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9/2 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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9:09 BBT BB "Rachel, please go to the Diary Room." Still just general chit chat. Jordan is waiting for her turn in DR so she can go to bed. Adam says he is exhausted and is planning to go to the purple room to lay down (which he doesn't do). Khalia heads to the bubble gum room and lays down. Jordan is explaining to Porsche and Adam that at this exact point in her season is when they played together in a luxury competition. {The WBRB button pusher has a hair pin trigger tonight as we get frequent WBRBs for reason beyond my ability to figure out-Goldylucks}

9:25 PM BBT Porsche asked if anyone has ever seen the fortune teller move. Adam says that someone (Shelly) claimed to have seen it move (which we saw on the live show) but hints that Shelly may have not been telling the truth. Feeds 1 and 2 switch to Jordan in the purple room resting and Feeds 3 & 4 on Khalia laying down in Bubble Gum Room. Adam joins Jordan.

9:33 PM BBT Rachel comes out of DR. "Who wants to see my HoH room?" It seems one of Rachel's pictures is a Brenchel picture from last season. Her CD is Rascall Flatts. Her letter is from her mom. Most of her letter is about the upcoming weddings, hers and her sister Allyssa's. They both got engaged the same weekend and clearly their mom approves of both matches. Porsche is an active participant in the chit chat but Khalia is just pacing and yawning.

9:50 PM BBT Rachel got a pediegg. Adam offers to give everyone a pedicure saying "I need to earn my keep around here." Rachel grabs a picture of Brendan and gets quiet. Jordan "14 days."

10:01 PM BBT The grouping in the HoH room is cut short because Rachel is called back into the DR.

I'm out to watch BBAD.

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10:41pm BBT:

Jordan tells Rach that Adam told her how things between him and Porch is more about life outside the house. Solidifies that he is def with her and Rach.

Rach lets Jordan know how Kalia was bummed out about not winning. Jordan states thats just because they (J/R) would have been nominated. Both feel that she has to go this week because between Kalia and Porch, Kalia is better at more comps.

Although Rach feels that Kalia deserves to stay, she still needs to go. If veto is won then Porch goes.

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11 pm thru 1:30 am BBT: There's general chatting as people come and go from the kitchen where they're playing poker. How much pain they're in after that HoH comp. Talking about the evicted house guests, all of Shelly's lies, the season of Dani "worship" in the house (Rachel makes a comment about Dani being K/P's master and Kalia is highly offended.) They're talking a lot in that "funny" voice (I think it's supposed to be a Brooklyn accent but, it's just annoying at this point. ~ CeCiMom)

1:30 am BBT: Kalia follows Rachel to the HoH room, even after Rachel told her she was tired and going to sleep. Thus Kalia begins her campaign to stay. Throwing Porsche under the bus and backing over a couple times. She tells Rachel how she's a competitor and if she were HoH she would have kept Rachel until F2. Says, Adam and Porsche haven't done anything all season and Porsche just woke up last week. Kalia tells her how much she deserves to stay and that she was planning on staying loyal to the F4 deal A/J/K/P. Says she's kept her word the whole game and even though everyone expects J/R to stay together and K/P to stay together it would be smart if K/R aligned and took each other to the end. Offers to throw the PoV and to never vote out Jordan or Rachel. Kalia is dominating the conversation and once again barely lets anyone else get a word in. Rachel is so tired (you can see it in her face) and Kalia is droning on and on. Laying it on so thick it's even more annoying than usual for Kalia.

Meanwhile, Adam and Porsche are talking and Porsche says she knows Kalia is up there selling them out.

3:30 am BBT: Jordan and Rachel finally get a chance to talk in HoH privately. Jordan says she trusts Adam way more than those girls and that they have to get Kalia out this week. Rachel doesn't seem committed to any plan right now but, agrees Kalia is dangerous in question comps. They talk about there being a luxury or have-not comp tomorrow. They say it sounds like they're building something back there but, it's possible it's just taking this long to clean up all that syrup. Jordan talks about leaving for jury before Rachel and Rachel tells her not to talk that way.

4 am BBT: Jordan asks Rachel if she will open Pandora's box this week and Rachel exclaims, "No!" Then she says it would have to be a box with Brendon in it or a honeymoon vacation, then she would consider it. Jordan is doing a lot of the talking. They talk about how cocky Porsche was during her HoH reign. Rachel tells Jordan that it concerns her that she doesn't seem very excited about her winning HoH. Tells Jordan that she knows she wants to be with Jeff but, that she's glad her BFF is still in the house with her. Jordan asks her if she's tired and Rachel says she is... so, Jordan heads back down stairs.

