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7/24 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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9:05 BBT

Kalia and Shelly in the parlor. Kalia asks where her head is. Shelly says she wanted to be with her partner until singles, but that didn't happen. She's honest and realizes where the power is in the house. Kalia says she trusts her. Shelly says she likes how Kalia is a straight shooter.

Kalia brings up Adam, saying she doesn't not like him, but obiviously, they get on eachother's nerves. Shelly says Adam is just nervous and doesn't know when to stop sometimes.

Kalia says she doesn't trust her partner and feels like they'll at least get to singles together.

9:09 BBT

Rachel trys to get in the parlor but can't open the door. Kalia opens the door and doesn't know why the door didn't work. Rachel says the alcohol is in, but Rachel says that her stomach doesn't feel right. Shelly tells Rachel she can listen. She makes herself comfy.

Shelly says that she just found out that Lawon graduated a long time ago, not recently like he originally said. She brings up a story he told her earlier, revealing he graduated years ago and it made her wonder. Rachel asks if he's a lawyer and they say he does something relating to legal stuff. Kalia says that with liars, they have to keep up with all the lies they've told. Kalia says she's observant and hasn't trusted him since day one.

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9:17 BBT

Jeff and Dani alone in the kitchen. He's eating and says he loves taco salads. She mentions the 3 beers, as she has all the alcohol in front of her.


In the parlor, the 3 girls are still speculating Lawon's true background.

9:20 BBT

Feeds now also show Jordan on the elliptical and Jeff, Adam, Porsche and Lawon on the couches. Jordan says that when her mom first met Jeff's brother, she said he was hot!

Jeff says about meeting Jordan's brother for the first time, on the finale. It was during the live show and he started waving to Jeff, saying he's Peyton, Jordan's brother. Jeff says he waved back and said Jordon's going to win and how her brother just kept waving, saying he was Peyton.

9:25 BBT

Back inside, Kalia says this season, people seem to be straight shooters, except for Lawon. She says he's the only person who is a snake in the grass. Shelly asks if he throws comps and Kalia says he tried this HOH comp. Rachel says she obviously wasn't trying to throw this POV, but she just accidently spelt the word wrong. She says she was trying to beat Brendon's word from last season.

(Where's Dani and Dominic....?)

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9:28 BBT

Kalia says she's be right back and Rachel talks abotu how lawyers always talk in circles, just like Lawon.

9:31 BBT

Dominic has been outside, out of camera view.

Jordan goes to the bathroom area and Dani is there. Jordan is getting her bathing suit to go in the hot tub. Dani is putting on makeup.

In the parlor, Kalia says she will no lie, she wants Lawon out for personal reasons.

Feeds also show Jordan in her bedroom.

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9:35 BBT

Rachel uses the bathroom. Jordan tells Rachel that Dani is pissed and Rachel agrees. She's goes to the kitchen, where Dani is. It is learned Brendon is in the DR.

Rachel is eating food and has wine in the kitchen (from her HOH basket??)

Rachel wonders why Lawon would be worried about being backdoored.

Rachel says the new theory is that they think Lawon is a laywer and graduated 8 years ago. Dani says so and that he said he's in entertainment. Rachel says maybe he's an entertainment lawyer and Dani says I guess.

Dani says she thought Shelly (??) and Kalia hated eachother and Rachel says I guess not, but that it bugs her how Kalia just talks and talks and talks.

9:40 BBT

Rachel says Brendon had to flush her eyes for 2 minutes and how they hurt so bad. They discuss comps from last year.

In the parlor, Kalia is still talking about her dislike for Lawon.

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9:45 BBT

Dani seems to be waiting for the right chance to bring up game, but Rachel talks about going outside.

Lawon and Porsche come inside. Wait, Porsche follows Rachel outside. Dom comes inside. Dom asks if Dani is alright and she says yes. Kalia and Shelly come out. Dani and Kalia start to clean their nails.

The girls start to whisper. Kalia says to be careful with Jeff b/c he thinks Dani is up to something. Dani agrees, says Jeff hasn't talked with her and Kalia says Jordan's not talking to her. Kalia says Jordan told her that she thinks Dani is up to something.

