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7/17 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

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Guest 6Borders

9:00pm BBT: Everyone is in the kitchen and they got libations early. Jordan heads upstairs with wine and glasses. Looks like she is going to enjoy a bath with her vino.

Back in the kitchen Kalia says her stomach still feels "wonky" (I really gotta look that up). Jeff decides he will have beer instead of wine tonite. Kalia heads upstairs with her "own towel" so I guess she's taking a bath with Jordan. Jeff enters and asks what's up. Jordan says she is taking a bath. Jeff asks if he should keep her company.

Downstairs in the kitchen Brendon is back on "alcohol should not be a big deal" (I can only imagine where this conversation is going). Shelly yells "it's party time in the Big Brother house". Portia says red wine gets her all...not sure how to even say it but the best I can do is "tipsy". Jeff says red wine hits you fast.

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Guest 6Borders

9:08 BBT: Brenchel are outside. Brendon is getting ready for another of his Big "consolation to Rachel" moments. Rachel is told to put on her mic. Brendon is trying hard...asking does she want this or that...Rachel is going in to chance. She says she is just frustrated because they worked so hard in that comp. Brendon does not want to eat in front of Rachel...she says "then go eat outside". The pep talk continues...they exchange "I love you's" and Brendon takes his food outside after telling Rachel to keep her head about her.

HOH bath time with Kalia and Jordan (this is shades of Brittany and Rachel last year). Kalia is sitting on the edge of the tub not in it so she must just be there to talk game. She says Jordan likes Cassie and she knows Jordan feels bad. Jordan says if she were "cattier" it would be easier to just put someone up. They are discussing who they should have gotten on their side (Dom?) earlier). [One of the symptoms of "wonky" must be talking at normal speed cos I can actually understand Kalia.]

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Guest 6Borders

9:18pm BBT: Shelly and Dani are trying to find Balsamic vinegar...Dani says she needs to be eating better.

In the backyard they are discussing food...someone (Cassie I think) keeps saying "ceviche". They are talking about foods from around the world...Dom talking about food from Laos where the whole bird is in the meal including the claws...Jeff says "did you eat that" and Dom says "hell no". Dom says you have to be careful with a lot of that food (from other countries)...like there is this really good dish but it has pigs blood in it.

Kitchen: Dani is eating salad and quips "hot dogs are a condiment, right?" Dani asks where all the jelly beans are and Adam says there are bags and bags and if they run out they (BB) will give them more. Rachel says she's trying not to eat too many jelly beans but they are soooo good (great choice America...keeps them happy!!)

Rachel is cooking. She dumped about a gallon of cooking oil in the pan. She keeps looking around like she is going to try to get away with eating "have food". She wants to know how to cook slop food. She's not bummed (her story) about being on slop.

Rachel asks Dani "what's going on with you Missy?" Dani says about what and says Rachel has "that look" on your face. Rachel says she loves rice and Dani says but you like it with cheese and all that stuff on it (go Dani!!)

Lawon comes in and asks what Dani is eating. He's going to have some chicken. Rachel is eating pickles like they are going to become an endangered food item!

9:30pm BBT: Dom comes in and starts bantering with the girls.

Rachel is getting cooking advice from Cassie (unbelievable). Rachel puts her slop-creation in the pan and I am seriously hoping there is a fire extinguisher close at hand. Cassie says she has a problem with the slop smell.

Portia comes in to supervise Rachel's cooking...she says "no oil" (too late...that slop ship has drowned in Canola by now)

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Guest 6Borders

9:40pm BBT: Kitchen talk. Dom has joined the girls. Cassie says she misses red wine (what's it been, like a day?). Dom asks why Cassie is fingering his powdered sugar (not even going there). Dom asks Cassie if she feels like she is going to throw up (I reiterate...the things these people discuss while eating continue to amaze me). Cassie just says she's (I think) just kind of weak and tired.

Dom says to Rach "interesting Rachel, very interesting" and asks if he should use the veto. Rachel is actually playing an evasive game (for a change) and not buying into it. She skillfully changes the subject that her food is soaking up all the oil...Dom says it looks like it.

Dom is asking Rachel about her pre-marital celebration...she says she can't get drunk on her wedding night or Brendon will murder her. Dom says just one shot...what would it be. Rachel thinks really hard about that and finally settles on Tequila (what a surprise!!!).