4:30 am BBT: Adam and Jordan have a quick convo in the purple room. Jordan having Adam confirm once again that he is with them and will not knock either of them out before F3. Adam says he is and that if he wins PoV this week he will keep the noms the same. They say Dani wants someone that she "trained" to be in the F2 because Dani will feel that is a victory for her too. As they are leaving the room the camera man zooms in out the Fortune Teller.

All asleep by 4:35 am BBT.

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9:07 BBT

the girls are up and in the hoh trying to figure out the weeks and when this will all end, if there will be a dbl eviction, Rachel says she feels like we are sooo close but so far away, and Jordan says she is really nervous and Jordan says she has to sleep in the space ship room so as not to let them talk about gam, then Jordan says Adam says kalia has got to go, Rachel says as long as asam is with us, then they are saying how sleepy they are, abnd they could go back to sleep right now, Jordan said it washard for her to sleep because she was just thinking and it made her nervous and now she is just getting nervous again

they are sying that Kalia was up i the hoh at east till 3am and that Jeff and Brendon would crack up at Kalia being up there so long las tnight, they then talk about country music and when they play theat they seem to have good luck so we get music, the rachel says there is only 6 shows left, they are trying to figure it out

Jordan says there is still alot to show and about them having to show the jury packages, Kalia is in th ekichen cookin somthing, I have it on quad in case there is game stuff bein talked about by the opposing side.

Jordan askes does it seem like I am over it?? like when I go lay down and stuff and Rachel says a little, and jordan doesnt want to seem that way and doesnt mean to seem like that , Rachel says she just wants to make sure they are both gonna fight to get revenge for the guys, Jordan says they are two different type of players Jordan is social and Rachel is sooo good at comps

Rachel assures Jordan that she has helped her sooo much by just bein there, and she does so much better when there is a team situation or that someone is depending on her it gives her strenght strength, Rachel does her best when she knows that she is gonna help somone else out

Rachel is happy with her room and the pics she got of Brendon, talking about the pic and which time they came from

ok porsche and kalia in kt, porshce says something about adam, then talking aobut taking the lid off someting, no game talk, Kalia feeding face with a breakfast buritto, I hear voices in the background

Kalia is chomping andkalia saying she loves breakfast burittos ans breakfast food, it is the best food

I think Jordan and rachel are having a little nap in the hoh

General talk in the kitchen about breakfast food, Porsche sits at the table and makes the remark, "not that i dont want to sit by you" Kalia talking with food in her mouth so it is hard to understand what she is saying, she is bitching about something about why aren't we doing DR's

to much chomping nise going on and not enough talk except Kalia is talking about a luxery comp, wishing for one?? we either take each other or we bribe the hoh, cannot hear them they are russlteing papers and hicupping

Kalia says she is down for non game moves, the eating and chomping is disgusting, makes it hard to hear

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Kalia says something like the next 2 ppl out something about the jury, the 3rd person gets shafted, they end up shafted and not enough time in the jury, and the full embarassment treatment of going out in front of the live audience, talking about americas jury pick, they are sayin dani and jeff and no on brendon,( why they call it americas jurer, its americas player ppl) dogging on feeds saying that the ppl who pay for feeds are the ones who pay for voting,

talking now about upset stomachs, blah blah

now talking abou twhat they will wear on the block on thurs. now talking about all stars and would Kalia come back for all stars and kalia says she doubts she would be asked back for all stars, and america was prolly upset when dom left, and then says all the more reason for rachel to put her out cause she could get invited back for all stars, then she says no way she would do all stars, as amazing as this has been no way, water running now,

Porsche says she will not be good at match ups and Kalia says it will be otev, or something totally off the rocker because it has been different this season

Porsche says there is a chance that she could get to a place that she could beat rachel at any contest, talking about Kalia needs to work out and the Porsche says she would not have dosne that well in last nights comp, then Kalia says I hope it is someting about balance cause she is good at that stuff

Porsche says Kalia was sooooo cute in that goo, and Kalia says she felt like such a ding dong, and it really hurts

ok now they are going to a bed, they are where adam is, god the slurping that porsche does is annoying, Porsche says shoud i change my sweatsuit and put on the pink one, Kalia in bed after eating that big burrito

