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  1. I was in a CBS chatroom during season 4, just trying to find out what had happened the night before when I missed the show. I can't remember why I missed it - power must have gone out or something, but I do remember the chatroom. It was full of people wanting to fight. All I wanted to know was what happened the night before and all they did was get into a pissing contest over who's a bigger loser in the house. Finally, amid the name-calling and put-downs, one guy took pity and suggested I go to Morty's and gave me the url. I was a lurker for that season and the next, but I hated the start of Season Six so much that I couldn't keep my mouth shut anymore. They all looked alike and were so self-absorbed that they were more interesting to themselves than to the viewers. It was pretty damned boring - until Cappy's getting the boot gave birth to the Nerd Herd and a season to remember.
  2. People who watch BB tend to watch other reality shows as well. Morty has an Amazing Race forum and even though he doesn't watch Survivor, he started a forum for us last year. I might actually post this year!
  3. When I first read the thread topic, I thought you might be referring to the predominance of plastic boobies (Howie's fave word) in the house this summer. I agree that the twists are a bit limited, but they were more limited last year - wow - a twin twist and the whole Nakomis/Cowboy thing. Michael never would have been on BB if his daddy kept it in his pants way back when. The twists this summer might have worked with a different cast or at least a more diverse one. This cast was too similar and too close to their high school years, which could be why they went from acting like a bunch of frat boys on speed to acting like a couple of cliques jockeying for position on the popularity ladder. Their adolescent antics, like April repeatedly saying how she has more money than Howie and his juvenile comebacks to her about it have become more interesting than the twists. Come to think of it, this could be why the boards are so divided this year. Here's how Julie would present it: Could the biggest secret twist be to bring out the inner high school kid in the live feed followers where those who were popular or wanted to be ally with the sheep - the all-powerful but hated group just like the jocks and bops? Could it be that the former high school rejects ridiculed by the in-crowd but loved by their teachers line up behind the outcasts who are loved by America yet powerless against the herd? Tune in this Tuesday to see where floater James fits in.
  4. Amen! Or at least put them into an archive or something. As for the donations, we have to have a connection that won't time out on us while making the donation! Is it possible to upgrade his bandwidth? I'd donate - if it wouldn't time out on me! btw: to all of you clearing out cookies, defragging, etc, Ranster is right - don't waste your time (unless you just want to clean up your computer anyway). It makes no difference whatsoever. Try going to a busy site like eBay right after you get the dreaded error symbol - when you get in right away that should tell you it is the traffic here and not your computer cache causing the problem since eBay gets a lot more traffic than Morty.
  5. I want to see the FLA alliance, specifically Evilette's, faces when Kaysar walks back in. They're so cock-sure that Crappy will be America's choice. If this board is any indication of how America feels....well watch the fireworks start!
  6. EXACTLY! I have two brothers, one gay, one straight. When they were single, the gay bro. said things like, "He's hot, I'd do him" while the straight one said things like "Look at those t*ts - I'd f**k her." Thank goodness both are married now and keep their thoughts like that to themselves, but I remember being grossed out by what the straight bro. said and think things like "What makes you think she'd want your sorry ass?" yet find myself checking out the guy my gay bro. was checking out and think things like, "Only if I don't get there first." I had my own double standard going back then! Speaking of double, has anyone here ever heard the song Double My Wardrobe? It was up for OutMusic song of the year in 2004 and has a line about him liking the same guys as his high school girlfriend. It's by a guy named Steven Franz who is a Florida boy. He does a lot of concerts and performances in FLA so there's a good chance Beau or Evilette have been to one of them. I've included the link to his website if anyone wants to hear a clip of the song.
  7. Like it wasn't already on national TV??? Now that's what I call leverage! NOT!
  8. Not the people I know. Either you run in small circles or I do. Whatever! Don't take your name off, Marcellas - your comments help shed light on how shallow the gene pool is in the red states.
  9. BooHoo! Laters! It's a big Internet - you can either deal with HC or don't log on - it's as simple as that. I have to wonder if you're a shill for NBC trying to divert viewers from BB to some tired Joey reruns or if you really thought that your thread would crush Marcellas and/or incite a full-fledged boycott of BB6. When you leave, say hello to the lady who left this board at the start of the season because she didn't like the crude language the live feed recaps had. She never could grasp that the recaps were cleaned up as well as they could be given what the house guests were saying and doing and that if she didn't like it, she didn't need to log on. I didn't cry any tears when her ignorant ass left just like I won't cry any tears when your intolerant ass hits the road. Just realize that there are a lot more Morty and Marcellas fans then there are haters like you so I don't think either one of them will be needing any Kleenex when you go either.
  10. My daughter thinks that reality shows typically provide some sort of zoom whitening for all the cast members (guests). She thinks this because the Real World Austin kicked off by showing the cast's audition tapes and their teeth weren't bright white like they are on the show. Her theory makes sense when I think about it. Would an unemployed, tobacco chawin' hillbilly like James on the last Survivor have pearly whites otherwise?
  11. Ah, alcohol - the lubricant for all reality shows. Back when Ruthie on Real World Hawaii's drinking boosted viewership, the folks @ Viacom figured out a winning combination - give booze to the emotionally needy and let the chips fall where they may - so long as they stack up in the Neilson ratings, who cares if it hurts a cast member in the process?
  12. My brother and his husband are nothing like Beau or Will. Thanks Dep, for bringing Beau's stereotyped behavior up as an example of what isn't reality in reality tv. A group of my students did a video expose last term about how stereotyped images of gays in the media may be behind the right wing movement to ban gay marriage. They used images of Rudy from Amish in the City and a couple of other stereotypical video images and juxtaposed (sp) these clips with clips of them asking our students what they thought about an amendment banning gay marriage. The students were all against an amendment and felt it was none of the gvt's business, even some of our biggest gaybashers said that. They then asked them if they'd seen the shows from the clips - and none of them had. They then hypothesized that the movement for the amendment was based on bias born of media stereotypes - of which Beau could be a poster boy.
  13. Not bloody likely if they want to save what little of their journalistic integrity they have left. Between the moronic adolescent on speed weather dude, all the fashion tips, cooking segments, new mommy advice and the reality show and Letterman clips - they actually have about 10 minutes of hard news in their 2 hour show. Could be why they're number 3 out of the three big network morning news broadcasts. I agree, I'd like to see Housecalls on tv rather than streaming on my computer screen but putting it on one of Viacom's affiliates like MTV might be a better choice. If CBS wants the 25-35 year old audience share so bad that they stacked (pun intended) the house this season with a selection of brainless beefcake and silicon bimbos from that demographic then it only follows that it would be a brilliant move to have it on Tuesday nights as a lead-in to Real World and the Seventies House. JMHO - one I'd fall over dead if it occurred to the suits at Viacom.
  14. Uh, those boobs didn't get saline hockey pucks in them by osmosis.



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