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7/30 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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4:25pm BBT:

Janelle and Britney talking as if they are def. going into the game and how they'll need to get Boogie and Dan out first. That with Frank evicted the newbies won't rally to get the vets out.

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4:32 PM BBT

Janelle and Brit continue their talk and realize that Dan is playing 'the nice guy' like he did not on his season. He can be dangerous but Boogie can't win, even if they end up in jury they have to fight to make sure he gets no votes.

They can't believe how stupid these new players are, making plans to all go a cruise together, JoJo thinking she'd end up in sequester.

Outside Dan and Ian are talking about Dan as America's Player. Ian telling everyone all the challenges Dan had to beat. The hugging of Jessie was the worst because he had acted like he was really upset about his girlfriend and Jessie really was nice about it.

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4:41 PM BBT

"We have to get them out," Brit says "Boogie first."

"Yes, Boogie first." Janelle says

Ashley comes in.

Whatever Frank and Wil are trying to cook should be renamed Russian Roulette. "It's bad, it smells bad, do you think it's ok?" Wil asks Frank. "It seems ok." says Frank although minutes ago when he came in the room he asked loudly "Ugh! What's that smell?"

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4:46 PM BBT

Wil and Frank discuss Shane. "He totally threw you under the bus last night." Wil says. "The thing about Big Brother," Frank says, is that it's just such a social game.

4:49 PM BBT

Dan and Danielle talking in the hammock. Danielle tells him all about Shane wanting to keep Frank.

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4:52 PM BBT

Danielle getting advice from Dan on what to do as the swing vote. "They keep telling Boogie the target is Joe." Danielle says. She says that Janelle says she would be the swing vote and that no one would come after her or make her a pawn. "That's a complete lie, you'll be a pawn." Dan says.

Danielle tells him how Janelle was asking about him and wants to talk to him. He says he hasn't been called to DR in a couple of days and gets a BB "You are not allowed to talk about your Diary Room sessions with other HGs" "Just when you think they are listening. " laughs Dan.

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5:02 PM BBT

Danielle asks Dan if he finds it ironic that this season is his exact season. He says no. She wonders if he just feels like he's in control. No, he doesn't want to line up exactly what happened before. He's got road blocks and other trouble. He says that Danielle might win a lot and making a big move. She wonders if getting Frank out will be a big move. He tells her that no, setting it up to happen was a big move. She asks if she should win HOH this week. Why? he asks her

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5:20 PM BBT

Brit questioning Shane on his attachment to Danielle. "Why isn't she sleeping up in the HOH, I've been asked." Brit says "No way, she's way too attached as it is!" Shane says. Earlier she told him he has to stay friends with her. "Yes coach!" he says "How about you win the coach's challenge next week too huh?"

He admits that he's not really attracted to her and has no real interest but Brit points out that he has to keep her close right now because he's only a team of one but with her he's a team of two. He says he doesn't want to be a douche bag though. He says she keep pressuring him for another kiss.

Brit tells him that Dan doesn't want Danielle in a showmance either, it's not good for anyone's game. Shane says Kara was more his type, he really liked her a lot.

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5:26 PM BBT

Brit advises him to have a 'break up' conversation with Danielle but to let her know that he wants to be friends. "Tell her you don't want to be in a showmance, you don't want to do stuff on television, you want to be friends and that she doesn't want to be that kind of girl." Yeah, thanks Brit." Shane says as she leaves the room.

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5:32 PM BBT

Danielle asks Dan - "Do you think he'll kiss me again?" "No." says Dan. "You're just saying that, I won't do it but I want to but even if he tries I'll turn away." Danielle says after Dan tells her if she does it again she's throwing away money.

Dan has told Danielle to stop it with Shane. No more kissing or what-have-you. "Save that for when we get out of here." is what he tells her to say to Shane if he goes there again.

5:35 PM BBT

"He'll still need his ego stroked but nothing else needs to be stroked in the house." Dan tells Danielle. No more kissing etc he's giving her the 'break it up' talk as well.

