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7/30 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is three hours behind the east coast. (See Map Here)

Because of the similarity in the HG's names (Joe, JoJO, Jenn, etc.), please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations.

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Thank you!

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9:14 OK THE BIGGEST TALK AND GAME MOVE OF THE SEASON AND I BEEN WATCHING SINCE SEASON ONE AND JANELLE SAID SHE HAS KNOWN SINCE SHE SIGNED THE CONTRACT AND I'M NOT ONE OF THOSE DRAMA QUEENS The coaches are coming into the game , no matter what you vote or wish So Janelle is telling Brit to vote out Frank so that Newbies won't have the power to automatically vote the coaches out. ....Period end of sentence .. get used to it .. I know this is truth ( My Word - LoneTWolf) The Move is to Vote out Frank and see if Shane will do it...... if your in favor of coaches..... if not let Shane and Frank Roll ..... If this is not how it is then i will not post again for the rest of the Season (Swear Tony alias LoneTWolf)

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9:37 BBT.

After discussion of the contracts, how Janie and Brit got played by guys in their seasons, and how Janelle KNEW this would be the twist since day 1, Janie and Brit both said Alison Grodner (the producer) told them to "expect the unexpected" specifically about the the "you will not play for 500,000 dollars" clause Britney finally says "ok, ok, Frank has got to go."

Brit "ok, got it."

Janelle leaves.

Boogie Enters HoH with Brit, shortly after Frank joins

Brit saying- She's heard that Janelle is rallying the troops to evict Ashley, and Brit wants to make sure 100% they are on board to get rid of Joe.

Boogie saying his players are totally 100% solid, they're down for it, and Janelle has nothing to offer them.

Brit, Frank and Boogie trashing Joe now, and his stories.

Boogie saying his team is rock solid on evicting Joe.

Brit: you have all 3 needed votes this week, and if you guys want to abandon Shane and roll with Joe, you could."

All 3 exit the hoh room, go separate ways.

Janelle to Joe alone: I think we're looking good so far, but things can change. Be prepared for anything.

Joe: what do you think percentage wise?

Janelle: Depends on if I can stay up with her late tonight, without Boogie.

Janie: I'll be up there all night if I have to.

Joe asks if he should talk to them again tonight, Janelle advises him he should.

Janelle telling Joe that Brit is afraid of the yelling Boogie and Frank might do if he gets back doored, but Janelle says so what? They're going to yell and scream sometime.

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10pm BBT:

Janelle, Wil , Joe in the BY. Janelle saying she flipped Brit, but Brit has to flip Shane.

Janelle saying she's only flipped for now, and Janelle has to spend all night with her to make sure she doesn't change her mind.

Janie: "As long as they think their (Boogie's) deal is still good and they don't have to go upstairs and campaign, its good."

Janie saying if Boogie's team goes to sleep early tonight, they're dumbasses.

Janie saying let her do the work tonight, but Joe should go up and talk to them.

Joe/ Wil alone in BY

Wil: do you think it shot us in the foot that I went up there to campaign to put Ian up?

Joe: I don't think so...

Wil: if anything it might make them paranoid I have a deal w/ Frank.

Joe: if Shane saves me, obviously I'll owe him.

Joe telling Wil that Janelle said that Brit said she's worried about Boogie flipping out and yelling. Joe saying that's part of the game. Wil kind of nodding along.

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Joe and Janelle alone saying this would be the veto of all vetos if they pull this off tomorrow, and it will be really uncomfortable around the house if it happens.

Janie/ Wil alone wonder what the fuck Jenn is doing in the house, agree shes trying to be under the radar, etc.

Wil hopes they can pull this off tomorrow.

Janie saying she is just going to keep talking to Brit, that's her best bet

Wil: If Shane took Joe off the block, I'd completely follow through with everything. I gave him my word today.

Janie saying to not be surprised next week when there's an endurance competition, because it's definitely going to happen.

Wil telling Janelle thank god he got safety, because he would hate to be stuck in jury house with JoJo (they all seem to assume JoJo is off in jury).

Janie saying it's going to be a long night tonight, Joe has got to come off the block.

