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8/17 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is three hours behind the east coast. (See Map Here)

Because of the similarity in the HG's names (Joe, JoJO, Jenn, etc.), please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations.

Try to be more consistent with what we name things. For example, here are some abbreviations I would like to settle on using:

Have Not Room (HNR)

Sneaker Bed Room (SBR)

Music Bed Room (MBR)

Wash Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=138

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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21:01 BBT

HG are talking about Olympic gold medals and eating junk food. Jenn's talking a shower. Boogie's flossing his teeth in the WA.

Time for Boogie's shower. Ian doing his ADLs in the WA. Looks like the other HGs are cooking up some pizza. Frank wishes he could watch a little TV tonight.

HG deciding who's going to sleep where this week. Jenn seems to be in a lot of pain after the comp - she's getting some Advil from the SR. Jenn and Joe discuss Wil's eviction.

Jenn in pain and lying on the circle bed. Boogie & Joe checking in w/ her to make sure she's okay. Jenn says she landed on her mike when she fell in the comp.

Boogie & Jenn discuss Wil's career as a musician. Jenn says Wil said he toured a lot and lived in Berlin for awhile. They start discussing the acts that Wil opened for and we get WBRB.

Boogie & Jenn think Wil was ready to go home this week. They'll miss him, but he seemed ready to go home. Jenn really hopes he doesn't regret anything, but she thinks he did try his best.

Ian and Brit check in on the sick ward (MBR). Boogie is lying down with ear drops in his ears. Jenn is resting her back on the circle bed.

Ian regrets his choice to wear a unitard in the comp. "It was a little slippy" he says. Jenn remarks that they totally guessed wrong for what the comp was going to be. Meanwhile other HGs are chowing down in the KT.

21:33 BBT

Dan, Brit, Ash, Dani, Shane, Frank in KT eating and discussing the US Olympic medal count. Shane speculates what's going to be in his HOH room. Jenn, Boogie, Ian in the MBR discussing BB & their goodbye messages to Wil.

Jenn & Ian in the MBR discussing the HOH comp. Generally chit-chat in the KT while everyone else eats junk food. Everyone's pretty relaxed. Frank starts singing and we get WBRB.

Boogie, Dan, Ash, & Brit chilling on the LR couches. Looks like Boogie is still having trouble with his ears - he's got some cotton in them to keep in the ear drops he put in earlier. Brit remarks that she's surprised how many $$ prizes they've have this season on BB.

Ian predicts that they won't have a luxury comp this week even tho there are no HNs. Brit says she's tired of listening to Ian predictions b/c they're never right.

Someone mentions Julie Chen's schedule and we immediately get WBRB. Feeds come back briefly & we hear Ian joking about weed. Immediately we get WBRB again.

Feeds come back and everyone's discussing where they are going to sleep again. Discussion turns to what's upcoming in the game. Maybe a luxury comp? Or a fast forward? The HGs have many theories.

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10:02pm BBT - HGs sitting in LR start to speculate what's on the schedule for the next few days? Luxury comp? Fast Forward? Ian says BB has to do something to get rid of bodies.

10:09pm BBT - Joe called to DR, giving other HGs a chance to joke about his nomination speech. Frank says Joe tried to dye his mohawk white before coming in the house, but BB told him no.

10:19pm BBT - Dani and Brit are comparing bruises in the LR. Frank sleeping in the Sneaker Room. Brit observes how lively it is. In the LR are Mike, Brit, Dani, Dan, Ian, Shane and Ash. Brit tells Ian if it's a lux comp for a movie screening and it comes down to him and her, she won't throw it to him. She's joking. They talk about last season's lux comp with The Hoff.

10:23pm BBT - HG are just killing time with idle chat waiting for BB to get through the DRs and give Shane his HoH room. Frank has the right idea.

10:28pm BBT - Ian describes the Wikipedia page he expects for the BB14 entry. They all think Wil is drinking now. Talk turns to BB9 - Ian says it was filthy, no thinking, no strategy, it was all emotion and dislikes. He says that with alcohol, the cast was picked to rage on Showtime. Dan was supposed to be on BB9 (Foth) and Matt was supposed to be on BB11 (FotH). You sense a pattern here? We'll Be Right Back!

10:33pm BBT - Ian and Danielle talk about how mass college degrees are conferred at their respective schools - Tulane is at the SuperDome. Brit got both of her degrees in 3.5 years, took over 16 credits a semester. Ian said he never took less than 16 either. Ian took Arabic 1 - wave of the future, he and Brit said. Dan says Ian was going to be a CIA agent. Ian wanted a double major in Economics but it was too complicated to schedule all the classes and the non-overlapping credits. Ian says he's in it for the degree, not the graduation ceremony.

10:37pm BBT - Joe is out of DR. Ian's mom wanted him to attend his graduation ceremony and not go on BB but he said this was his dream since forever. His dad had told him to never do a reality TV show like Survivor.Brit said her mom tried to get on Survivor. Ian going down the list of things his mother told him not to do in the BB house, not lose his virginity, wear a unitard for a week... Shane is in DR now, Joe has joined the LR crowd. Brit talking about how his dad keeps giving his mom electronics and she feels bad for her mom each time.

10:41pm BBT - Brit talking about her mom coming out to the wrap party after BB12 and how Alison & Rich told her about the house burning down but downplayed it. Her mom filled in the details during the party. Dan talks about the music video made in Season 1 (when they wrote lyrics to the BB theme music). Ian confesses that season he only watched the Thursday show after Survivor. Ian says Lisa on BB3 was So Hot! Frank is sleeping through a riveting conversation. So jealous.