General chit chat about nothing. Rachel asks Dom if he is going to move to LA...he says dunno, it's an option.

Rachel asks Dom about a showmance and he says he could not do a showmance...Dom says for one thing he is still into something. Dom says you don't know how real a showmance would be...Rachel says "Double-D"...says that would be Dom's showmance name.

Rachel says "Brendon and I fell in love". Dom says they are an exception and Rachel says "we're getting married" (maybe she's hanging out with Jordan and it's rubbing off..that is such a Jordan reply!)

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Guest 6Borders

9:50pm BBT: Dom/Rachel kitchen talk is getting intense game-on. Dom has been working it with compliments (which Rachel likes more than jelly beans) about needing a team, Rach is saying "you looking", Dom is definitely looking for a team...this goes into Whisper-Fest. I can barely hear or understand a thing they are saying but it does not take a BB scientist to see that Dom is totally working Rachel, setting his plan in motion to kick Brenchel to the Julie couch....(to borrow from Monica BB2..."it's awwwnnnnnn!!!")

Rachel tells Dom the whole time she thought he was just an innocent little PT. Dom continues to lay it on like fondant on Rachel's upcoming wedding cake and she's paying the extra $2.50 a slice to hear it (sorry, little baking humor there!)

HOH Bathroom: 3/4 of Jordan and Kalia are still in the tub. Kalia must be getting over the "wonkies" cos she is talking faster. They are re-hashing coming into the house for the first time. Jordan wants to know what Julie said before the vets came in...Kalia says Rach and Bren came in first and Rachel was nothing but boobs and came in with..."hey y'allllll" (remind me never to say y'all again)...then Jeff and Jordan came in....!!!

Backyard/Kitchen flip flops: Discussion of food at the skating rink..omg the accents are back...they are really bad at this. Highpoint of the discussion: there are not too many words which rhyme with "bruno" (thank you, I was so worried about that).

Rachel is saying she is actually not hungry (me either after watching her consume pickles and slop like tomorrow won't happen)

Back to the HOH Bathroom...Jeff is worried Jordan will be running her mouth. She and Kalia both defend themselves and each other.

Flip to Kitchen: Rachel is stirring the heck out of something. Dom can't wait to win HOH and get Oreo's (I'll send you some and invite you to dinner if you will shut up-6Borders)

Rachel is doing slop math...if she gets next HOH she can eat her basket even tho she has 2 weeks of slop (wha???)

Rachel wants to know how they all balanced in the comp...Dom says did you tippy toe or...Rachel interupts...Dom wants to know if everyone's mouths are all f'd up (sorry...lost something in that translation)

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Guest 6Borders

10:24pm BBT: Rachel and Porche are finishing dishes.. Jeff comes to HOH to check on Jordan and Kalia..Jordan starts to discuss her DR and we get camera switch to BY (feeders prob got WBRB). They are talking "unitards"

Brenchel in the hammock..I can't hear them and I really don't care (sorry)...Brendon going on about physical challenges. Brendon says he/they (?) really needed to play hard.. Shelly intervenes and they break up the conversation....Brenchel pretend to be interested and dis her when she leaves. Brendon thinks they still have a shot at playing this game..it's low mic but Bren say he can't risk it and if anything happens she has nothing to go home to...Rach agrees. Something about 2 weeks before jury. Rachel says she doesn't know what she was thinking

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11:50pm BBT

Jordan, Cassi, Shelly, Dani and Kalia are in the HOH talking about their family lives. Kalia thought Shelly worked with her husband and she said no, they both have their separate gigs. Shelly had been dating a guy for seven years when she met her husband and just knew he was the one she was suppose to marry.

Her husband was training a lot on fighter planes in Corpus Cristi, TX and they talked a lot on the phone then he went to Michigan. He moved all around during their first years together.

Rachel comes in and asked if they're having a girl's party without her. She says Brendon broke the hammock and they can't get it to sit right. It's kinda bent and leaning weird.

Dani asks Shelly what time she gets up and she said she's up early every morning. They're all commenting how they haven't called anybody to the DR in a long time.

A couple of the girls are leaving the room to get drinks and check on other HG. One of them complained the HOH is hot but Kalia thinks it feels cold.

Now they're all headed downstairs.