I think it is gonna be full naptime in the house right now

porsvhe in bed now too Kalia says she is ready to have it be over big time, Porsche lets out a huge burp

porsche talking aobut how good her burp tasted, now talking about how much time is left how many weeks, will end up being in jury only a few days before the other one comes and then just a cpl days before they go to the hotel before the finale

kalia says she thnks ppl didnt like shelly she didnt have that many cheers

Kalia gets called to the diary room, she takes a big slurping gulp and takes off

porsche covers her eyes with a t shirt prilly gonna rake a nap, all is quiet,( and so I am making my exit for now, anyone else feel free-fatcat)

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ok I lied, and we are back talking about the pb, and rachel says she would only open it if it was something to do with brendon,and Rach says well what would you do if it was jeff and Jordan says she would prolly open it, but then says she doesnt know, they are talkin pros and cons, they are worried if they open a pb there would be a twist, but porsche got money and it was bad for the house because it was a twist for them, Jordan sayin wait to see if it is something good and yo could see him one more time ( I think this is bad) they Rachel says what if they brought dani back for 24 hrs, they both say that would be bad she would give them more advice, they are talking about hanging out wiuth their men,(girls you are being stupid, as they could got tit fot tat and make another twist to help the oposing side)

Jordan is close in saying she would want it to be a celebrity, tallking about the hoff, Jordan says the hoff does not seem like a big celeb to her, but what about carrie underwood would be a big celeb to her

Jordan thinks he is an old celeb and their parents would think he was a celeb, Jordan did not even know what nightrider was

Rachel is laughing at Jordans naiveity, Rachel is not gonna let Jordan live it down that she called her a handfull, Rachel says her mom calls her that oo so it is all goos as her best frind says so to, so it is all good

back to porsche and Kalia saying something about they said to put on good clothes, something is going on in the back yard

Adam getting called to the DR, all cams ae on porsche and kalia

ok now jordan is blowing her hair with the blow dryer even tho I dont thnk she wased it, Porsche says she feels like poop

lots of noise with the hairdryer

I think it is a luxery comp and Kalia says Porsche will lose the comp by default cause she feels bad and will go back to bed, says she feels like she has a cold or something like thaqt, then Rach says whoever thought Adam would be the person who got this far with them

Kalia just talks on and on and on nosensical

just gereral chit chat about what to wear Rachel wants to wear a skirt, Porsche keeps hiccuping and burping

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ok this is just too much talk about clothes and what to wear,( so I am out got stuff to do- fatcat)

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its a luxury comp, still trivia

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Rachel opened pandoras box, HG got clothes and visit from Tori Spelling. Rach got a visit from Jessie (she got autographed pics of him. Jordan and Porsche sharing dresses with Rachel.

(More details to follow)

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11:52AM BBT: The HGs are all trying on new clothes Jordan says I was just grabbing stuff as she puts on a hat they all got new clothes and hats Adam says awesome and this tshirt only cost 3.99 Rachel says I am so jelouse Porsche says take your pick what dress you want Rachel says no I don't want to take it you won it fair and square Rachel says Jordan don't you want this dress Jordan says no I got it for you

11:53AM BBT: Rachel says I can't believe you guys met Tori spelling

11:55AM BBT: Porsche and Jordan sharing clothes with Rachel Jordan says poor Rachel Rachel says I was like watching you guys and saying nooooooo Porsche says oh you got to watch us Rachel says yeah Jordan says we was listening to you down here and you kept saying shopping spree Adam says thank you Rachel you don't even understand you are getting the best wedding gift ever

11:56AM BBT: Rachel says she was saying like no Porsche says it was taking so long I thought you wasn't" going to do it BB calls Rachel to DR they are all trying clothes on in the kitchen area around kitchen table

11:59AM BBT: HG still trying on clothes girls are trading clothes and shoes Rachel back from DR Rachel saying that Jessie said you did get a shopping spree with Mr Pectacular

12:01PM BBT: Rachel says she read the card and it said a shopping spree with tory spelling and she was like a shopping spree and she does weddings she is pregnant amazing so she opened the box everyone but her got to meet Tori and shop she has a workout with Mr Pectacular Jessie

12:05PM BBT: Rachel got a lot of signed pics from Jessie for her family and Brendon she said Jessie was wearing a speedo with sequins on the butt of them saying Mr Pectacular Jordan gives Rachel more clothes Rachel says no Jordan you should keep all your clothes

