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August 22 Live Feed Updates


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11:22am BBT james goes inside and sees danielle in bathroom. he asks her why she doesnt come out and chat with him but she wants to take a shower.

he then comments about the kitchen and she said she started cleaning up. he said he wasnt going to touch that shit.

james whispers to dani something to tell erika... about how they helped her get this far.

james leaves bathroom, gets something more to drink and goes back outside...comes back inside and wonders around the kitchen. dumps ice from cup into sink and leaves cup on the counter. goes outside and gets empty water jugs and brings them inside to throw out.

11:25am BBT james goes to gym to work out.

danielle finishes her shower while james either sits in the gym, talks to himself, or checks himself in the mirror.

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11:18 bbt

James pokes his head in the kitchen. (He must have heard Dani cleaning)

Comes into the bathroom and asks Dani if she is going to take a shower..She says yes, and he says, come hang outside with me for a while. He asks her if she cleaned the kitchen (no sh!t sherlock!) and she tells him yeah. He says, Im going home and dont want to play the game anymore, so Im not touching that 'Sh!t'. He says he recycles, but thats about it.

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12:24 pm BBT

George in Kitchen, gets a glass of ice water

Opens his tub of slop and says "Breakfast of Champions"

There is no one else in Kitchen with CG (the slop is a powdered mixture that one must add liquid to to make it to an oatmeanl consistency)

cam switches to bug room where the HG are still asleep

George joins Dani and James in backyard

All are sitting on sofas

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george, dani, james, boogie in BY, everyone else still asleep

talk turns to stains and how to get them out. (Dani got red wine on her pants last night). Boogie asking advice about bleach.

Will rolls over, grabs a pillow, sitrs, and goes back to sleep

Will putting covers over his head

erika sits up and looks around

now erika puts the covers over her head

people in BY discussing money and politics (i'd rather watch the people sleep personally)

boogie is buying a bently convertible if he wins BB.

boogie says the REGULAR version is 160,000

D: we know you're not getting the regular version

B smiles

D says she couldn't do that [buy a car with money] her focus would be charity, and her family.

12:40 Erika up for the day.

E changing her batteries

those in BY still discussing money/ cars.

Erika doing ADLs...

those in BY still talking money/cars/sponsors, they don't know erika is up yet

G: is he married boogie? [some guy boogie is talking about]

James: why marry? someone takes half your shit [good attitude james]

Erika sitting at kitchen table alone (studying memory wall?)

Yes she is definately studying the memory wall. seems to be very focused

erika positions herself directly in front of the wall in her chair. she continues to study.

James, Dani, CG, Boogie still don't know she's up. Dicussion is about celebrities.

Dani comes inside to make food.

BB: James, please go to the diary room.

everyone inside now but CG, who is alone eating slop on the red couch outside

all 4 feeds on george alone doing nothing. ((come on bb.. find me somewhere with conversation))

boogie's back outside with CG.

B: fuck it's hot out.

FOTH (waking will and janelle up, perhaps?)

Dani in the BY after FOTH comes back.

Dani and Boogie discuss how nice private jets are. CG says he can't imagine using one.

Dani said THAT is what she'd spend money on.

Boogie saying it's nice because you leave when you want... you go to the airport, the pilot takes the 'shit' out of your car, and that's it

boogie stays at the hard rock because it's RIGHT there (next to the private airport).

CG says very few people ever get to do something like that

B: yep, especially where i'm from (NH)

CG: enjoy it while you can.

B: only get to live life once.. make the most of it.

CG sold his car to come to come to BB. It was a black car, nobody wants a black car with the heat

E/ Dani alone.

talking about "him"

E: i talked to him yest... he said i know, i understand. (CG???)

E: he thought janelle would vote him out. he said now i see.. i said will you please trust me. i doubt he'll win an hoh again so.

D: who knows.

E: I was waivering, i was thinking like if CG goes. me you and james because theres janele, will, boogie. but i dont trust him to keep. i love him, but don't trust him. i know CG .. he's agile but not athletic. James.. no way I can't (huh?) I'd love that...

E: will kept bouncing that god damn ball around and i couldn't hear. i don't know what the boys want

D: exactly! they said season 6. I'm really torn.

E: trust me so am i.... i'd love to keep james in the game but.

