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Thursday, August 22, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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12:09 AM BBT

Tommy, Holly, Christie and Sis in the boat room. Sis tells them she is so loyal to them and no matter what it will stay that way. She loves them so much.

They begin reviewing the bird calls. 


Nicole and Jess are talking about the flip in the RV bedroom.


Truly is not much going on after midnight. Lots "love you so much" and zit popping

Jess- you girls literally pick your face all the time

Christie- try being on the block

By 1:30 AM the houseguests heard 9 different bird calls.

Cliff- I figure there will be 12 or 15

Holly and Michie were asleep in the HoH Room by 2:15 AM, while the other houseguests stayed up listening for and reviewing bird calls

Jess fell asleep in the RV Bedroom even though the others were mimicking all of the bird calls out loud, but she was back up not long after


3:45 AM BBT

Nicole was the last one up (in the boat room) reviewing everything in the boat room; bird calls, and votes for eviction...so nice of her to share her plans down the road

Nicole- the only people I am not closely associated with are Christie and Tommy




Many of the houseguests were back up around 4:00 AM for more bird calls.

Tommy- that was 6 then the red throated falcon (he mimics its call)...continues reviewing bird calls with  Nicole

The HGs then begin drifting back to sleep, other than Nicole who is wide awake in the boat room by herself talking aloud to the feedsters

Nicole- I'm being honest. If tomorrow is a double, I don't see myself doing what the house wants and putting up Nick. If I win..same thing. If that makes me a complete asshole, so be it. I feel like keeping him means other people will take shots at him. That's not a bad thing.


4:30 AM BBT

Everyone sleeping


5:00 AM BBT  All houseguests sleeping


[I truly believe there will still be a flip to save Christie. It may even be unanimous because now Nick knows that plan. I was wrong last week when the plan flipped back last minute to evicting Kat, so who knows what will happen during their time leading up to the live show tonight.  -MamaLong]

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8:54 AM BBT  All lights are out, everyone still asleep.

9:16 AM BBT  Cliff is up and heads to the WC.  Lights are on in the KT, DR and WA


9:18 AM BBT  Cliff is out of the WC, washes his hands then goes back to bed.

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9:32 AM BBT  We have FoTH  Wake up time?


9:34 AM BBT  Cliff is up and getting some clothes.  It is still dark in all of the BRs  He is trying to be quiet, goes to the WA to get dressed.  Cliff is doing ADL's, seems to be the only one up.

After brushing his teeth, Cliff gets the hair dryer to dry his shirt that was wet.

9:39 AM BBT  Cliff is called to the DR downstairs.  He says alright as he finishes drying his shirt.

Ok, Cliff is confusing this morning.  He had on a red T-shirt, then went and got a Univ of Texas shirt,  He put that on in the hallway, then went to the DR.  In for less than a minute, comes out and gets yet another shirt, a light blue T shirt and blue button up shirt, puts them on, brushes his hair, takes them off and runs water over his hair.  As he is in the WA, Tommy comes in.  Tommy mentions it is strange they called him so early.  Hard to hear as Cliff doesn't have his mic on.  Cliff gets dressed yet again, and heads off the the DR.

9:55 AM BBT  More FoTH.  Seems like only Tommy and Cliff up so far, with Cliff in the DR. 

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1o:24 AM BBT  Not much going on.  Tommy was in with Nick, going over the bird calls.  Nick got called out by Bob to put on his mic, he is still in bed.  Tommy went into the KT, going over the bird calls with Cliff who is scrambling some eggs.  Michie is up and moving, said something to Holly about not wanting to be around all those people, then went downstairs.  Cliff said he kept hearing bird calls all night, even in his sleep.  Michie said he wants to listen to them, but not other people making the noises.  Christie and Sis get up, talk about morning music and it cuts to Nick, in bed alone.  Back to Christie, Sis, Nicole  and Jess, going over what they think the comp will be.  Christie said she thinks it will be two people, and whoever hits the buzzer first with the right answer.  Christie goes out to see what the guys are saying, then comes back in.  They not only go over the sounds, but the order, and how many times the birds were played. 

10:29 AM BBT  Christie goes into the KT to talk about the bird sounds, leaving Jess and Nicole to continue discussing the bird calls.  Cliff, Tommy and Christie going over the calls.


(I am out if someone can take over)

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Thursday 10:40am BBT: Tommy, Cliff,Christy going over bird calls in the KT. Nicole and jessica whispering in the RV.

Thursday 10:46am BBT: Nick now in the KT talking to Tommy, Nick and Cliff about getting up at 6am and listening to the bird sounds.

Thursday 10:55am BBT: Sis is now in the KT getting coffee and tsalking about the songs BB played this morning and Tommy trying to sing them.