10:47pm BBT - Yes, Brit is talking about the amount of space between her mothers' eyebrows. They have identical voices. The HG say Danielle needs to win the next HoH to keep the pattern going. Brit tells some of what Wil told her about his personal life. Since Wil is gone, I'm not going to repeat the stories. Ian thought he just did marketing stuff. Dan says he's an executive chef to the stars. Joe says he's not really a Chef. Brit is a CIA spy. Ian launched Curiosity from his dorm room. Ian has never taken a statistics class but has used it in his other classes. Brit starts to ask about drawing lanes out of the baggy and we get FotH because BB doesn't want us to know they draw lanes unless Julie tells us.

10:55pm BBT - Brit says Shane won HoH, Boogie took $10k and she won safety. We can now change the channel. Dan wants to play the 20 Question Celebrity game but the others want to listen to Ian talk about the 10 different types of reality show contestants, starting with the one that never gets any DR time. Ian has read all about it. Ashley goes to the SR. Frank is still sleeping. Ashley is back. Brit talks Ian into a BB12 season recap. He starts with the day the HG entered the house, one who was really, really hot. Brit asks if this is how lame the BB10 recap was?

10:59pm BBT - Dan says Ian has his Sperry's on, he's shutting down for the night. They put it off to tomorrow. Singing. FotH. They are talking about who voted for whom on BB7 and last season. Boogie says Chicken George went on a road trip in the chicken suit to campaign to get on the show again, any CBS news station that would have him. Ian says he was surprised Jase got the Viewers vote since he wasn't particularly liked during his season.

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11:06 pm BBT Boogie talks about going to Vegas with Cowboy he says they gambled together. Ian says he thought Cowboy was going to win his season it would have been nuts if he had. They discuss names that are common between them and returning HGs. Rain man Ian lists off all the "Jens"

11:07 pm BBT Shane gets his Hoh Room! We have audio but see fish while they all head upstairs. Shane urges Ash to head back downstairs to rest. Jenn and Frank were asleep Jenn got up but they let Frank sleep. Shane got blue moon beer, chips ahoy cookies, pictures of his sis and dog Dozer, His letter is from his sister. his fridge has string cheese, salsa , and monsters in it. His CD was an Akon cd and he gave Dan socks because he owed him.

11:23 pm BBT Dan is the first non-injured tired HG to leave Hoh to get a snack. As they all start to filter out Boogie says he is headed to bed . Dan heads back up to the Hoh where only the quack pack is left. They joke about giving Ian red bull and monster. Ian declines. Boogie wakes up Frak to let him know Shane has his Hoh. Frank goes upstairs to look and kiss butt.

11:27 pm BBT Ash also went upstairs to let them know they have two bottles of wine and 7 beers. They are bringing it all up to Hoh.

11:34 pm BBT next few mins should be pretty calm. Ian, Frank, Brit, Dani, Ash, Joe and Shane having their first drinks of the night and recapping the Hoh comp. and talking types of beers

11:46 pm BBT minor Boogie bashing going on in Hoh for being the only one going for the 10k and being probably the only one who doesnt need it.

12:03 am BBT Boogie wakes up Frank once more and Boogie goes over the fact that he didnt try for Hoh so both of them can play next week. they turn out the lights and head to bed. Back to the hoh room I go

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12:10 am BBT Hoh crew just makin small talk about Brits season and how bored they get in the house. Joe says he has walked for two hours at 3 am before because he gets so bored in the house

12:32 am BBT Brit and Dani are sufficiently drunk and discussing what celebrities they'd like to visit for a luxury comp. They are both crazy about Vince Vaughn and Justin Timberlake. Now they are name dropping people they have all met.

12:47 am BBT The guys in hoh discussing who has won the same Hoh comp in the past We get fish every once in a while for a little bit, come back to Joe telling a story about a huge friend of his while the girls change for bath time.

12:55 am BBT Brit Dani and Ash all taking a bath . one of the girls didn't set the bottle of wine they brought in there far enough away from the edge of a counter top and of course it breaks. Ian says he will get the broom if he can join them in the bath. They say yes so he gets in with them except for Brit . Ash and Dani kiss both of Ians cheeks and he is in heaven

1:00 am BBT also frgot to send out Shanes Hoh letter it is from his sister. "Dear Broseph, I am thinking to myself as I write this left this is the longest I have gone without communicating with you. Spent the 4th at Lake Winepesaki and went on a firework party cruise, could have used you there to spice things up with your sexy legs danceing. Started school again, last semester. Hope you are doing well in the BB house and make it all the way. Know that you have lots of people behind you, watching and supporting. Git er done, your sister, Shannon."

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03:08AM BBT Ash and Dani kissing Ian after Shane talked them into it. http://bit.ly/MBT8Eu

03:12AM BBT Brief period of FoTH there. The BY is open and Brit and Dani are super excited. Ash and Ian remain in the tub in the HoH saying how awesome it is living in the BB house.

01:15AM BBT Intermittent FoTH. Joe is in HoH BR talking to Ian and Ash telling them to know their roll (when in the DR? I had some connection troubles for a moment). Joe is the Chef Dad and we get FoTH.

01:18AM BBT Feeds back Joe and Shane standing outside SR and they are whispering. Shane asks Joe if he heard that Boogie was going to put him up if he won HoH. Joe agrees that he heard it. Shane says he wants to talk about noms tomorrow with Joe, Brit and Dani.

