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  1. Been awhile since I've posted on Mortys! But I came in to say while I would love to see Donny make it to the end, I know there's a 99% chance he's going out the door this week. I was really hoping he would win that HoH comp, the editing of the show up to that point actually made it seem as if he might pull out another insurmountable win, but nah, let's let Cody win instead. . Donny definitely has my vote as AF. He's from my state, and I just like the guy. But I think he's really met his match in this group of competitors.
  2. Production influencing the game is not new, the DR questioning has been like that for a while now. And the HGs can usually figure things out, or get pretty close. That's probably one of the reasons why HGs are not allowed to talk about DR sessions, b/c then they would compare notes. But every once in a while the HGs slip and mention something from DR, and then we get FoTH. I also think it was made pretty obvious who America likes when the studio crowed booed and cheered with each vote last week until they were made to stop. I was sitting there watching the show and thought to myself, "the HGs are going to be able to hear that, it's going to come in through Julie's mic". And sure enough, some of the HGs did hear the boos or cheers, so it was made obvious then that Elissa was a favorite. That being said, I'm kind of in the middle where CBS's meddling goes. Some of it I like, some of it I think ruins the game. I think the majority of the HGs knew that the things Aaryn was saying wasn't right and could be viewed as racist, I don't think they needed production to point that out to them. And I still love BB, production cheating or not.
  3. Perhaps that's why he was crying in the Have Not room and reported to be so mad that he was "visibly shaking" (I believe Spencer said that), because he realizes that he shouldn't let these comments ride, that he should be saying something about it. Because he's letting his desire to win this game overrule his ability to speak out for himself, Candice, Helen and Andy. Or it could be as he said, that if he let himself go there, to get mad and lash out, that it would be bad. Maybe he felt that he would be no better than the people who are trying to bring him down. Sometimes it is better to walk away from something like that than to stoop to someone's level. A person like Aaryn doesn't need Howard to call her out, she's doing an excellent job of showing exactly who she is. When she gets out of the game, everyone is going to know she was the racist on Big Brother. She's already done herself in and Howard didn't have to say a word.
  4. I like Howard, even if he is lying about voting for Elissa right now. But I can see why he and Spencer split their vote, it's strategy so that it wouldn't be obvious they flipped completely to Elissa's side this week. They just should have picked a better person than Jessie to blame Nick's vote on. I don't think Howard is in jeopardy of going anywhere, even if Helen and Candice figure out the truth. Candice obviously likes Howard so she's going to have his back, and I think even Helen would be able to understand in the end that Howard and Spencer had to play it safe. Regardless, Nick got 7 votes, they didn't even need Howard's in the end.
  5. If she or GinaMarie are booted before Jury, I would love for Julie to tell them on national tv that they have been fired from their jobs because of their comments. The looks on their faces would be PRICELESS!
  6. My husband, who couldn't care less about reality shows like Big Brother, had even heard about this, so the coverage about this was everywhere. It was kind of crazy, bc I don't recall this kind of crap going on in seasons past, even when I watched the feeds. I was also shocked that BB decided to air the remarks and cover them, but I was kind of hoping that Aaryn would have been called out by Howard or Candice or even Helen about some of the things she's said. Or was she? I don't have the feeds and I haven't been reading up on the site every day. Didn't Jeremy make one by the pool that day Amanda came outside to talk to the group while Helen was crying in the kitchen? I can't remember what he said, but I remember it had something to do with Hispanic people and I remember thinking, wow, okay, that was uncalled for.
  7. Whew, feels like forever since I've been on Mortys. You know it's Big Brother time when I pop out of lurkdom. But anyway, here's my note: Dear Ian, Please get out, you give me the creeps. Sincerely, the House
  8. Assuming Rachel is bitchville, that's who I'm rooting for!
  9. That was my thought too, that Rachel should take Adam instead of Porsche. But what about the possibility of Shelly giving Rachel her vote in the event that it's R/P? It seemed like Shelly and Rachel came to an understanding before Shelly was evicted, Shelly even threw out to Jeff that Rachel said Shelly played one of the best games in the house. Of course, with Shelly, she believes her own lies, so who knows?
  10. Rachel needs to weigh it out, literally. Out of everyone left in the house, Kalia and Adam are probably in the worst physical shape. Keep them and eliminate Porsche so that you don't run the risk of Porsche getting into the final HoH and winning one of those rounds, putting herself in the final elimination round. If they keep Kalia or Adam to F3, either K or A is going to lose the endurance/physical part. The only drawback to keeping Kalia is she could win the trivia/question round.
  11. Plus after Uncle Sam gets his share, it's not even 500K. Buying her mom a new house would take a huge chunk out of the winnings.
  12. While it would ensure her the votes she needs to win, I don't think Rachel will vote Jordan out. They've gotten close this past week or so. Rachel is going to keep her out of loyalty. The JH will need to put their personal feelings aside and vote as to who they believe played the best game. If they do that, then Rachel wins against Jordan, hands down. And like someone else mentioned, who's going to give Jordan another $500K?
  13. I love Jordan, she's a sweetheart, she's from my state, but in a F2 against Rachel, Rachel deserves to win. Rachel has played the best game out of any in the house currently. She's been a target, she's been crapped upon by Shelly, Dani and the others, and yet she's still there. Jordan or Jeff will probably win America's Choice as Favorite HG, which I would have no problem with. It's hard not to like either of them.
  14. My sentiments exactly! I'm glad they didn't fall for Shelly's BS and kicked her right out the door. I can't wait to see how Jeff reacts. I'm on Team Rachel as well. IMO she's the only one left in the house that deserves to win. She plays to win in every competition and has always spoken her mind to everyone, even when it wasn't the smartest idea. If she makes it to F2 and loses, it's because Dani et al are voting from a personal/emotional level and not looking at game play. I hope Porsche gets voted out this week b/c I think Kalia (while I despise her) would be the most likely one to turn on Porsche if it meant she stayed in the house another week, and they would have her vote to get out Adam, maybe.
  15. 6:46PM BBT *yawn*, Adam and Jeff working out in the BY, not very entertaining. However, if you just listen to the audio and ignore the video, the grunts and groans sound sexual, which is very amusing.
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