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1:37 PM BBT Cliff and Nick and talking in the TBR. Cliff tells him that if he wins HoH that he has a target and a pawn. Nick says that he is willing to work with him if needed. Cliff says that he never doesn't compete at 100% but would love to see Nick win the next HoH.


1:40 PM BBT Nick and Nicole are talking in the RV about his conversation with Michie. Nick tells her that Christie buried Sis. Christie told Michie that Sis has been talking crap about him for a long time. He said that because of their campaign speeches, Sis is going home. He tells Nicole that he shared this information with Cliff already. 


1:45 PM BBT Tommy and Michie are talking in the TBR. Michie is telling him that his back has been against the wall. Now Christie is saying she isn't coming after him but Sis is. They discuss withholding this information with Sis and Christie until after the LD. Michie says he is all for Sis getting a heads up because he doesn't want anyone going through what Sam went through. 


1:47 PM BBT Michie is telling Tommy he no longer cares how people's relationships intertwine. He has decided what he did based on their final pitches to him. All he cares about is his own game. He had to do what he had to do. He had to make the moves he had to. Michie tells Tommy that if he feels he needs to give her a heads up, he is okay with that. He doesn't want anyone's last hours to be turmoil. 


1:59 PM BBT Tommy, Nick and Nicole are in the RV. They are going over the different birds that they heard in the BB announcements and the different sounds that the birds make. There were 19 different bird sounds that they heard. Some were used more than once making it 24-25 different things to memorize. 


2:02 PM BBT Michie and Christie are talking in the WA. Michie tells her about his conversation with Nick. Nick is now aware that if it comes to a tie, Michie is getting rid of Sis. During their final pitch, Sis could not tell me who she would nominate if she won HoH. He understands that this is not what is best for Nick but he is not playing Nick's game. 


2:04 PM BBT Tommy and Holly are talking outside the RV. They are debating on when to tell Sis that she is going home. Tommy doesn't expect a blow up and Holly is worried about Sis ruining her makeup. Holly says she isn't sure what she would want if she was in her shoes. What's worst? Being sad longer or nervous longer?


2:07 PM BBT Holly tells Tommy that Jack and Kat are going to be surprised. Sis is the last person they would expect to see in there and Michie is the last person they would expect to have been the one to put her in there. 

Tommy Holly.jpg


2:15 PM BBT Nick and Nicole are talking about how crazy it is going to be with Kat, Jack and Sis in the jury. The HoH is really important. Nicole says that if it isn't a double, she has no idea what is going on then and will be anticipating a triple. 


2:18 PM BBT Sis and Nick are talking at the DR table. Sis "Am I going?" Nick shakes his head yes. She asks why. He tells her that if it goes 3-3 that Michie is breaking it against her. Nick tells her that she has Nicole but she lost Cliff and Michie is breaking the tie and keeping Christie. Sis "Mother f***er" Nick says that he is sorry to have to tell her. She says she would rather know and walks away crying "I hate everyone in this house". 

2019-08-22-00.00.37-Cam 3.jpg


2:21 PM BBT Holly, Tommy and Nick have joined Sis in the RV. She says that she hates Michie. She never did anything against him to begin with she always had his back. She says that everyone could just play their own game and do what the f**k they want and then let him break the tie. Sis points to Tommy and Nick "I hope you or you win the next HoH so that he is f***king out the door next. 

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2:25 PM BBT

Sis is having a meltdown in the RV Bedroom. She now knows she will be evicted tonight

Sis- He told everyone I was a pawn. Really Jackson? You think this will get you farther? He's gonna be next....right behind me. I have literally done nothing to him except have yours(Holly) and his back ....I don't care. He is fucking stupid. Literally, he will be after me so it doesn't even matter. I hope you or you win the fucking HoH so he is out the door next.

Sis gets up and leaves

Christie meets up with her in the kitchen, "I feel so bad"


Sis- what have you said, because I literally only talk to you...apparently he knows stuff I said and I only say stuff to you

Christie- what have I said about Michie that I haven't said ... I was his number 1 target. You were his pawn but I had to make a deal to stay. My only other option was to say nothing and go home.

Sis- how long have you known though

Christie- 20 minutes ago Michie told me that if there was a tie he was gonna break the tie and I would stay


Christie- the only way I thoroughly found out was that someone told me you were crying. I know you are frustrated, Sis. Trust me, I would feel the same.

Christie puts it all on Nick.

Sis- he so fucking annoying. I understand why America fucking hates him (Michie)

Christie- I'm sorry. I hope when you get out....I don't want to separate from you. I'm crushed.

They are now both crying

Christie tells Sis that she is staying because she is a huge target and no one was coming after Sis.

Christie- it's nothing that you did and it's not fair. And I'm really, really sorry.


