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  1. 7:02PM BBT The feeds are back and Nicole has won the HOH! 7:05PM BBT The other HG congratulate Nicole. Holly is very quiet, except for saying that she kept her word. 7:20PM BBT Feeds have been on fish, but now returned. The four remaining HG have a heart to heart about their intentions and paranoia and reinforces his lie with the how they made the right decision. He strokes their ego by telling them how smart they are. 7:23PM BBT In the KT, Nicole tells the others that she was angry and confused, but their decision was ultimately right. They talk about getting out of their wet clothes and then cook dinner. 7:33PM BBT Michie continues to talk with Cliff and Nicole in the KT and talks through the spin and possibilities and that it never dawned on him that Holly could see the block on his HOH. 7:41PM BBT Michie tells the others that they will see the footage of him talking to the cameras about their F4 and how it didn't waiver. They all say they did what they had to do or say depending on the situation. Nicole says they trust them and doesn't see people like them actually caring about her, thus her trust issues. Michie runs over to her and hugs/spins her around. 7:48PM BBT The HG talk through Jess's campaigning and how she worked on others emotions. They remind Nicole that she is guaranteed another 13 days in the house and will be there on finale night, never going to the jury house. Nicole laughs as she tells the others the story about how she told Jess about the alliance and it's why the house blew up on day 58.
  2. 1:03PM BBT Nicole heads to the RV to put on shorts so she can sit out in the sun. She takes off all of her jewelry and kisses her necklace pendant. She gets called to the DR and puts her jewelry back on. 1:07PM BBT Tommy asks Nicole to ask the DR if they can do a two person DR with Amber and Azule (the dolls). 1:13PM BBT Jackson is in the pool while Cliff, Holly and Tommy are in the chairs. Jackson says it would be cool to be a plumber and be called to do work on the BB house. 1:30PM BBT The sunbathing continues without much talk. Nicole is still in the DR. 1:52PM BBT Holly is now inside and dressed and applying her makeup by the RV as she was called to the DR now that Nicole is out and in the BY. 2:16PM BBT Cliff is studying the days in the KT while the others are outside or in the DR. He has competed in 24 comps and won 4. 2:38PM BBT Cliff wants to take a shower, but it's still not fixed. Holly is back out back in her bathing suit and cutoffs in the sun and Nicole is laying in the couch in the shade. Jackson is looking through the fridge. 2:40PM BBT Jackson and Holly are sitting quietly on the hammock and then she finally sheepishly asks to talk at some point. He says his schedule is pretty open today. Cliff is eating hot dogs in the KT. 2:42PM BBT Holly explains that he kept pushing buttons and she was frustrated, but it wasn't ok to speak to him that way. 2:43PM BBT Jackson tells Holly that when she talks to him that way, the entire country is listening to it. She said it wasn't intentional and that he's trying to guilt trip and that she's beating herself up even more than he is beating her up about it. He walks inside, leaving her alone on the hammock. 2:57PM BBT More of the same hammock talk between Holly and Jackson. 3:08PM BBT Nicole and Tommy chat on the BY couches where she tells him Cliff wants to talk with him and is receptive to him campaigning. 3:18PM BBT Nicole and Tommy are walking through the changing dynamics of the house through this season. 3:25PM BBT Holly joins Nicole and Tommy's conversation while Jackson goes up to the HOHR for snacks.
  3. 7:26PM BBT After laying in the HOH bed and watching the monitor by herself, Nicole joins the others for dinner downstairs. Michie explains to them that wasabi in restaurants is usually horseradish and water dyed green. 7:39PM BBT While eating dinner, the HG are guessing that the comp tomorrow will either face smash or BB comics. Michie explains how the comics comp works. 7:57PM BBT The HG head to the couches in the LR after dinner. Nicole ran back and grabbed her blanket from the RV. Tommy is commenting on how different Julie Chen Moonves looks now from the first season. Michie wants to watch seasons 1 through 21 to see the progression of the show.
  4. 12:41AM BBT Holly, Cliff and Michie are in the target room talking through what may be the next comp. Michie said it was hard to bite his tongue about Christie, and they all agree that Christie was the epicenter of every blow up. They're all so happy she's gone and that it was Nicole that got her out and that she won't have to deal with the stress of being HOH for a week. 1:18AM BBT In the target room, Michie "I was scared before I got in here, was scared of where my head was at" to Tommy and Holly. The three of them sit up and clap in synch and the lights go out. They all cheer. In the camper room, Nicole and Cliff do the same and their lights go out as well. All go to sleep.