Dani tells Kalia that Shelly does not like Kalia. Dani says that she hasn't talked game with Shelly or Jordan since week 1 and they won't talk to her now.

Brendon comes out of the DR and Rachel is called in.

9:51 BBT

Dom in the shower. Jeff, Pors, Shelly, Lawon, Brendon all outside. Adam outside.

Kalia asks Dani how she knows Shelly doesn't like her and she says Shelly has made several comments about how Kalia annoys her (many people have said this)

Dani asks again about Jeff and Kalia says he said he thought they all were going to jury (which he did say).

Kalia says she told Shelly that she's the type of person who has a lot of friends, but no deals, and that makes her think she's a target. She says they didn't make a deal, but said they'd tell eachother if someone was talking about them.

Kalia says, as far as the veto goes, Dani can try, but she's nervous. Dani asks why and Kalia is worried about this making them a bigger target. Dani says yeah, but she knows Adam will want her (Dani) out first.

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10:00 BBT

General talk and basketball playing going on outside.

Inside, D and K are still doing their nails. Dani says she's really bothered now, by what Jeff said.

Dani says if B/R used the veto, then some people would have to promise them things. She thinks she can get Adam to do it. Says they can't tell Shelly anything, and who knows where Lawon is, and obviously not Jordan, but everyone else should agree.

Dani says that J/J asked Dom yesterday who's side he's on, J/J or B/R. Kalia says Jeff is a bully.

10:04 BBT

Kalia says she's being 100% honest with her right now and no offense, but hopes she isn't just a pawn in Dani's game.

Dani says she doesn't know what it is, but something is telling her to get Jeff out this week.

Shelly comes in and goes upstairs to use the HOH bathroom. Dominic comes out from the shower.

Dani says they have to convice B/R that it's in their best interest to nominate J/J this week.

Kalia asks if Dani thinks it's wiser to wait and let them... WBRB .. something about if it doesn't work out, that it comes back to Kalia and Dani. Dani says it'll come back to her and Kalia says no, they're not talking to her either. Dani says J/J are being paranoid and only talking to B/R and Shelly and a little Adam.

10:08 BBT

Dani says she thinks J/J are trying to get as many people are their army as possible, little minnons. Kalia says she told someone that Jordan is one of her closest friends in the house, so she won't nominate her or get her boyfriend out, but if B/R win the veto, then she doesn't have an answer. (didn't catch it all.)

(Anyone else out there...smile.gif )

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10:10 BBT

Dominic joins the girls and Dani says she only hiccups around him. Dani jokes he is annoying and can't wait to evict him. Kalia laughs 'this thursday' and Dani laughs. Shelly enters.

A game of 'Pig Brother' basketball in the BY.

(I'm out for tonight - lala)

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{I haven't watched the feeds today so if I appear lost on what's going on...I am}

11:35 BBT Daniele and Lawon talking..Daniele is annoyed with all the fighting and is sounding a little depressed/whinning...

Shelly comes in aand says Porsche asks what does a forclosure do..Dani says why is she worried about that "she's too young"..

Shelly exits and Dani wants a cookie and gets one ....

Outside Bren.Jeff vs Dom/Adam in pool..the girls are on the outdoor couch...

11:39 BBT "can the Phillipino come through" as Dom tries for the win and Fails.."i believe in you Adam" and Adam comes through and wins for them...

Dom wants to play again..and they rack em up..Dom and Jeff opt to drink some of the left over beer while Brenden wants to go to bed "i'm tired".."what's that berr # 4" Bren asks Jeff and he says "yeah"...Dom is sharing his with..who else..Dani..

Dom returns and their new game of pool begins...

11:44 BBT Inside Dani and Lawon are in the kitchen and Jordan asks if its bad to eat popcorn ar 12..as they munch on popcorn..

Dom comes in and grabs a cookie and heads back outside...

Not too much going on except Adam stomach isn't doing well as he goes on how much he ate ....

11:48 BBT same ol' same ol'

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10:04 BBT

Kalia says she's being 100% honest with her right now and no offense, but hopes she isn't just a pawn in Dani's game.