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10:20 BBT in case your not convinced yet just be a late night viewer cause by the time Bed Time rolls the deal will be done as said by numerous Players in the Game. Coaches will have the advantage or the newbies will .... it all hangs on if Brit can convince Shane to Nominate Frank for eviction and follow through ( BTW I ain't going nowhere until the Matter is done , I'm that way no matter how late)

10:29 am BBT I almost hesitate to say this but it's gonna come down to who's emotional .. who's more powerfull... Janelle or Boogie about the the Story they spread , .. as to who comes Out on top in this game cause i want fair play in this game but when emotions Flow in .... the Coaches have the advantage unless by some miracle the newbies realize there being played //// .. BIG TIME

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9:33PM BBT Reasons Jani feels they are going in. Who would rather watch Jani coach her newbies or watch her win HOH and Vetos. Jani says it so obvious that they are going in. Jani says they are going in on Thursday. We get FOTH as Jani says Julie looked right at her and said to expect the unexpected.

9:37 PM BBT In the LR the HG wonder the real reason Dick left the game - Boogie says Jani knows but won't tell. Must have been big though because he loves the game.

9:43 PM BBT Boogie comes into HOH. Brit telling Boogie that if they take down Ash and put up one of his it makes it so Dani has the swing vote. Frank in the HOH room as well. Frank says that he isnt working with Jani any more.

Frank/Brit/Boogie say they are tired of Joe's stories. Joe told them his family used to own the land that the White House is on.

9:50 OM BBT Jani talking about the commercials se has done. A Sony commercial and an Axe commericial that she got 15K for.

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Joe saying he'll work the jury for Wil to win if he goes, and will be rooting for Wil. He appreciates that Wil has been doing all he can for him.

Frank, Joe and Wil wonder if 1 player will come back or not, and if a coach will get to pick up an extra player next week.


Frank, Janie, Wil and Joe in the BY, not talking much about game.

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10:08 pm BBT Joe in BY telling Wil that if Shane saves him he owes him one. Joe says that Brit is just worried about Boogie going nuts

10:16 pm BBT Jani alone in the BY not saying a word appears lost in thought. LR crew dicussing house décor

10:22 pm BBT Wil and Joe head outside. Wil says Dani is relying heavily on Dan says the game is harder this year with the coaches because the players cannot play their own game. He then says that Jenn is screwed on her team because Boogie focuses on the boys

10:31 pm BBT Jani tells Will that Frank is playing a different game then everyone else and that Frank doesnt care about backstabbing. Jani says that if Shane doesnt gun for Frank then team Jani wont vote with him.

10:42 PM BBT Joe tells Weill that if Joe goes to jusy house he will work on everyone and get them to vote for Wil in the end.

10:50pm BBT Frank joins BY crew and it is general chit chat Wil says Frank looks like Christopher Reeves and no one agrees. The LR crew is making a ton of inappropriate discussion.

10:56 pm BBT Boogie talks about the production of season 2 and we get Foth

11:02 pm BBT Britts diamond is moving in her engagement ring Dani told her it is lose. Brit says "great I have to win a phone call to call the jewler"

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11:15 BBT

Ashley and Shane talking game in the arcade room, basically Ashley wants Ian up, Shane admitted a deal with Frank, but now there's fish so not sure what's going on.

11:22 BBT

Ashley saying Ian never talks game with her, and Ian says he tells Boogie EVERYTHING because he's super loyal.

Shane says he obviously trusts Ashley, and tells Ashley that Joe offered Shane a deal... Ashley saying she knows, Joe told them the story.

Shane asks Ash if Janelle will honor her word... Shane saying he has to put his trust in somewhere because he has no team or alliance next week.

Shane admits to Ashley he's up and down about what to do.

Ashley telling Shane that today she made a decision she has to trust someone.

Ash saying she trusts Danielle, Shane says he does too.

Ashley telling Shane that prior to the POV meeting, Janelle's team agreed they wanted to work with Shane.

Shane is worried that Wil & Frank have a deal and wants to ask Frank about it later.

Ashley wonders out loud why would Janelle want Frank gone so bad if Wil & Frank are working together.

Shane saying that Frank tried out 3 times and Wil got recruited at a party, so Frank obviously knows how to play better than Wil does.

Shane saying he'd take Ash off the block, and replace with Frank and Ash would have to vote with Wil.

