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  1. 1:24AM BBT WA - Kyle talks to Alyssa as she showers. He asks how annoyed she is at him right now. He was tired and couldn't match the energy. She keeps responding with short replies. He asks what the 3 things are. She replies, comfort, space, advice. She keeps replying it's fine to a lot of his questions. He asks if she want space, advice or comfort right now, she replies space. He says, ok, talk in the morning. She says or later if Turner is up and we want to hang out. He says he wants to cuddle and asks if that would be ok. Eventually he says he will be in the Tiki room if she wants to come up. [am out - gn - rmichaelsm]
  2. He figures this may have been his week to go. Now he is pondering how do we get out of this situation. He says he just tied a BB record tonight by winning 5 Veto comps. If he wins 2 more HoHs, he will tie the record. He discusses how he complained when people relied on comps to get to the end, but he thought his strategic and social games where doing well until the split house happened. He wants to get Kyle put up on the block. 1:08AM BBT WA - Monte and Kyle, what can you do. He tells Monte, well, everyone has to know now it is the house against Michael. Kyle points out he gets to play in every veto comp going forward. Heaven forbid he wins the HoH next week, he will take out me or you or Turner, the people who are the biggest threats to him winning every other veto. Monte asks Kyle how he thinks he would have done in that comp, do you think you would have had a chance? Kyle responds, "I think I would have (stops mid word, shakes his head no) I mean NOooo" Monte laughs "He said I mean nooo". [expect that clip to air, it was funny the way Kyle responded and Monte's reaction - rmichaelsm] He thinks he would have done ok.... Kyle, "I don't know, bro, I just want to go and see the movie tomorrow. If I can get out of the house. I don't know, bro, I don't think there's any chance. I don't K=know. We'll see" Monte asks Kyle if he deemed himself an ally of the LGBTQ community. Kyle says, Oh my gosh, yes, for sure I mean cinema lover, I think I am good company. I won't talk during the movie. Monte says I think that would be their biggest concern in picking you, no, that would not, you would zone out the whole time. Kyle says, he would zone out, then miss what was said in the movie and then have to ask questions which could be a liability. Listen, you keep that between us, you don't say that Monte. Monte, I am gonna have to pitch that. I mean the movie is called the Bros. Terrance comes in and predicts Michael's pick for the movie will be Michael, Turner, Brittany and then, [Looks like he is trying to act like Michael looking back and forth doing something ... well , come-on Alyssa. - rmichaelsm] Terrance left. They talk about how Michael did the comp. He was pushing off getting a lot of momentum on both ends. Kyle says, he was running, Monte didn't know how he had so much momentum going up. Kyle said he pushed off the stand at top and slide 1/4 the way down and also off the bottom. Monte said when he saw him going up he was like... There was a point when everyone was on the same page, all going down at the same time but he had made it down, back, down and was meeting Alyssa on the way back. Kyle was like, that's it, can we just call it. Monte said the only reason why he was gonna keep going is if something happened to Michael. Either he was gonna get tired or something horrible happened. Kyle says, break a knee cap, .... Monte, I wouldn't wish it but was the only reason I kept going. Kyle says and as things go forward, the comps will become more mental and he will even be better at that. Kyle says Last season they had the cookout, 6 people ran the game, we have Michael. Monte doesn't think there has been anyone who was so dominate in competitions like this. 1:10AM BBT SBR - Alyssa in talking to Michael worrying if Turner will put her up, She always feels like she is on the outside of things. Michael says he and Brittany would like to talk to her sometime tomorrow. Now that he has won PoV he is more comfortable having conversations he wasn't before. He felt so blindsided this week. She is sniffling like she is or has been crying. She doesn't want to stay up and be in the way. She says, "I just don't know how to play or what to do". She is "stressed out". The way she was telling me stuff, people who I thought were really close to me probably weren't. Michael says, we can compare notes a little more in depth tomorrow. Like I said the other day, I thought Joseph and I had a good relationship but there is stuff that he's told me (...we might see where that...) lines up. She says that Joseph told her so much but she doesn't know what's right and what's wrong. Michael says so much of his game has been based on not saying a lot since every time a person says something someone tells someone then they tell someone... He tries to not give anyone ammunition. She keeps asking everyone in the house the same questions she has because of what he told her. She is trying to figure out what means something and then how does she play the game. She hopes to get some more clarity. [She seems to be wanting Michael to help teach her how to play the game. Might be a ploy or realization she needs help - rmichaelsm] She then congratulates him. He said his heart sank when he saw it. He did not think it was his comp at all. They go into detail of some of what they did during the comp, falling, seeing other people's cups filling up etc...
