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  1. People who watch BB tend to watch other reality shows as well. Morty has an Amazing Race forum and even though he doesn't watch Survivor, he started a forum for us last year. I might actually post this year!
  2. When I first read the thread topic, I thought you might be referring to the predominance of plastic boobies (Howie's fave word) in the house this summer. I agree that the twists are a bit limited, but they were more limited last year - wow - a twin twist and the whole Nakomis/Cowboy thing. Michael never would have been on BB if his daddy kept it in his pants way back when. The twists this summer might have worked with a different cast or at least a more diverse one. This cast was too similar and too close to their high school years, which could be why they went from acting like a bunch of fra
  3. Amen! Or at least put them into an archive or something. As for the donations, we have to have a connection that won't time out on us while making the donation! Is it possible to upgrade his bandwidth? I'd donate - if it wouldn't time out on me! btw: to all of you clearing out cookies, defragging, etc, Ranster is right - don't waste your time (unless you just want to clean up your computer anyway). It makes no difference whatsoever. Try going to a busy site like eBay right after you get the dreaded error symbol - when you get in right away that should tell you it is the traffic here and n
  4. I want to see the FLA alliance, specifically Evilette's, faces when Kaysar walks back in. They're so cock-sure that Crappy will be America's choice. If this board is any indication of how America feels....well watch the fireworks start!
  5. Like it wasn't already on national TV??? Now that's what I call leverage! NOT!
  6. My daughter thinks that reality shows typically provide some sort of zoom whitening for all the cast members (guests). She thinks this because the Real World Austin kicked off by showing the cast's audition tapes and their teeth weren't bright white like they are on the show. Her theory makes sense when I think about it. Would an unemployed, tobacco chawin' hillbilly like James on the last Survivor have pearly whites otherwise?
  7. Ah, alcohol - the lubricant for all reality shows. Back when Ruthie on Real World Hawaii's drinking boosted viewership, the folks @ Viacom figured out a winning combination - give booze to the emotionally needy and let the chips fall where they may - so long as they stack up in the Neilson ratings, who cares if it hurts a cast member in the process?
  8. My brother and his husband are nothing like Beau or Will. Thanks Dep, for bringing Beau's stereotyped behavior up as an example of what isn't reality in reality tv. A group of my students did a video expose last term about how stereotyped images of gays in the media may be behind the right wing movement to ban gay marriage. They used images of Rudy from Amish in the City and a couple of other stereotypical video images and juxtaposed (sp) these clips with clips of them asking our students what they thought about an amendment banning gay marriage. The students were all against an amendment
  9. Uh, those boobs didn't get saline hockey pucks in them by osmosis.
  10. Was it any good or just blatant cross marketing at its' finest? MTV and CBS are both Viacom properties. Funny how that works. Judging by Beau's selection of ensembles in the house, I can't imagine his advice was very helpful unless she's trying to be Made into a bag lady.
  11. I'm with nebartist, but I'm starting to root for Kaysar and Maggie - too bad they're both teamed up with nimrods.
  12. If you're old enough to have seen Real World, Hawaii, then you might remember a girl named Amaya. I saw her on a Bravo expose' about reality tv and how it bites. She said flat out that a lot of what they do isn't real - it's scripted and pointed out that there are script writers in the credits of the show. I also remember Morty telling us in season 4 about how they made Jun and Ally redo over and over a take showing them being excited about a blimp ride they'd won. When I saw the clip on the show it was obvious that they were faking it, but I don't think I would have picked that up had Mo
  13. StephenV has hit the nail on the head (short of the Howie part since his sexist comments are equally small-minded). Making racial and cultural slurs doesn't somehow grant everyone else the right to turn around and make similar slurs. Two wrongs doesn't make a right. Janelle showed her ignorance in the DR allright, but it wasn't because of what's being discussed here. Does anyone really think Julie Chen or her hubby would allow the word Chink to be aired in a circumstance like that? That being said, I don't see the Latin Chick thing to be a slur against Hispanics. What I find hysterical

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