01:21AM BBT Shane says Boogie dug his own grave today by going after the 10 grand. Shane says Frank is pissed. Shane says if he puts up Frank and Boogie they're going to be so pissed. Apparently they are waiting to jump out at Dani and Brit as they come out of the DR. About that time you can hear the girls giggling and Joe and Shane jump out from behind the door.

01:23AM BBT Up in the HoH BR Ian and Ash are getting out of the tub. Brit is making herself a grilled cheese in the KT. Joe and Shane giving her grief for not asking if they want any.

1KCourt asks on Twitter: "why can't the houseguests bring books with them? Or BB provide boardgames? Id go nuts living as they are" Can you imagine how boring they'd be if all they did was sit around and read? It's bad enough they sit around guessing what the next competition is going to be! - Niteslacker

01:28AM BBT Brit and Dani continue to make grilled cheese sandwiches. Shane comments to Joe that they will probably be in trouble tomorrow for waking the house up tonight. Dani screamed like a girl. Dani said she was getting beat by a pillow, what was she supposed to do?

chelseajeffers on Twitter says: "dani gets more annoying when drunk #BB14TFU" I couldn't agree more! - Niteslacker

01:33AM BBT All four feeds on Dani, Shane, Joe, Brit, Dan and Ash on the KT table. Idle chit chat about today's HoH while eating/munching.

01:40AM BBT HoH competition talk continues at the KT table. Dani and Dan giving each other grief saying they did better than the other. Dan says Boogie was pushing off the barrel and off the buckets at the end to get himself a bit of momentum.

01:42AM BBT Here's photos from Joe and Shane scaring Brit and Dani. http://bit.ly/S31vuM http://bit.ly/S31Cqq

01:44AM BBT Ash heading to bed. Everyone awake says goodnight. Shane tells Ash good job. Ash tells Shane good job. Brit says she washed a dish today. Joe decides they should clean up tonight because they'll be sleeping later in the morning. Out in the BY Dan and Dani are talking near the washer/dryer. Dan says Shane says Frank is pissed (about Boogie going for the cash).

01:47AM BBT Dani says conversations between she and him stay with her and she tells him everything. Dan says she didn't tell her about Wil being a dancer or whatever. Dani says she just found out yesterday and hasn't really had a chance to talk to Dan until now. Dani asks Dan what she should say if Shane asks for her opinion for who to put up. Dan says it depends on who you want in the jury floaters or fighters. Dan gets called out for his necklace being too close to his microphone by BB and Dan tells BB "Alright! Stop waking everyone up!"

01:51AM BBT Dan says if he was HoH he'd put up a floater this week because he wouldn't want to get any blood on his hands. Dani asks what about Shane winning...what should he do. Dan hates to be selfish but he should take out someone physical. Dani brings up Ian and Dan says Ian is in line to go to the end of this game. Dan says Ian is Dan from 4 years ago. Dan says they should stick with Brit and Shane because Dan can beat Shane and Dani could beat Brit.

01:55AM BBT Cleanup continues in the KT by Brit and Shane. Dani says she thinks Shane will put up 2 floaters. Dan says not to say anything yet because they may end up having to play the game with Frank and Boogie in the end which he really doesn't want to do. Dan says Shane could roll the dice and maybe Frank wouldn't win the veto. Dani asks if Ian would vote to get Frank out. Dan says Ian won't co-sign any big moves. Dani asks why not. Dan says she can ask him if she wants but he'll stammer and be "uh...."

01:59AM BBT Dan says the four that they have reminds him of the crew that he had but he doesn't like Ian in the group. Brit wanders outside asking Dan what they're talking about. Dan says (in a really annoyed voice) "Just having 5 seconds worth of conversation without Joe in the room". Brit asks them what they're thinking. Dani says she wishes Dani (or Dan?) would have won then they would have pulled the trigger. Brit says she thinks Shane will put up the two floaters.

02:02AM BBT Talk turns to Joe going to be up in the HoH all night. Dan says he'll stay up later than him and be the last out of the room. Dan asks Brit if she knows who is set up to win the game. Brit says Ian is because he's in the middle of everyone. Talk turns back to who Shane should put up.

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02:06AM BBT Brit says Ian told him that Boogie told him to put up Shane if he won HoH tonight (in case it was a FF/Double Evict). Ian walks outside and Dani asks Ian what Shane should do. Ian starts to talk and Dani says to kill the conversation because Joe is coming out. Shane up in HoH after finishing cleaning (that's why Joe walked outside). Dani goes upstairs.

02:09AM BBT Joe wanders back inside. Brit asks Ian about the convo he had with Boogie and Ian admits to "goofing" up and he tells Brit that Boogie told him that he was supposed to target Brit or Shane. Brit looks confused/annoyed as to why Ian told her something different earlier. Joe comes back out. Ian goes in to get a drink. Brit follows soon after.

02:12AM BBT Dan left with Joe in the BY. Dan trying to knock 7 balls in all at once. Joe doesn't understand the purpose. Dan is just trying. Brit and Ian head into SR to chat. Brit is surprised why she is being targeted. Ian thinks it's because she is more slick than Shane. Brit tells Ian that Shane is worried about breaking his word by putting Frank/Boogie up. Ian scoffs and says Frank stayed a week and Shane stayed a week. Their word should be completed. Ian thinks duos will be introduced by Pandora's box. Brit disagrees. Ian says it's possible.

02:14AM BBT Ian thinks Boogie should go home this week. He has $16K his time is up. Brit wants Frank to go home this week. Frank is coming after her. Ian says Boogie is coming after her. Frank is less slick then Boogie. Ian says Frank can win games and Boogie does his thinking for him. If Boogie goes then Frank will latch onto him.