Dani, Rachel in Kitchen and Rachel wants to know if they were talking about her before she showed up. Dani whispers no, Rachel whispers so low I can't hear her.

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12L00am BBT

Dani, Kalia, Jordan, Rachel and Porsche are standing at the counter pigging out on the jelly beans. No game talk just little chit chat.

Jeff enters kitchen and starts to hum. BB tells him to STOP THAT! He just laughs and gets something out of the fridge. Jordan heads back up to HOH and states she'll leave the door open so it won't be so hot.

Outside at the spa, Rachel asks Cassi how you lose weight on slop. She says she has no clue and Rachel just gives her a sour face. Dom is trying to get someone to get in the hammock but they all know it's broken.

Dani and Brendon are passing the frisbee in the backyard.

Jeff and Jordan are in HOH. She lost some of her clothes and can't find them. Jeff asks her why she's staying in the HOH. She said she feels awkward when she's downstairs with everybody else. Jeff asked her if they left the HOH when Rachel came in. Jordan said it wasn't planned, they were already thinking about going downstairs.

Jordan states she can tell Rachel is still pissed at her. Jeff agrees, says he can see it in her eyes. Jordan thinks it's petty, stupid stuff and Jeff tells her then don't worry about it so much.

Jordan says Brendon doesn't seem mad about anything. Jeff agrees and says don't worry about it, Rachel is going to dig her own grave without our help. Jeff knows people want Rachel out and Jordan agrees. He's trying to talk to her but says he knows she's crabby. She snaps back she isn't crabby! Then silence, lol

She asks him what he's thinking about, he says nothing. "What are you thinking about?" She says nothing. Jeff says he isn't talking because he doesn't want to get in trouble with her right now. She suggests he just go outside with the others. He rolls his eyes and goes quiet again.

Jordan says she's very annoyed with Rachel right now. Jeff thinks she's embarrassed and doesn't know what to say or do. Jordan is staying in the HOH so she doesn't have to deal with her. When Rachel came in the HOH earlier and all the girls were talking, they all got up to leave when she came in. Rachel asked Jordan if they were leaving because she came in. Jordan said no, they had all said they needed to go down to get drinks, etc....

Jeff telling her not to buy into the drama. We all know Rachel wants to be the center of attention in every instance. Be the bigger person and don't let her affect you.

Jeff tells her she's really crabby. Jordan says they aren't even talking that much and Jeff says that's because he's afraid to say anything to her.

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12:28am BBT

Cassi and Shelly are talking at the hot tub. Cassi said none of the girls in there will even talk to her. They don't like her but she's not about to go quietly. They're talking game but its' very difficult to hear what they're saying since they're talking so low.


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12:38am BBT

Jordan and Jeff are still having a discussion in HOH. Jeff telling her they need to stick with the plan of getting Cassi out of the house. He thinks once she's gone they can count on Dominic being with them the whole way. He suggests she get her emotions in check and not worry about removing Cassi. She knows it's what she has to do but it doesn't mean she likes it.

Jordan wants to listen to her CD so Jeff turns out the light and leaves.

Shelly, Cassi still talking at hot tub. Cassi talking about someone she knows who's in prison. He gets rec room privileges so she's sure he's seen the show.


Comes back to Shelly saying she thinks that's how it's going to go. Shelly says if it goes that way she gets to see her kid and nobody can take that away from her. Cassi thinks the next few days Kalia is going to stick by Jordan's side so she can't get up there to talk to her about things. Shelly says some people just don't know how to play by the rules (referring to Kalia?) Cassi wonders if this was what they planned the whole time, backdooring them. Shelly says no, she thinks they wanted to get Dom out but now they have to change their plans.


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12:47am BBT

Cassi said she called her dad and told her they know they were building her up to be the pretty girl on the show. All the questions they kept asking her was like, "how does it feel to walk in the room and be the prettiest girl there?" She was frustrated with all of it. She was sad when she had to leave her dad at the airport. He started crying telling her it's about time our family got a break. (Cassi is crying).

Cassi says she didn't expect to be out of the house this quick. Shelly complimenting her on an outfit she had on Thursday. She says she looked like a runway model.

Cassi talking about Lawon. She made up with him but when she looks at him she gets disgusted. Shelly doesn't understand how Lawon can agree with every single thing they talk about. Shelly says Jordan told her Lawon is pretty shady.

