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  1. I was wondering about those two -- looks like it could be her father, but is it her boyfriend??? The mistake the host made was a little embarrassing, but at least I got my answer!!!
  2. I never quite understand all the heavy emotion and anger at these nominating ceremonies. I can understand being disappointed, but some of these reactions are over the top! SOMEONE has to be nominated. Why do they have this 'WHY ME!!" attitude? Kaysar thought this through, and did not base his nominations on who he disliked the most, but by how he thought it best to play the game. Key words here -- PLAY THE GAME!!! These people have been so freakin juvenile in this house. There are the tattle tales, running all over, spreading gossip, rumors and lies. I'm so glad things have been shak
  3. Why would so any of them want to be part of 'that group'? Don't they realize that it's too big? That pretty soon, if 'the group' has their way, they will be the only ones left, and will have to start picking off each other? There has got to be some smart enough to realize this, and break away from 'the group' and form a new one. And they need to do it, before all potential members of this alliance are evicted!
  4. I always thought the most fun thing about this show was coming here and complaining about it! I'm really not proud of how much time I spend here, and that I even watch the show. I don't have the feeds, but do read most of the updates. Hating the houseguests ( and I don't think most of us hate them, in the true sense of the word) is part of the fun. And it does not equal hating the show.
  5. lmao nursie!!! Do you suppose it damages mens' self esteem, because while they can never see enough boobies, most of us women really don't want to see their junk. Don't get me wrong, I love seening a great looking guy shirtless, in some jeans or nice boxers, but you can keep the complete exposure, and the banana hammocks!
  6. Ok, all you guys with the live feeds, and to everyone who reads every bit of info here at morty's --- are the people who are just watching the tv show getting an accurate portrayal of the houseguests as they really are in the house?
  7. Big Brother is not wholesome family entertainment. It never has been. In the beginning it might have been acceptable for kids to watch. But, the antics of the houseguests, the general raunchy direction the show has taken really does make it adult entertainment. And yes, I do find it entertaining, but I don't pop popcorn, and gather the family to watch! Thankfully, the kids have no interest in the show and wonder what is wrong with me, because I do. :wink: But I always thought if you had the feeds, you could see nudity, if they were willing to show it. So they censor it? Have they alw
  8. I think that would be so cool. I hope it's true and none of the houseguests suspect. As for not needing a passport, you don't need one to go to Mexico anyway, do you? But, anyway -- I would love it if the jurors at least had access to the live feeds. What better way to see your former housemates true colors? If I was a juror, nothing would make me madder than to feel like I'd been duped. I know that's part of the game, but I would love to see the finalists faces, when they find out that their true colors have been exposed. The jury could make it's decision based on how people actually
  9. WOW -- I can't believe there are so many of you like me! I figured most of you guys were going to BB parties to watch the eviction shows. That must be why these board is so much fun. Shows like BB -- you just can't watch, and not discuss it. From who we love to hate, who we really hate, and whether or not Julie has a camel-toe --- you can dish about it all right here! the BB message board is so much more fun than the Survivor, and other reality shows boards because of the live feeds. People post constantly -- it's more like a chat room, than a message board. Bring it on -- I'm ready!
  10. I have to admit, watching BB is a guilty pleasure of mine. I have to come here to discuss the show, because my friends and family can't even believe I watch it! I won't go so far as to get the live feeds, or record a show if I have to miss it. It's almost more fun to come here and read everyone's thoughts and reactions than it is to watch! Can't wait for the fun to begin!!!

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