the reins?
  11. Jaison lost me when he got all angry over not much. Yes, he eventually got his act together but at that point, I had other favorites. I only cared in him staying to further others in this tribe. He will be gone soon since he does not fit real well.
  12. Also, to add to a point above... On another show a black gal called a white gal "white trash" and the black gal was defended in much the same way. The host was trying to understand why she would use such terms and she said the gal is white and she acts like trash. This is similar to ben's statement. I don't get why whites can call other whites "white trash" and there is no problem and blacks can use terms such as "ghetto" against each other with the same result. But if they do it to another race than there own, it is suddenly seen as forbidden, wrong, etc. So, anyways, I hope Yasmin and
  13. I agree with what was said above about the race card. Here in America we are allowed to have Black History Month, Ceasar Chavez Day, etc., special days for various races and backgrounds. But as a white, you are not allowed to celebrate anything since it would be seen as racist. Yasmin was a pain in the ... and deserved to be called out on it. I liked Jaison until that night when he dropped like a bomb for me. I hope he now gets booted fo being an idiot and no amount of schooling will get rid of his bitterness. I was also not real fond of Ben either and did not mind him leaving. Peo
  14. Is anyone else having trouble with the results on CBS's site. I can't get the point values for week two and week three isn't even showing up yet. UGH...Now I don't even remember who I picked for CBS's site since they erase them.
  15. I don't think he is going to be voted off tonight, though. That would be too easy and not good for the show itself. I don't mind if some of the fluff gets picked off early. I like a gruelling game of cat and mouse!

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