Janelle and Brit working out in BY.

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5:52 PM BBT

Danielle asks Dan what he pictured his team looking like. He doesn't really tell her. "Why can't you tell me, are you afraid I'm going to get mad?" "Is it exactly against what I am?" She keeps pressuring.

Brit to the rescue. She sits on the hammock after her work out.

On the patio Ian and Ash discuss how filling cereal is. The others hanging with feet in HT. General chit chat all around now.

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6:31PM BBT – Danielle is hiding in the HOH room with Britney and Shane, apparently hiding from Boogie and Joe. Shane advises her she will need to be seen with Joe eventually. They begin to watch the HOH TV to see where everyone is.

Janelle, Frank & Jenn are down in the kitchen. Janelle is cooking dinner this evening in the BB House.

6:33PM BBT – Danielle comments how gross Frank is. He comments repeatedly about his showmance withWil. They suddenly see Frank approaching the HOH room, causing Britney to freak out, saying she doesn’t want to see him. They all settle down as Frank comes in.

Frank advises that Janelle is making guacamole. It’s taco night in the BB house. Frank lets out a loud belch [That was well brought up, too bad you weren’t – BBLuver]. Frank updates the HOH group to the goings on in the house. Joe and Ian are working out in the BY.

Frank says Britney makes him nervous being in the arcade room with Janelle for so long. Britney says they’re hitting it hard, trying to send him home. Frank wonders if he is a better competitor than Joe; Britney assures Frank he is better than Joe. Britney feels bad that she might have gotten Ian in trouble. Frank reassures her that he gave Ian “like 3 hugs” and just told him to give more definitive answers, not magic 8 ball answers.

Britney thinks Ian means well but he doesn’t want to say something that he is going to go back on so he says nothing at all. Shane, “That’s him being smart.” Frank thinks Ian is thinking far ahead since the numbers are getting low, and that’s not good game. Britney feels like she has to take care of Ian. Frank again reassures her that all is well, and he told Boogie to be good with Ian.

Frank thinks that Boogie doesn’t have the conversations with Ian, so that’s why Ian is so vague. Shane comments that coaches are a huge part of the game. Britney says the alliances wouldn’t be as strong as they are without the coaches. They all feel Janelle is doing all the work for her players.

6:41PM BBT – Ashley and Boogie are in the BY general chit chatting.

Back in HOH, Shane reminds Frank they’re going to be in his ear until Thursday’s eviction. Shane tries to remember some of the rumors that Joe started recently. [seems like they’ve finally figured out that Joe is the instigator for most of the rumors – BBLuver]. Like when Joe said Ashley was a floater, but then told everyone that Frank said it. Frank says he is ready to call Joe out on all the rumors he’s been spreading.

Britney goes back to checking the cameras, wanting to see if dinner is ready. She is hungry. Britney mentions she was going to make BBQ chicken last night, and Danielle pipes up that she wants to make pasta. She volunteers to cook tomorrow night and asks if Britney wants to make it with her. Frank asks if they should make cheese dip tonight and Shane drools. He was a Have Not last time they made it. Shane and Frank leave to go make sure there is dip.

6:45PM BBT – Jenn is in the kitchen cooking. Britney goes to try the appetizer and exclaims how good it is. We get WBRB.

6:47PM BBT – We’re back. Nothing much going on in the kitchen except cooking and snacking on cheese dip. In the BY, Dan is done working out and is chatting with Ashley and Boogie. Still general chit chat. Boogie is talking about his personal trainer. Britney pops out to ask Joe about the cheese dip. He tells her he used a ceramic bowl and she goes “You used plastic in the microwave and it didn’t melt?” [Oh, Brit – BBLuver].

Ian is done working out. Boogie asked Ian if he got a blizzard at the DQ and Ian laughs and says “Oh yeah”.