02:18AM BBT Shane out of DR laying in HoH bed with Dani. Shane sounds like he's trying to push to get Dan up. Dani now being whiny saying who's my best friend. Shane says Kara and dodges the question. After flirt arguing Shane says Dani got out Jani and he'll get out Boogie or Frank. Dani tells Shane that Jen and Ash are working together. Dani says Jen will go after Boogie because he said he was willing to trade her at one point. Shane says the Quack Pack is solid because they were top 4 for HoH tonight with Brit taking the free pass.

02:20AM BBT Dan comes up to HoH and asks where everyone is. They don't know where Joe or Brit or Ian is. Joe comes up to HoH. Dan says he's going to take a shower. Dani tells Shane to act like she's asleep. Joe says he's going to bed. Dani enthusiastically tells him good night.

02:24AM BBT Ian and Brit finished talking. Brit heads up to HoH. Brit tells them that Ian said "they are coming after us". Ian told her that Frank was at 50% of back dooring Dan. Dan says 60% of his DRs were about getting back doored last week. FoTH. Feeds back and Ian is in the room. Brit says they both are going to have to go on the block. Shane says that puts a lot of blood on his hands. Brit understands but if he doesn't do it this week and Shane takes out Ash or Joe this week then the two of them will do it next week.

02:28AM BBT Ian says Boogie asked him who he was going to put up if he won it during the double evict. Ian says he wasn't sure. Boogie led off with Brit. Ian said no. Boogie then suggested Shane and Ian agreed. Dani asks Ian who should go home this week. Ian suggests Boogie because he has cash already. Brit says if any of them make it to the end with Boogie that they will win the money because Boogie already has $16K and is loaded outside the house. He owned one of the hottest night clubs (Ledeux? - Also that shouldn't really matter...but that's another conversation for another day).

02:32AM BBT Ash and Joe whispering in the SR. Joe says Ash he and her can make it to the final 5-6 if they play their cards right. Ash agrees. Joe says he talked to Shane earlier about it. Joe says he told Shane that he would keep his word and he'd rather leave the game then flip on Shane again. He knows he'll go out of the game with integrity. Ash agrees. She says flipping every week makes her feel "Ewwwwy". Joe says Shane is a good person. Joe says she can't tell this to Ian or Jen. Joe says Jen scares him because she's tighter with Boogie than she's leading the house to believe. Joe says Shane asked him he could trust ASh. Ash says of course. Joe says he told Shane that she just needs protected. Ash says she doesn't want to work with Boogie. She says call her a floater. She'll just play stupid.

02:36AM BBT Back in the HoH the Quack Pack is asking once more who they should send home this week. Dan, Brit, Dani, and Shane and Ian (reluctantly) agree that Frank should go this week because he's the power behind the Boogie team. If you take the strength out then all Boogie has nothing left. Brit says no one likes Boogie. Ian does. Ash corrects herself and says fine Ian does. He's the only one. Ian says once more "I'll do what you guys decide" and Dan makes sure to get Ian to understand that he's in on this decision as well. It's not just Ian going along with them. It's a group decision.

02:40AM BBT Joe down in the KT getting himself a drink. Up in the HoH. Brit points out to look at the memory wall. Boogie has 4 colored pictures in his column. Brit says no offense Ian but look at that column two of the most physical players are in that column. Ian says to put his key dead last in the box for nominations. Shane agrees. Ian tells Dani that she made a great power play by getting Jani out.

02:44AM BBT Joe headed into darkened MBR. Up in the HoH Ian is asking to not be picked if Shane gets HGs choice for PoV. Ian says if he does play and somehow win then he'll just say he can't decide who to take down and leave them both up. Brit says Frank has 9 lives in this game and he has to go and there's still a chance that he can win PoV and stay another week.

02:51AM BBT Ian warns Shane that no matter what he is offered for Pandora's box that he should take it. Ian and Dan asks what is the worse that can happen. Talk turns to what he should say if he does get a prize for opening the box. Shane says he can say he won a date with Daniele Donato (BB8 and BB13). Ian and Brit suggests making a random amount of money up.

02:56AM BBT Ian reminds Shane that he's not supposed to know about Boogie coming after them. Shane, Dani, Dan, and Brit tell Ian to calm down. Talk to turns DR and Ian lets it slip that he's done a couple of group DR sessions with Frank and Boogie. BB is not there to save the day and they ask what Ian has done with them. Ian explains the one he did with Frank and Boogie. Brief FoTH.

03:05AM BBT http://bit.ly/P2qo4Y It's settled, the Quack Pack meeting breaks apart and they decide to target Frank and Boogie this week with the goal of Frank going home. Everyone heads off to bed.

03:09AM BBT Dan and Dani meet up briefly and Dani tells Dan that she knew she could get in his ear and get him to target Frank. Dan says he knows but you have to watch Frank and Boogie because they managed to get in his ear the last time as well and almost got him to change his mind. Dani heads back to HoH and warns Shane not to use the purple comforter because she and Brit caught Joe taking care of business with himself in it two nights in a row. Dani swears Shane to secrecy. Shane asks how she knows. Dani says she and Brit heard it two nights in a row in the HNR because of the noises he was making. Dani says it was fairly obvious.