D: If i see a snake i can step on his tail... but there might be a snake that i don't see. that's the issue i have.

E: I'm willing to take that risk.. i mean james with that veto... If i'm on the block with CG I Have a fighting chance. but not james.

E: she'll NEVER team up with you and i.

Erika, don't obstrupt your microphone.

D: UGH why do you call us out like that.

D: he's [james..i think] gone i'm pretty sure.. who will she team up with?

BB: janelle, please change your batteries. (guess she's up)

D: if he wins hoh who will he nominate

E: I have no fucking idea

D: you need to find out. it could be a crapshoot he could win. see what im saying. this is the hardest decision im gonna have to make this week. if it's 2-2, boogie is gonna keep CG. your gut is saying 1 thing, my gut is saying something else.

BB: Janelle, please change your batts

E: Mike told me when they were deciding upstairs between me and marcellas, they wanted to flip a coin. the great strategest mind at work.

D: boogie?

E: no the season 6ers.

they laugh.

D: im so sick of this game. to long for sequester is ridiculous.

E: we're gonna feel outnumbered if he leaves but if she wins hoh he'll back her up. atleast at this point it isnt do or die, theres only a few of us here.

D: i am so torn

E: so am i.. im looking to you to tell me what to do

D: he scares me.. he really does.

E: me too.

D: he wins hoh and we dont know what the hell he's gonna do!! he never shares his thoughts

E: he doesnt trust anyone.

D: that's his decision and he almost fucked us. actually, he did.

E: he made it right at the end.

D: no he didn't. she's still here and you and i would have been coasting. now we're targets.

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CG: (talking about selling his car)I had a black Niessan... no one in Vegas wanted a black car... I had all this I collected from Vegas, put it all in the car and drove it home...

(Feeds switch to Dani/Erika)

E: I don't think he's going to come after(Will go after Jani?)

E says she talked to him about having protected... now he sees 'he would have gone if I put him up with Will', Janelle would have voted him out... now he sees, please trust me... I highly doubt he'll win an HOH again... I was wavering, if CG goes... you me James... I love him to death but I don't trust him, him and Janelle (she talking about James?)

I would love if that would happen, but... after I heard what I did yesterday... were you sleeping? And Will kept bouncing that ball around! I don't know.. don't know what the boys want..

D: he said he's going after season 6... I am really torn

E: me too, I'd love to keep James in the game

D: if I see a snake.... there may be a snake that's going to strike... that's the issue I have

E: I'm willing to take that risk.... like that veto

(sounds like E/D are thinking about voting out James?)

E: she'll never team up with you and I

BB: Erika, please do not obstruct your mic

D: let me ask you, if he's gone(James), who will she(Jani) team up with? We are at the point that one vote will make or break you

BB: Janelle, please change your batteries

E: you've never nominated him, always tried to protect him

D: I did nominate him... oh wait, George? I thought you meant James

E: that's what he goes by

D: no, you think you know what he's thinking, but we don't

E: that's what I think about...

D: if he wins HOH, who does he nominate?

E: I don't know

D: then you need to find out! This is the hardest decision to make this week... if it's two two, Boogie is gonna kick him out... and there's that power... you and I are at a point, your gut is saying one thing, mine is saying another... want to flip a quarter?

BB: Janelle, please change your batteries

E: by the way, Mike told me, when they were deciding my fate with Marci, they went to flip a coin... the great strategist mind at work

D: boogie?

E: no, the season 6ers, let's just flip a coin...

D: I'm so sick of this game.. for me to be longing for sequester, it's rediculous

E: I know we are going to feel very out numbered when he leaves, but I don't think he's going to play for HOH, and he's going to back her... and she won't put up CT.. it will be us

D: oh, she'll put up CT, but when one comes off, we go up.. I am torn

E: I'm looking to you for what to do

D: he scares me (now talking about CG)

E: me too!

D: and if he wins HOH, you don't know what he's going to do

E: he's like, oh yea, I see you would have left... he doesn't feel like he has anyone, to trust

D: that's his decision, he has us, or had us.... all he had to do, and she would have left.. you and I would be coasting, and now we are targets!

E: well, maybe she will go after CT... she'll put one of each up... me and mike, or you and mike?