  5. 7:14PM BBT The feeds are back. The remaining HG are packing Christie's stuff for her. 7:16PM BBT Michie, Holly, Cliff and Nicole are in the QA where they feel good about the double eviction and solidify their alliance. 7:20PM BBT Holly picks through what they pack for Christie to make sure that they are hers. She walks through the house with a pair of shoes to make sure they're not someone else's. Nicole is called to the DR upstairs. 7:23PM BBT Cliff, Holly and Michie are discussing how close Tommy was to winning the DE HOH. Michie said Tommy was about 10 seconds behind her after she missed her first shot at the ball. 7:25PM BBT Michie laughs about how happy he was casting that last vote. Cliff said Christie was here several weeks longer than she should've been. Holly regretted not getting her out last week. Cliff was worried about that final POV comp question. 7:31PM BBT Holly is called to the DR downstairs. Cliff and Michie are wondering if the next comp will be a face mash, and if they're individually taped where they can't watch. Cliff said that since they can wear whatever they want to the comp that it's probably a questions related one. Tommy eats cereal in the KT where the three of them are now deep in thought. 7:35PM BBT Tommy is excited to have been on the block and survived. He was always afraid that he'd go home. Nicole (who is now with them in the KT) apologized and says she really didn't want him to go. 7:38PM BBT Tommy cries in the KT with the realization that he is now alone. Nicole comforts him and he tells her that he gets it and it is what it is. 7:42PM BBT Tommy goes to the boat room by himself where he starts chanting "I did my best". He then makes the sign of the cross and prays. 7:48PM BBT Michie and Holly are in the target BR where he is changing into shorts. He strips down, changing out his underwear and she blocks (not very well) his bare a$$ from the camera. Michie laughs that they left Bullwinkle upstairs and they joke about selling it on eBay for a profit they'll use for a vacation. Tommy is now out of the boat room and helping finish off the packing of Christie's suitcase. 7:51PM BBT Outside the camper, Holly tells Cliff and Michie that she's gonna start talking to the feeds now that they're down to 5. She will start in the mornings, when she feels she's prettier. They're all relieved that there was no battle back with Jack or Nick returning to the game. Tommy is sitting at the KT table studying the faces.
  6. 5:19PM BBT The HG are all in the KT area. Cliff and Michie are playing backgammon while the other are snacking. 5:28PM BBT Jess and Christie are now upstairs playing checkers while Nicole lounges on the couch beside them. 6:05PM BBT Jess watches the KT from above. She then sits and she and Nicole start chatting about how they're drained, which eventually turns to whispering over a game of checkers. Jess is asking if they can hear them up there. (you can hear Christy's bellowing voice from below) Nicole didn't think that she would ever get emotional over votes and evictions. 6:12PM BBT Holly has started working on an art project, coloring on a piece of cardboard. 6:16PM BBT Jess tells Nicole that she's still in the house because of her and that she has talked her off the ledge, reminding her that this is a game. They stop talking as Christy has stuck her head in on her way to the HOH room. 6:32PM BBT Jess entices Nicole for her to vote for her to stay and be her F2, and that there would be no question about loyalty. She wants her to go for this HOH, take the others out, and win it all. Nicole appears uncomfortable and talks about checkers. Cliff then comes to sit with them. 6:37PM BBT Cliff has made his way back downstairs and is playing backgammon with Michie. Holly continues drawing out letters on the cardboard across from them at the KT table. 6:47PM BBT Still over checkers, Nicole explains to Jess that she needs to think before committing to anything regarding her vote. Jess says she understands and that to play her own game. Downstairs, Tommy is twirling around the KT before heading up the ladder stairs to sit with Nicole/Jess. 6:55PM BBT Cliff joins Nicole, Tommy and Jess upstairs and will teach them how to play chess.
