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8/12 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

Please post pictures and video in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?showforum=113

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

Please use the following format when posting live feed updates;

8:26 pm BBT: [insert update here.] For example... Kristen is campaigning hard tonight. She takes takes a glass of wine out to the BY couches and waits for her next victim constituent to be lured in.

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8:50ish BBT

Brigade was talking about what their strategy is for next week. Starting to consider putting up Brit and Ragan and telling them they are backdooring Brendon. Ragan walks in an interrupts before they really come to a conclusion.

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9:05 PM BBT

Brigade+Ragan discussing votes. Enzo is cracking (trying to get jury votes) saying he might vote for Brendon just so he doesn't ask what happens later. Brigade tells him he's crazy and to just say he's voting with the house.

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9:07 BBT

Brit in HoH bathtub talking to Kathy. Talking about Brendon saying he won't go to jury house before Kathy. Now talking about Brit's convos listening to Brenchels convo when Rach/Brit were in the bathtub.

(all you girly)

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10:09 BBT

Lane and Enzo in the BR joking around. How they will freak out in certain situations. Lane taking a cold shower and he's not even a Have-Not (seems the hot water ran out). Rach and Bren in Taj practicing in case they have the SAME competition as last year when you drop the cans into the cylinder.

Previous conversation was the same. How much Bren/Rach suck. They all think Rachel has some type of power that can take her off the block based on a Sab message. Everyone seems to be sticking with the same plan of voting her out.

Matt in HOH. He has been complaining about people not giving him any privacy in the HOH. Brit took a bath. He went to HOH for a while (the four S's.. sh**, shower, shave, shine) when she was done.

Matt about to cut Enzo's hair.

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10:34 BBT

In Taj Brendon Rachel and Enzo talking about possible HOHs comps and what will be the one on Thurs...They seem to think it will be skill.

Enzo holding his cup as they Jedi Train for HOH going over nick names in previous comps...

In HOH Matt and Hayden talking..actually using the rubber duckies plotting the possibilties of a Brendon HOH and how the votes will go down in scenarious..

Ragan wins HOH "brendon goes up" with Hayden...Ragan POV and Matt says "this is where my job comes in" to steer another non brigade nom..they continue the different scenarios...talking about using "whoever stays will come after him" out of the brigade and Ragann will want Kathy after him..

10:39 BBT More Brigade strategic talk...talking tomorrow's HOH and who would put up who {we all know they are safe because of diamond POV} but Matt listens and inputs anyways..

10:42 BBt Rachel says Lane followed Enzo when he left talking to them...and says he heard Enzo says he "was going" the way "the house says"...Rachel is suspicious about something {i missed it}

Hayden says in HOH he would put up Ragan and Britney and if someone wins POV "backdoor Brendon"

Back in Taj...they are whipsering as they leave the Taj..

10:47 BBT Back in HOH Matt and Hayden planningtheir "unbeatable" path to the final 4 against the {dolts} other HGs and what is the best path without making too many enemies..even offering to go up as pawns...

No matter what scenario they throw it seems brigade will always come out intact...Matt says they can't lose POVs "there is no exuse" and need to "bust these out"

10:51 BBT Arrives Brit, Kathy and Lane for their show..Enzo in DR.. Right away Ragan's obsesssion of Brenchel starts with Kathy Brit and Ragan....

10:52 BBT IN Taj they are talking about Matt as Rachel says "i gurantee" no one will put up Matt next week...Rachel says she thinks Matt is working with Brit as she asks what did tthey do "to hate us so much"..and Rachel says "i put their friends up" and sent them home..Brendon group mob mentality and if someone is "pushed in front of the bus" its "not me" so they don't care...

10:55 Back in HOH everyone snacking...talking about music for wake up...Brit asks "who's Tech n9ne " as Lane says he requested that for wake up

Rachel in taj says "not ready for this fight to be done"..and says she's not as Brendon still obliviously thinks he's leaving trying to pep her up..and he says "don't trust em"....as he gives her one of long winded drippy pep talks..

11:00 BBT In HOH Talking music..

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11:01 BBT

In HOH talking about Canine police dogs as Kathy says she's been bitten before by accident..as brendon talks about an Ex's father who was a cop that was attcked by one of the dogs in the unit he worked..

11:03 BBT Taj is dark..and getting their last night of kissing {last night of live feed torture of watching this ends}

Rachel telling Brendon "super partener in crime" and he r"soulmate" and goes on.....they discuss saboteur..

In Bathroom Enzo talking to Hyaden..and says "right before" they should tell him...Hayden saying "its better to Keep brendon" than take him out and be the target of Britney as Hayden says "britney's smart" and may noy listen to Lane to put up Kathy..

11:08 BBT Enzo says Brendon thinks he's in an allinace with him and Hayden..as Enzo says they will convince him to put up Ragan and Brrit..

