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7/30 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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This is way better than the Nakomis 6 finger Plan ..... If your Not a Live feed Updater, this should give you all the inspiration you need .... cause this is My Greatest Time of being a Live Feed Updater Ever ... catching on to all the reverse Physcology that went on before it came to fruition

2;16 BBt..... Even the BB Production team is now catching on to the History being made in the House ....... Gawd i feel so priviledged to be an eyewitness to it all

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2:35 BBT

Shane tells Joe he can sleep good tonight.

Shane informs Joe that Danielle will be telling Boogie and Frank that they have Danielle's vote, but in reality she's on board with sending Frank out the door.

Joe saying he will be loyal to the end with Shane and Boogie is going to flip out if it happens.

Joe saying he's grateful, thank you so much, etc.

Shane tells Joe that he thought he could trust Frank, but there's something about him...

Joe: you just got the strongest bond in BB history, I guarantee it.

Shane admits he regrets his nominations.

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Joe says he's humbled being on the block, and he feels a sense of excitement that he doesn't think anyone in the game will have what Shane & he have. If a bus comes to Shane, he's stepping in front of it.

Shane wants to stick to the final 5. Joe says he's totally fine with that.

Shane says to play it off.

Shane exits.

Joe (alone) : Woooo doggy... I get another shot.. another shot Sarah. Sarah baby.. we got another life. I'll take care of you Shane, see what we can do.

Joe (alone): Oh man. We did it Sarah, we're back in the game baby... unreal. Wow.

[Joe keeps letting out huge sighs of relief, and has visibly relaxed a ton]

Joe: wow, wow, wow, wow, wow.

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2:44 With all the Excitement, Jovallity, and Hollerin' I can't believe they haven't woken up the Whole House ... This HOH crew is dynamite (makes me a Lil sad to know the coaches are coming) Ian has joined them and he's laughing so hard Bubbles are coming out His Nose . (LOL)

2:50 HoH Crew consists of Jani Ashley Wil Ian Dan Britney and Dani ( Shane is around somewhere) ...... Joe is down by the Hotub feeling all better that he's not the target anymore

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Ian and Dan have joined the HOH room, being totally loud and rowdy.

All doing impressions of Joe, making fun of him and the stories he tells.

Wil and Ashley leave to go to sleep

They finally fill Dan in that they're going to BD Frank.

Dan saying if they have a swing at him, they should take it.

Brit just feels Boogie's team is strong.

They're asking Dan what Danielle should say. Dan not really saying much...

They don't like the look on Dan's face, and ask again if it's stupid.

Dan doesn't think it's stupid, he's got to go sometime.

Dan says it's Danielle's decision.

Brit thinks taking Janelle's team out is way easier than taking out Boogie's team.

Dan being super quiet, not really giving out much info. Asking about Danielle's safety for next week.

Dan saying he wouldn't have told Joe anything about being safe, and the earlier POV the better because that's less chance for a leak.

Dan departs for bed, Danielle and Shane stay awake.

Outside, team Janelle is obviously thrilled, and couldn't be happier.

Joe: I can't believe he went to bed at 10.

Janie saying this week they will see the old, quiet Frank when he's nominated.

Janie saying they have to win HOH this week because there's no one else to go to, the gig is up for them.

Ash: i'm so exhausted, it's been a long day of work for me.

(6:15am on the east coast, night all!)

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Well, after all that work last night, Brit is now not wanting to follow through with everything.

Brit telling Shane he's doing everyone's dirty work.

Shane saying he understands, but he has no other option.

Brit now trying to convince him not to do this.

Shane saying his mind is NOT made up.

Shane saying he can feed Frank a line of BS.

Brit suggests saying that they were afraid of the votes and in order to secure them, they had to put up Frank.

Shane finally decides that he'll SAY he's confident Frank has the votes to stay, and that Danielle is solid with them.

Brit is surprised Janelle isn't up there.

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9am BB time: Ash & Frank up and in the bathroom and both go back to bed.

