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August 22 Live Feed Updates


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James and Dani in WR discussing what James should tell whom if he gets HOH.

James said he's not scared of Erika, "she's the one person I'm not scared of"

Dani to James: People are thinking that you're playing both sides, if you win HOH you GOTTA deal with Janelle..... right now they don't know if you're 100% committed to LOD.... they need you to do something..... they know I'm the voice of reason with you.....

James to Dani: I know, OK.. makes sense.... why don't they say these things to me.... Gotcha.... so did they lie to me when they said Janelle was going to backdoor me?

Dani: No

D: We'll be fine, just be calm and relaxed.

J: I am calm I am relaxed..... [ummm OK]

J: about Erika, she has to know she doens't have one vote in this house if she makes it to the end.. does she know? D--shakes head no

Dani gives good advice... never tell who you're going to vote for.. people change their strategy when the know, you never know who's going to the end...

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From earlier tonight (around 8:30 BBT) the conversation continued about David & Amanda having sex on BB4...

Erika says they captured it on the feeds but it was very pedestrian sex :unsure: Dani says she felt horrible for Amanda's dad & the son because they saw what she had done right before she walked out of the house to meet them. Will says what did you guys want her to do doggie style or reverse cowboy, Subject changes to Paris Hilton & Erika says she (Paris) is a bad lay (???)

Will got called to DR. He comes out & says BB told him no more balls in the house (he must have broken something) & BB said if he breaks anything else that it will come out of his stipend (can't tell if he's kidding) He says he broke something from a shelf & told BB he was going to throw it away but they said no, they wanted him to bring it in so they could keep it as evidence.

Talk of how easy it is for BB fans to find their phone numbers & addresses. Will says if anybody slanders him he will sue them because of his practice. He says if it is true "bring it on" but if it is a lie I am coming after you. CG joins the dining room gang.

Now Will & Janelle walking laps in the BY. Talk of how Will is totally in with her & Boogie. Janelle says something about why he didn't believe her. Sound is bad low on their feed. Something about Boogie saying if they push her (Jan) through & it's Jan & Erika in final 2 & a money split. Jan says she has some gossip..something about Dani knowign Erika threw something (sorry but the sound is bad & they are talking low) Talk moves to Britney & KFed.

Erika is laying on the BY sofa looking extra haggard.

James & Dani at dining table looking at each other funny. Dani has this smug, odd grin on her face & keeps rolling her eyes. Dani asks if he wants to go to the exercise room & talk about it but they stay. Dani is drinking wine & she may have the beginnings of a buzz. James says he wants to talk about it right there but CG comes in. CG brings in the scale & climbs on. He weighs 198-199 & says he has lost 20LBS but it is unhealthy weight loss. CG leaves.

Dani & James go into exercise room. She starts explaining her alliances from day 1. Dani tells him "this move" will get you to final 2 & she tells him don't worry I did what I had to do (dunno what she did). Dani says she isn't worried about Janelle. James says he knows she's been drinking wine. Dani proceeds through all the Jan wins & downplays them saying they were mostly luck. They don't think that BB will show the footage of Janelle selling out her alliance because she is America's Choice. James doesn't think that they showed on the TV show Jan promising to nom CT if he nom Jase. Dani says you don't hate me do you? James says Jan wouldn't have won America's choice prom queen if they had showed what she has really done. Dani says she is 5'-10", beautiful, & competitive so how could America not love her. James says he is worried because Boogie has been doing a lot of thinking lately. Dani says no & James agrees no they are cool. Dani says Erika is trying to get her to vote James out. They still think that CT is on their side & James will be around next week. Dani says James has to win HoH & he has to nom Janelle next week because everyone thinks he is playing both sides & isn't commited to LOD. Dani says their LOD is tight & they don't lie to each other. James keeps saying he wants to say this & that to whoever & Dani keeps reeling him back in saying he doesn't need to say things like that to people because you never know who you could be sitting next to in final 2. Dani says they need to break CT up. She doesn't want the 2 of them left when it gets to final 4. James says if it comes down to him Janelle he thinks she will let him have it because she has to feel safe with him (is he on crack?).

James wants Erika gone & Dani tells him she wouldn't be bad to have in the final 3 because no one ould vote for her. Meeting adjourned.

Will & Jan still walking laps in the BY. Will says that clearly James & Dani's alliance is to each other until they stab each other in the back. Will says Dani doesn't seem really worried that much about winning HoH this week but she doesn't know about our votes.

(all the scamming is giving me a headache so I think I will call it a nite :lol: )

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This is unconfirmed but during Danielle's conversation with James it sounded like Danielle has made a one-week deal with Janelle that if either wins HOH next week they won't go after the other (Danielle will go after George+? and Janelle will go after Erika+Boogie).

(Unconfirmed because Danielle was only referring to it in passing like James already knew about it, and because I'm not sure whether Danielle is lying to James at this point saying LOD is 'tight' to make him think he is safe this week with the votes when apparently he's not ?)

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Dani's had a little much to drink and is up in HOH room jammin down with the headphone, stopping every now and then to take another sip of wine. The cameras are changing shots and it's quite entertaining. She's doing some old school jammin. Kinda reminds you of LaughIn, if you remember that! (showing my age) :huh:

Janie/Will talked George into walking 10 laps with them while Boogie is hangin out at the sofas.

Erika's gone to bed after a sob story to George earlier (glad I came into the last of that one)

Haven't seen James, must be in bed also....then FOTH @ 12:30am

Oh wait, Erika got up and playing pool with Boogie now. Seems Boogie is over Will's continuous chatting.

James just came up to get Dani to go down to the BY cause he thinks Janelle is working on Will in the BY and she told James not to worry about it and goes back to jammin....Dani's not goin anywhere, she's sippin!! :rolleyes: James leaves.