Dani says she doesn't know what it is, but something is telling her to get Jeff out this week.

smile.gif )

In between these two comments, in super whisper-mode, Dani told Kalia "legit, I'd love to be sitting in Final 2 with you" 10:04 BBT " we just have to make it in their (meaning B/R) best interest" (referring to saving Dom)

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11:53 BBT Pool Game going on..Vets win..

Inside Dani and Lawon in the bedroom and Dani comes in "I wanna hang out"...Offers his apology for ditching them to hang out with the "older boys" who "pressured me" and he and Dani do back and forth ...as Dani says my feelings are hurt as they ride him...Dani hurt for beong ditched.."for Adam and Jeff of all people ulck.." "and Brendon" he adds and she says "you're not helping"

11:57 BBT "you guys are fucking annoying tonight" Dom says {ding ding ding} as she keeps saying her feelings are hurt {is she serious or playing around I can't tell}

11:58 BBT Outside basketball talk...debating the great ones...

Inside Dom trying to explain he needs to "schmooze" and now Dani and Lawon says he lost their votes {i think they are fucking with him" "where do I go from here" Dani says "home'

Keep throughing up in his face for ditching their asses to play pool...Dom is confused if they are really mad or not {me too}..."you guys are hurt" and apologizes..and Dani "he thinks its a joke" as he tries not to laugh as he says sorry...

12:02 BBT..."can you guys forgive me?" dom asks them...and Porsche enters and says he no longer has friends and says he's "going home" and Porsche says "bye PT nice knowing you..see you at the finale"

Dom sings "i close my eyes" and no FOTH and Lawon wants a written apology and says "maybe we'll accept it" as Dom offers a Poem..Dani whispers something about Porsche...Dom recite a very Toolish poem..and none are even paying attention..as he hit writers block...

Porsche heads up to HOH where she is sleeping tonight..he finishes his poem "lawon's smiling you might of cracked him"...but Dani says she's not...and his poem continues.."we want it deep " "none of this super shallow garbage" Dani bitches out...

12:08 BBT His juvenile limmricks continue...."aren't you going to go play with your new friends ...your newer cooler hip friends" Dani...this petty arguing is just obnoxious because Dom mentions Rachel's dog in it and not hers....the limmerick go on..."you really diggin a grave" Lawon offers...

Dom trying to make em laugh...not working "it you eat cereal outta my hands ..I'll forgive you"...Lawon thinkin.....what Dom can do for forgiveness... "can you not say I'm not going home on Thursday" Dom gets angry about .."now you're yelling" Dani says.....

12:12 BBT Dani almost acting like Rachel...about being ditched...Dani says he should "bunk with Porsche" on the couch up on HOH..and Dom says he'll sleep in have not room with candles and relax...."are you gonna drink cereal outta my hands" and Dom offer them the rest of his beer..Lawon says not after you "drunk" out of it and Dom bitchily says "i didn't drunk out of it I Drank" out of it and Dani says "now you're making fun of him"

Dom makes a speech say either they can forgive or he can "move on with my life" ...Foth.."option a or option b" and foth so I didn't hear the answer..

They are also saying Kalia ditched them also..Dom changed into his PJ's and Dani "pt you look cute"...as he climbs into bed...he tells Dani he won't drink cereal out of her unsanitary hands to "get sick.."what are you saying my hands are dirty"

12:18 BBT whispering..and after their If he wants to hang out he needs to "change of attitude' and "next time" the guys want to hang out he needs to "ditch them" to hang out with them and "tomorrow morning" they want him to give Porsche a kiss on the hands and tell her she looks "ravishing.."..."or dashing"...and Dom says "deal" {and all's well in dorkville}

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12:23 BBT

Kalia shows up for pajama jam and its her turn to be chastised..."I'm hear now"...

Dom claims he's leaving and takes off...turns out the lights per their request and talk about the people in the wall and FOTh..

Kalia says she doesn't want anything but changes her mind and wants a candy bar..because her stomach is feeling funny..Dom brings her the "whole bag"...

12:28 BBT Talking about POV...outside on the couches...FOTH...

12:30 BBT feeds back and more POV talk..Adam says his eyes were "burning red" from the "soap" as Rachel says he "contacts" made it more difficult...