  7. 11:03AM BBT Holly tiptoes around the HOH room where Michie is sleeping. She tells him that there is freshly brewed coffee made and lays down beside him to snuggle. He nuzzles her. 11:11PM BBT Cliff talks with Jess about his career and how he's going to put this summer on his resume. He'd rather be in engineering than sales. He couldn't tell his company where he was going, but they gathered that it was a tv show. He wonders if they'll take him back and that there's still an open position. 11:19PM BBT Nicole joins Cliff and Jess in the KT and notices the centipede in the pickle jar and tells them that her two fears are birds and centipedes. 11:24PM BBT Christie and Tommy are whispering in the BR outside the camper. Christy says she's scared. He has a plan that he feels is great and wants to talk to her about. He said he was up til 3:30am trying to wait out "the four of them". He has a plan for Jess to stay, and wants to plant a seed in Michie's head to get rid of Cliff. Christy said she tried to strike a deal with Michie to flip the vote. She wants Jess to pair up with Nicole. Tommy says "Nicole is SMART". 11:37PM BBT Cliff is studying the days by himself while in the target BR bed. 11:42PM BBT The feeds turn over to the puppies. 12:12PM BBT Feeds are back and nothing has changed. Holly and Michie are still cuddling, and Cliff and Nicole arechecking on Michie's frozen slippers in the SR freezer. 12:17PM BBT Christy, Jess and Nicole are in the KT. Christy says how crazy it is that they're still there and have a shot at winning. 12:40PM BBT In the HOH bed, Jackson tickles Holly to the point where "your girls are out", and then she freaks out that she exposed herself. She then realizes that she was ok because her bralette had her covered up. 12:43PM BBT Michie and Tommy are upstairs in the HOHBR talking about the pros and cons of keeping one of the noms over the other. He feels that if he keeps Jess, she'll be bitter with him about putting him up. Tommy is trying to put his plan into play regarding flipping the vote. 12:45PM BBT Michie "I hope this stays between us".... Tommy "of course". Michie walks through each scenario of keeping/getting rid of HG the rest of the season and what's best for their game. 12:48PM BBT In the WA, Cliff tells Nicole that Michie and Holly want to meet up with them later today, probably just to touch base. 12:49PM BBT Michie tells Tommy that he hopes he didn't "f*ck up the order of what should've been done this week". Tommy reassures him that desperate times call for desperate measures. 12:50PM BBT Holly joins Michie and Tommy in the HOHR and echoes what Michie says. 12:51PM BBT Holly says that she thinks Cliff likes other men in the house so that they can shield him, and that scares her. 12:57PM BBT Christy joins Tommy, Michie and Holly to see what's up. They fill her in about weighing pros and cons going forward. Michie looks for the remote so they can watch the monitor and talk freely. The monitor doesn't work, so they just go on.
  8. 9:45AM BBT The HG are now awake. Holly starts her day by making coffee. 9:52AM BBT Holly and Tomy are trying to figure out what kind of bug is in one of the kitchen jars - Holly caught it earlier and was grossed out.
  9. 7:31PM BBT Cliff appears to be struggling. Everyone else is holding steadily. 7:35PM BBT Cliff announces falling right before he drops. 7:35PM BBT Christie drops saying she was in the worst position. 7:36PM BBT The remaining HG are Nicole, Tommy and Michie, and all are agreeing how hard it is. 7:37PM BBT Tommy says that his calves are on fire. Michie says he feels great, no different than when they started. 7:42PM BBT Nicole drops. 7:43PM BBT It's now between Tommy and Michie. The others are comforting Nicole, who is visibly upset. 7:48PM BBT Tommy is huffing and puffing while it looks like a walk in the park for Michie. The wall tilts even further. 7:49PM BBT Tommy drops. 7:50PM BBT Jackson is the new HOH, with lots of hugs from the other HG.