Christie- Nick fucking did this

Sis- and so did he (Michie)...he is so fucking annoying....so immature

Sis keeps applying makeup and then messes it up with her crying.

Michie- I am sorry that I am dead to you....I never told you that you were a pawn

Sis- yes, you said it

Michie- I never said that

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2:25 PM BBT Christie and Sis go to talk outside the RV. Sis congratulates her with sarcasm. Sis asks her if Michie told him stuff. Christie wants to know what was said to her. Christie says that he has said more about Michie then Sis did and he knows that. They have been polar opposites.

Christie tells her that Sis was a pawn. She was not supposed to go home. She had to make deal and campaign to stay. Sis asks her how long she knew that she was staying. Christie says that she didn't know. No one told her how they were voting. Christie says she just found out when Nick told her she was amazing about 5 minutes ago. 
Christie tells him that Michie only told her that he would break a tie in her favor if it came down to a tie. The only reason this is happening is because of Nick and his promise that he would only use the veto on Sis. She tells Sis to channel her frustration at Nick. Sis says no, she is channeling her frustration at Michie because he did this. America f***king hates him. 


2019-08-22-14.29.22-Cam 4.jpg


2:29 PM BBT Christie is now crying with Sis telling her that she didn't know this was happening. Sis said it is because Christie is such a talker and such a threat. She hopes that Christie beats him. Christie tells her that it is because no one is going after Sis in this game. She is devastated. She hates this and is really sorry that it is "me and you". Christie says that she has been his number #1 target. She never thought she had the votes to stay. 


2:32 PM BBT Christie tells Sis that she hates that Sis is leaving and that she didn't choose this. Christie says she can go and ask Michie what Christie said about her. Whoever told Sis I said anything is a bull s**t artist. Sis keeps telling her that she doesn't care. Michie comes in the room and Sis asks him to go away and that she hates his guts and he made promises he didn't keep. He says he never lied. She said he told her she was a pawn and he lied. He says that he never said she was a pawn and he doesn't hate her no matter how much she hates him.

2019-08-22-14.33.30-Cam 3.jpg

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Sis repeatedly tells Michie she has had his back this whole time. They are going back and forth. 

2:41 PM BBT

Michie to Nick- She had two chances just like me (to save herself)....this is why I didn't want her to know until after. I'm not upset for you telling her....it's fine.

2:43 PM BBT  The house is somber while dealing with Sis' realization that she is going tonight

Cliff- she is making it more obvious that it was the right choice if that's the way she handles it. It's not personal. It's a game.

Nicole- you've got to make peace with your god and let it be

Jess- this game could change at the drop of the dime....some people are okay to go with the flow and some people are not okay with change


Cliff- no o ne in this game is entitled to anything. This is the first time she had a problematic situation. She's been able to coast the first 60 days. We have dealt with it.

Cliff- in fact...everyone that is still in here with the exception of the person going out tonight, I would be happy to give the check to. It's a game.

Michie to Sis- I'm sorry that you hate me

Sis- I don't hate you, but I

Nick- I'm sorry...do you want me to leave you alone

Sis- it's alright. I just feel like I am going home because of someone else's game.

Nick- I'm sorry I really didn't want to tell you

Sis- I would rather you did

Analyse is called to the DR


Michie to Holly- part of winning in life is learning how to lose....she's never had to do that


Tommy is crying. Holly is upset. Nick is feeling sick questioning if he should have told her in the first place. 


Cliff, Nicole, Jess are happy that Sis is going because she is in her emotions too much and isn't handling this well at all.

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2:35 PM BBT Christie continues to tell Sis that she is sick over this. Sis "I have had his back this whole time. I never did anything to him." Christie says that this is because he wants Nick out. Sis "then he should have put Nick on the block."  Michie comes back in and says he is sorry she feels this way. That she hates him and thinks he is a liar that is dead to her. He says he never made fake promises to anyone. He never told her she was a pawn. Sis "Yes you did." Michie "Are you serious? Are you serious?"

Michie says that he knows she is upset and has to blame someone. She tells him that he is the one that put her in that position. He tells her that she needs to own things and take responsibility for her own actions. Michie says that she gave them two nominees, kept the noms the same, and the rest is out of his control. He gave her a fair and square opportunity to win the veto. She told him that she had the votes until he told them that he was going to break the tie in Christie's favor. Michie "Is that my fault?"

2019-08-22-14.37.31-Cam 3.jpg

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Michie tells Jess that and Tommy in the bathroom that Sis said "I fucking hate you. You're a liar. You're dead to me."

The houseguests all seem to agree that Sis is taking this too personally.

Nick- I wanted to tell her 5 minutes before eviction but she came up and said, Nick, be honest with me. I told her it doesn't look good.


Tommy brings Sis tissue. Sis asks Tommy to stop crying because it's making her cry. She tells him she is more sad because she is leaving him. 


