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8/12 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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1:00 PM BBT:

Everyone is showering and sleeping. Rach and Bren have been giving each other things to remember the other by.

Rach saying that future guests should go on a diet and lose 20 lbs. before they come in the house because everyone gain weights. Bren says she looks great. Rach says "I need some f'ing accutane' Bren tells her to stop touching her face. She says she's never been chubby or had this many zits (I don't believe that for some reason). Bren (like a typical man) says "it's probably from the chocolate. You've eaten a lot of chocolate".. Rach, being her usual over-dramatic self snaps 'ok, I won't eat chocolate anymore' (yeah, because that's what he was saying NEVER EAT CHOCOLATE AGAIN!)

She is shaving his neck. (I never knew men went through all of this neck shaving!) Bren: Thanks Babe! (Did anyone ever see the office episode "Dinner Party" where Jan and Michael were all "babe this babe that'-girly)

Enzo out of the bathroom talking about how good it feels.

Enzo and Hay in cabana room either staring at each other or whispering. Can't hear at all.

Kathy comes in and sits. Enzo asks her what she thinks. They say that Bren/Rach are acting like it's ok.

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1:12 PM BBT;

After sitting there uncomfortably Kathy decides to go shave her leg. Enzo and Hayden immediately start talking.

Enzo thinks they have to make a power move. Believe someone will self destruct. Discussing how to put of Ragan and Bren.Enzo says Matt says he's down to get the strongest players out. Enzo says Ragan and Brit can be the strongest players because of quizzes. Enzo wants to keep Bren. Hay says yes because he has a target. Hay says if they get rid of him Enzo and Hay are the targets (how?). Enzo wants to know why they are the spokespeople for the rest of the house (huh?). Enzo says if him and Hayden get put up they have to win the POV.

I can't hear them.

Get all of them out... they don't have their alliances anymore (seems like Hay and Enzo are willing to break off from Brigade if they get put up somehow).

Ragan joins them. He wants Hay and Enzo to come up and talk to them immediately following the vote so that Bren won't come over and attack them (breaking their focus for HOH). Brit asked production if it was a double eviction would they tell them if they have to back. Production said no.

Ragan starts Bren bashing (he's getting obsessive and annoying, IMO-girly) Saying again Bren's M.O. of attacking the smallest person in the house and the gay guy. Ragan leaves. Enzo says "he's straight up scared, just yell back what are they so scared about.. why does Brit egg him on if you're scared of him? You and me (Hay and Enzo) can do what we want, we have to deal with them" (saying he doesn't have to come up and talk to them immediately).

Lane joins. They're all laying on their stomach in the Cabana room so its REALLY hard to hear them, especially Enzo. Hay explaining to Lane if Rach goes home, then Bren him and Enzo become the targets (Why? Everyone knows your alliance is fake, I thought). Hay doesn't think they will put up Kathy. Hay explaining to Lane to keep Bren in the house to get rid of Brit and Ragan (ding! Ding!) since they're his targets. Inaudible.. (this is making me nuts!)

Hay/Enzo telling Lane he's in too deep with Brit. Says he's having an affair. Hay says Brit follows Lane around like a puppy dog (I haven't seen that). Enzo talking about the people in the walls.

1:23 PM BBT;

Enzo and Lane laughing about the 'mad drama' that will happen today. Enzo talking about snapping. Matt comes in. More indecipherable talking and WBRB.

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1:29 PM BBT:

Kathy in the bathroom putting on her make-up.

Lane and Enzo doing their usual banter.. (Enzo should get a mic obstruction call, he has a pillow against his chest)

Talking about what they're wearing...Matt and Enzo wearing a button down. Trying to decide if it will be a double eviction. Lane says Sab message, Double eviction or.. Double stay! Matt: WTF does that even mean? What is a double stay? Laughter.

Enzo telling Matt about how Ragan wants him to come over and talk to him "I want to see him yell at you" says Enzo.

Lane asks if he thinks he's getting too deep. Hay says something about confirming his loyalty and now she's gone. Lane says 'we had to bring you back.' Hay makes a joke about Kristin being his sister. Lane "You were in WAY deep"

Something about Ragan going home if Bren wins HOH. "What the f' do I care' Enzo says. When did I become the spokesperson for Ragan.

Enzo explaining how everyday he has to lie to Bren. Tell him that the whole house threw him in the corner and smacked him up. He doesn't care, he just doesn't like feeling like a schmuck. Afraid it will turn around on him and Hay if Bren gets pissed and puts them up. (otherwise known as "I need his jury votes).

Bren and Rach wearing black for show because it's a funeral (gag). Matt suggests everyone wear all white (great idea!).

Hay asks why do we care if Bren knows if he stays or goes? Matt says its better he's blindsided because he goes into the comp all frazzled. Hay says but it's better for us if he wins HOH (but not for Matt!). Enzo chimes in and drops some f bombs and empty threats of what he'll say or do about something. (sorry, he's on my nerves today)

Talk turns to showers. Sounds like Hayden does know how to shave Matt tells him he should shower RIGHT after getting out of the shower.

Rach and Bren in the bathroom (both wearing black)

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1:42 PM BBT

Talking about hollering out Brigade this and Brigade that. Imitating Kathy and "Brigade? What's that?" (I love when they mimic her).

Hay asks about lotion on his face. Matt tells him to put something on it will soften it.. Enzo's sideburns are crooked.

Enzo says there's a lot bitchassness or bitchiness going on.

Enzo asks where Ragan and Brit are. Matt says upstairs. Enzo asks "did they cry" Matt "probably cried today'.. Hayden comes in with more shaving questions (how old is he?) Enzo calls him Tarzan. Enzo says he's a weak ass animal can't grow hair (referring to his Brigade name). Lane says he's a 'tame cat.' Meow Meow talk... Matt says Hay will come back in 5 minutes and his face will be half off.. ear hanging off.. Matt has to make sure he Hay didn't think he meant to shave with lotion.