Shelly reaches over the pats Cassi on the leg after a few minutes of silence. She leans down and tells her, "we both said we weren't going to cry on this show." They both laugh.

Lawon, Dani, Kalia and Rachel are in the bathroom. Rachel says she's going to bed, she's exhausted. She washes her face, Kalia works on her hair and Lawon and Dani are on the couch just making small talk. Lawon wonders what other dishes Shelly is going to create with the slop. Brendon made some kind of dish with it and there was rice in it. Rachel says it was something invented last year. They said they liked the pudding pops Shelly made.

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!:15am BBT

Rachel, Dani, Porsche and Kalia are talking about playing a game they play in Africa. It has to do with some game where you make holes and place jelly beans in them. (no clue) Rachel and Dani are changing their clothes and Porsche is already piled up in her bed. Dani gets under the covers to change her pants to sweats. No game talk, just silliness.

I'm out for the night. smile.gif

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1:15 BBT

All 4 cams are in the candy colored bedroom with Kalia Daniele Rachel and Porsche just general chitchatting and joking around. Brendon comes in and Daniele jokes about sleeping with Rachel tonight. Kalia breaks out her birth control that she just recently started so she is "ready" when she gets out of the bb house.

Brendon leaves and the girls start talking music. One of the CDs Kalia requested is Kanye West.

Now we have Adam Jeff and Lawon in the backyard. Cassie and Dom are at the hot tub. Shelly joins them. Jeff is trying to quit smoking - apparently he's going on a "smoking diet" starting tomorrow.

1:30 BBT

Lawon is going to work out hard core tomorrow. jeff says me too. Brendon comes out and he and Jeff start talking in their Bruno Mars voices. Jeff says Brendon smells. Brendon says the beef jerky gives him gas.

Inside Dani is cutting up a pineapple for Kalia who is eating it with some whipped cream. At the hot tub Shelly is talking about her daily routine with Dominic. Adam walks inside and they discuss his weight loss, then food. Adam loves the buttered-popcorn flavored jelly beans. Kalia wonders if Adam has the type of fans who would send a banner. Adam says no. They all start joking about Dominic. Kalia hopes he will have pictures of his modeling if he wins HOH.

Fish for a minute and comes back to Dani asking Adam "What is the kinkiest thing you've ever done with bacon?" Aday says eating a piece that Brendon pulled out of his jacket. Dani: By jacket you mean his pants!

1:45 BBT

Kalia continues to eat and Jeff comments that she's going nuts on the food. Adam is trying to think up various concoctions using jelly beans. He's going to try freezing coconut jelly beans (for ice cream i think).

Lawon has joined the hot tub gang and is talking about his nieces and nephews. He says they remind him of himself and that their energy is off the hook. He would like to have one child himself.

FOTH on and off for the next few minutes. Adam Kalia and Dani go out to the hot tub.

Jeff heads up to the HOH and asks Jordan if she's pouting. She says no not at all. They search for the spycam remote. Jeff goes out to call Dani to the HOH but finds that she has gone outside and doesn't pursue her.

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2:00 BBT

At the hot tub Shelly and Cassie are no longer there. We have Adam Dani Kalia Dom. They rehash Jerry falling in the pool from season 10. Adam says he already re enacted it. Kalia starts doing a mock commercial using an ornament from around the hot tub. It's called the lazy Steven. You can use it at birthday parties so children can sit and spin on it. Kalia needs a young child to demonstrate. Everyone shouts PT! However Lawon squats over it and Dani comments that it looks inappropriate. Kalia says you can turn the Lazy Steven upside down so adults can turn their frowns upside down. No one wants to do an adult demo. The item is 109 dollars. Dani and Dominic boo.

Next Kalia takes one of the potted plants and starts selling it as a marijuana alternative. It's watered using Hennesey Cognac.

2:15 BBT

Jeff has finished showering up in the HOH and crawls in bed with Jordan. He asks if she's had a rough day. She says she has been distancing herself by staying up in the HOH so she doesn't feel so bad about putting people up. She doesn't want to be jovial around everyone. She doesn't want to look two faced. Jeff says not to worry about it, they're both in it together. Jordan tells Jeff that Dani told her about Shelly's fake fight earlier and thinks she's losing it. Jordon respects Shelly and doesn't want to feed into it.