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Ashley and Shane agree they saw a different side of Joe with his back against the wall.

Shane saying he doesn't want to make a deal with Wil if he has a final 2 deal w/ Frank

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Ashley saying this is the game changer this week, this is the time to get the dangerous players out.

Ash saying she doesn't trust boogie at all.

Ash: best case scenario, we get rid of Ian. (after ALL THAT, they want IAN out?!)

Shane clarifies he'd want to get rid of Frank this week... Ashley backs up "ohh right right, yes FRANK out, Ian next week!"

Ashley thinks it's a waste of a POV if he doesn't use it to get rid of Frank.

Shane concerned that Boogie would try to sway Joe if he took Joe off the block.

Ash: NO, that why you take ME off the block!

Shane and Ash agree it'll be a blood bath if Frank goes up, and Ash says they have to be "blood brothers" against Boogie's smooth talking.

Shane is very worried Wil would keep Frank (Note: Wil made up a lie that he has a final 2 w/ Frank so that they'd want Frank out, now it's obviously backfiring)

Shane saying he'll stay up all night so when Frank goes to bed, he can meet with Janelle's team to solidify that they're voting Frank out.

They part ways, saying Shane will talk to Danielle about her vote, and Ashley will talk to Wil


Shane and Wil sit at the hot tub, Shane goes over if Wil would vote Frank out. Wil says lets do it, 100%. Shane advises Wil to still act upset and depressed.

Shane says Ian will go next week.

Wil saying it's their only opportunity

Shane saying if Ian wins hoh, Wil and Shane go on the block next week but that's a risk they have to take.

Ian joins them and the convo immediately ceases.


Meanwhile, Dan and Danielle talking game. Danielle saying she's been confident throwing comps, but this week she isn't confident with throwing.

Dan saying there's no lines being drawn right now, it's a huge cluster. Danielle wonders if it's a bad to keep on throwing things. Dan says eventually you play to win, but not yet. Dan says she can't draw a line because nobody is behind her yet, except Shane.


Brit joins Dan and Danielle in the HOH room.

Brit tells them it's easier to keep the noms the same, because of the final 2 deal with Wil and Frank.

Brit saying it's a little odd that Wil keeps pitching for Ian to leave, that's like a neon sign. Brit saying Frank wouldn't go, because they don't have the votes.

Brit reiterating there is NO WAY they have the votes to get rid of Frank, Wil would vote out Joe ahead of Frank, no matter what.

Frank comes up and says good night, he's going to sleep.


Meanwhile: Wil and Ashley celebrate in the arcade room.


Brit continues to tell Dan and Danielle there is NO WAY IN HELL they have the votes to get rid of Frank.

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11:10 pm BBT Ash and Shane are in arcade room. Ash is trying to make a deal with Shane. Shane says he wants to pull Dani and Jenn and Ash and all work together. Ash says she doesn't see any alliances going on right now other then Boogies team. Shane asks her if she thinks Wil will ditch Jani and move if there is a stronger team. Foth

11:25 pm BBT feeds back to Shane and Ash in arcade room. Shane tells Ash about his convo with Joe and how he thinks everyone comes into Hoh sand lies to him when they talk to him Shane says he has to trust someone because otherwise come next week he has no one and is dead.

11:29 pm BBT Ash says she knows how Shane feels. She feels alone too and understands his paranoia. Ash says Jani asked who everyone on her team wanted to work with and Ash said she wants to work with Shane

11:36 pm BBT Ash is telling Shane that using the POV is his chance to make a huge game move. Shane says the way to do that is to take Ash off the block then get Ash and Wil to vote Frank with Dani being the decision maker. Shane says that Joe promised him the world though and may take him off

11:40 pm BBT Shane says the only issue he has is that he worries about Frank and Wil having a F2 deal that no one knows about because Wil would rather get rid of Ian then Frank. Ash says that all Wil ever says is that he feels like he can beat Frank because he was faster then Frank at one of the comps.

11:51 pm BBT in Hoh Dan and Dani are talking about the best move for them going forward. Dani says she would be fine if Frank stays this week. She knows she is not Franks target, She also says that if Shane back doors Frank he will have both sides of the house gunning for him. In arcade room, Ash tells Shane that if he is on the block next week against Wil and she won Pov she would take Shane off.