12:06PM BBT: Rachel says she opened the box and asked what is the rest of the house is getting then she seen Tori spelling walking in and was like nooooo Adam said he told tory he was in love with her Porsche sharing clothes with Rachel now Rachel says thank you so much

12:11PM BBT: Rachel asking what Tori said Adam says she walks in says Rachel opened Pandora's box you all win a shopping spree have fun shopping lets go they all go outside but Tori didn't go with them but tory told Adam that her 4 year old daughter loves him so after the show I am going to Tori's house to meet her daughter

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12:14PM BBT: Everyone is still looking at clothes Porsche under her covers changing Adam gives Rachel a hug and tells her thank you so much Rachel talk goes to others opening Pandora's box in other seasons

12:15PM BBT: Adam trying on his new shoes Adam says his duck is Torified Tori kissed his duck for him

12:18PM BBT: Jordan in the bubblegum room putting her clothes and hats away and changing clothes she is cold in the kitchen Adam Porsche Kalia and Rachel talking about Farra is going to scream when she sees this Sunday Adam says this is 4 straight seasons Jessie has had something to do with this show Rachel says she ran to the door screaming let me out let me out when she seen Jessie

12:22PM BBT: Rachel hangs Jessie's pic above the fridge in the kitchen Rachel got a lot of things from Jessie a drinking cup a plate with Jessie's pic in it a tshirt and sweats Rachel thanks Jordan for getting her some clothes Jordan says your welcome Adam sporting Rachel's hat now

12:24PM BBT: Rachel saying when she read the card it said a shopping spree with a celebrity and she yelled it Jordan said we heard you Rachel says you hear me and laughs Rachel says they told me to be quiet and not yell and we get WBRB

12:27PM BBT: Adam says Tori asked him how come they didn't make the beds Adam told her they didn't know she was coming Kalia says Tori told Adam he was cute on the show Porsche says she took a pic of kissing Adam on the cheek

12:30PM BBT: Kalia saying she thought Tori was just going to hang out with them and Rachel was going to get something good up there Kalia says when she showed Tori the fortune teller she said I know this lady and she is very creepy Kalia says she told her yeah she is

12:33PM BBT: Rachel says OK now your BB experience is complete you got Tori spelling Jordan says you got it all you turned 40 in the BB house got to meet Tori got kissed by Tori got new clothes what more can you ask for Kalia and Rachel eating a lot of talk about Pandora's box and Tori spelling and Jessie

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12:40PM BBT: Adam jumping around happy that Tori kissed him on the cheek and that he actually got to meet Tori Adam looking at Rachel's candle with Jessie's pic on it Kalia talking about shows Adam says BB Adam graduates thank you Rachel

12:42PM BBT: The HGs are talking about movies now Rachel in DR Adam walking around kitchen in his new shoes with a big grin on his face

12:50PM BBT: Adam saying how great is this two celebrities David Hasselhoff and tori spelling how great is this Adam says thank you BB they all start singing Cruddy's got a chubby in his pants

12:56PM BBT: Adam says if he shows up at tori spellings and she has a restraining order he will remind her you invited me they all laugh and Porsche says he said he would leave his girlfriend for you and giggles

12:58PM BBT: Jordan says sorry Rachel I didn't even make it to the shoes and they had some glittery shoes Kalia says she couldn't find the size on the shoes and I was yelling nooooo Kalia asking Adam if he yelled when tori came in Jordan says yeah he did Adam says I was like yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Porsche says oh my goodness Rachel says I can't believe she is having a baby in a month Adam says she said she was going to name the baby after him Adam says really Tori said no just kidding

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1:00BBT WBRB Kalia and Adam talk about Tori's shows, her moms house, the baby. They showed her the house.

Jessie pic is above the fridge. He is 'continuously awesome' (its on the butt of the sweats he gave them) He's been on BB 4 times

Rachel tells of the box: It was shopping spree with a Celeb. she walks in and its racks of the continuously awesome sweats and Jessie was behind a counter acting as sales person. And all the time she was tortured by Jessie she was watching them on a TV. Jessie took pics of two of them. They are repeating themselves.


OLD called, they all head outside.

HG go outside and things look odd. Not everything is put back where it belongs. The pool is covered, the hammock is missing.

A few more minutes of Tori and they all get quiet. Kalia, Porsche, Rachel and Jordan on couch, Adam standing by elliptical smoking.