  10. 7:03PM BBT Feeds are back! Everyone is quiet and Tommy is grinning. 7:06PM BBT The HG all agree that this comp is really hard, even after a few minutes. Jess promises to give everyone massages tomorrow. 7:08PM BBT The cold rain keeps coming and Tommy is laughing. Nicole is very focused, concentrating with her eyes closed. 7:09PM BBT Tommy and Jess both say that their feet are numb. 7:11PM BBT All of the HG agree that having a flat backside would help with this comp, and they're comparing the differences in the boards for their hand placements. They are then suddenly hit with a cold blast of smoke/air from behind. Christie says that she felt like a sharp stab in the back. Then a repeat blast. The feeds then go to WBRB. 7:14PM BBT The house tilts forward, with all HG still hanging on. Nicole is in the zone. 7:15PM BBT Michie takes note of production's signals to make things happen. 7:17PM BBT Jess is going to drop, but is scared. Screams as she falls and is laying on her back. She looks like she's hurting so Holly asks production if she's allowed to help her - and the feeds to to WBRB. 7:19PM BBT Holly is helping Jess up, who is really winded. 7:20PM BBT Jess gets a towel around her with a bottle of water, and is in tears. 7:20PM BBT And now the shout outs to family and friends begins, starting with Christie. The ghosts then swing down to hit them. 7:25PM BBT There's talk about what they're going to eat later. Christie asks BB if they can have pizza. They all remember that they have a frozen pizza they can have.
  11. 7:38PM BBT The HG are laughing in the KT about how much work went into building 2 sets for a prank. Now they're worried about how far they'll take other pranks this week. Christie is out of the DR and Holly was called in. 7:42PM BBT Michie feels as though if America is voting, then he'll be pranked. Christie feels as though it'll be her, and then Nick clapped. Back in the trailer BR, Nicole apologized to her family on the feeds that she really wanted to see their pics and read their letter. 7:44PM BBT Nick praises Christie in front of the others for how "sick" her flipping the vote was and how much respect he has for her game. 7:48PM BBT The house sounds are currently bird sounds, as the HG all do their best impressions from studying last night. Lots of laughs! 7:57PM BBT Christie and Tommy are in the Target BR. He asks if anyone mentioned his name and she swore on her sister's life that she never heard anything like that. They whisper about who they think are in still existing alliances - lots of chit chat back and forth, all speculation.
  12. 7:05PM BBT Feeds are up and Cliff is holding court with an inspiring speech in the kitchen. They're all laughing about the bird calls. 7:07PM BBT Christie goes back to the trailer bedroom and starts praying chanting "thank you God". 7:10PM BBT The HG are in the KT eating dinner, chatting about the HOH comp tonight. Holly feels stupid that she made the comment about her dad teaching her to shoot. 7:17PM BBT The HG are speculating about what the pranking voting will be. Back by the camper, Christie congratulates Holly while primping her hair. Holly is worried that the twist will mess with her HOH. 7:21PM BBT Holly and Michie are already talking game and who she should be putting on the block. He tells her how proud of her he is. 7:25PM BBT Michie tells Holly to make sure she tells everyone that it was luck with the HOH comp and not skills. She says yes, but that it really was skill based, even Julie said so. He tells her that she's guaranteed at least 7th place and that he's open to play in the next HOH comp. She says great, let's tag team back and forth with winning HOH through the end.
  13. 7:57PM BBT - Cliff is determines to to complete the comp. Michie tries to help him, but he says he wants to do it himself and that they can turn the lights out. He then gives Kat a shout out that he is sorry, but had to do what he had to to stay stay alive in this game.
  14. 7:31PM BBT - Michie is clearly in the lead and is his to lose at this point. He has a wardrobe malfunction and takes off his shorts and kicks them to the side. Holly appears to be a close second, but it's difficult to see her container in the lineup with the camera angles. 7:33PM BBT - Cliff said that he had a dream last night about Michie in Mexico, going from room to room drinking beer while Michie was drinking the beers ahead of everyone. 7:35PM BBT - Jess said that she's going to end up without a job by losing weight in the comp and that she's down about 15lbs at this point. 7:38PM BBT - Nick is singing, bringing the feeds to the WBRB message. 7:39PM BBT - Michie requests water or beer (or both) from POPTV after the comp tonight. 7:40PM BBT - Cliff says "I may not win, but I'm not quitting. I'm giving this 100%" Holly "that's why we love you, Cliff" 7:43PM BBT - Michie can touch his ball, so he knows that he's close. Sis continues to fall, probably more than any of the others. 7:48PM BBT - 54 minutes into the comp and it appears to almost be over with Michie heads above the others, with Holly in second. 7:51PM BBT - Tommy confirms that Michie is in 1st, Holly in 2nd, Christie in 3rd. The others continue to plod along. 7:55PM BBT - Michie wins HOH!
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