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03:18AM BBT Dan headed to bed in the SBR. Dani listening to Shane's CD in the HoH. Dani says Ian has to go out of their alliance first because he's a threat if he's sitting in the final 2. Shane asks why because he hasn't won any challenges specifically. Dani explains that HGs sometimes don't care how many comps you've won. Dani trying to flirt with Shane. Shane having none of it. Ash is up and peeks into the MBR and the BY looking for someone(s). Up in the HoH Dani asks Shane if he flirts with Ash. Shane says he doesn't ever talk to her.

03:22AM BBT Ash brushing her teeth. Dani continuing her flirt/whining with Shane. Dani asks Shane if he will give her a back massage if she gives him one in return. Shane says no. Dani begs for the massage a bit more. Shane says tomorrow. Shane gives Dani a bit of grief about spending so much time with Wil. Shane mentions that he thinks Wil was straight (It's hard to read if he's serious). Shane goes onto say that he thought he was thinking about playing the "gay card" when he came in the house. He thought the girls would open up to him and he'd be able to pick them off. Dani disagrees. Dani starts to play fight with Shane and he tells her that he's too hot to be cuddled up with.

03:26AM BBT Ian up and passes through the WA to use the WC. Ash doing nightly ADLs and greets him in a very chipper manner. "Hey Ian!" Ash says she just got out of DR. Ian stops at the sink to wash his hands, but not before touching Ash's shoulder. Ash says good night kiddo. Ian says he's going to medicate his foot first. Ash says sweet dreams, don't let the bed bugs bite! Ian says he'll try not to. After medicating his foot, Ian is now headed into the darkened SBR.

03:29AM BBT Random FoTH. (Dani may have started singing...she's been just waiting to burst out into song all night). Feeds are back. Dani rolls over and says she doesn't know why she hangs out up in the HoH. She's going to listen to a song and then go to bed. She says "talk to me Ludacris." and starts singing. We get FoTH. Shane gets up and sits down at his table to read his letter again, turning on the spy screen which is set to the KT table. Dani stays in his bed listening to the CD.

03:33AM BBT Dani gets up and Shane says she doesn't have to go. Dani asks if he's going to bed so she can turn of the lights. Shane says no because he's going to look at the memory wall inconspicuously. Shane points out that he and Shane are the only two left at the top of their row. Dani says good night and stands their awkwardly in the door for a moment before Shane gets up and gives her a hug. One may call it reluctantly. Dani finally heads out of the HoH. Cams do not follow her. Cams 1 & 2 remain on Shane in HoH. Cams 3 & 4 on darkened SBR.

03:37AM BBT Shane takes off his microphone, shirt and shorts and brushes his teeth. Shane flips off the lights and climbs into bed. He slips on the headphones and adjusts the spy screen to look at the KT table. You can faintly hear the music coming from his headphones.

03:41AM BBT Dani in the WA brushing her teeth and washing her face. Shane continues to stare at the spy screen, looking at the KT table. (I'm thinking he may be waiting to see Dani walk through? Seems like an odd shot to watch this late at night.)

03:46AM BBT Dani into the WC. Dani out of the WC and washes her hands before heading to bed. All four feeds now display horizontal HGs in darkened rooms with Shane still looking at the spy screen from his bed.

03:54AM BBT Wil was evicted by a vote of 6-2. Shane won HoH in an endurance like competition called Slippery Slope. The Quack Pack met tonight (Shane, Ian, Dan, Brit, and Dani) and agreed that Frank and Boogie will be targeted this week. RT @murrkat7729: @mortystv was on vacay this week & I'm behind on the action! Who got evicted & who won hoh?! Help! I'm stuck on a train!! Need my bbfix!!!!

03:57AM BBT We have a snorer that means business in the SBR right now.

04:01AM BBT Awww, you're gonna make us blush like Ian anytime Ash pets his head...or talks to him for that matter! ;) RT @Tanyamking: @mortystv @CrystalT01 in the words of Frank " Fo Sho"! Thanks for all the updates u guys rock

04:07AM BBT We now have snoring duet going on downstairs with another HG joining in. Both feeds of the SBR and MBR have the sound, so no idea who or where the new one is coming from. Shane is awake still in the darkened HoH room flipping through the feeds of the spy screen as he listens to his CD.

04:14AM BBT Frank and Ian wake up and the snoring suspiciously stops. Frank says sorry and rolls over (They're in two different beds). The snoring begins again, this time again, sounding like the for first snorer. (Yes...this is what it has come down to...snoring reports. -Niteslacker)

04:43AM BBT The snoring has long since stopped. Shane is still listening to his CD while looking at the spy screen. Just as I say this, he rolls over onto his side away from the screen.

04:54AM BBT Shane up and out of bed and walks out his door going down into the KT. It looks like he grabbed himself a glass of water.

05:06AM BBT Shane has closed his eyes, the feeds are no longer on his spy cam. On that note we are finished for the night. How will Boogie and Frank react to being on the block? Will Pandora's box somehow come into play? It's never too late to sign up for SuperPass! Use this referral link http://bit.ly/PcpmG0 our site will earn a commission! Or as always you can keep up on goings in the house by visiting our site http://bit.ly/O56rp!

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8:40am bbt Mike is up on the patio alone. He wants to evict Britney on a double eviction this week. Would like to send her to jury as #1, worst position because you spend the most time there, let the bitterness subside, in time to vote for the best player. He decides to give a mid season scouting report on each of his fellow HGs.

Frank: Obviously love him, beast at competitions, loyal, great friend, he's definately been my Dr Will of this season.

Ian: Great kid, don't have anything bad to say about him, but in the context of BB, not the best at comps, understand him struggling with physical, but not great at questions. I don't want him in F2 because he's too likeable. He would give a great speech, do good in the Q/A, but don't get me wrong I would do better, just don't want to take that chance. He'll be happy to get to the jury, take the $25k and be happy.