12:01 am BBT Ash and Shane end the convo by saying she will talk to Wil about a deal with Frank and Shane will talk to Dani about a future deal. Shane goes to hot tub and tells Wil they are going after Ian next week .

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Ashley enters. No game talk occurring.

Ashley and Brit about to do a face mask.

Meanwhile, Joe sitting alone in the arcade room


Danielle confirms to Dan that she thinks Frank and Wil definitely have something.

Dan: Wil would rather keep Frank than Ashley?

Danielle: ya.

Dan: that's stupid.


Brit and Ashley talking

Ashley is convinced Wil does NOT have a final 2 w/ Frank.

Brit is convinced he DOES.

Brit saying to not tell Janie or WIl about that.

Brit: We don't have the votes this week Ashley, we just don't. Shane doesn't know it yet, but he will when I talk to him.

Ash: I don't have any one to say anything to... I just spoke to Wil, he was so on board...

Ashley trying to convince Brit, but Brit is CERTAIN they do not have the votes.

Janelle enters

Brit tells Janelle that Brit REALLY needs to talk to Shane and to get Shane back up there.

Janelle leaves.


Shane comes up, says he hasn't made up his mind yet.

Brit pushing harder for Frank to stay OFF the block.

Shane seems to agree with Brit.

Ashley REALLY fighting saying she doesn't understand why they think Frank and Wil have a final 2 deal.

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12;32 am BBT Brit talking reverse Physcology with Ashley .... Bottom line she wants Frank Out but talking Wil wants Ian out (BS) Jani enters the HOH bathroom with them .... Shane enters the Picture and Brit is talking Non-stop that Wil will vote only Ian out not Frank ... Uh-HuH.. Dani now in the bathroom as a silent Partner and just smiling along and agreeing

12:40 Brit now says "ashley if u belive in getting out Frank then U need to get together your team " (what a rouse - LoneTWolf)

12:44 am BBT Brit is showing her worth .. she is breaking down Ashley severly with scenarios.... She has Ashley at the point of saying nothing downstairs and Voting out Frank then Joe at all costs

12:55 Mission accomplished Brit has broken down Ashley on voting Frank out of game without her never knowing by telling her to go out and get Votes which is the shrewd way of getting votes to vote against Frank.This is so Brilliant i wish everyone was awake to see it. Ashley is so Confused she has no clue , Just look at her with Her beauty Mask on and Ashley is talking a family working together like she said in her interview but Ashley is realizing that life isn't like that. Ashley is devasted ... She's Crying now that she see's reality ( God I'm crying seeing how UPSET Ashley is realizing that she hasn't seen how reality is , Shane gives her a Big HUG )Ashley saying She just wants something to believe in.

1:05 am BBT OMG I am starting to get frustrated with Brit on How Bad she Is Manipulating Ashley ... Ashley leaves and Brit says she is like Elizabeth Smart she is so Brain washed

1:09 am BBT Ashley is relaying the HOH convo with Jani in Arcade room , including the manipulation and Jani is listening and getting what Brit is doing and letting Ashley talk herself into getting the Votes to get Frank out.... This would be Hi-liarious if Ashley wasn't so upset and on the verge of tears ... Jani is remaining mostly silent and listening...Just letting her go on and on because this all benifits Jani and She knows it.

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Ash is FIGHTING to get Frank on the block.

Brit fighting back that isn't not a good idea.

Long fight/ discussion - Brit not backing down, neither is Ashley. Finally Ashley says to just forget it.

Janelle's team downstairs celebrating.

Upstairs, Ashley crying.

Brit doesn't understand why she's crying over a team that doesn't back her up.

Brit solid on Shane NOT putting Frank up.


Brit alone w/ Shane and Danielle

Brit saying that Ashley is completely brainwashed, and Frank leaving you don't have the votes.

Shane agrees.


Janelle and Ashley talking, Ashley spilling it all, 100% honestly.