D: she'll put both up

E: I can't see her going after Will

D: she said she would, cause they went after her best friends... I believe her... if she wins HOH, she can't compete the next week

E: I want HOH so bad

D: you have to get it

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E: maybe she will go after CT. maybe one of each up. me and mike, or you and mike... i don't think she'll go after will but maybe.

D: she has to... i believe her.

BB: mike change batts.

E: I want hoh SO bad danielle.

D: we have to get it. atleast she cant compete next week if she wins this week.

Erika is giving season 6 some sort of credit saying season 6 took out everyone Erika wasn't allign with, so it's ok by Erika.

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Erika mentions to Dani that Boogie told her that when she (Erika) was on the block that they flipped a coin

Dani asks, "Boogie?"

In a disgusted tone Erika says no, and refers to the "master strategists" (meaning SOV) and indicates that Boogie gave the old eye-roll when telling her.

[so Boogie's keeping Erika on the front line against Janelle.]

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Dani thinks Amy is like CG... never knew what either is thinking.

D wants to a tie to happen this week, she feels it would be fair [since when is this game fair]

Erika trying to reason with Dani. Erika feels dani should NOT vote against CG because CG will remember.

D is VERY blantly bitter that CG kept Janelle in the game. She feels it cost her the game.

D saying she has 2 days to decide.

summary: Dani wants CG gone, Erika wants James gone. They disagree and try to get the other to change their vote [subtley]. Neither moves.

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E: I have to admit, they took out people I wasn't aligned with

D: it worked out perfectly

E: sure, take out Diane... Jase, Alison, I don't know who they are going after

D: and Nak, she's smart, her choice of words

E: dangerous

D: she said I want to see what my options are, oh ok

E: I would have come to you earlier

D: I had nobody! I'm in the DR, sitting by myself

E: we aligned at the perfect time, when we needed to get that HOH

D: crazy

E: (to BB) I promise not to play with my mic anymore

D: he reminds me of Amy, I never knew what Amy was going to do, she gave me an ulcer... I'd say, I don't think she's playing, and you know what, she wasn't playing! I honestly think the best thing is to make it a tie, and let Mike decide

E: what will Janelle decide? Doesn't Will want James gone? Don't quote me, but it makes sense?

D: so it's me, you, Janelle?

E: are you sure you want to stay in the game, and not put CG... are you sure you want to vote against him?

D: oh, he'll remember that? I don't care

E: don't be silly...

D: CG looks me in the face, says do what is best for you

E: hear me out... if the tie is broken, and CG stays in the house... Danielle, as your girl... I'm telling ya

D: give me a moment to be cool

E: you need to bridge that game

D: but he f'd it up

E: you are getting to where Marci was... I kept saying why bridge that gap with CT... it's your downfall, don't let this be your downfall

D: he has made it clear he will pick you and Jani over me... the person who... I'm not going down like bo-bo the fu-fu... I have two days... he told me he wanted to make it to sequester, I said that's no problem... think of this, he's in Seq, you make it to final 2, you get his vote... I won't

E: but James is a vote for you

D: not if I scumbag him

E: true you're right... but this person's still in the game... it's a wash

D: I'm am completely torn... this is the first time... Jase and Will, I was looking at two people, one wanted to stay, one didn't care

E: but one was after you...

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E& D go on and on about how torn they are, how hard this vote is, yadda yadda yadda. It's going in circles now.

Erika wishes James could stay but that's a pipe dream, says her.

both say they can't decide (sounds to me like they have already decided)

Wills awake.

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E: this is really tough

(silence for a while)

D: I'm back and forth! Are we doing live vote? they need to make me the last vote

E: I would LOVE to keep James around, but that's a pipe dream

D: you are telling me to make this man the third person(CG) we'll see what happens... I"m gonna take to CG... you need to find out if he is HOH what he's gonna do

E: ok, meeting adjourned

(they leave redroom and find Will in the kitchen)

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James put "the voodoo doll" underneath georges pillow.

all 4 feeds on dani and boogie in BY

talk is about seafood.

Dani tried some sort of oyster seafood for the first time at Amy's wedding. She liked it.

complaints of heat.

Boogie feels he is suffering.

J steps outside: "MAN it's hot out here!"

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1:30 bbt Outdoor Lockdown

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Will joins.

D: someone was snoring really loud in the ant room.

W: James?