8:46am bbt

Jenn:I need to keep her around. She lost Wil, constantly looking for validation/support. Not sure if it's the split house. Mike Boogie can provide that, not cold hearted assasian, I can provide that. That will be a mini-goal for the day. Like Ian, not great with comps.

Ashley: Sweet sweet sweet girl, I love her. Horible back injury, and only complained(WBRB) She's just a sweetheart. Would be my dream F2. She's likable, will make it far, Chicken George of my season, so non-threatening in comps down the stretch, did you see her cat technique last night? Not a threat, so got to keep her around. Problem is I have lots to keep.

8:50am bbt

Joe: He's been here a few weeks longer than he should be. But I have him right where I want. No one talked to him last week, didn't realize he was safe, Frank/I in understated way made him think we made it happen, a quick look/wink, so he feels loyal to us. He may stab us in the back, but hopeful he's nominated today.

Shane: Captain America, he's a beast, won't lie, that's good/bad, I respect him, sick athlete, love his competitive fire, similar to me, haters don't think I'm saying I'm on his level athletically, but mutual competitiveness, frank also, holds value with Shane, he respects the effort. Even though I was crusing to easy cash, I kept running like competing with 100. He will stay loyal if Brit doesn't get to him. Good to line up with him in comps, good chance him, me, frank or Dan will win. And he's a huge target. Of 11 POV/HOH comps, he's won 3 POV, 2 HOH, 5 of 11 comps. Long as he sticks with the plan, long as we are safe, win everything Shane. BUt I don't want him in F4, when he can win his way to the title. If he has 9 wins under his belt in F2, didn't fight with anyone, would be tough to beat him.

8:55am bbt (Mike takes a break for iced coffee)

Dani: Nice girl, obvious cast in Jordan role. Game play, I think she's one if you just treat her like a robot or video game. Dan is at the controls, but I grab the joy stick at times. Good competitor, firey, done cheerleading, pagents in the south, so that puts her in warrior status, so competitive for them, but someone I'm not afraid to love along and compete against in the end. Not the strongest, strongest girl with Janelle leave, would have been interesting to see her go against Brit for safety last night. I like her and her position in game, we bonded over the Jani thing, talked about her family, mini-goal for this weekend spend time hearing about her brother/parents, I can tell that means a lot to her, gets long winded but it's worth it. Would Dan choose me over her?

9:00am bbt

Brit: I have a love/hate relationship with her. She keeps it real, fun to commiserate with her when having a bad day/hour in here, classic complainer. Sometimes it's too much, she's never happy, even when she's happy. Super cool chick, mature, yet immature. Career woman, married, about to have kids, but then messy, leaving cups around, bit of princess factor like Jani, I expect more of people who are married, have homes. Game play...

9:08am bbt (Feeds go to FOTH)

9:17am bbt (Feeds back)

Mike is still talking about Brit: She's the one I trust the least, and bugs me the most in here, with her bad attitude.

Dan: I love Dan, great guy, want a life long friendship with him. May be setting up a big play on me, but if he scumbags me, I'll look him in the eye and shake his hand, definately one of the best players in this game, I want to go far with him, but, here's the caviate, he's the one that can go toe to toe with me in the F2. He's likeable, doesn't have the brash cocky thing that can rub people the wrong way, it makes him a tad bit more likeable. He can match me with his final speech, the one thing that HGs use to decide their vote at the end.

So there you have it folks, I reserve the right to change my thoughts, give you something to listen to on this Friday morning. Hope you have some great weekend plans. Mine? Not get nominated, maybe win a veto, no real motivation, I'd rather Shane win it. No H/HN comp, so an easy day here.

9:20am bbt

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9:19am Joe and Ash in crane rm talking about dan and dani saying that they are not together. Joe says thats impossable but dani wont admit it.Joe says the deal is with them 4 the votes are there and it makes them safer and with boogies team they are only 4 strong and that wont help them.and we get foth

9:28am BB has waken hg all lights in the house are on Joe in kt getting coffee Ash in kt getting coffe as well. Joe and Ash looking at the memory wall. ash tells joe congrats for making it through lastnights eviction as they head outside to the by.

9:31am joe said he talked to shane alot lastnight and we have to start being loyal to someone and i wont play janelles game anymore i am playing my game . Ash says yeah this is our game we arent great competetors but we can play our game.

9:34am Ash and Joe talking about Wil was ready to go . Ash says i didnt know that Wil was that big out there.Joe says yeah he has record deals in the entertainment industry and now we have a friend in that is has records.Boogie comes out and they start talking about eating steak and eggs for breakfast.

9:38am Joe telling boogie how much everyone drank lastnight he says dani and brit shared a bottle of wine . shane drank 3 beers,ian had a beer and dan drank 2 beers,Boogie says Ian didnt come to bed till 3am.

9:39am Boogie says jenn fell on her mic pack lastnight in the hoh comp and she must have hit that straight on her back when she fell.

9:44am Ash says i dont know how you guys were actually running on that stuff in the dreby.Boogie says the derby was worse it was more slippery and the hoh comp lastnight wasnt near as slippery. he says the derby had a little more cushion and was soap and water where this hoh comp was hard and had crisco grease on it.

9:47am Boogie says i thought shane was gonna fill that up before i got the 10k i could have beat him but i wanted the 10k. he says he only looked at brit once but she was motoring through there. ash says yeah she wasnt even struggling. Boogie says yeah being little and light helped her there.

