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  1. 12:00PM BBT: Tyler and Dani in the HOHR. Dani: "is that Kevin staring at the memory wall? I'm sorry but he has to go next". 12:35PM BBT: Dani and Nic talk by the pool in the BY. Nic: "I need water bad" Dani "I need water and I am underfed. This house is killing me. It does every time." Ian is swinging in the hammock. Kevin walks over to sit by him. Nic: "I'm going through the stages of grief". [as she suns herself] 12:51PM BBT: Christmas and Tyler are in the HOHR talking through their next strategy of what they can say about how he a
  2. 8:54PM BBT: Cody, Tyler, Memphis and Nic continue to play cornhole in the BY. In the KT, Enzo, Christmas, David and Da' talk about food and make it into music.
  3. 7:25PM BBT: Tyler is building a Froot Loop message to Angela with "A + T" and a heart with a 2 in it. "I'm so romantic". Memphis is cooking dinner and sees Tyler's art and says "this guy's a keeper!". 7:28PM BBT: Tyler makes some sort of kale veggie dish with hot sauce for dinner. Upstairs in the HOHR, Nic and Dani continue to chat about what to do, throwing around options but no answers. David and Ian are hanging in the hammock. David says that the two of them are safe this week and are in the top 10. 7:44PM BBT: Cody is in the WA getting ready for bed. Christmas
  4. 12:01PM BBT: Tyler goes into the KT to make lunch. He starts chopping up veggies and tofu. (?) Tyler says "damn - I got the medium firm.". David adds "damn. that sounds........not as tight". 12:20PM BBT: Dani and Nic are in the HOHR bed. Nic says that she needs to get a tan, that she's really pale. She add "I'm on my period without being on my period". They watch the HOH monitor. They hope that the comp is not something with short term memory, but they feel Ian would be good at this. Dani said she would never put Da', or Ian. Nic says they need to go after some boys.
  5. 10:50PM BBT: Enzo returns to LR to do more situps. David and Christmas are now on the couch wondering who would be the 4th person to be put up if it comes to that. They get quiet. 11:05PM BBT: Christmas, Tyler and David are talking about being a brand ambassador for Crossfit. Tyler tells him that he's someone that could represent at the highest level. David thanks him and says "who knows what's next". He's like to help the next generation with inclusivity in sports. The feeds are going in and out. 11:16PM BBT: Da' and Dani are chatting in the HOHR. Dani tells her th
  6. 10:13AM BBT: Christmas, Tyler and Memphis are talking in the BY by the pool about her midday fatigue and she said she wants to start taking her meds at night because they bring her down. Tyler and Memphis remind her that it's not midday - it's 10:00. "Well, I mean....like a half hour after I take my medicine." 10:14AM BBT: Cody and David are talking about making relationships in the house. Cody schools him that they won't just come to you, that he has to also make an effort to talk game to others. All of the HG run to the center of the yard and are looking up at something. "I
  7. 1:59PM BBT: Tyler finally makes it into the HOHR with Dani. They did into the HOH donuts and split one. He asks if she knows what she'll do and she promises that she won't put him up. They make a verbal agreement that they won't go for each other until F6 are at the end. He says he won't even do it until they hit F4. He tells her that if he was her, that he would backdoor him.
  8. 1:54PM BBT: Down in the KT, David Enzo, Da and Cody are flowing rhythms on the table, making music. {HIGHLY ENTERTAINING!]
  9. 1:48PM BBT: Dani tells Nic as well that David hasn't talked game to her and isn't even playing. Nic is worried that if Tyler stays after this week that he'll put her up next to Cody.
  10. 1:23PM BBT: Kevin and Ian are now alone in the SRL and shake on a pawn pact. 1:24PM BBT: Christmas and Tyler are now playing backgammon on the bridge while Nic looks on. 1:25PM BBT: Kevin asks Ian if the house doctors will prescribe meds here. Ian says probably not, that you'd have to have a pre-existing Rx, and why does he ask. Kevin says that a lot of the HG have mood stabilizing meds.... [feeds are cut] 1:27PM BBT: Dani is back up in the HOHR with Da'. Da' asks if she knows what she wants to do. Dani said she's scared of the powers, and upsetting two people
  11. 12:46PM BBT: Dani and Cody are starting to wonder if Christmas and Tyler have an F2, and that maybe Ian was to throw people off. Dani said to not give her information because she takes/takes/takes and that's her game. People would just go to her with info in the past. They want her to have no new info going forward. 12:50PM BBT: David joins Kevin in the SRL and tries to comfort him. All cams are back on Dani/Cody. Dani tells him that she doesn't think Kevin understood because he suggested that they use David for the pawn intead. Cody's jaw drops and then Dani gets called to D
  12. 12:33PM BBT: Enzo is in the HOHR with Dani and they put the Slick6 to rest. They joke that it's the sly five now. Enzo says that people that don't win anything should be the targets. He considers everyone outside of the cool 4 as the other side of the house. Enzo tells her that if he wins the POV, he'll do whatever she wants with it. 12:38PM BBT: Enzo leaves the HOHR and announces it for "whoever's next". Cody comes in and Dani laughs and tells him to take off his hat because he looks like a pirate. He says he's "Steve Pirate". They pretend to talk game and through out cra
  13. 7:54PM BBT: Cody and Memphis are in the KBR. They agree that they're in a great position right now with Dani as HOH, so much less stressful. They add "especially if next week is a double eviction". Memphis leaves and Cody reads the note again about his Pop Pop. 7:55PM BBT: Christmas is in the KT making dinner. Enzo is hanging out by the fridge while Tyler eats what appears to be Rice Chex dipped in peanut butter. 7:58PM BBT: Back in the WA, Nic asks Kevin if he found the wall or the puppet harder. He answers "the wall. At least I could find some moments of relief with t

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