D: james was up.

W: probably CG.

D: ohh.. probably, the red room door WAS open

BB: HGs this is a lockdown. please go OUTSIDE... blablabla.

W: it's hot as hell out here.

D: you know it's bad when you wake up, shower, and put pajamas on.


E: it's really hot today!!

(none of these complainers have heard the others complaining, so it's funny to us viewers)

Boogie decides he may swim today.

George is still in the DR.

W: oh yeah he is.. is that weird?

boogie now in the pool. he is refreshed

James: it is SO hot.

Janelle in BY in pants and long sleeves, she got up (going to change?)

BB: houseguest.... this a lockdown.. please go outdoors yadda yadda

Will wondering if CG is still in the DR.

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George outside now w/everyone else. He's eating slop. Booger and Erika in pool, James bbqing, Dani, Will and Janie chilling on outdoor sofas alongside george.

All complaining that it must be over 100 outside. (Duh, like it's the Valley in the summer Boneheads!!!)

Will is telling George the reason he has tummy troubles is his body has to get used to all the insoluable fiber and that it's really good for him.

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2:30bbt Lockdown over... Will/Jani laying in gold room, whispering WAY too quiet... George/Erika sitting outside... Erika tells George he has her vote to stay this week... they agree it's only going to get harder... just before George came out, James was at the bbq, was going in circles talking to Erika, she said she didn't understand what he was asking, so he came right out and asked if she threw the POV comp(not sure which one)... Erika denied throwing it, asked James if she was going to throw it, wouldn't she have done it sooner?

(back to CG/Erika)

CG states what day it is, Aug 22, Erika shouts out Happy Birthday to her mom!

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George & Erica in BY talking about how hard the game is. George asks Erika if she knew how hard this was, why did you go back in, and she said she's crazy. He said he had no idea because it wasn't so full of the stressful drama on his season. Erika says it's more stressful this time because she doesn't have Jack. She knew Jack had her back 100% and that she didn't think she had anyone like that until just recently with George. Now they're talking about Roseanne and casting calls in Chicago. George asks Erika how BB could pick people like him out from so many people. He says he's just a regular guy. Erika laughed saying "regular guys don't wear tinfoil suits."

James booger and Dani in kitchen making something.

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Erika said there's some rumor going around that I threw that POV Will says I didn't hear that

Erika said Just because I said, "good luck" to her or something, you know I didn't throw it right

Will said I haven't heard about that.

GC outside cleaning the patio, Janelle sleeping in the bug room other than that hg's are just chi-chatting.

BB calls Will to the DR and said nope im not going, Will fixing a grill cheese.

Side Note: Will made a message on the table out of clay that reads "Eat a D!ck" with a little model one beside it.

Other than that James, Erika playing with clay at the table. Dani playing cards.Will finally goes to the DR

No game talk going on.

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just signed in.....

James and Dani in by talking. all feeds on them

talking about how Dani was not a pawn that janelle did want her out right away. James says "I didn't"

James tells Dani that the Sov's changed thier plan to Alison when he told them Ali wanted to go fter Janie, ERika, and someone else.... It was too long ago he can't remember who. He says it was either Kayser or howie.

James says E was out studying earlier. he asks "what do they study"

Then they are taliing about the comps..... what they were, who won, and what order they happened.

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James seems to be looking for reassurance from Dani about her vote and she offers nothing. James says that this place has f*cked him up, it's different than last year.James says that he never unwound from last season Erika has now joined them and she says that she didn't throw the POV to Janelle. She says "If you win then you're a badass and you deserve it". Wouldn't throw it because she might have gone up. She threw a lot in her season but not this time. She gives him her word that she hasn't. James says that you never really know if you're safe.

Will outside now and chit chatting going on.Talking about theories of Lost. Maybe they in purgatory or a Nazi camp. Will,Dani and Erika palying cards. Will said the DR told him never to bring a ball in the house again.

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sorry had a call.....

came back and Erika is with them and I hear them talk about Pergatory.....

Ahhh... they are talking about LOST. They are talking about the characters and the story etc.

They talk about Sawyer how he was a bad ass and hoarded the stuff from the plane and then offered them to the other people in a "you scratch my back I scratch yours".....

James says "So he was an entrepreneur" They comment that someone else saw it that way too.

