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which season had the best house?


best looking house  

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  1. 1. whats your fv. house decorations?

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    • season3
    • season4
    • season5
    • season6
    • season7

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But if you put them all in one room the show wouldn't last more than a day or two at the most.

Jani and Dani would kill each other the first hour

Will would kill James the second hour

Howie would kill Will and George the next hour

Boogie and Kayser would take each other out

Diane and Jase would take whoever out the next hour and so on

The show would be over, somebody would be in prison, James would be crying foul that he was cheated out of heaven and CBS wouldn't have the Internet people to get rich off of.

What would be the fun in that?

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I'm sorry, Erika is just not there really, she is just a Figment of your imagination. You know, something you think is there but really isn't.

Also forgot Marcy, although I don't know how anyone could.

Marcy would be stomping around in his white ratty robe screaming about how

Nobody Loves Me,

Everybody Hates Me,

I'll just go eat Worms.

And then everybody would take him out just for the fun of it.

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with his eye gear as a thong.......I know you can picture that!!! :huh::lol:

Referring to Marcy, dayum, new page......just adding to C/M insert

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