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  1. 7:51 PM BBT live feed 1 David talking to Cody in PBR said “she literally referenced Uncle Tom”. I followed the game plan. Feeds cut away. Feeds jumped to Memphis and Day in KT talking about chicken that was made for a competition and then back to David. They started talking about fried chicken. Had they ever made it. It doesn’t look to hard.
  2. 7:38 PM BBT Memphis, Cody, Tyler, Enzo, Christmas in LR talking about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and a lot of football players from other teams. Baker Mayfield and other QBs. Tom Brady moving to TB. Jameis Winston throwing a lot of TDs and interceptions. Hot takes on other players.
  3. 8:26 PM BBT still animals and even they are tired of the lack of feeds and are going to sleep.
  4. 0:46 AM BBT Kevin and Day are in the WA. Doing their daily activities. 0:54 AM BBT Ian and Dani are in the backyard discussing strategy. [I have to go to sleep but this would be good for someone to review. - rms]
  5. 12:08 AM BBT KITTY ESCAPE?! Yes, one climbed up to the top out of the camera view. Unfortunately, I looked away and it was back in. I am not sure if it was placed back in or hit the cloth cover or a grated top and fell back in or if someone put it back. The live feed changed. Hmmm, seems familiar.
  6. 11:50 PM BBT Kitties still working on the escape plan. Well, I guess now, it's grooming time.
  7. 1:25 AM BBT aka kennel time. There has been a report of a near escape. One of the cats has now figured out how to climb the fence. They also know they can use the cloth draped over the area to help climb as well. One is posted as a lookout for when the camera light turns on. Known accomplices: 1) Cone of Shame dog. He is acting as a distraction using pity. 2) standing and barking dog. He employs noise and elevation as his means of distraction and disorientation. 2:00AM BBT FEEDS Are back
  8. 1:00 AM BBT -- still animals. 1:12 AM BBT one cat has managed to get under the cat bed and the others are trying to get him out.
  9. 5:40PM BBT I think this is still animal feed. Lazy being laying on bed staring around doing nothing. BB HG or kitty. Oh, whiskers. It’s still kitty feed. 5:48PM BBT Time to LFU the kitties! For a while you couldn’t tell if the kitty was asleep or was the video paused? Still photo? Then, through a hole in the back wall, an upside down dark blue cat bed is moving. You can’t tell what it is for a while. Finally, a cat emerges, walks around by it and looks through the hole at you. Then he walks towards it and in. Says hi to the other now alive again kitty and then nose in camera.
  10. 5:08PM BBT Still puppies and kitties. Kitty update,... They figured out they can hide behind the camera and then shoot out and attack the other kitties. 5:31PM BBT Animals. 5:35 PM BBT Puppy gang decided to eat the camera lens.

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