Adam finishes his smoke, sits on a stool for 10 minutes, gets up, walks away from the girls for an other smoke. Jordan lays a couple cushions down on the decking and lays in the sun...still no talking


Kalia, Porsche and Rachel sleeping on couch. Jordan moves out of the sun. Adam lights up another one. (After Rachel choked on the smoke last night he has been very careful to move far away from others)

2:10BBT...WBRB 2:13 feeds back and they are inside. Adam alone in BY.."TY BB"

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2:22PM BBT: Porsche: wouldn't do good in faces, don't do good in questions. No doubt you will be good a PoV. Porsche owed it to Daniele, Dick kept her safe that one day. Rachel: it was more me then Dick. It was never EVER my plan to get you out.

2:25PM BBT: Rachel: I kept saying no that's not the plan. (to get rid of Porsche) I really needed a friend, I said TY a mill times. Porsche: felt you had really opened up to Jordan. I felt Hmm. I was excited when Brendon got back then... Rachel: Brendon asked if you had stuck by me and I said no not really. Daniele got rid of my boyfriend and stole my BFF

2:26PM BBT: Rachel: Shelly compared both Brendon and Jeff to Tony. Porsche: I felt bad about not using PoV on Jeff after he used it on me.

2:30PM BBT: Porsche: I was third wheel with Dani/Kalia/Me. Kalia was stressed out for her HoH. I knew Kalia was supper bummed with me that's why I picked her. I know she her best interest. Rachel: she may be your friend but she is very ready to get rid of you. I told you long time ago I had your back, Kalia doesn't.

2:32PM BBT: Porsche: Daniele said Brendon said I was your puppy. Rachel: That was Daniele talking. I knew Daniele was manipulating and lying to everyone. Porsche: every one was building their army from week 1. Rachel: all but Brendon and I, we only had ourselves

2:37PM BBT: Porsche and Rachel about Shelly Rachel: Shelly was so mean talking to you it was bad she talked bad about you all the time Rachel telling Porsche Kalia would have dumped you in the final three no doubt Porsche says I think she has a final two with Jordan Rachel says she tried making a final two with me last night

2:41PM BBT: Porsche saying it was hard to be put on Have-Nots and nominated in the same day and then you find out your alliance is building an army and you wasn't" part of it it was hard Porsche says she seen Jeff as a big threat in this game and I didn't trust him Rachel says like I said with Brendon wouldn't you rather keep someone to benefit you in this game Porsche says the first time was a pity vote but the next time is Jeff needed Brendon out to stay in this game and Daniele said she needed him out

2:43PM BBT: Porsche says when heard Shelly was dislodged from the group then I went to playing solo like Adam did and work for myself in this game I feel like Adam seen the real Shelly before she left as I did but honestly the first time I voted for Brendon was a pity vote but the last time the votes were already in motion I just went with the house

2:47PM BBT: Porsche says even though Brendon and Jeff are gone now I feel like everyone can play on their own and cut the strings now and I could have put these two up and have enemies but I knew when I put you and Jordan up I knew you would win veto and I was bummed when you went up just as you and Jordan was but I had no one to talk to like you had to comfort Jordan after I voted her guy out of the house

2:49PM BBT: Jordan says I do know how it is you aren't playing with Jeff now and I don't know your thinking or how you want to play the game obviously there are going to be more competitions but I want to stay in this game I want to go to final three but you control this game Rachel says no I do not there is still a lot of game Rachel says why would anyone take me to final two Porsche says yeah your going to have to win

2:52PM BBT: Rachel says believe me I don't wanna go home I need someone who will be here to take me to final two Rachel says if you win HoH this week are you going to get rid of me Porsche says ideally I can win PoV and HoH this week Rachel asking if you win PoV this week will you take Kalia off the block Porsche says I would love Kalia to be in final three with us but you know as she hesitates Rachel says you know she won't help you last night Kalia said you and me Rachel to final two we win HoH get rid of Porsche Porsche says I rather not win veto but if Adam and Kalia win veto I am going on and then I am screwed

2:54PM BBT: Rachel says I don't understand what happened between us because it could have been me and you to the end and I knew everyone turned on me that week that Brendon was going out

2:55PM BBT: Rachel says Porsche you have to remember when people are talking game this is a game and of course you can build friendships but this is still a game