6:50PM BBT – Frank is called to the DR. All is quiet in the BY. In the kitchen, Janelle comments that her stomach hurts just looking at the velveeta cheese they are using for the cheese dip. Shane and Wil are in the kitchen now and they are talking about how much they can sell their clothes for once the show is done. Wil wants everyone to sign the wine bottle and sell it with the proceeds going to charity. He asks for opinions on charities, and Janelle suggests “Save the Dolphins”. Wil asks if that is the organization that screwed by (insert name – I didn’t catch it). Wil talks about a friend who had no money and was pregnant and Planned Parenthood helped her out.

Janelle comments how expensive kids are. She said that she waited a year to have her daughter, but her stipulation was waiting until her husband and had insurance. Britney says it’s not that way for her but her friend is in a similar situation.

6:55PM BBT – Shane joins the BY crew, who are talking about their favorite bands. He asks Ian what he asked for in his HOH basket. Ian asked for pop tarts, Doritos, M&M’s. Ian is going to freeze his pop tarts cause they are the bomb that way. Talk turns to the breaking in of the shoes the coaches got. Boogie hadn’t tried his before today. Shane says Happy Anniversary to Joe. Joe did some shout outs for internet fans to pass along to his wife.

Ashley, Britney, Wil and Janelle are having a mega snack fest in the kitchen. Janelle is going to make her special nachos from BB6 and Britney will make her BBQ chicken from BB5. Wil will make something, but not sure what.

6:59pm BBT – Back in the BY, Boogie is very close to the LAX airport. Shane asks if Boogie goes to Matt’s Hallowe’en party. Boogie doesn’t know him. Ian says Boogie is part of the old school BB crowd. Boogie comments Janelle somehow stays in the mix with all the past BB’ers, but he doesn’t. He dated a girl from BB3, Kiara. If they weren’t on All Stars, he doesn’t know them.

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6:00BBT Dani tells Brit that Frank keeps her in his sight at all times, she doesnt want to be alone with him. wishes Shane would be around her more often cuz Frank tones it down when he is there.

Wil comes over to the hammock. He is going to do exercises but sits down first. Girls tell him Frank is following Dan's every move.

Ash is eating cooked garlic, onions and peanuts. Jani heads in to make Tacos for everyone.

Brit says Dani hands are freezing, Dani says she is anemic, she is always freezing. Brit and Dani plan how Dani can get to the HOH w/o Frank.

Brit and Dani head inside, Frank stays in BY. Brit tells Shane they are keeping Frank in the game and getting rid of him. She tells him about Frank following Dani and calling her 'sweet cheeks" and saying he will be all over her all week.

Brit says Frank would have sex with Dani or give her pleasures for her vote. Dani says no way!!

in the BY they talk about working out, not being to DR in a while. Wil and Joe working out. Dan, Ian and any one that wants to join them are going to run.

6:19BBT Brit grilling Dani on if she has looked at Frank sexually. Dani says he stinks, doesnt use deorderant. There is no love for Frank.

Dan and Ian start their running. Jenn wants to have more opportunities to compete, she feels she is at the bottom. Frank would like her to win HOH, Jenn says she is ready for it.

Frank asks what her plan of action would be. She says she wants Shane out. Frank says if he stays he would put up Wil and Ash and possibly backdoor him.

Ian gets encouragement from Ash and Jenn on his exercises. They run 25 laps then do work out, repeat.

Frank taste tests the guacamole dip, Jenn comes in to help Jani with Tacos. In HOH Shane tells Dani she needs to be seen with Joe.

Frank makes his way to the HOH, they talk about Tacos. Talk changes to wanting Joe out, and how Ian doesnt give definitive answers

Frank gave him a hug and told him he was ok. Brit says she feels bad for him when he thinks he is in trouble. Brit says Ian doesnt want to back himself into a corner. they say that if Ian had come into the game w/o a coach Ian would have gone home first.