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1:18 am BBT It is a priviledge to watch the masters at work ( Brit and Jani) ( BTW Jani said if Boogie falls asleep first he losees .... Mike asleep) Jani comforting Ashley with a Devious smile behind it all , Dani enters Arcade Room.and is offering comfort to Ashley ... Jani Backing up Dani's words and Ashley starts to wimper again

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1:24 Wil in HOH Room talking to Shane and Brit ..." Saying I voted out my Best Friend, No way I'm voting to keep Frank, On MY LIFE"

1;27 BBT this is the only time to Vote out Frank says Wil ..... and Shane says if I do this the next 3 days will BE HELL

1:30 As I said earlier ( This POV Ceremony is gonna be awesome ... eye for an eye Wil says about Frank)

1;35 The convo's in the HOH room between Wil and Shane and in Arcade room between Jani and Ashley are starting to become repetitive . Brit .. the line of the Night .. "Lets just get rid of this Douche bag (Frank)

1;39 Jani goes upstairs to the HOH to make sure she is "reading" everything correctly (LOL) even Jani is a small bit mis-led about Ashley's rambling's but NOW she's 100% on Board .... (This is so Much Dam Fun, I'd pay to watch even more LOL)... Jani is laughing her Ass Off now

1;50 am BBT Ashley re-enters HOH room with Brit Shane Dani Jani and Wil and says basically " Can't we all be a family?' ... Ashley Now gets that they want to get Frank out ... This is stupendious i swear to goodness

2;00 am BBT Brit says Ashley thinks she's on the Bachlorette while Ashley is there LOL ... Ashley says U better stand in front of me if Boogy rushes me or I'll never speak to all of U again LMAOROFL Big time ....... Ashley says I am checking out on the World until Thursday ... He he !!!!

2:02 am BBT this is way better than the Nakomis 6 finger Plan ..... If your Not a Live feed Updater, this should give you all the inspiration you need .... cause this is My Greatest Time of being a Live Feed Updater Ever ... catching on to all the reverse Physcology that went on before it came to fruition

2;05 BBT Wil Please come to the Diary Room ..... Even the BB Production team is now catching on to the History being made in the House ....... Gawd i feel so priviledged to be an eyewitness to it all

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1:25 BBT

Wil assures Shane and Brit he'd vote out Frank.

Shane and Brit seem to be slightly swayed.

Wil is assuring them up and down he owes Shane if this happens, promises their vote, etc.

Shane and Brit seem back on the BD Frank plan for now.

1:34 BBT

Danielle enters

Brit: ok, let's do it. Let's just get rid of this douchebag.

Danielle confused. They fill her in, and she agrees she'd get rid of Frank. She confirms with Wil that she isn't their target.

Wil: are you kidding me?! Oh my god no!

Janelle and Ashley upset downstairs that Wil might be screwing up the plan

Janie enters.

Janelle being filled in that they want to BD Frank, Janelle assuring them everyone is on board.

Shane and Brit telling them the whole rest of the week is going to be awkward, and Boogie will do anything he can to swing someone over.

Wil admits to them all that he thought by asking to put Ian up, he'd put the target on Frank.

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Janie saying if they want, people can lock themselves in HOH tomorrow and she'll take the the drama.

Janie "I've fought boogie before."

1:50 BBT

Ash, Wil and Danielle put their hands in to promise to vote out Frank

Brit saying she's gonna puke after the ceremony.

Janie saying again she'll fight Boogie

All laughter and happiness up in HOH now, with the plan of Frank being BD'd now.

Ash saying this was all she ever wanted was to have a BB team, and to go to war with her team.

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12:10 am BBT Dan talking to Dani about when to start playing. Dan tells her that when you start playing to win you have to keep winning. Dani is worried they are gambling too much. Brit enters and asks Dan and Dani what they have decided is best to do. Brit finds it funny that Wil says Frank has to go home when Jani is with him but when Wil is alone he throws Ian under the bus. She is worried about not having Wils vote if Frank goes up, Frank staying, and having the whole house after Shane.

12:20 am BBT in arcade room Wil and Joe laugh about Shane thinking Wil has a deal with Frank. Wil says to Joe when Ash comes down we know you have the votes to stay Joe and Joe acts surprised and said that he though he was coming off. Wil says he thinks Shane wants to make sure Joe is legit first and is thinking about taking Ash down.

12:26 am BBT Ash recaps convo with Shane to Brit in Hoh bathroom while they get ready to put on face masks. Ash says Wil is not working with Frank in fact Wil thinks hes going home if Frank stays in the game.