12:33 BBT still talking POV apparently Adam had his "piano" stacked with letter and Shelly says she thought he would win..Talking about it being a" fun competition" Jordan says..

Talking about previous seasons comps...

12:35 BBT Back in pajama jam Dom yawns in boredom..."no yawning" Dani demands as they are still bickering...about being ditched..Kalia wants to be nice...and Dom.. tries ...and gives them each an ass kissing synopsis of their positive attributes...

Dani's turn... for hers...

12:40 BBT

J&J talking about Dom trying to get them backdoored...and Jordan says she went to talk to Rachel with Shelly and Dani was suspicious...Kalia say she though something ws wrong and asks her because Jordan isn't talking game to her...Jordan ask if they are using the video..and they never gave answer...

12:42 BBT...Dani keeps pushing to keep Dom Jordan says.."you're Dominics target" Jordam says and Jeff says he acts like "his shit don't stink".....and Bren says everything is cool that they'll talk tomorrow..."Make sure daniele feels comfortable..so she doesn't suspect anything"

Bren says they need to make her feel comfortable because she plays HOH..and make sure she knows that she still part of them...

12:47 BBT Jeff upset that no one is talking to him because they think he's getting backdoored...and afet POV he wants to let them know when they come for him for info...


Jeff "i knew she was playing both sides" and says she can't even be in the same room for two minutes...about Dani and Bren stresses to keep cool...they wanna talk tomorrow as Bren is tired...

12:50 BBT Jordan wants to put "dani up" and she'll do it "she needs to go" and Jeff says he'll do it...

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12:51 BBT

Rachel wondering who was "up here last"...

Bren says aren't you glad "we listened to our instincts"....about Dani..and keeping J&J

12:52 BBT..they talk baout Dani "you protecting us or yourself" rachel says about Dani....Porsche enters for her slumber party..complaing Lawon and Kalia are being "the blanket nazis" apparently they are "fucked up in the head ...jealous bitches....don't like to share' Porsche says ..."tell us how you feel" Bren says..

They discuss blankets...."fuck it keep both of them"..Rachel says.."how is this so complicates" Brenden says..and Kalia and Lawon don't want to hare their beds...or Shelly...."daniele won't share her bed with Porsche".....

Bren say the are acting "like 7th graders"...

12:59 BBT FOTH Feeds return with Adam and Shelly talking about J&J backdoor but Shelly says they won't do it and Adam says it would have been "a bold move" if J&J did it to Brenchel..but Shelly says it wouldn't of happened..

Shelly asks if there is "any advantage" to get Lawon out...as Shelly says she doesn't see Adam in trouble."i'm on the block" he says and he is in trouble......FOTH...

1:02 BBT Feeds return..Back in HOH they are still talking about blanket gate..."put up Kalia and Lawon because they are so annoying"...and Rachel says "it would not be a good game move"..and encourages her to win HOH and put them up for talking "shit about you" and love to watch them kiss her ass.....

Rachel really telling her she has to win this HOH..Porsche Kalia bashing for calling medics...Porsche going on how Kalia's family "how rich her family is"....talking about keeping Kalia until Jury because she won't vote "emotionally"...

1:08 BBT FOTH..

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1:11 BBT

Feeds return in HOH Porsche Brenchel talking about the other newbies wanting to work with Daniele but Bren says he doesn't know who he can trust...

Porsche says no one talks game to her...

Bren wants her to take the extra blanket down..to "the right person" as she leaves..

Brenden gets made "don'r throw daniele's name around" and Brendon says they can't know dani is working against them because she is playing in the next HOH and warns her not to talk game to porsche...

"what did Jeff say" and Brenden says Jeff says everyone was acting wierd...Rachels asks that if Jeff knows Dani was trying to get him backdoored but Bren says he didn't say...

Bren says she can rally the newbies or come on her side...

1:16 BBT Bren stresses not to talk game "when I'm not around"....and if they are not "careful" they will lose advantage...

Rachel says Dani told her that she has everyone on "her side"....and Rachel; says she needs to do it now....Bren says "she weakens are alliance" and her and Dom get strong and take over the house...Bren explains to Rachel...and she wants to make the first move and starts war as she stays in the middle....Rachel says she just agrees to everything she says just not to make it obvious....