Shane tells Dani to talk to Joe and them but dont get caught by them, they will be in her ear until show time. (this is all talk in front of Frank to make him think they are after Joe)

6:44BBT Frank wants to call Joe out on the stuff he has said. Shane says to see where he is. Brit says as soon as Joe gets HN the family dinners to the way side. Dani wants to make pasta.

HOH breaks up to go make cheese dip. Dani asks why Shane told Frank to follower her around. Shane says he was going to do it anyway.

Mike, Jenn, Dan and Ash talk about % of body fat. In the K they are making cheese dip and Tacos.

Wil wants to have all the HG sign a wine bottle, auction it off and give the proceeds to charity. Wil suggests that they have a potluck with each of them making something.

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7:03PM BBT - Shane comments on how hot Kara is. She walked in first with him that first night, and he was thinking “this is going to be a good season!” They give Kara a shout out and Shane adds that he’s still single.

Talk moves to next HOH competition. Shane thinks it will be a Q&A or endurance. Ian swears and Shane says why? It’s up your alley. You’re golden! Ian agrees that it’s time for endurance. Boogie goes inside. They talk about the pains of being a Have Not. Ian thought being a Have Not would suck way more than it does from having watched the show, Shane says he has not slept as good as now that he is HOH. Ian says it only sucks when they have alcohol. Shane is willing to make a deal; he’ll give Ian his leftover alcohol if Ian gives him his pork rinds. They could sell them for $50 each, likely, and Ian has 3. They can say it was the pork rind Willie threw at Janelle.

Shane and Ian discuss old endurance competitions from previous BB seasons. Ian tells Shane about a game from season 5 called “I’ve got a secret” where they pushed a button on their cutouts lips. Then one from Janelle’s season. It went from 6pm when the episode ended to 9am the next morning. Janelle didn’t win that competition. Shane reminds Ian he’s never seen any episodes, so he asks him about any standing on a tower type ones, or…. ? Shane says Ian’s biggest competition was JoJo and now she’s g one. Ian says he’s gunning for it this week. He wants a week without punishment. Joe is still walking laps. Shane asks him how many he’s doing and Joe comments, “Two hours”.

Shane said Boogie gave him the look of death for back dooring Frank. Shane felt it was dumb to give either team a full 3 person vote. Shane hopes Jenn sticks to her word. Boogie said Shane is the next to go, then Ian, if I am understanding their comments correctly. Ian is the youngest here by “miles”.

7:12PM BBT – Dinner is ready in the kitchen and Janelle, Wil, Boogie, Ashley, Frank and Britney are digging in. Jenn is playing hostess and serving everyone. Danielle joins the kitchen crew, who is commenting they need a dinner bell to let everyone know dinner is ready.

BB calls in indoor LD. Shane, Ian and Joe head inside to join the dinner crew. All are complimenting chefs Jenn and Janelle. Dan joins the kitchen crew as well. Britney tells Dan that there was guacamole but they ate it all. Dan has on a new tshirt; the entire group applauds. His shirt has the State of Michigan flag emblem on it. Wil comments it looks like a logo for a bar. The saying says “Don’t mess with Michigan” translated on it, according to Dan.

Lots of small conversations, hard to hear. Dan mentions wanting to drink his wife’s blood, which sets off everyone. They start talking about “expensive” drinks; Wil mentions hot toddy and has to explain it to those who don’t know. Ian has left the kitchen for parts unknown.

Talk turns to kids and Dan wondering about his ability to be a dad. He is told he’ll be the best dad ever, the most fun dad ever. Ashley gives him a pep talk, telling him he’s great with his team. The Dad of his team.

More general chit chat. Talking about family planning and what circumstances affect it, such as body temperature and a woman’s cervix. Dan doesn’t want to have a kid right now so he and his wife only “do it” at certain times. However, if his wife got pregnant, it happens. Britney apologizes for being too personal, Dan doesn’t mind talking about deeper stuff. Britney adds that faith is an important part of his belief. He says “phase 3” is the time where his wife is least likely to conceive and that’s a “free for all time” with her. Britney went off the pill a year and a half ago.