12:30 am BBT Dan and Dani in WCA saying theres no way Frank and Wil have a deal saying that Wil is scared of Frank

12:39 am BBT Brit telling Ash that putting Frank up on the block wont work. Ash ask why she thinks that and Brit recaps the Wil Frank F2 theory. Brit asks Ash when she started drinking the Koolaid so hard and Ash says she just thinks this is the time to make that move. Brit says Joe causes too much drama. Ash says she cares so much about Shane making the move to get out Frank

that she will tell Joe and Wil that she will put them up next week if she wins Hoh.

12:48 am BBT Wil Jani and Joe in arcade room Wil says he wanted to make Shane think he had an alliance with Frank. Jani says that works in their favor and that Shane will want Frank out even more. Boy was she worng...

1:00 am BBT Joe says he feels safe with Dani and that he knows he would have her vote and she would not put him up. Wil says that Shane does not trust Joe and Joe doesnt get why Shane doesnt trust him but is trying to help him. Wil says its not so much about helping Joe as much as its about looking for people he can trust to win Hoh. Jani says that Joe has to be the one to come off the block leaving Ash as the ultimate pawn against Frank because there is no way Dan can make Dani mess that up. She thinks that Dan can make Dani side with Boogie and get Joe out over Frank if Ash comes off instead of Joe.

1:10 am BBT In Hoh bathroom Ash starts crying saying all she wants is to work with Shane. Brit tell Ash not to worry she is safe no matter what. Brit says not to say anything about what they have talked about with anyone and that she has been bombarded with deals all day and just wants to talk to Shane. Brit asks Ash to leave. Ash goes downstairs and recaps the whole conversation to Jani.

1:25 am BBT Wil tries to go into arcade room and Jani asks for five mins alone with Ash. Wil immediately goes upstairs to talk to Brit and let her know he does not have a F2 with Frank. Brit says shes worried about how uncomfortable the house will be and that if Frank is given 3 days to get votes he will get them. Wil says he is worried about Danis vote. Brit says she is worried about Wil . He says he will vote out Frank 100% and says that Jani will sell her soul to get Joe off the block. Wil says he should take Ash off the block though to let it look like the house geets to decide between two major threats

1:40 am BBT Brit says ok lets get rid of this Dbag Dani enters and they ask her is she is willing to get rid of Frank. She looks at them like they are aliens and says "is that even a question right now? of course!" they go over the rest of Janis team and weather or not Shane can trust them. Shane wants to make sure they can get rid of Frank and keep hhimself safe in the future.

1:55 am BBT Dani Brit Ash Shane Jani and Wil all agree Frank has to go in Hoh room. Talk has turned to how the house is going to blow up and they just all have to maintain their stance. They are all worried about Boogie freaking out and Frank blowing up. They agree to stick to their word though and now they are giggling.

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Janelle telling Brit how unloyal and cut throat Frank is.

Brit says Frank is in love with Janie.

Brit keeps reiterating how much shit that Boogie will talk about Shane and Brit.

Ash: I'm just prepared for him to call me fat.

Brit saying Boogie is going to be pissed that he went to bed so early.

After all this, Brit saying maybe he shouldn't backdoor Frank after all.

Shane laughs, Brit saying she's dead serious.

Brit super worried about Boogie talking shit about her and Shane.

Janelle telling people that Frank isn't BACKDOORED, he's just a replacement nominee since he played in the veto.


Other feed:

Ian and Dan trying to make a fireball out of a soda can, Willie's cologne, and a lighter-- BB said to stop it twice, and then


Dan: lets just do it, there's never been a fireball in the BB house. How did they see us?!

Ian: They heard us talking.



HOH room is abuzz with Frank and Ian being rats, how untrustworthy they are, deals that were made and such with them.


Dan and Ian and Joe in the hot tub, Ian just telling stories about school. (At this point, Joe doesn't have any idea about getting Frank out. Ian seems completely at ease and comfortable talking to Dan about this).


Brit: tomorrow is going to be horrible for me, Boogie is so mean.

Brit tells team Janelle that Frank made a deal w/ Shane and Shane did consider it.

Ashley saying she wants this so bad.

Wil saying she won't buy whatever Boogie is selling.

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