Bren worried what she talks about with Dani..."she's nervous" because she can't even sit "in the room with him"....Bren says she's not good at "hiding her cards" when she plays...

1:20 BBT...Rachel goes over Porsche hooking up with Nick to adavance herself and she's doing the same with Dominic...Rachel says she doesn't 'for real" she likes him..Bren "of course she doesn't"....

Bren getting frustrated why rachel not seeing Dani feeding her misinformation..."if anybody wants jeff gone' its because Dani is convincing them they "want Jeff gone"...

1:23 BBT Rachel brings up TV night and Jordan and Bren just says she just wasn't thinking...and talks how girls are when your HOH and when you're not as Bren says to be careful about porsche...

1;26 BBT Rachel talking about trusting shelly and says Jordan can't know anything because she tells shelly everything...

Bren goes over what was said at the hammock with Jeff and porsche comes in and Porsche announces that she told them about the bed problem..and kalia says she will let porsche sleep in her bed..."dominic migh sleep with Daniele' if not he will sleeep in the "have not room"...

talking about putting hair in kalia's bed next time she gets on her nerves...and they are happy she was able to sort the bed situation out....she leaves

"we can't leave Porsche down there with them" because she will be influence by them...Bren suggest "stay down there with them" and says "i bet Kalia doesn't give up her bed"

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1;33 BBT HOH Rachel says Dominic has redeeming qualities by sleeping in HN room and Bren says doesn't matter because he's trying to get them out and if he doesn't do it someone connected to him will so they need him gone..

1:34 BBT Back rub

Outside Jeff Jordan and Adam talking and Adam says they are glad 'we had "this talk" and says he was amazed she got Hasselhoff with so few clues...

Shelly there...Adam thanking them for getting shit outta his head Shelly warns Dominic has the votes ..and he can't 'just ride the pony...you gotta do the kicking too"...waffling gets you a date with JC....Guess where your vote are " and says "123 Brendon and rachel is the tie breaker"

1:37 BBT Jeff telling him pick a side and hop people on your side win...more "thank you" from Adam....for clearing his head... "you two are on the block' and if he's loyal with him then don't ask for any votes..Porsche comes out and convos stop...

taling about the spaceship room asks where Dani is and says she's not upstrairs and talks about sleeping arrangements...that she apparentlt sorted out...Jeff "are they up for the long haul" and Porsche doesn't think so...

Camera swith to Lawon and Kailia Dom talking and yawning they are tired...Kalia says he will head to the "parlor' "by myself"

1:42 BBT In HN room Shelly says Adam is trying to find out if the veto is being used...and Shelly ask if he has worked on Dani and Dom says he doesn't want to be the one " raising hell"....Dom says he's not sure "game wise" with Dani if he can trust her or not and is "very hesitant" talking game....Rachel comes in asks where everyone is sleeping..Dom tells Lawon has to go outside saying "shit is going down"..talking about Adam going crazy....

Dom heads outside...Porsche Adam Rachel outside...Lawon comes out...Dani is in DR as Dom puts his feet in HT...

In Purple Parlor...kalia stressing over the POV with Shelly "who are you talking to" and Kalia worried alliances are building and she isn't involved in any...Jordan says whats up and Shelly says she just wants to get away from all the whispering.."that's just how it is in here" Jordan says...Jeff enetrs 'what's up sister act' and Jordan says "she's sad" Shelly leaves to leave her alone..as Jordan says that just how it is in here.. and Kalia says she doesn't know who to trust.....

1:50 BBT "i'm so bad at transition and change" as Jordan says it changes every week...Jordan says she's worried about her and Jeff getting backdoored..and says "i don't know" and says it would be a "stupid move this early in the game" Kalia says..Dom comes in..."what are you taking a Kalia moment' and basically repeats what she told everyone...

In bathroom shelly and Jordan whispering talking about her talk with Adam...Rachel wants to get rid of him Jordan tells shelly....Jordan says when told Dani something and she told Brenchel and said she admitted it because not to look shady..

Jordan says Dani told Brenchel to throw POV and "let dominic win it" convo breaks up...