Enzo says people are just getting too deep. Lane says our plan is backfiring on us. We're doing so good we're f'ing ourselves. We've made new alliances, and we've given them names. Lane says they'll get so deep they'll pass each other and be like 'do I know you?' Joking about how they'll start bringing new members into the brigade..

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1:51 PM BBT


Enzo and Lane talking about the fish and how they don't talk. (these 2 crack me up especially Lane) More Brigade jokes and how outside alliances have taken over.

Enzo saying house is crazy. Probably not fun if you're on the block. Saying if Matt wants to go up he can go up every week. Enzo does NOT want to be on it at all. Enzo wants his name to come out of the keyhole every week. Lane says if his name doesn't come out everyone is staying in their seat and passing it around until his name comes out. Enzo says he might throw it. Enzo says if he thinks Bren/rach had bad sportsmanship they haven't seen anything if he loses. Everything will be a competition. Take up the bathroom all day. Beat people to the shower.

Lane says he's better than a pawn. Enzo thinks getting rid of Ragan is key. Enzo says he's getting his hands dirty if he wins HOH, he don't give a fuck 'yo (whatever... ). Talking about what they would do. Get rid of Ragan. Get him away from Matty because they're getting too close. They'll get Hayden to get Brit out. Lane says again he's not in too deep. Enzo says Lane's moving to Arkansas, 'you love her'.. Enzo says she's cute. No ass but she's cute. Enzo says if Lane and Brit get in the final two Lane will lose because Enzo's voting for Brit.

Enzo calls for a Brigade meeting to talk about what's going on. People getting in too deep. All the side alliances.

[i'm out for a bit... ]

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3:45 BBT

Ragan pacing back and forth right outside HOH mumbling something to himself. I think he is either bashing on Brendon or strategizing about what happens if certain people win HOH.

3:50 BBT

Kathy, Rachel and Brendon are in Taj talking about what to do if there is a double eviction and who they can trust. Kathy says Hayden and that's about it. Brendon talking about how his speech is going to be "platinum" but not over the top dramatic ... not "Andrew status."

3:55 BBT

Brendon practicing his speech. Highlights include "Matt we know you won $10,000 when you opened Pandora's Box" ... "I fought very hard to stay in his house" ... "my integrity"

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3:47 PM BBT

Ragan talking to himself outside HOH. Saying he should say something to Lane. I used the same semantics, I used the same semantics...on Lane. Then I'll be last. What's going to happen?

Brendon telling Rachel he just briefed Kathy about the double elimination. He tells Kathy there are people in this house who aren't against her. Hayden. 4 people are together and they are going to pretend to take you to the end. That's what they told her. .... HOH... you know?... they'll try to be your best friends. Kathy is so weak right now. Brendon tells her to get some salt into herself at least. He's practicing his speech. It won't be Andrew status for sure. It won't be "I'm brothers with Lane." "Ragan, when we grew up together I didn't think a game would come between us. Saboteur! Big Brother didn't know we were separated a birth. I was put in an incubator and frozen for four years. I lied about being younger, he lied about being older we're both 32!"

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3:56 PM BBT

Brendon practicing speech - I learned that BB is not about winning the money or lying about. I fought very hard to stay in this house but somewhere along the way I found love and I realized that 500k is not worth my integrity etc..

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6:10BBT Feeds are back and Brenden appears to be ahead...

Lane appears to be second...

Hayden appears to be third...

Brit, Regan, and Kathy are the ones I can't seem to tell anything about really...

Brit is a little ahead or Regan with Kathy unable to tell anything about where she is...

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6:25 PM BBT

Brendon ahead by 3 squares. Lane next. Then Hayden. Ragan and Brit after that. Kathy still waaaaaay back at square 1.

Players have to go forward and back amongst squares to completely unravel themselves. Now looks like Brendon has two squares left.

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6:29 PM BBT

1 Square left for Brendon.

Matt watching without saying a word.

"Horseshit" Cusses Enzo.

Brendon standing up unraveling a knot. "That's what happens when you evict somebody who..." FOTH

Looks like Brendon is HOH.

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6:47 PM BBT

Still FOTH

Ragan laying down in Have Not room.

Enzo saying the deal was that it was Ragan and Britney going up.

Brendon having the longest shower ever.

Lane and Britney talking. Brit goes into have not room. "We have no chance right now".

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6:51 PM BBT

Matt in have not room too

"Here's our best option, whoever the two of us goes up the third person has to fight." The three of them console each other a bit and discuss what can happen in what order.


"the deal was whoever won HOH.."

Brendon comes out and asks about vacuuming?

"What the fuck are we doing here? Fine, if you want to send him home, send him home." Enzo says to Lane.

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7:06 PM BBT

Matt will eat his slop and enjoy it. Ragan and Brit also saying they'll get through it.

Enzo wants Ragan and Brit put up this week. Enzo doesn't get why everyone is so scared. Kathy says its because this house is like a scary clown mask. She was praying she wasn't selected. "Shower is all backed up - do we have a plunger?" Kathy asks. We get a nice cam shot if it. Gross. Lane goes to get plunger in KT and stops to pick nose in two way mirror (Gross x2)

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7:10 PM BBT

Enzo hurt his knee on the rocks in the game. Brendon twisted something where the grass went up.

Brendon telling Lane he did pretty good, thought he was going to get him. The double and triple knots were tough. They say the rain cooled them off. Hayden how now joined them. No one is sure what to have for dinner.

Kathy making her excuses in WC to Britney "I don't even know how to untie it"


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