In the have not room Cassie and Shelly are talking. Cassie says Porche doesn't really bother her anymore, Rachel is a dumbass, and Kalia makes her skin crawl - she is a genuine bitch. Shelly says she complains too much.

Back up in the HOH Jordan is saying she got everyone out in the DR, and talking to Kalia made her feel better. In the have not room Cassie continues to go on about Kalia. She thinks Kalia fakes her arm injury during the food comp and that she is being insensitive to the plights of the have nots considering she was just a have not last week. Cassie: I'm a fucking vegetarian I can't eat jerky and have been stopped up for a week. Next she calls Kalia fat Oprah. Shelly tells her not to be mean as she is laughing herself.

2:30 BBT

HOH room. Rachel has been getting on Jordan's nerves. Jordan says she has been letting out things she had been holding in regarding Rachel but she is still going to try not to be mean to her face. J/J don't trust Lawon and have to be careful what they tell Dani b/c she will go back and tell Rachel.

HN Room - Cassie wonders how Jordan can stand to talk to Kalia for so long. Shelly wonders who drinks wine in a tub (referring to Jordan and Kalia). Cassie wanted to talk to Jordan earlier but Kalia was up in the HOH with her.

HOH - Jordan telling Jeff about her conversation with Kalia and thinks Kalia is 100% with them. Then they talk about Rachel acting immature - before the POV Rachel tried to yank a yellow bandanna from Jeff's hand because she wanted to have that color. Jeff says whatever we can vent up here. Jordan was scared Brendon and Jeff were going to get into it after the POV. She thanks Jeff for sticking up for her when Rachel made a snarky comment towards her.

Quick check on the have not room and surprise Cassie is still bitching about Kalia!

HOH room Jordan continues to vent to Jeff about Rachel. Jeff doesn't want Rachel to do something stupid because she has to be on top all the time. J/J think Rachel would be voted out first

2:45 BBT

Jordan worries that Brenchel would come after them right when the game turns to singles. Jeff doesn't think Brendon would let that happen and thinks they should stick together for a little longer. If Jeff wanted to flip the script this week they would keep Cassie and send out Lawon. Jordan thinks Rachel was targeting the girls in her season. Jeff comments that Shelly and Cassie were out at the hot tub tonight. J/J see Adam on the spy screen talking to the cameras and they joke about him a little bit.

Have not room. Cassie was pissed after the food comp. Shelly says she won't feel bad about putting Brenchel on slop - turnabout is fair play. Cassie says she want to close her eyes before Dominic comes in.

HOH room. Jeff says he doesn't remember struggling this early in the game. Jordon reminds him that he was safe with the Athletes clique winning so much early in the game. Jordan jokes that they didn't want her out because she was a useless player. Jeff says he will be the first to go but Jordan says she will ask everybody to vote her out. Jeff says shut up you tried that last time. If Jordan wins again she says they will go backpacking through Europe. Jeff says he doesn't feel right talking about Around The World For Free around the houseguests b/c they are like "Take it easy Joe Cool."

Adam Dom Dani and Kalia have moved to the parlor room. They are joking around about Dominic being young.

3:00 BBT

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Jeff and Jordan going over the POV comp and how Dominic won. Jeff said he could have gone harder but didn't want to fall off. They cuddle a little bit and then Jeff rolls over so Jordan can scratch his back. Then they start joking about farts.

In the parlor room Dominic reveals that he is color blind. they quiz him on various clothing choices. He thinks Lawon's socks are brown when they are actually green. Dani and Kalia joke that if there's a color competition they don't want him on their team.

3:15 BBT

HOH room Jordan is drawing pictures on Jeff's back and Jeff has to guess what she is drawing. In the parlor room they are playing Truth or Dare and Kalia says they need to demonstrate how they look when they are reaching climax. Everyone Moos her. To Dominic she says shut up you're colorblind.

Upstairs Jeff and Jordon say goodnight to each other.

Adam's turn in the Parlor room. He asks where is the most unusual place you made whoopie. Kalia says in her friend's parents' bathroom. Then Kalia asks Dom how long his dick is. He says he's never measured. Then he says he has morning wood until 15 minutes after the music stops. Everyone exits the room. Kalia goes to the bedroom, Dani and Lawon in the bathroom. Dominic starts making slop pancakes in the kitchen. Dominic tells Dani she can't go to bed until he goes to bed.

3:30 BBT I'm out.

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