9:50am Frank is now up getting his coffe and going outside. ash says it was nice of america to vote the 10k for us. Boogie said yeah we either get the best of the best or the worst of the worst. Joe says i think they shouldnt have told us what the prize was until after , they should have said we will reviel the prize after and we get foth.

9:52an Joe says Dan started for hoh then seen shane going for it and started filling for the safety.Ash says i dont think dan couldnt have caught up.

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10:04am Boogie,Frank and joe in by talking about football .Ash laying on by couch listening.Ian is awake in sbr looking at his armpits.

10:09am talk turns to the ants in the house . ash says i have a trick i pour bleach around the back of the counter and it kills em. Boogie says thats your trick? ash says yeah and laughs.

10:13am Boogie goes to the kt to cook steaks for breakfast . Ash saying there is a sunflower seed on the patio outside she says she loves sunflower seeds she eats them on a reg outside the house. they list all the different flavors of sunflower seeds like ranch and bbq and pickle flavors.

10:16am Frank saying since the hoh comp didnt end on the show there isnt no havenot comp so they can show the ending of the hoh on sunday. Joe says i need one week off the block. he says i am gonna tell him to put ash up and laughs . Ash says well obviously it is gonna be us. frank says never know how it will go. Joe says i am gonna throw ash under the bus . Ash says dont you dare joe.

10:18am Joe says Wil is probably on a flight now heading back home. ash says yeah probably.Frank says he might be doiing interviewsJoe says yeah maybe and ash says he might be on the talk right now.

10:26am boogie and ash talking about getting starbucks and going to classes. ash has her routine everyday. joe in kt getting breakfast now.

10:33am Ash , boogie and frank in by talking about making chicken . boogie says the sun is coming out and he has a problem with that he moves to the other side of the couch.ash telling them to eat chicken and coolwhip every 3 hours and you can loose some serious weight.Frank says how much chicken she says about the size of your palm.

10:42am Jenn comes out to the by walking slow she says she is real sore today.general talk about the weather going on.

10:47am jenn and ash are in by alone talking about how shane moved so fast lastnight in the hoh comp. jenn says i cant be intimadated by shane i cant be i could have beat dani and maybe shane if i hadnt fell down like i did.

10:53am Ian Joe boogie and frank at dt eating breakfast. Jenn and ash still in by jenn saying she is using icepacks on her back. she says i was doing so good and then fell and i even cried in the dr lastnight. ash says yeah this house does crazy things to you.

10:55am Boogie telling joe from now on when you cook for someone and not the whiole group tell them you got the dishes right. Joe says thats a good idea i like that. Frank is washing dishes now.

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11:02 AM BBT

Dan, Joe and Mike sorting fresh laundry. "Ahh fresh shirts, nothing like it." says Joe.

Dan asks if Mike worked out today, "I was going to but then Joe made breakfast; steak and eggs and the whole works." he says. Boogie got up at 8 and talked to the camera did a mid-season scouting report and went through every player.

Ian, Frank, Ashley and Jenn in KT doing various things like eating and cooking, nothing very exciting. Intermittent WBRB.

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11:11 AM BBT

Shane and Joe talking up in HOH. Joe talked to Ashley and she's up for whatever he wants to do. Shane's only concern is being safe next week. He's got to make a big move. Only one of them is gone so whatever one is staying is coming after him next week. Shane tells Joe that if Boogie is gone first everyone else will still want Frank gone next week.

Outside Boogie is saying that everything is ok, as long as Britney doesn't get in his ear. If she does, Shane will put up him and Frank. Mike is talking with Ian.

11:15 AM BBT

Ian can tell there's a fast forward coming up.

Shane and Joe still chatting: They have to focus week to week. Joe says he has Shane's back. He eyeballed Ashley today and told her that if she has safety, she must, she MUST, guarantee Shane safety next week. "This is not fucking Janelle, this isn't fucking flip flop. You need to die with this. You need to pick a side and STICK to it. This is your game now, it's your opportunity to be loyal and to stick to it."

Shane says they've got the votes this week - so even if one of them wins the POV, they still have the votes, they have to stick to it.

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11:34 AM BBT

Dan in the pool with a basket of apples on the deck. [Not sure why]

Joe talking about his wife "her loins are just aching. Once you've had me it's hard to be without it. You're all going to get home and say "Fuck, where's Joe's loud mouth?" You'll all miss my cooking."

Mike doesn't cook at home, it's cheaper to buy take out.

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11:54 AM BBT

The Mike Boogie Show is really in full swing today, he 'dinged' customers for 100 bucks a plate for the Doctors they bring in etc. etc.

Danielle asking Dan to remind her to tell him something later. It's not really either or. It involves BB about this game.

Shane is watering the turf again.

Shane asked her a question about Dan - it wasn't anything really bad, just that, just that, WBRB (Hard to hear over her whispering and planes as well)

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Frank and Boogie in the BY 240 BBT

Basically Frank and Boogie think they're solid for this week. They talk about their end game, and Frank hopes he gets to play in the veto this week so he can have more competition wins under his belt, in case he's against Shane in the final 2 he wants more comp wins. They discuss perhaps roping in Danielle, and how funny it is that they control Ian's votes. Frank hopes that if he's off the block for a couple weeks his game won't get lazy. Boogie telling Frank how nobody will touch them as a duo, etc. (They're about to get a rude awakening at the nom ceremony!)

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3:07PM BBT: Ashley is in the kitchen cleaning. Britney is in the bathroom area dying her own hair. Dan and Joe are in the pool general talk going between the two of them.

