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  1. Due to loud background music played by CBS while HGs are chatting, I was unable to hear what was said on much of last Saturday's episode. This has happened before, but this time it was inaudible. I tried raising the volume but it only made it more unclear. The HG's tiny mikes aren't that good at picking-up their speech add to that, loud background music and nothing can be heard. Why does music need to be played during conversations? If viewers want music, they'll listen to the radio! :roll:
  2. I know that the HGs have to figure-out for themselves who voted for whom for eviction, but when are the viewers told? I feel that it was Kaysar who voted to eject Janelle as he's partners with Michael, but when is it revealed, if ever. On "Survivor", each vote is shown to the viewers at the episode's conclusion.
  3. Since it's been reported that Janelle has been accused of shoplifting as well as DUI; this should be reported to the houseguests as well as to the viewers. I can't say if she has been convicted of any of these charges but the other HGs should be told. If the producers feel these charges are serious, Janelle could be asked to leave and Michael would be returned.
  4. I agree with the fan who mutes the sound during the new BB theme; it is awful. Let's get back the old tune. Newer is not always better! :roll:
  5. I was surprised as it appears that the Thursday edition, which was usually live, appeared to be on tape or on tape delay last night. I recall some conversation was bleeped during the "Head of Household" competition. :?:
  6. Forget the rumors of Julie Chen being replaced as host of "Big Brother". Now that she wed CBS President Les Moonves, she need not worry!

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