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HGs cooking.. all has been seen in the kitchen but James

apparently James went to bed, says Janie and Will when Erika asked.

janie cooking for her and will, grilled cheese and tomato soup

dani making guccamoli

sounds like the hgs are planning to play poker with m&ms

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The girls (Dani, Janie and Erica) are outside talking about past HG and having a good time remembering funny icidents.

Will and Boogie in the HoH discussing how this week is going to shake out. Boogie has his showmance Erica, Will has his showmance Janelle. They see Danielle as the Mom.

Will compares CT to the Beatles, Boogie is John Lennon, Will is Paul McCarthy and this week, depending on the outcome Thursday they decide which one of the girls is to be their Yoko. James is compared to that 5th guy who never really made it in and George is one of the Monkees.

At one point, they were saying we have to get rid of Danielle... then FoTH.

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In BY girls said of the wake up calls, the bet-you-can't sleep one was the best, Janelle wants to meet those ladies.

They continue to reminisce, laughing and having a good time.

In HoH, Will is in bathroom showering and Boogie is falling asleep listening to music.

Will goes downstairs and finishing grooming, Janelle comes into kitchen talks briefly with Will who says he will wait up for her. Janelle is going to shower, Will goes into BY with Erica and Dani.

Erica goes inside, Dani and Will have a conversation about George. Dani looking very serious. Will talking about James being very nervous when Will caught him having a private conversation with Janelle.

Will telling Danielle we have to make sure Janelle doesn't win HoH. Will asks who Erica would put up if she wins HoH. Danielle figures it would be Janelle and James.

Will: James is playing both sides and letting the rest of LOD is taking the fall for evictions.

Danielle says James needs to make a decision, needs to put up Janelle if James wins HoH.

Will says James needs to stop plotting with Janelle and needs to be getting info

Danielle says she has already lost with this jury, there is no way she can win.

Will says he would like to push Danielle and Boogie to final 2, but doesn't want to carry people (speaking about James).

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Dani and Will talking about Marcellas' nomination/eviction. Dani tells him how she told Marcellas if he was nominated he was going home. Will laughs says, you've got to stop doing that, you're working against me. Marcellas came to Dani that Thursday and told her to do what's best for herself.

Will talks about how Janelle changed her mind about Marci when Marci cried, so he figured she would cave if he (Will) cried. He went to HoH and squeezed out a tear, then played to the camera when Janelle said OK and hugged him.

When Janie comes to BY they say they are talking about Marcellas and his afro wig.

Conversation turns to gross food competitions.

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Dani tells a story about a BB/Survivor charity event on the radio where she had to eat earthworms.

Talk turns to pay on Survivor, they get paid in a tiered increment (increasing amounts for each week they stay). The person who left 4th on survivor got more than Jason did on BB3 being in the final 3

Janelle says she wants to do Survivor

Talk turns to ratings and how good they figure this show must be. People are tuning in to see what's going to happen next.

During BB2, Nicole wanted to really leave in early September. They had to bring lawyers and contracts and began medicating her every night. They told Will to stay on the other side of the house to keep away from her. When he did the Nicole doll that was the last straw for her. Right after 9/11 they had a luxury comp and they had to hold the boxes with their arms akimbo for 20sec to win the boxes. They were basically given the gifts. Nicole wanted the portable DVD player, but she only got garbage (sponge, model car, mice puppets). Will got the DVD player and Nicole jumps on him and punches him in the head. Monica goes " Uh uh baby, you drivin' her crazy".

Will also got a metal detector and he would bother Nicole with it on purpose.

Janelle asks why would you do that. Dani and Will said Nicole hated him and did things to him. Nicole cried when Krista didn't nominate Will.

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Will says he takes blame in his goodbye DRs to spare Janelle and Boogie, tells the evicted housequests that he is the reason they were left. Will hedges by saying he gives the DR message several different ways and he doesn't know which one the producers would choose to show.

They ask Janelle if Howie will still be mad at the end, she says she has no idea.

Dani: It is what it is.

Will is going to ask for security if he goes to sequester.

Many pauses now in the conversation.

Will's PSA conversation: Neosporin helps healing because it keeps the skin moist which promotes the growth of new skin cells. The more moist you keep a sore, the quicker it will heal

Using sunblock and a self tanner helps protect fair skinned people; People with more melanin don't really need sunblock

Will tanned on BB2, says he got 500K and skin cancer that summer. Pale's the new tan

The three begin playing cards. Will asks Dani did she take a nap today, how the hell are you awake?

3:20am BB Time... quiet card playing.

(Night all, I didn't take a nap today).

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Just a quick little sumpin' :

Will, Janelle, and Dani were still playing cards (Gin, I think) at 3:30 am. Dani left them by 3:45 or so.

During the "thinking times" Will would sometimes start humming. He would start with one tune and just as it became recognizable he would meld it into something else. One of them started with the tune to that verse "You're too good to be true, can't take my eyes off of you." Another started with the tune of Amazing Grace.

At one point Janie asked him if he was really mean to James in his goodbye message. After brief discussion Janie asks, "Will you be that way in my goodbye message?"

Will responds with, "We're never going to say goodbye." :wub:

When I left the scene at 4:15 they were still playing. Will was yawning, eyes drooping. But he had asked Janie what she would be doing if he weren't there. She'd be all alone, she had said. So here he is, staying up for the sake of.... ?

[is it real or is it Memorex?]

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[What a way to start the day.]

James steps outside (looks around I guess) and his first words are:


[but does he do any cleanup? Anything to be a part of the group living environment? Hell no.]

He goes to the pool table and hits a few balls around.

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