  3. 12:14AM BBT KT - Turner staring deep in thought. He asks Michael if he is making food right now. Michael and Turner head up to the HoHR. Turner thanks him for picking him for the movie, Turner says he would have picked Michael. They discuss the Veto usage. Turner says Taylor is the only one he feels betrayed by, referring to the supposed alliance with Joe, Taylor, Brittany and Michael. Michael says his initial thought is to use it on Brittany. He thinks she would expect him to, and Turner says he is fine with that. Michael asks about the possible replacement. Turner thinks Terrance or Allyssa. He asks if Michael has a preference between them of if he would want someone else up. Michael says, if your goal is Taylor this week. Turner says are you ok with that goal, he doesn't want to f' up your game. Michael sys he likes Taylor but that is true with everyone at this point. He is ok with that. Turner says, please don't tell her this. Michael says he doesn't want to speak for Brittany, but she is not happy she got dragged into this. Turner asks if, because he put his homies up, does he think next week, am I gonna be f'd on that front. Turner brings up that stye have the most HoHs but Michael has doubled his comp wins, and he thinks they could work together. Turner continues to justify Taylor being his target. Turner asks who else is taking tot he movie. Michael says he did tell Alyssa he would pick her, too. He is not sure on the third. [Turner knows he is on thin ice as now he has to expose himself. WIth Michael winning PoV, if he takes Brittany down. That gives LOs 2 of the 5 votes. So if Turner puts up Monte, then Outsiders have 3 votes, but if he puts up an outsider, LOs have 3. Possible swing vote being Monte. - rmichaelsm] 12:43AM BBT WA - Turner says he will lead this train, ... they all are together and they do their goodnight messages. 1:00AM BBT SBR - Michael and Taylor Michael figures no matter which person he takes down that Monte will go up in their place. He hopes to be able to sway Turner to put up someone else. She leaves, Michael continues talking to the camera. He says he doesn't believe a word that comes out of Turner's mouth. Michael pulls his foot out and says, now, that is a blister, the camera zooms in, he says, "Oh, that makes you excited. ... No, I am not giving away the feet content. I was warned against this"
  4. 11:03PM BBT WA - Brittany and Michael talking as he showers. Brittany says, "This goes without saying but don't pick me for the movie ... Who do you want not talking?" [Planning her game talk blocking while he is gone. - rmichaelsm] [ ..... FYI feeders, ... I am just trying to hit when Michael and Brittany talk quickly not all convos - rmichaelsm] 11:09PM BBT WA - Michael and Brittany speculating it took about an hour. [I believe Turner got second based on other convos. - rmichaelsm] Brittany said Turner didn't make good turns. He went too fast then he really slowed down. She said there were times he was doing laps around her but then sometimes she was going faster than him. He clearly could go faster but at times he wasn't. Michael said, "Get the Pride Veto". He said his heart dropped when he saw what it was. He thought Monte would get it because of how fast he was when they did wind sprints in the BY. Brittany says she thought this would be Michael's comp because he ran cross-country and played hockey. He emphasizes he hadn't run CC since he was about 21-22. Then he did say it his college coach told him it was about running on your forefeet. They had a choice about which sized cup to use to fill, apparently. Monte was going for the big one, Turner the small one. Michael thought he if he could power through it would be better using the smaller cup. He thought about the bigger cup, as it would give him some time to rest as it filled. 