9:15am: We have fish and music, could be the wakeup call...

9:25am: lights are all on now and HG are moving around a bit, but the sound is missing so can't hear what anyone is saying.

9:28am: Wil saying it's funny that someone has not touched a dish since they've been there, I think they are talking about Britt. Joe is outside sitting with his feet in the hot tub by himself.

9:35am: Joe just joined the boys in the kitchen saying how he loves getting 45 minutes sleep. Mike is saying that dairy makes him very gassy. Frank is told by BB to exchange his mic with one in the storage room. Mike saying as soon as the Veto box closes he is going to hand Britt her dirty bowl and say here, wash your sh*t.

9:38am: Frank is asking Joe how much sleep he got and Joe tells him when he was asleep & then awake, said he was playing pool by himself last night. Looks like all the girls are still in bed.

9:42am: Joe, Frank, Wil & Mike in the BY talking about Jo Jo trying to buy votes with her smokes...and we get fish. Feeds back just morning chat about coffee.

9:46am: Will says at Starbucks he thinks they just pour the coffee over ice for iced coffee, they are talking about the high prices for what you get there. They are saying that Dunkin Donuts is way better that you get a lot more for your $$. Joe saying his dad was an Elvis impersonator and did shows all over, he is saying Graceland is Gaudy with its decor. He said when he went the cool cars were still there and you could get into them.

9:50am: Mike is saying how the rich guys buy cars for their wives and then they decide they don't want it so they take it back and he buys them cheap.

9:53am: Joe says he misses his wife, she always does his fingernails & toenails, then he wishes her happy anniversary (to Sarah) Wil comments about it being Joe's anniversary & Joe says it's his 30th.

9:58am: Mike, Joe, Wil & Frank are still in the BY talking cars, who owns what know and what they've had. They ask Wil if he is going to get a car when he gets out & he says yes. Will says he has to haul around the dogs and equipment, they say he needs an SUV. all car talk in the BY. No movement from the girls in the bedroom yet, they are just sleeping under the blankets with the lights on.

10:05am: Mike said he rented his car out to someone and got a call from the bank that the guy that rented it was trying to sell it for $70,000.00, they found the car but he had to get another key and they are not cheap.

10:13am: Wil had to go to traffic court, saying he went and did his traffic school after but they are saying he missed court and issued a warrant, said they arrested him ! hour after the warrant was issued. He said how would he know he had to go to traffic school if he didn't go to court. Joe is talking about a time he got arrested and that they were rough with him and then laughing at him. he said he went downtown with them paid his $200.00 fine and walked home, he was 18 at the time and said they scared him - it was a nightmare, he thought SWAT had taken him down.

10:15am: Shane is up & in the HOH BR brushing his teeth

10:22am: nothing going on worth reporting, very boring & quiet in the house right now... and we get fish (which is more exciting)

10:29am: Britt is awake in the HOH and Dani is in the kitchen. Wil comments to Dani and then Ash it will be a nap day. Ian just walked into the kitchen too. I think BB must have made them get up during the last fish session.

10:32am: Joe gets called to the DR, Frank is cooking eggs and everyone else is scattered about.

10:38am: Shane & Britt in HOH, Shane tells Britt he knows she is just looking out for him. Britt is telling him that you're going to be the one he is mad at. (sounds like Frank is going up) Shane is saying that Frank is already bragging about winning the $$ and he doesn't like that. Shane says he only promised not to put him up and he didn't, that he had an chance to win POV and he didn't. They are worried about Ian winning HOH. Shane says he hasn't made up his mind 100% but he is leaning 1 way. Shane & Britt are rehashing who will have a chance at winning the POV. Britt says she hopes Jani's players stick by them when the players try to rip them apart. Shane says Dan is on their side.

10:41am: Britt is saying that they need to tell frank that they are only doing it to secure the votes. They are saying they will tell him he has the votes, that Dani will vote for him & then when she doesn't the blame will fall on her.

