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  1. Don't you mean King One-retard? I'm glad Russell is in the sequester house as an ally to Jesse. Being athletes, both of them are more likely to vote for whom they think played the best game. Natalie is a totally emotional player who will vote based on how she feels about the person rather than who earned the $$$$.
  2. Can't stand Russell. If I were in the house, I'd have slugged him already and been DOR.
  3. Kevin was a floater by choice and except for when he protected himself from the Coup d'tat by not saving Lydia, he played an emotional rather than a strategic game. Michelle, on the other hand, got forced into that role. Even Ronnie from her own clique turned his back on her early on in the game so she started making strategic moves on her own - like pretending that Russell lied when Chima called Russell and her out in the HOH. That took guts because Russell goes ballistic, yet she sat there acting all dumbfounded and innocent. Where most other HGs would try to spin what they said, she fl
  4. The way the power is falling since the Coup d'tat, it looks like it'll be Jordan and Jeff, but it would be a whole lot more interesting to see Natalie and Michelle duke it out for the dollars.
  5. From a comment on Youtube about this season's cast: "Why did BB put children fighting in a sandbox into the house this season???"
  6. Me too! I also loved how he always came up a little short everytime he tried to fit in with the young people. His fight with Libra was hysterical, his voice cracking when he yelled "you're going home" and Jessie's making farting sounds everytime he walked by Jerry was too funny! Not so funny but equally entertaining was his obliviousness to PC language. Made for interesting watching, waiting for him to change which foot was in his mouth.
  7. My dearest friend is half Lebanese, a devout Catholic and a fourth generation American. Her brother was serving in the Pentagon when the planes struck it on 9/11. She's a pretty mellow person, but when I told her what Chima said, she was absolutely disgusted. She most decidedly agrees that Chima's comments about Lebanese people are offensive and racist.
  8. I agree, the ratings are pretty good for a summer replacement show. What they need is BETTER CASTING! By having all young people, they are locked into a "talent" pool rife with immaturity. Couple that with a need to have a job that allows them to leave for three months and what you get is a bunch of "me first" types who don't work in professions requiring responsibility and/or any sense of company loyalty. Garbage in, garbage out! Last season was a hoot and the cast was much more balanced both demographically and intellectually with meathead Jesse getting owned by a high school teacher and
  9. Chima's spin in Yana's link claims a double standard when it comes to aggressive behavior. If she's referring to Evil Dick, then she's wrong. ED got dangerously close to that line but, unlike Chima, he never crossed it. His ranting about religion was mostly mocking ("Halleluliah" and "magic ping pong ball") whereas Chima showed a lot of ignorance when she ranted that Russell wasn't Catholic and shouldn't have a rosary because he's "Lebanese and all Lebanese are Muslim". If she's as smart as she says she is, she'd know that MOST Americans of Lebanese descent are Roman Catholic Christian Leb
  10. my amazing race wasn't in HD and yes it makes a HUGE difference. Switzerland in HD = wow, in SD=ho hum. Of course, BB in HD means we'll see their zits, etc. as opposed to snowcapped splendour!
  11. Hey July, congrats on staying true to yourself and don't feel bad for doing so. The producers are casting a show and the more off the rails the HGs are the better it is for their ratings. It would be soooo boring to have a house full of CPAs (no offense to my bro in law ) I think the reason Survivor's producers can get a more diverse cast is because it's only 39 days not three months. Getting that kind of time off means the person has to be a student, a teacher, retired, unemployed, self-employed with great employees, or work @ a low-level service industry job. Could be why there are
  12. Add Jessie, the legend in his own mind to that list. TG he's gone! Back to the veto, I hope to Hell that Dan did NOT use it on April. He has three options and using it on Apeface is the stupidest of the three because she's more a threat down the line than Jerry. I doubt they're gonna slice onions to determine who's in the final two and no one would take Jerry with them anyway lest he get sympathy votes. If he uses it to save Jerry, he'd better get something good in return from Jerry to make it worth pissing off Renney. If he doesn't use it, he keeps peace and harmony in the world, and t
  13. Capitulating Copulators. The history books called it capitulation when Italy switched from the losing Axis side to the surging Allies in WWII and we all know what copulation is.
  14. How much is Jessie's ego selling for???
  15. This season kicks ass! Fights, drama, & even sex keep it interesting and ever-shifting alliances keep it unpredictable. I have a DVR so the Olympics don't affect my viewing at all. I record BB, watch the Olympics live and watch BB @ the commercials. I'm done watching BB 10-15 min. later than I would've been watching BB straight thru so it's not a big deal. Murder on the bladder though! Tuesday I only switched back to the Olympics once because beach VB was on. Got the score halfway thru, watched the rest of BB, and finished in time to see Kerri Walsh and Misty May-Treanor knock off

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