James asks them to tell him the premise of "LOST". They stumble over explaining "the others"

They can't explain it well at all..... Will comes out and they ask him if he watched it and he says no. but he heard amazing things about it. Will says his brother downloaded a season to his ipod. James asks "You can download it to your ipod?" Will explains about how you can only have 2-3 hours of download time on it.

George comes out and says something about"where will I find you next" and James asks him what the hell he's taking about. Will asks if they want to play cards with him. Will talks about his DR and we get Fire.

comes back for a moment and Will sings and we get Fire

comes back and they are talking about LOST again.

Will talks of theories about LOST....

1) That it's pergatory, 2)that the island is left over from a Nazi experiment from WW2 (ohhhh they like this one)

Dani points out that it is actually freaky because the characters actually know one another are connected in some way.

Playing cards....

Dani comments to Will that every time he goes to Dr it is a DR session and like a .... (will and her say it together) going to the principals office.

Now talking about the cards and playing

They said Erika played a Will and when Erika gets lucky she played a Janelle.

James says "She's a badass"

Will says "that bitch will not die." says he is sorry he said that now because you know it is going to be put on the tv show in slow montion with him saying THAT BITCH WILL NOT DIE!!! (ed- LOL!!!!)

James says Howie said that about him last year but Will says " Yeah but he never called you a bitch"

Dani makes fun of Janelle (copying her voice )saying "I like you but I'm gonna have to put you up.... It's like I like you but I have to kill you..."

Will says he asked Janie what she would do next week "She told me well, I'm gonna win HOH and I said Yeah, and then she (Janie) said then I'm gonna put you and Boogie up!! I was like well ok. Wanna talk about incest?" Dani laughs and they agree there's not much you can says to that. James says at least it's good to know where people stand with you though.

Now they are playing cards. James is asking questions about how to play and Will is answering. I guess Janelle taught him some of the rules of cards.

Will says "I'm gonna go on a huge limb here and say I hope that Erika doesn't go out...." (ed talking about cards but could totally be talking about the game) says Erika is building something but she is just waiting for a few more pieces of the puzzle. They encourage James to join in.

F1 &2 has george up and wandering around kitchen. Now to bathroom brushing teeth

F3&4 on cardplayers in by

Now all 4 feeds on card game.....

Whoo hooooo!!!! the excitment..... I say we get Will his trampoline. Hey at least then we may get a few America's funniest Videos moments (ROTFLMAO!! picturing Boogie landing painfully on the side of a trampoline)

Mike called to Diary Room.

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CG and Erika in the red room talking about Thursday.CG says he doesnt know whats going to happen and they are curious on how Janelle is voting.Say they not sure how anyone is voting keeping it tight lipped. CG is assuring Erika she will be safe next week too. CG asking erika about ideas about slop.It's making him constipated(reporting what I see) She tells him to drink more ice tea. CG made a James out of slop and flour and baked it...forgot it was in the oven "Oh yeah, I have James in the oven!" Erika laughs, "What?" Says isn't that against the rules, putting houseguests in the oven? James the dough boy is ready.Correction....James goes back in the oven.

BB calls erika to the DR

Meanwhile outside Boogie,Dani and Will playing cards started talking about the DR and BB say HG's you're not allowed to talk about your DR with other HG's. Boogie says why is that and Dani and Will says because of the live feeders. CBS wants to show DR sessions.

They all continue to sing so feeds cutting in and out

Janelle still sleeping in the bug room

CG and James in the SR and CG tells James don't worry "You got my vote" James agree and tells CG the same.

Editors Note: CG been really giggly this afternoon.

Janelle is now up

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5:42 BBT

Erika, CG, Janelle, James in the kitchen making food.

Dani & Will on BY sofa talking strategy. Will says he doesn't trust James because he thinks James treats the LOD alliance & the Janelle alliance like they are on the same level but James uses each one according to convenience. Will says James is double dipping. Erika joins them & now talk turns to Mr. Bill from Saturday Night Live (Ohhhhh NOooooooo :lol: )

Erika goes back in & Will immediately says "my point with James is he has no incentive to win HoH". Dani says cause he doesn't have to. Will says if Dani, Will, or Jan wins it he's totally safe. Then the sliding glass door opens, skeletor joins them again, so talk returns to cardplay.

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