More general chit chat; too many conversations to hear clearly.

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7:08pm shane and Ian in by talking shane asking when next comp is ian says hoh shane says Q&A not indurance ian says week 4 probably indurance he says he is ready to hang in indurance

7:11pm Ian telling shane about the endurance comp that kasar gave up for jennifer and how it went till like 9am shane says no no way ian says yeah it went all night

7:17pm hg being put on idld as they all sit down for dinner Jani has made tacos tonight

7:27pm most hg sitting eating dinner brit starts a conversation about birth control

7:36pm Jani asking Brit how many kids she wants brit says 3 or 4 Jani says me too i want 3 but if i have 4 i will be really really happy

7:41pm Dani and Jani go to shoe rm Jani says she feels fat Dani tells Jani her bed is wet she says probably towels Ash joins them and they are talking about earrings that dani has jani says she has alot

7:47pm jani and ash complaining they ate to much jani says we need to be balemic and throw this shit up boogie comes in laughing at them jani says this family dinner shit has to stop lets just go back to not eating anymore

7:50pm Wil and Dani in crane rm dani asking are you gonna vote for frank to stay wil says no as much as i like frank he has to go dani says frank is stalking me he said he is gonna stick close he is afraid ya'll are gonna pull me away

7:52pm dani saying she doesnt want to be backdoored wil says you wont joe needs to leave first and if i win hoh next week you and shane will not go up you are keeping me safe this week wil says ash and joe will stick together dani says i know i can trust you i am just freaking out i dont want to be backdoored and boogie offered me everything i mean everything

7:54pm wil says i feel like this is a good move not a shitty move that we all stick together and frank made a deal with willie and after today i have alot of respect for shane i used to think he was an asshole but he isnt

7:56pm dani says i just wanted to make sure if i save Joe this week that i am safe and ya'll wont backdoor me wil says no you are good

7:57pm Wil says joe thinks its his doing that frank is on the block dani says frank thinks he is safe thats why he is going around here giggling all the time

7:58pm dani says if i am in here or in hoh rm then i am hiding i aint hiding from ya'll but from frank i have to hide from him

7:59pm wil says i am not playing janis game she has a better chance of winning 100 thousand than i do 500 thousand so i am not playing janis game

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8:07pmdani says boogie cant say anything to make me keep frank wil says jani will keep you safe joe and ash and i will keep you safe to wil says i gotta poo and ask dani if she wants to talk later she says yeah i will be right here ... brit boogie dan joe frank and shane and jenn in lvrm talking about trials and people getting shot at a redlight

8:10pm idld is now over hg going outside to relax and talk now

8:17pm dani and wil in crane rm dani says if anyone comes back we are still all in jury dani says i hope it isnt jojo but she is already in jury wil says everyone says the worst part of jury will be being with jojo wil says maybe she will be better since she wont be on cameras

8:19pm talkin in by about rappers wil and dani still talking about jury dani says she would hate to fly all the way back home and watch this she says i wonder what willie is thinking about watching this back home she says i garentee they made him pay his own way back home

8:26pm dani now in storage rm she found beer and wine and says thanks bb she is now taking it out to the other hg hg now happy there is beer and wine

8:32pm wil trying to figure out who is drinking and who is not drinking he says he is not going to wheel and deal if you mwant beer or wine get in here and say something jenn runs into the house she wants 2 beers

8:34pm boogie is getting 3 beers dan 2 beers jenn 2 beers and wil the whole bottle of wine no one else wants to drink tonight

8:35pm general talk in by and kt about drinking

8:47pm brit and dan sitting in crane rm talking about options brit says i should go to college 1 i shouldnt except 2,3 or 4 i should go for option 1

8:49pm :Boogie in by running Frank and wil walking Ian on hammock just general talk going on

8:54pm hg sitting around hottub talking about kathy and other hg from past seasons and about how other hg slept alot they says jesse slept like 13 hours a night

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