Rachel Jordan and Shelly talking about kalia thinking she's going home...they are whispering as Shelly tells what her and Adam talked about him campaigning until he finds out about POV...they leave the bathroom..

1:58 BBT J&J leave kalia "to chill"...

{on that I'm out for tonight...be back tomorrow}

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2:05am BBT: Dominic is called to DR, Daniele is out of DR, they briefly talk in the bathroom but Dominic tells her he is going to DR.

Daniele goes to Purple room to talk to Kalia. She asks her what's wrong, says she heard she was crying.

Kalia said her eyes were just watering. She begins to explain why: She went outside and Shelly, Adam, Jeff, Jordan were talking and stopped talking when she came out so she went back inside. Then inside everyone is "bugging out." Jeff/Jordan so worried they're going to be back-doored. She just wanted to sit somewhere and think of other stuff.

Daniele says that's why she wanted to get away. She said they (J/J) won't talk to her and Kalia says it's so obvious. She said even Jordan came in and said "I'm not mad at you, I swear. I'm just really worried about me and Jeff this week. I can feel people starting to think about taking us out." Kalia told her "I was like I really don't think they'd backdoor you, it's way too soon. Chill."

Daniele says she's going to talk to them tomorrow. "I'm just going to say, "hey are we good cause you guys have been acting weird?"

Kalia -"would you decide to do it? Like everyone's saying chill the f**k out. I think there's way too much craziness."

Daniele - I'll talk to them tomorrow.

Kalia - That was also why I sat outside for a while.

Daniele - I know I wanted to be away from it.

Kalia wanted to get away from all the blanket/bed drama. She complains that Porsche said it's not fair Shelly has to sleep in have-not room. Kalia said she shouldn't volunteer Daniele's bed.

Daniele said they gave her red key back [i think. Either that or she took her red key back], she put it in her bag.

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2:14am BBT: Dominic is out of DR and joins Dani/Kalia in Purple room. Some boring talk ensues [sorry, I refuse to write about this stuff, much less read it].

Kalia leaves and Dani/Dom begin gametalk/whisperfest...

Dani tells him Shelly said something to Kalia that Dani/Dom have some kind of deal and Jeff told Kalia not to tell Dani things because he thinks Daniele is up to something. Dom said it's not good. Dani says it's not Kalia (the source). She said she knows what it is - it's something but she can't tell him right now.

She says J/J are just really nervous that they're going home. Dom asks if she told anyone she was putting the seed in Brenchel's head. Dom says he doesn't trust Kalia 100% because of the things she says about Jordan (that she won't put Jordan up). Dani doesn't care since they'd love to be sitting next to Jordan in the end. Dom says he just doesn't want Kalia running her mouth to Jordan.

Dom says Shelly wanted to talk game last night. Dani said Shelly came up to her and said they needed to talk, too and she's never said that before - she hasn't had a chance to talk to her, yet. She said Shelly talked to Kalia for the first time today, too. She wonders if she's just going around talking with everybody, double-dealing or something.

Dom said Shelly wants to save him and said he needs to make deals with Brenchel and with Dani. He said he told Shelly he doesn't trust Dani 100% and he knows she's running back to her alliance so he's on the edge with her. Shelly said he needs to talk to Dani because he needs to be safe.

Dom says Shelly is not going to put up Jeff/Jordan until after jury starts because she doesn't want to split them up and would feel bad. he says she's out for vengeance against Brendon/Rachel.

They hear people coming inside [shelly]. Dani jokes that he should just make out with Porsche.

Their voices get louder and game-talk stops. Just basic chit chat.

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More whispering - Dom asks Dani if she knows how to handle this situation with Jeff. She says she's just going to talk to them tomorrow and ask if they're good. Dom says people are freaking out already and don't know how to relax in here. "Kalia's about to go apeshit, Porsche's freaking out about beds, Shelly's won't stop folding towels and Adam apparently is blowing up at people."

He said Adam was having a full-on fight with Jeff/Jordan in the back yard about veto.