10:48am: Dan asking what the morning songs were, Ash said it was some weird rap song. Dani Ash & Wil in the BR at sink doing hair & make up.

10:52am: Britt & Jani at the dining room table discussing the vote and justifying it to themselves. Will says good morning starshine and she replies that he has the best names. Britt just commented that she realized she left the bowl outside and how nasty it is, says she feels bad.

11:00am: Frank & Shane in side room by Bathroom talking about securing the votes, Dani tries to come in then Dani tries to come in and Shane says just a minute. Shane telling Frank he may have to put up someone from his team and that they have Dani's vote so Joe will go home (sounds like Shane putting his plan into action) Frank tells him I am working with you going forward. Shane is hoping they can trust Ian and Frank tells him Mike will put the reins on him. Britt tries to come in and Shane asks for a minute. Frank is telling Shane he is still on board with Shane & Dani down the road. Franks is saying he is tired of Joe. Frank Says he trusts Dani & Shane said he's not sure about Dan, but Frank says he should be fine.

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Guest georgectv

10:55am bbt

Shane is talking with Frank now, has turned Danielle and Britney both away ("can you give us a minute").

Shane is feeding the party line to Frank, that Shane may need to take Ashley down and put up one of Boogie's team, "to secure the votes, but no matter what happens, you are safe."

Meanwhile, Britney is explaining her concerns to Janelle, Wil, and Danielle.

11:00am bbt

Britney joins Shane/Frank, and adds to the story Shane is telling Frank, that it makes sense for Britney/Shane to split the votes between Janelle/Boogie's teams.

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Guest georgectv

11:17am bbt

Now that Frank has left the room, Britney/Shane agree that 'he' is going to be upset. Shane tells Britney that Frank may realize he may be going home. Shane asks if he should include in his POV speech that he had to do this to 'secure the votes'.

Britney coaches Shane not to say much in his speech. Then she says they should probably head right to the HOH afterwards and 'wait for them to take a nap'.

And we get Trivia, so it may be time for the ceremony!

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11:18 BBT

After britney and shane tell frank that one of this team is going to be replaced to secure Joe leaving, frank leaves the room. Brit immediately asks "Is he going up?" Shane "He has to..."

Brit: "Dont give much of a speach. as soon as its over we need to go straight to HOH room"


Trivia [Looks like POV ceremony]

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11:00BBT Brit telling Jani and Wil that Shane is going to put up Frank, will tell him its to secure the votes. Jani says Frank needs to go.

Frank, Brit, Shane talk. Frank says Ian will not vote for Ash he has a crush on her. Shane says they can get rid of Ash. Brit says tells Frank she thinks Joe is going home no matter what. Frank wants a like of communication open.

Frank says he knows what paranoia is, if they see him talking to someone just ask him.

Brit is unsure of how Ian will vote. She tried to question him yesterday and he was cryptic about who he would put up if he won HOH.

Frank suggests putting Ian up. He swears on his and his nana life that he has not talking to Wil about a F2 deal. He says both Wil and Joe are feeling defeated.

Shane says the only reason would be to secure the votes. Frank says he and Mikes players will roll with them 100%. Shane says he is putting his trust in Ian who is so up and down.

Brit says 4 days is a long time to get in ppls minds. Ppl change their minds in half a second. Frank and Wil working together scares her.

Jenn or Ian will take it as a negative thing if Shane puts them up. Brit says she is secure with Dani vote. Its a risk either way. Frank says Mike wants Jani out!

Frank leaves. Shanes tells Brit at least he understands where they are coming from. Brit says they are going to be pissed. Shane says he thinks Frank knows he is going up. Shane says dont leave me, Mike will try to change me. They will to do HOH after POV ceremony and wait for them to nap.

11:20BBT TRIVIA....POV ceremony time

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12:25pm bbt

Feeds are back... Boogie/Shane talking, Boogie confirms Shane used the POV to remove Ashley and put up Frank. Boogie explains his reaction was because he thought Janelle had got to Shane. Boogie understands the logic of why Shane is protecting the vote and says he respect the move.