Enzo says he told him he'll tell him what the vote will be but say he didn't have time to tell him and "if he gets mad" and "he doesn't win...he's done"

Talking about how they will explain the 6-0 Rachel eviction...and says "get dressed we have a show to do"

11:10 BBT Wheneever your ready "go upstairs" and Enzo says "why?" and Hayden says "we're shooting the show from upstairs"

Hayden pops into the Taj as Brendon says "do you think" they "try to flip" and Hayden says "who knows"..as Hayden said if he made his vote today "i vote to evict Brendon" but warns "whatever happens I have to go with the house"

11:13 BBT Talking about saboteur..and the "power" they were made to believe..Hayden says to Brendon"they're bothered by you" and points to Rachel "but they're scared of her" and laugh at the {red flag] as he says "enzo and I" are on the "same boat" as Rachel reassures hayden he's safe..

Hayden leaves..

11:16 BBT In HOH "here comes Hayden" Brit announces..

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11:18 BBT

"he definitely thinks he's going home" hayden explains about his convo with Brendon..

Britney is paranoid "why is Rachel" being called to the DR a lot..

11:19 BBT Rachel is putting on Makeup to do her DR "as soon as Enzo's done" she'll head in...

In HOH they discuss their show...as Britney "what is she doing" when BB tells Rachel to put on her mic..Lane asks if "can we clap" during their shows..

11:21 BBT Ragan says he's doing "skankisms" and "questions from the audience"...

Brendon shows up on the spyscreen and shouts of "Ogre" from Ragan and Britney..

11:24 They show starts..Brit does "current events"....which turns into bashing...

11:27 BBT Talks show in HOH Brendon and Rachel talking in Taj..

Enzo heads into the HOH as "the special guest" as the applaud for his entrance..as they discuss his "billiard bowl" success.."i'm the best".....and lists his trophy as "proof"..

"skankisms" By Ragan aka Rachel bashing...{so unfunny almost boderline pathetic coming from this douche}

11:33 BBT Ragan leaves because DR calls him...

11:35 BBT Enzo back talking about his trophy...

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11:37 BBT

This {moronic} show continues..."buy the live feed" because its Brendon's and Rachel's "last night" and their show is finished...and congtratulate themselves on a "good show"

11:40 BBT Rachel and Brendon continue their fatal attraction talk in the Taj..

In HOH Enzo talking about his Trophy and how names should be added...and Enzo wants his previous wins to be added with a "3" by his name as the others sat it was the "prelims"

11:44 BBT Talking about Brendon as they wish next week is "double eviction" as they talk going to sleep as Kathy says "tomorrow is a big day"

11:45 They want to study and will wait for Ragan as Hayden says Brendon must not "win"

11:46 Rachel in Taj discussing tomorrows vote..saying they have Enzo and Hayden...as Racehl says "why everyone has the same strategy..doesn't make sense"

They get ready for bed as Rachel mounts Brendon who's face down as she rubs cream n him discussing what tomorrow's HOH will be...

11:50 "why are they so scared of me" Rachel says about Hayden's earlier statement and "why aren't they scared of Matt" as Brendon says "because you won some tough competitions"....

Rachel says Brit "picked a side" and its a side against me" as Brendon says "lane" when Rachel says "ragan Britney and Matt" and their commonality is Rachel took out "their friends"

11:53 BBT Rachel and Brendon talking about future moves..

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1:12am BBT:

Lane,Brit,Matt,Ragan,Meow Meow and Hayden talking about who to nom next week. Brit tells the group that she and Matt are the strongest players. More talk about Rachel's magical powers that in Brit's mind means Brendon will be leaving tomorrow. They confirm who they see as final six. Now onto jedi training with Ragan being the prof while Brit walks on Lane's back. Each take turns with a week.

Rachel and Brendon are in bed and appear to be asleep.

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10:21 bbt - Brittney called to DR. We hear male voice say "Hey Brittney! How are ya today?" but feeds are showing Matt and Ragan asleep in HOH. Matt says "Wrong button guys" and we get WBRB. After short pause back to Ragan and Matt sleeping. [Thursdays are usually rather quiet but this is ridiculous! I'm with myss911 ... can't believe Im paying for this! - Kimlovesbb]

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10:40ish BBT HOH LD Called.

Last ones to HOH are Brendon and Rachel. Brendon takes a chair from around the table into the HOH tub area and closes the door. A few in the HOH giggle. Rachel smacking hair clippers against the sink to clean them out. She trims Brendons hair.

(This could be either very dull or very exciting.)

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11:33 BBT: All feeds on Brendon and Rachel in the HOH bathroom. I assume all other HGs are asleep in the bedroom. Brendon and Rachel embrace and cry [and act like it is the end of the world as we know it].

This is all that is going on.

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