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  1. 1:01AM BBT: Enzo is talking to himself/cameras and pumping himself up. "Let me finagle the jury, yo". He is practicing his speech and wants to be final 2. "What are you scared of, yo".
  2. 6:22PM BBT: In between the feeds cutting in and out, Enzo and NIc eat dinner. 6:24PM BBT: Cody is packing. Feeds cut as he sings. 6:25PM BBT: Cody and Nic ask how Enzo managed to fill 3 dressers. 6:26PM BBT: The HG pack their suitcases while Enzo thinks about dinner. Chicken nuggets and rice for the win.
  3. 5:04PM BBT: Nic is taking off her toenail polish, Enzo is in bed and Cody is showering. [SSDD] 5:15PM BBT: Feeds were cut to stars. 5:30PM BBT: Cody eats in the KT while Nic continues to paint her nails blue.
  4. 7:34PM BBT: Enzo is on the upstairs bridge and says that Christmas was definitely up there because it's a huge mess.
  5. 7:16PM BBT: Cody is playing backgammon by himself while messing with Enzo as Enzo walks laps upstairs.
  6. 6:44PM BBT: Enzo is eating dinner while playing with himself. Backgammon, that is. Nicole is still sleeping.
  7. 6:09PM BBT: Nic is in a CBR bed staring off into space. Enzo heads into the SR to get some paper towel and back to the KT where he is cooking in the big pot. 6:12PM BBT: Enzo excuses himself for belching - to nobody. He then walks around the KT asking "what's that?", pointing to all of the messes around.
  8. 1:07PM BBT: Cody gets up in the WA and feeds are cut. 1:12PM BBT: Feeds are back to all of the HG sleeping. Someone may need to put a mirror under their noses to make sure they're alive. 1:30PM BBT: The feeds are back and the houseguests are ALIVE! Nicole is applying makeup and Cody is gargling. 1:31PM BBT: Cody is telling Nic about a bizarre dream he had. There were people that weren't houseguests, but talking about Da'vonne and nobody would talk to him.
  9. 9:18PM BBT: Feeds are kind of back. They show Nic in the WA briefly as she holds up a shirt and checks her face in the mirror. Then back to kittens.
  10. Ya would like to say what a joke bailey is.    Black is not deragTory.   For her to say that booo hooo.   Get over ur self...you even called urself black.     

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