At the same time, Britney is explaining to Ashley how this prevents the possibility of Boogie and his team making a deal with Joe to vote out Ashley on Thursday. Ashley realizes it is a very smart move.

12:28pm bbt

Janelle joins Britney/Ashley and says Boogie is very upset. Britney explains that Boogie thinks Janelle got to Shane, and Janelle gets giddy over the idea. Ashley says it's not going to be nice now, bridges are going to be burned.

Boogie/Frank/Dan meet up, and Boogie asks Dan if he knew this was coming. Dan says he knew, but defers a long explanation to them.

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12:25 BBT feeds...Jani says we GOT to get Frank out. Brit says she doesnt like Franks attitude. Mike talking to Shane. Mike scared Jani got to them. Shane says it secures votes.

Mike says he respects the move, all good man. Mike leaves Shane to go to Frank and Dan. Mike says he just wants to shake the kid. asks Dan if he knew that was going to happen. Dan says he will talk later.

In HOH Brit tells Jani and Ash that Mike said Jani got to you. Mike was pissed.

(Shane used POV and put Frank up)

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12:30pm bbt

Britney/Janelle/Ashley in HOH, Britney still explaining to Janelle/Ashley.

Boogie/Frank/Ian talking, Ian worried that something he said (about possibly putting Shane up next week if Ian won HOH) caused Shane to flip on their agreement. Frank/Boogie try to calm Ian, still sure Shane is working with them.

Ashley says this is very logical and will keep things calmer in the house this week. Britney says she was arguing since Thursday that Shane should split the vote.

Frank tells Ian the main reason Shane/Britney did this is because they didn't trust his vote. Ian gets defensive, and Boogie coaches him to stay calm.

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12:35pm bbt

Post-POV, Feeds 1/2 show Britney/Janelle/Ashley confident that Frank is going home on Thursday. Feeds 3/4 show Boogie/Frank/Ian confident that Joe is going home on Thursday. (I think the next two days are either going to be the calm before the Thursday night storm, or word is going to get out and someone is going to be very upset in the next 2 days!)

12:40pm bbt

Boogie/Frank/Ian join Joe/Shane/Danielle/Dan/Jenn in the kitchen for general chat. Ashley/Britney/Janelle still in the HOH, rehashing the logic of the POV being used.

Britney says Jenn/Ian have no game on their own, they are only here to give Frank $500k. All they do is Boogie's dirty work.

Talk turns to the need to protect Danielle from 'them', so that they don't turn her vote.

Britney:The last thing I want is for her to lay down with Frank and let him pillow talk her.

Janelle/Ashley complain about Dan not letting Danielle have any time showmancing Shane. Dan won't let her pretend fall asleep in the HOH room with Shane.

12:45pm bbt

Shane joins the 3 in the HOH, says Jenn won't even look at him. Shane says Boogie wanted to talk with him, didn't know Shane/Frank had worked a deal for the POV. Shane told Boogie he didn't trust Ian's vote. Britney says she also explained to Boogie post-POV that it made sense for them. Boogie wants to talk to Shane/Danielle at some point.

Britney says they are solid as long as Danielle and Wil don't budge.

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12:47pm bbt

In HOH, Shane tells Brit/Ash/Jani the only problem is that for him, as HOH/POV, all the blood this week is on his hands.

Ashley: We just need to keep this quiet until Thursday night, and then the bomb drops.

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2:20pm bbt The drama of the POV ceremony has ended. Danielle/Shane are sunning, Frank just exited the pool, Ian/Boogie on the patio listening to Britney tell about snorkeling experiences.

