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  1. Alison wants to drown Janelle in the pool?!!?!?! What?!!?!?! Alison is horrible! She says she has changed? No she hasn't! I want her gone!
  2. I can't believe what Danielle did. That plan of hers backfired and bit her on the butt! Stupid Danielle.. What were you thinking?!!?!
  3. WOAH!!!! WHAT AN EPISODE!!!! The Hatch: Woah that thing is wierd! Someone is living there. At first I thought it was a flashback and it was Sawyer but I was wrong. When Kate went in there woah that light startled me. Hmmm what happened to Kate? It's Karma. Then where did Locke go?!!?! Did he just leave her there? Nope he is there! The hatch says quarentine on it?!!?! WOAH!!!! Jack's flashback: Ahhh so that woman he saved is the same woman he married.. Yes he did save her after a car accident.. So she was engaged to another man. Boy he was a jerk! Can she still make love? Is that all you are thinking about jackass? I liked Jack's hair woah he was hot with that hair... The way Jack told her about her injuries well his dad is partly right. Jack should give her hope but also it's good that he is honest with her. Just the way he said it was cold. When Jack was running up and down the stairs in a stadium and that guy Desmond showed up I'm thinking hey is he the guy who was in the hatch in the beginning? Woah HE IS!!!!! WHAT IS GOING ON?!!? Why was the desmond guy shotting up in his arm? And what was he shotting up? Shannon: Woah she saw Walt!!!! Since Walt has special powers did he get in touch with Shannon? He was drenched! What happened to Sawyer and them?!!?! I can't wait until next weeek!!!!!
  4. HOH comp: Wait a sec!!! Maggie threw the comp and gave it to Ivette didn't she? DAMNIT!!!! Just what we want to Ivette to win! Now she is going to put up Janie and Howie! ARGH! Howie: DAMNIT HOWIE! You screwed up on who you put on the block again!!!! Beau left! You should have put anybody else but Beau!!! I can't believe it. First Sarah and now Beau! I want Ivette gone!!! What is the matter with you?! Ivette: She says that Janie has no soul? Is she kidding me? SHUT THE HELL UP IVETTE! Holly: So she was the surprise guest? She is not my fav person so I was disapointed she was there. Altho I gotta say she was treating everyone like children when they played the game. ROFL ROFL. April: She talked about James and that she is everyone's hero for getting rid of James.. You are not my hero April.. She cried so much because she didn't want to get on the block.. Awww poor baby.. (sarcasm) Well you got your wish.. Janie and Howie: That was so funny when Maggie wanted to talk to Howie alone but Janie wanted to be there. ROFL. Janie isn't stupid.. She doesn't trust Maggie. ROFL. Maggie: When she won the veto she was talking about morals.. blah blah blah.. oh please. I don't want to hear it. Ivette will never leave. hope everyone has a great labor day!!!!
  5. Oh I have a commerical that I hate! The healthy choice commerical where the father is cleaning and doing things and his daughter keeps saying that's not how mom does it that's not how mom does it! ARGH!!!! I just want to tell her to shut up!!! She is so annoying.
  6. I love the cereal commerical where the guy is at work at he keeps eating the cereal and he can't hear the guy firing him. ROFL ROFL ROFL. there are like 3 commericals like that of him.. the last one is he has an assistant and they both can't hear the guy talking. ROFL ROFL.
  7. Yeah this isn't fair!!!! since I had to pick just one it would be lost.. so I voted for lost. But I love Desperate Housewives and Joey
  8. I'm still a fan!!! always will be!!
  9. You haven't seen it? I'm confused.. Why are you in this thread then? What about your water cooler comments you made.. huh?!!!
  10. I voted for Kayazar!!!! GO KAYZAR!!! fingers crossed I hope kayzar wins!
  11. Yeah it doesn't happen to me it just stays at kayzar's bubble.. we can vote as many times as we want to right?
  12. oh yeah I'm voting for my man kayzar!!!!! 8)
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