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  1. HOH comp: Wait a sec!!! Maggie threw the comp and gave it to Ivette didn't she? DAMNIT!!!! Just what we want to Ivette to win! Now she is going to put up Janie and Howie! ARGH! Howie: DAMNIT HOWIE! You screwed up on who you put on the block again!!!! Beau left! You should have put anybody else but Beau!!! I can't believe it. First Sarah and now Beau! I want Ivette gone!!! What is the matter with you?! Ivette: She says that Janie has no soul? Is she kidding me? SHUT THE HELL UP IVETTE! Holly: So she was the surprise guest? She is not my fav person so I was disapointed she was there. Altho I gotta say she was treating everyone like children when they played the game. ROFL ROFL. April: She talked about James and that she is everyone's hero for getting rid of James.. You are not my hero April.. She cried so much because she didn't want to get on the block.. Awww poor baby.. (sarcasm) Well you got your wish.. Janie and Howie: That was so funny when Maggie wanted to talk to Howie alone but Janie wanted to be there. ROFL. Janie isn't stupid.. She doesn't trust Maggie. ROFL. Maggie: When she won the veto she was talking about morals.. blah blah blah.. oh please. I don't want to hear it. Ivette will never leave. hope everyone has a great labor day!!!!
  2. I voted for Kayazar!!!! GO KAYZAR!!! fingers crossed I hope kayzar wins!
  3. Yeah it doesn't happen to me it just stays at kayzar's bubble.. we can vote as many times as we want to right?
  4. oh yeah I'm voting for my man kayzar!!!!! 8)
  5. Yeah I know about the boobie thread.. I already made comments.. Umm yeah I was wondering what the heck Howie was doing.. I rather watch him kiss me rofl.
  6. Howie is so funny!!! He likes boobies ROFL. He likes to joke around alot doesn't he? He kisses Beau? Is Howie Bi? Is Maggie a cop? Oh oh Kayzar and James are on the block.. I don't want Kayzar gone! I read that Sarah has the POV.. Now what? *bites fingers* I can't wait until Maggie and Ivette are gone!!! *chanting* Go Kayzar!! Win win win!!! Fight to stay in the game! Stay until you win the game!!! Win win win! Fight! Gooooo Kayzar!!!
  7. I loved the little fit Howie threw when Maggie won....LOL ROFL. Yeah he was angry. I don't blame him one bit. I felt that way too!!! crap!
  8. I hope Kayzar stays till the end.. Hey and what was with Julie asking Beu who is the worst dresser in the house? That was rude..
  9. WOW!!!!!! KAYZAR DID IT!!! Kayzar's team did it! They got Eric out! YES!!! Kayzar you are awesome and I hope you win the money in the end! I was thinking now all they have to do is get ivette out.. Then the HOH competion starts and Maggie wins it! CRAP CRAP CRAP!!! I'm on Kayzar's team. Kayzar's team wasn't happy.. Maggie is going to want revenge! Hey Janelle looks like her mom. I like Janelle better with brown hair.. I love seeing Kayzar's family. BYE BYE ERIC!!!!!! :):)
  10. Yeah Kayzar has to stay focused and not lose his head.. Umm what do you mean by defection?
  11. Dang.. I don't have live feeds. All I can do is read it but actually watching it.. wow!
  12. Kayzar turned the big brother house upside down!!! Kayzar I bow down to you.. You are awesome! After he picked James and Maggie in the block he didn't look happy. Come on Kayzar be strong!!! you can do it!! Just focus on your goal!! When he was talking to Maggie he told her he wants james out. Wow what a great poker face he has.. I'm glad he didn't tell Maggie the truth because that wouldn't be smart. He knows very well that she would run to Eric to tell him. That chess game wow! Kayzar's team cornered Evette (sp) and Maggie... Beautiful!! They had to have the scarey music didn't think? James won and all hell broke lose!!! James takes himself off and Eric is put up YES!!!! Eric and his sheep were upset. Crying.. I hope Kayzar's team sticks with the plan and kicks Eric out.. We will see very soon.. This was a fun night tonight.. I can't wait for the next episode!! I was reading on here that Janelle is afraid of lesbians because they attacked her? Huh?!!! Is she lying? What the??? I read here what Kayser said about James.. he said, "But don't worry I know exactly who he is and what he's doing (James), and I know that you don't buy a panther unless you know you can contain it. Its a beautiful thing its a powerful thing. I set up a perfect environment." I'm glad Kayzar is smart!!! I'm glad he doesn't trust James! You got my respect Kayzar.
  13. Yeah yeah I saw all that I just wanted to make sure that I heard right rofl. Yeah Howie is so funny. rofl.
  14. Wow!!! They are all scared! Kayzar you are brilliant!!! You shook up the house very well!!! can't wait to see what happens next!



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