3:26PM BBT: Joe sitting at pool telling Dan and Shane the rules he gave his daughter about her relationships.Britney and Ashley in wa, Britney dying her hair now Ashley dying her hair also. Ashley telling Britney that she is afraid that her and Joe are going on the block this week but look at the memory wall there is so many of them left they have to be broke up. Britney says yeah as long as Shane knows he has safety then maybe he will. Ashley says, "I feel so bad that Shane always has to do the dirty work."

3:28PM BBT: Britney says if Boogie hadn't gone for the money he would have won and beat Shane. Ashley says that's what I told Shane. Britney says did you hear Boogie this morning saying that his restaurant the first year grossed 9 million dollars Ashley says, "Yeah and he took home about 3 million of that." Frank comes in and talk stops.

3:37PM BBT: Britney, Ashley and Frank are talking about dreams they have had and about grinding teeth when you sleep and how it ruins your teeth. Danielle comes in asking what they are doing she says she is bored today.in the by Joe is still talking (shocker) to Dan and Shane just general talk. Danielle called to DR now.

3:49PM BBT: Britney says, "I am so glad Frank left out of here I was starting to feel uncomfortable." Ashley says, "Yeah he is going to have his little pity party when he is on the block but all of us can have a pity party for any reason in here." Britney says, "If it wasn't for the twist Frank would be out of here but because of the twist he is still here."

3:59PM BBT: Ashley says that her and her future husband and Danielle and her future husband and Britney with her husband need to go on a Disney cruise just so the six of them can hang out since they are all romantics.

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4:12pm BB says hg this is a lockdown please go outside and close the sliding glass door. Brit says are they kidding? ash is in the shower. (the girls have not finished their hair yet).

4:13pm FOTH

4:31pm still FOTH

4:34pm most hg sitting around the pool or laying by the pool general talk . BB says hg the ld is over

4:36pm there are tennis balls in the house with question marks on them laying in the house Joe frank and boogie says shhhhhh shane is looking around the house for clues Joe says we have to tell ian . Joe outside telling the rest of the hg about the balls now

4:38pm hg looking at the balls now trying o figure out what is going on dani asking ian what this means . dani says ian do you think this will tomorrows counting game he says yeas i think so. ash and brit looking at the crane machine

4:40pm Boogie says i think they are doing a fake out. everyone leaves the crane rm . joe says something is coming something is going on. dani goes to wa to finish her makeup,Boogie and joe are in kt cooking now.

4:44pm Boogie says in the by to dan he thinks this is just an indicator that a pandoras box is coming. ian says if it is duos in the comp tomorrow i am going to be with eagle eyes and i supose you will be with frank, boogie says what are you talking about ian says if we go to duoes and boogie says oh oh like last year in pandoras box, ian says yeah.

4:47pm shane sitting ion hoh rm eating snacks Boogie and Ian in by laying in the sun no talking going on .

4:48pm Brit tells shane that if there is a twist that saves frank again this week i am going to go home just write him the check.

4:55pm brit telling shane that she doesnt believe in any way or form that this is going to be a counting game in pov but then again it could be. shane says do you think it is going to affect my noms? like if they can both come off and are safe and stay this week. brit says we should have gotten frank out week 3 and we shouldnt have gotten rid of janelle. brit says why dont you go to the dr and ask them if it has anything to do with the game i dont know if they will tell you anything but you can at least ask and we get foth.

4:57pm Ash is trying to figure out how many balls are in the crane machine as she sits there staring at the machine. now brit is staring at the machine also.

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5:06 PM BBT

Ashley trying to figure out how to calculate volume - length times width times height? That's area - Dan tells her. They are at a calculation of 860 minus 5x5x4. 750 balls roughly according to Ashley.

5:09 PM BBT

Dan telling Shane that he thinks that there is going to be a bag of coins and if you find it you win. Shane is worried that if he nominates Frank and Boogie and they won something then that's a problem.

We get a close up of an empty cube in the crane machine. It's clear with a question mark on it.

5:13 PM BBT

Dan asks Ian what he thinks of the question marks. "Just trying to rile us up as usual." Ian says.

Dan found a purple ball outside.

Ashley laying in the Sneaker room. Britney in the shower, she just dyed her hair. Frank laying in the lounge.

Dan asking the crane machine, "What does it mean? Pandora's box or...?" He, unsuprisingly, gets no response.

5:17 PM BBT

Danielle calculates 785 balls in the crane machine. She tells Dan to remember this. There's a space in the back where the toys drop out that will hold about 150 balls so you have to take those out of the 900 balls calculation she came up with.

Joe in the KT doesn't think that there's anything coming, BB just messing with them. They can't get the grease from yesterday out of their shirts. He's talking to Frank.

5:24 PM BBT


5:29 PM BBT

Showering, KT cupboard furrowing, nothing much else going on.

5:35 PM BBT

Frank and Ian chatting on the lawn. Frank lets a hge one rip. Frank trying to see where the noms are going to go.

Dan and Dani had a little whisper session about him needing to talk to Shane to make sure he sticks with the plan.

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5:38 PM BBT

Britney speculating that there will be a twist that right at the end BB will ask all the evicted HGs if they want a chance to come back into the game and then it gets extended by how many people accept upt to 16 weeks. Mike thinks that woud suck.

Her next guess is that a new game show will be coming out or that the HGs will go see Drew Carey or Wayne Brady or something. Then she worries about the toner in her hair. Boogie agrees that Dan is up for speculating and that her hair looks 'alright'.

5:47 PM BBT

We've got Trivia - possibly nomination time.

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