11:12PM BBT WA. Brittany says to Michael, "This is precisely why... This is precisely why it didn't make sense to do." [Turner putting up the LO showing he is against them - rmichaelsm] Brittany said, "You are gonna use this on me, right?" He said yes but he needs to talk to Monte and Taylor. Brittany, "Turner is against us anyways"... "Now he's got you and me pissed and he didn't need to... You didn't have to do that. That's why you don't do that." (Michael agrees with uh-huhs ... etc in between those Michael says, "Thank you for pulling my trip". Brittany says it was the last one and she was so glad she got to pull it, too. Michael is gonna save his ping pong ball. Brittany says she wishes she could have at least filled up hers but she was in last, barely, she claims. They calk about it being some oil based and Brittany offers to go get some dish soap, Turner comes in, briefly but talking stops... 11:23PM BBT SBR - Michael gets Brittany to come with him as he goes in. They start to talk strategy instead of recapping the comp. He wants to talk to Monte and Taylor first. It won't make sense to go around saying this if they are not gonna be cool with it,... and FEEDS CHANGE TO SAME AS OTHER 2! [Thanks a lot BB, not like we paid to see this and you deny us! - rmichaelsm] 11:31PM BBT SBR - the feeds all flip to Michael and Brittany in the SBR. Michael debates who to take to the movie. He listed some people but we only hear "...so then do I either take Terrance or Monte, oh, no, I only get to pick 3. So I am picking those 3." Brittany agrees and says 2 are Dyer fest, so that's good. And I think that is good with Taylor if you aren't going to use the Veto at least on me. [Either I misheard, did she mean not using Veto on Taylor but on me, or? Looks like we missed a big part of the plan in the feed switch. At one point they did debate after noms possibly using Veto on Taylor thinking Brittany would be safe versus the replacement. Hard to believe they would risk that and would ensure one of them would go home, so Taylor wouldn't be ok with that. Has to be plan to use on Brittany and Taylor ok with Michael taking the 3 to movie and trying to talk to them. - rmichaelsm] they then start talking about what Michael may say to them during the movie. Brittany says, "Oh, my god, this is turning into your HoH week". they laugh. 11:36PM BBT SBR - someone knocks, they say come in, ... Turner comes in letting them know there is Pizza and some vegetable nest(?) which he has not heard of. Then he leaves. Michael says he could use a snack. Brittany says, oh my gosh you... then they start to whisper, Oh, my god, Michael.. they go in for the hug, She says we did it, you did it. Michael agrees, every time we get backed into a corner,... We come up with a plan and we come through. Michael is wondering when they may do the double. They debate discussing when they did it in past BBs. They leave the SBR. Brittany does some make-up... Michael heads to the KT
  5. 9:49AM BBT HGs are up and moving around. All came out of the HoHR with pillows.
  6. [CBS, start sending out our refunds for this week. Wow though it does give momalong and others a break with none to review - rmichaelsm]
  7. 3:58AM BBT Puppies [I give up, WOW CBS - rmichaelsm] 4:28AM BBT Still furry friends.
  8. 10:38PM BBT RCHS - kitties still testing the enclosure for weaknesses. One keeping an eye on someone, gotta have a lookout! 11:03PM BBT Bunnies
  9. 4:48PM BBT BY Turner gets Terrance to go talk. Terrance says he thought Turner had known about him throwing Otev and he could only think he heard that from Joseph so he figured they were talking. This apparently happened just before Terrance was called into the DR to do the noms. Turner said he never knew that until just now. Turner and Joseph, I believe are his two noms. Terrance apologizes to Turner saying he f’d up. Turner said he just hopes Joseph doesn’t win the veto.



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