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3:02PM BBT: Porsche says I just want to go to final three with you Rachel says OK what's the deal I don't nominate you or what Porsche says well I don't want to win the veto Rachel says it is final 5 I don't want you throwing the veto Porsche says I just don't want to be on the block come Thursday night Rachel says Kalia has a final two deal with everyone I think

3:04PM BBT: Porsche says I do honestly miss Lawon he was a funny dude even though he didn't know what game show he was on but I do want to play this game I am into it now and I want to play now and I don't want to put trust in someone that I only hang out with for a couple weeks and I thought well maybe Rachel wouldn't want to hang out with me anymore till final three

3:06PM BBT: Rachel says Porsche I honestly believe you ditched me Porsche says I did not ditch you that week you was with Jordan Rachel says Jordan was always with Shelly they was like BFF Porsche says well obviously I want to go to final two and I know if I go up against you in final two it is obvious I get 50 and you win and get 500 anyone here will tell you that Jordan walks in to shave her legs Porsche says it's up to you Rachel Rachel says well I don't know what I am going to do but I do know that Porsche says whatever you do we will talk about it

3:10PM BBT: Rachel telling Porsche Kalia would be after her every week because she hates me and if she had won she would be after me Porsche says yeah and she is really good at questions Rachel says thanks for talking to me but I don't know what I am going to do yet we will have to wait and see

3:13PM BBT: Rachel tells Porsche she didn't ever have to jump ship Porsche says I know but you was the captain of the ship Rachel says I was never the captain of the ship Porsche says no Jeff was he ran Shelly Adam and Jordan so obviously we had to do something and I know everyone will try really hard for this veto Saturday Porsche says I hope you read my blog because I really did feel bad and you will see I really did care for you and I wanted to set the record straight

3:20PM BBT: Porsche heads downstairs Rachel going down to go wash her shoes Kalia on by couch Rachel tells her she has to wash her shoes off so she can put them in the washing machine

3:22PM BBT: Kalia says she is super duper super nervous Rachel says what Kalia says I am super scared about what we talked about last night Rachel says I honestly don't know what I am going to do yet Kalia says I am OK with going on the block if you can guarantee me that I will stay in this game

3:23PM BBT: Kalia says I hope you agree that it is you and me and Adam and Jordan after this week Rachel says I know and I said I don't know what I am going to do and you know I don't know what I am going to do Rachel says I hope my sneakers will dry

3:25PM BBT: Porsche walks out to by and talk stops Kalia says she needs to pee but doesn't wanna go Porsche says wait a few minuted Kalia says ewwwwww Kalia says I am getting hungry my stomach is talking

3:28PM BBT: Rachel goes to the bubblegum room to talk to Jordan she says she doesn't know what to do she doesn't know which one to keep Jordan says Adam told her that Porsche told him that Daniele told her all the formulas so they are both fake Jordan says they are both coming after us so it doesn't matter wich one leaves Rachel says I don't know what to do Jordan.

3:29PM BBT: Rachel says she told Porsche that she better watch her back because Kalia doesn't have your back she says she told Porsche if I don't put you up what would you do and Porsche said I won't win the veto Jordan says that's dumb

3:30PM BBT: Adam Rachel and Jordan heading to HoH room Porsche in DR Kalia in by

3:31PM BBT: Adam says if I win veto they are staying on the block Rachel says your HoH you have to put one of us on the block and you win veto you won't use it right he says no this is the final two right here

3:33PM BBT: Adam says Kalia needs to go this week she is good at questions and god forbid Porsche wins veto then I don't know what will happen she tells Adam what Porsche said in HoH

3:35PM BBT: Adam says Kalia is the dangerous one she can make it to final three we have to get her out now I am close to Porsche on a personal level not game Rachel says I don't even know why Porsche is up Kalia butt Adam said because Daniele put them there like that and told them stick together get the others out

3:37PM BBT: Adam says they are trying to get me put up against one of them so one can pull the other off and put up Jordan Rachel says that won't happen Adam says I know Kalia needs to go this week

3:43PM BBT: Adam saying how Daniele told him things to do and how Porsche and Kalia think Daniele was the motivator like Brendon motivated you Rachel and Jeff motivated you Jordan talk about how Daniele was a manipulator and as soon as I heard the first negative word from her I didn't trust her anymore because she told me little fibs Adam says I am aggravated I seen through Daniele but not others like Shelly

3:57PM BBT: Rachel telling Adam that she isn't going to make a stupid move I want this the final 4 here Adam says what game change are they going to do not they can't do duos again Adam says Pandora's box worked out for the best Tori kissed my duck