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2:04pm Wil and jen laying in bed in sneaker room Wil he went up yesterday and told them to please what ever you do keep ash here and he and jani giggle

2:06pm Jani says i think Boogie is nicer this year but i dont know a lepord never changes his spots wil says Boogie was pissed that Frnk got put on the block

2:08pmWil says next week we get Ian out cuz the next week will be Q&A Jani says yeah and we will start studing next weel all day and night they say goodnight to each other so they can take a nap

2:14pm Jani and Wil now talking about hurricanes now saying goodnight again and going to sleep shane and dani laying out by the pool Frank in the pool floating on the ball

2:24pm most hg outside sitting around or laying in sun just general talk some hg inside napping

2:43pm Boogie telling everyone on by couch a survivor story about some of the comps on survivor Brit says those comps are scary

2:50pm brit says she doesnt know how Ian can have all that information on reality tv shows and engineering in his head dasn says he will put his money on in against anyone in the world on reality tv trivia

2:52pm talk back to survivor and the survivors hurt in seasons coming back to play this next season again since they were hurt and had to leave early

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3:13pm Mike and frank in crane rm talking mike says he told shane you better get your girl in check she is playing with your papers now he says he said you need to make her aware that it is a possabilty that she doesnt get to float both ways Mike says do you want to work with me and my players or jani and her players dani is the in between vote

3:14pm mike says he told dani to just relax in the pool she told him i thought i was going to get to relax all week mike says she doesnt realize how powerfull she is this week frank says the other day we made a 3 person alliance mike says you really did do thatg frank says yeah

3:19pm Frank says shane said make this all good we have to stay in danis ear all week to make sure we have the vote to get joe out of here this week Mike says tyhe vote is still 3 days away so stay cool Frank says they heard i has a final 2 deal with wil but that is bullshit but if i wil put wil and ash up and if we get a chance backdoor shanes ass

3:20pm Frank says i will tell frank i would have worked with you but now that you put me on the block i cant trust you and you have to go home Frank says and wil might not put me up unless janelle keeps talking and i am going to ask wil for a vote and wil told him his mind wasnt made up yet

3:23pm Frank wants to tell dani if he gets backdoored this week then she will never have wils jenns or ians vote you lose 3 votes

3:25pm Mike says i am confident that dan is going to do the right thing and talk to dani about it and if you notice dani likes attention and you are the big strong guy stay with her and she gets to be the big cheerleader for the week frank says it will be great if we can put ash and wil up next week and backdoor shane mike laughs

3:30pm dani walks in kt Frank says i am gonna be stuck to your hips all week sweet cheeks we can be like threes company you can be jack and shane and i will be the girls dani laughs at sweet cheeks frank says you like that she says yeah she says she is fixen to take a nap

3:34pm Frank and dani now talking about spring break dani says she hasnt been on spring break for 3 years frank says he hasnt been in a long time either dani says i would love to live on the beach frank says me too dani says how far do you live from the beach frank says 10 minutes frank called to dr and joe walks in asking how is dan taking all this

3:36pm dani asked how joe is doing joe says today is my anniversary so i am a lil bummed he says he is going to do a lil thing for his wife in the crane rm dani says go ahead and do it he says i will later

3:38pm dani says i am gonna go pass out somewhere so i can be alone joe says go ahead dani says oh i found a chair and goes outside

3:48pm ian and frank sitting on by couches with boogie talking about excersizing everyone else seems to be napping

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4:10 PM BBT

Wil and Ashley in KT. They joke about putting the mushrooms outside to dry out to get a buzz. "Have you?" Wil asks. "So much fun!" Ashley laughs.

Brit telling Ashley, Wil and Janelle how Danielle is ALL over Shane all the time. Dan is being a cock block and Danielle is sick of it. Boogie is really trying to work Danielle too. The girls think that they have to talk to Danielle. She just feels like she's important and that's what she wants. She told Ashley she was the most powerful person in the house right now. They all laugh. Brit says she was talking to Shane then...if he said it one more time I was going to punch him!

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4:23 PM BBT

"It's so bad for my fertility to be drinking out of these plastic bottles" Britney educates Ashley "The BPA is going right to my ovaries."

Janelle and Brit go into the Lounge to chat. They can't trust Danielle and need to have a talk with Dan - Janelle helped him out last week so he owes her.

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