Daniele asks about what and he says something about whether veto is being used. Dom asks why J/J are telling Adam things and not him. Dani says because they don't care about him. (lol)

Adam wants to know why would they keep Adam instead of him? Why wouldn't they believe Dom/Dani want it to be the 6 of them at the end?

Dom asks, so 100% Jeff/Jordan want Adam to stay?

Dani said she doesn't know what Brenchel, J/J talk about since every time the four talk she's not there.

Kalia comes back from DR and game-talk ceases once again.

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5:00AM BBT Dani, Dom and Lawom still up in the have not room. Talk has gone from morning wood, masterbation, other BB seasons to Bacon. (dani and dom keep playing with each others hands)

5:30 am bbt Dani and Dom in bathroom. Dom asks dani how bad Jeff wants him out. Dani says JJ and Brenchel really dont talk to her anymore, Its always the 4 of them in the HOH. Dani tells Dom to tell Rachel he is nervous and he has heard that Jeff wants him out. Dani is going to lay off talking game to everyone today and get in Rachele ear big time on Monday and try to plant her ideas in Rachels mind. Dani tells Dom not to bad mouth Jeff to Rachel. Dani still wants Jeff out. Dani would not mind keeping adam for the next couple of weeks. Dani telling Dom she told Rachel it would be great if Brenchel and Dani and Dom were the powerhouse 4some in the house just picking everyone else off. Dom asks Dani if she really thinks she can get Jeff out this week, Dom said he would bow down to her if she can make that happen. Dom and Dani will try hard for the HOH this week. Dani said they will have the scrape off her dead body off the hoh comp because she will not give up if it is endurance.

5:45 Dani telling Dom about the final HOH in her season. Dani says all endurance is not made for girls like Dom thinks. Dani thinks alot of ppl in the house would suck at endurance. Lawon still up in the have not room. Dom and Dani are now laughing that Porche got the golden key and has been doing everything they want but she tells other people stuff. (can't hear all that is being said) Something that Porshe is not as stupid as they thought. Dom does not want brenchel to win hoh this week. He wants Dani or him to win. Dani tells Dom his breath stinks. He is now brushing his teeth. Dani would bet money that this week will be endurance.

5:50 Lawon counting something on his fingers in the have not room. He is in deep thought. Dom and Dani still in bathroom. Dom says he has to get through this week first. Dani said she has no doubt Dom is staying. They are counting who would vote for who. Dani tells Dom to tell brenchel he is really worried. Dom does not want to tell Rachel too much. Dani said she has to get through Brenden since he is the buffer for Rachel. Dani said she went to sleep after the luxury comp because she did not want to deal with the lovers quarrel. Dom says it was bad. Dani said it will be Jeff or Adam going home. Dom says no way will they put Jeff up. Dani said they have to make it in brenchels best interest to get rid of Jeff.

Lawon is walking very slow through the house. He finds Dom and Dani in the bathroom and says he fell asleep. Dom says yeah she takes forever getting ready for bed. Lawom goes to the WC.

Dom wants to know how does Lawon rock crocks everyday since he has such great style. They decide to go to bed. No wait they decide to go outside to see if it is light outside. Someone says lets go swimming. Nope going to bed. Lawon in starship room, dani tip toes in bubblegum room. Dom goes to have not room. (not sure why, there are enough beds for all now).

6:00am bbt Dom is deep in thought in the have not room.

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8:42 AM BBT

All asleep and Dom snoring sooooo loud I had to turn my voluum off

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9:32 AM BBT

Shelly has been up for the past hour or so. She's tidying up, doing laundry etc. She went outside to enjoy a smoke and coffee and BB came over the intercom "Shelly?" ""Oh, what?" she is a bit startled "Can you go inside for a minute we have to fix something out here." "Oh sure, sure." she says as she goes and puts her cigarette out and heads inside. She had been opening the awnings. She's now just wandering around the house. Everyone else is asleep.

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9:50 BB Time

It really did just take a minute or so.

Shelly back outside folding towels... putting them away.

3 mins. later

Shelly lights a cig .... reward for folding towels

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9:56 AM BBT

Shelly outside smoking, everyone else is still fast asleep. She has taken out the garbage, thrown laundry in, wiped down the bathroom counters and is now out of chores to do. Sitting in silence.

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