4:02PM BBT: Rachel says I don't know what I am going to do yet but we have to win veto this week we have to win veto Adam says Kalia will take Porsche off and Porsche will take Kalia off after veto if you have tpo put me on the block then I am volunteering but I am going to go out and fifth for that veto to keep the three of us together this is final three Rachel says pretend like I am putting you up and win that veto

4:04PM BBT: Rachel says I am so worried today Jordan I am scared Jordan says I know I am making myself sick over it Rachel says we have to play so smart right now Jordan and they head downstairs

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4:10PM BBT: Kalia and Porsche in kitchen cooking and eating just general talk Jordan in bathroom area putting makeup on again

4:16PM BBT: Porsche telling Adam we need to win PoV that's our only hope as newbies Kalia says it is all up to us for the vote and who is on the block literally Porsche Adam and Kalia in by playing cards now also Kalia asking Adam did you tell them you would use the veto on us Adam says I told them I will not Kalia says OK Porsche says good that's what you were suppose to say

4:17PM BBT: Kalia says I knew we would get locked down tonight so I wanted to stay outside instead of laying down like Jordan and Rachel Porsche says yeah a physical veto Kalia says it will probably be otev Adam says might be

4:20PM BBT: BB says HG this is a lockdown please go outside and close the sliding glass door Jordan gets up out of bed to head outside

4:21PM BBT: we have trivia maybe nomination time?

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Kalia and Adam wonder why they are on LD so early. He says they were LD this early last week. Porsche to Adam: are you scared? Adam: I know that if one of you come down I go up.


Adam making pasta, sauce and meatballs. Kal/Por/Rach napping. Jor was laying down, got up and now not on feeds.


(I'd post but the only thing going on is Adam eating...do you really need to know that?)


Porsche puts on a heat wrap while Adam gets her Midol out of the SR for her. Adam called to DR. The girls all snoozing. Four cams---four sleeping girls. (ha!! now they show something different on each cam)


Adam out of DR, lays down in purple room. He pulls the Fortune Teller out & plays with the on switch, she lights up, BB tells him to stop that.

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Kalia called to DR, she stumbles out of bed. BB says--"Adam, HG this is a reminder. Sleeping only permitted in the Bedrooms."


Still zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


(We have movement.) Kalia to WC, Adam in KT and Porsche called to DR. Adam tries to get into SR, BB wont let him in.

Kalia talks to Rachel in HOH. She asks Rachel if after her speech if they are still good. She knows that they have been against each other but she wont lie to her. They go down to the KT.


Jordan joins them, says she hopes she can sleep tonight. They warm up Adams pasta and meatballs. Adam laying in his bed. They talk about Shelly, drank a liter of Coke in the morning. Never ate. Jordan says prob nerves. They talk about what her job was. Kal says she is surprised at what ppl have said over the week about ppl. Jordan says that all the stuff walked out the door with her.

Jordan: I think she believed what Dani said. She was thinking F2 & was getting worried. Dani got into her head. Told her like I told you. You can come with us but if you feel its not working then its over.

Rach thanks Adam for dinner. Adam says he thinks he heard them stocking the SR.

Jordan: dont know why Dani was so upset with Jeff before game started. Dick/Dani were calling ppl trying to figure out who was on. WBRB

Jordan: have to give her credit she made it this far. Dont think she is a bad person.

Kalia: think she knew her strengths & weaknesses. She knew she couldnt win at comps so played like that and stirred things up.

Jordan: most people in here are different outside. Thinks Dani will be cool to hang out with, Dani hangs out with Laura from Jordans season.


They keep talking abt how ppl are diff outside. Porsche asks Adam if they are talking abt her or Shelly. He says Shelly, she is paranoid

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Kalia, Rachel and Porsche talk about Real World, people being kicked off. Jordan went to listen to music. Adam laying in bed listening to girls talk.


More reality TV. 16 and Pregnant, Teen Mom. How can they be on the cover of US weekly. Kalia watches Pretty Little Liars. Talk of teens having sex. Adams reaction to Tori. They go into the purple room. Rachel tells Porsche and Kalia what Shelly said about FT. Kalia says she is tilted, she is more towards them. (Adam moved her out to plug her in then got yelled at)

Kalia: she about had me convinced she got a power or some info. She was talking about how big Thurs was going to be.

General chatter while they play cards.

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