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3:00 PM BBT Michie, Jess and Cliff are talking in the WA. Michie says that he is sorry if he came across as cold. He tells them that Sis said he was dead to her. He didn't lie to her. He never said she was a pawn. 

Meanwhile Sis tells Tommy that he is making her cry. He is sitting by her with tears all over his face. Sis "I feel like I am breaking up with Tommy". He tells her they are never breaking up and what a silly thing to say. The feeds switch to furry critters.
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7:03 PM BBT Feeds are back

Christie comments that the bird calls being a prank is hilarious especially for the ones that studied so hard  "Nick and Tommy"

Nick- Tommy had a dance choreographed

Christie is crying in the RV Bedroom "Thank you God...Thank you God" over and over  "I'm sorry Sis. You're my best friend in here."



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7:05PM BBT Feeds are up and Cliff is holding court with an inspiring speech in the kitchen.  They're all laughing about the bird calls.


7:07PM BBT Christie goes back to the trailer bedroom and starts praying chanting "thank you God".


7:10PM BBT The HG are in the KT eating dinner, chatting about the HOH comp tonight.  Holly feels stupid that she made the comment about her dad teaching her to shoot.


7:17PM BBT The HG are speculating about what the pranking voting will be.  Back by the camper, Christie congratulates Holly while primping her hair.  Holly is worried that the twist will mess with her HOH.


7:21PM BBT Holly and Michie are already talking game and who she should be putting on the block.  He tells her how proud of her he is.


7:25PM BBT Michie tells Holly to make sure she tells everyone that it was luck with the HOH comp and not skills.  She says yes, but that it really was skill based, even Julie said so.   He tells her that she's guaranteed at least 7th place and that he's open to play in the next HOH comp.   She says great, let's tag team back and forth with winning HOH through the end.

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7:14 PM BBT

Christie was just called to the Diary Room

Congratulations from Michie for Holly

Michie- I'm proud of you

Holly- thank you. I'm just really nervous

Michie- the nominations?

Holly- the pranks. What if I don't have any control?



Michie- you have options Nick and Christie...Christie volunteered 'use me'

Michie- We could put Jess up there....we need Christie in here a few more weeks to get Nick out. We have 7 wins together.

Holly- you have 5?

Michie-  2 vetoes, America's field trip, Hoh, Camp Director (plus her 2 HoH wins)


[I'm out for the night   -MamaLong]

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7:38PM BBT The HG are laughing in the KT about how much work went into building 2 sets for a prank.  Now they're worried about how far they'll take other pranks this week.  Christie is out of the DR and Holly was called in.


7:42PM BBT Michie feels as though if America is voting, then he'll be pranked.  Christie feels as though it'll be her, and then Nick clapped.  Back in the trailer BR, Nicole apologized to her family on the feeds that she really wanted to see their pics and read their letter.


7:44PM BBT Nick praises Christie in front of the others for how "sick" her flipping the vote was and how much respect he has for her game.


7:48PM BBT The house sounds are currently bird sounds, as the HG all do their best impressions from studying last night.  Lots of laughs!


7:57PM BBT Christie and Tommy are in the Target BR.  He asks if anyone mentioned his name and she swore on her sister's life that she never heard anything like that.  They whisper about who they think are in still existing alliances - lots of chit chat back and forth, all speculation.

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8:08PM BBT The HG discuss the different bird sayings they listened to.



8:13PM BBT Christie is unpacking. Jess and Tommy tell her how amazing it is that she stayed. Christie is going on and on about staying and her famly freaking out.


8:21PM BBTChristie is talking about how hot Julie looks. She says it was so sweet that Julie said her hairstyle tonight was inspired by the HG.


8:26PM BBT Christie is telling Jess how nice it was that everyone told her that she deserved to be in the house. She saiid that she didn't get to say everything in her speech that she wanted to.


8:33PM BBT HG talking aout what the pranks could be. Cliff says maybe Davide will be back to run around the house or cookies left by Ovi.

8:39PM BBT Christie is telling the HG that Analyse is famous in LA. Saying that she told her that she had famous connections.Because she lives 10 minutes from Calabasis.


8:43PM BBT Christie tells the HG that Analyse told her that people come to her games and there is a line for her autograph. Christie and Hollytalk about how Analyse said that she got her nails and lashes done every two weeks. Christie says that Analyse is used to being carried around.


8:54PM BBT IN the KT Holly, Jacx and Nicole discussing what Holly should do on noms. She is debating if she should be straightforward on her noms. Jackson says she should.

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The punishment is announced.  When Big Brother calls Nicole, Jessica and Cliff they must go to the storage room, collect ingredients and make pies.  Then, when Big Brother announces they must smash the pies into the faces of whatever person Big Brother instructs them to target.

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