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August 22 Live Feed Updates


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Will and Dani outside and he is telling her that James concerns him and James is double dipping.Will says that Janey told him she will put up CT if she gets HOH. (Remember Will planting the seed ) Basically saying he does not trust James and trying to convince Dani to see that.Will says it's hard for him to think final three with James. Erika comes out and game talk stops.

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6:25 Janelle, George in kitchen... just eating and chatting. George says James can cook gooooooooood.

:::sound is very low for some reason:::::

J,G quizzing/studying while munching in the kitchen.... George not holding onto too much info.. keeps asking for answers.

Cardgame continues in the BY.. Boogie running laps. Not much else happening.

Dani, Erika, James come into kitchen.. James cuts off his head (Baked James)... George decides to cut up body parts. James warns.. don't put it in my bed....

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James and Janelle:

Janelle said last year sequester was ghetto and hopes its better this year.They want to go somewhere where they won't be recogized like Jamacia or the carribean.James talking about Season 5 sequester house being awesome. Last year sequester was in Napa.James wonders if Howie and Marcy are together are separated.

Meanwhile Will and Boogie in the HOH room:

Boogie was griping cause the spy screen wasn't working.

Will tells Boogie he's starting to work Dani about James.Will says he knows Janelle is playing him just like his playing her. Will tells Boogie to tell Dani that Thursday might be a tiebreaker and it may not be nice. Will says everything you tell erika she leaks.Talking about working the girls tonight.

Sorry I must go can someone take over.

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7:35.. came into Will and Boogie discussing strategy in HOH...

Will coaching Boogie on what to say to Daniel to get her on their count for voting out James. Saying, "do what you think is right for you but we might have to make a decision that is different from that." Talking about putting out the idea that the tie-breaker will different than she expects.

Will thinks Janelle will vote out James, says he has her convinced in conversations. Will saying Janelle is "Seabiscuit, and I'm riding Seabiscuit as far as I can but you gotta f*in feed the horse." topic is he's playing her . doing what he "does best".

Continue with the "Double dipped" angle to present to Dani. Discussion is to say if B or W have to play for POV next week to save themselves they'd rather play it against CG than James.

Boogie asks who would you rather sit next to in the final two Dani or Erika.. Will's answer. Erika. Boogie worries about sympathy vote for Erika.

Says no chance with popular Janelle, CG would get it over them because no one is going to give it to the rich guy over the 47yr old daddy... Will really thinks Erika is the least likely to win the jury in the final 2.

Get rid of James, Will wins HOH, we're good..... wants to converse with CG saying realize the efforts they're making to keep you safe (to avoid being put up by CG later)

Goals for Boogie is to bang Erika tonight.. Per Will.

Will exits to Kitchen invites Janelle to HT and J says no HT I just want to hang out with you.. he says "Ok twist my arm"....

from earlier.... Erika asking to play the HT game (strip?) everyone declines (will boogie) she says, "this house isn't fun anymore. You told me to play my role, I'm playing my role, but this place isn't fun" (complaining that no one wants to get in the HT)

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Janie is putting bleach on Boogie's hair roots.

They are talking about family. Then Boogie talks about James and says that he was told (in the DR, I think) that he has lost his swagger, and Boogie says yes, because he likes James. He says that James is the one guy in the house that he would be friends with on the outside.

Boogie says that James is dangerous in the game and he knows that eventually James would set them up for a big fall.

(Boogie and Janie seem to be really bonding)

Janie asks if James was for getting rid of Howie, and Boogie says that James was not worried about getting rid of Howie--he was more worried about the jury vote. (This is why James threw Howie the vote).

Boogie says that the whole house last week was ready to run her out of the house, and now everyone is being nice to her and trying to be her buddy, because they know she is staying.

Janie agrees.

Janie says that it is upsetting that James has done this to her and Howie.

Boogie says that James is constantly trying to relive last year and get revenge for it because he feels that he was treated poorly by them. Janie says James wasn't treated poorly by her last year!

Janie says that the comps are "whack" and she can't believe she was wrestling with a 30-year-old man for a doll.

Boogie says that he always knew that Kaysar, Janie and James would get on the All-Stars. He wasn't sure about Howie.

As soon as they said America had an extra pick, he knew it was "lock city" for Howie.

Janelle says that before they entered the house, she and Kaysar knew that they would put James into the house to "battle them." Boogie says that they could have put Ivette in to do that. She says no, "Ivette is totally trustworthy!"

Janelle says it was kind of a bad thing to have more than just her and Kaysar, because it made them more of a target. (I think she is talking about Howie being in the house as opposed to James, here--ed).

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