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  1. 11:42 PM BBT Cody talking to Christmas in HN room. Christmas mentioned, "and that's why my zing was..."
  2. 10:40 PM BBT Cody talking to Dani in PBR. Cody mentioned DR took so long because of Zingbot... STARS!
  3. 4:51 PM BBT The PoV comp was apparently a maze where they had to find some stuffed animals. One was a Unicorn. Day said she used the awning to help her find her way.
  4. 6:32 PM BBT Tyler won, Tyler and Memphis in Love lounge. Memphis is not happy Dani didn’t throw the comp
  5. 3:32 PM BBT Puppies sleeping. 3:34 PM BBT Switched to kitties as the black one with white paws nearly escaped.
  6. 7:51 PM BBT live feed 1 David talking to Cody in PBR said “she literally referenced Uncle Tom”. I followed the game plan. Feeds cut away. Feeds jumped to Memphis and Day in KT talking about chicken that was made for a competition and then back to David. They started talking about fried chicken. Had they ever made it. It doesn’t look to hard.
  7. 7:38 PM BBT Memphis, Cody, Tyler, Enzo, Christmas in LR talking about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and a lot of football players from other teams. Baker Mayfield and other QBs. Tom Brady moving to TB. Jameis Winston throwing a lot of TDs and interceptions. Hot takes on other players.
  8. 8:26 PM BBT still animals and even they are tired of the lack of feeds and are going to sleep.
  9. 0:46 AM BBT Kevin and Day are in the WA. Doing their daily activities. 0:54 AM BBT Ian and Dani are in the backyard discussing strategy. [I have to go to sleep but this would be good for someone to review. - rms]
  10. 12:08 AM BBT KITTY ESCAPE?! Yes, one climbed up to the top out of the camera view. Unfortunately, I looked away and it was back in. I am not sure if it was placed back in or hit the cloth cover or a grated top and fell back in or if someone put it back. The live feed changed. Hmmm, seems familiar.

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