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8/12 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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7:19 PM BBT

Brendon eating pasta in KT. He can't wait until they come into the kitchen. Hayden is making something to eat in there - just nodding.

In HN room Britney tells us that last time fish sticks saved her life.

Brendon says Britney was almost crying. "Libations will only be for 4 people now. So 4 beers will go a little bit farther." says Brendon. "Don't worry Dude, I'm not..." FOTH

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House seems to have calmed down.

Hayden called to DR. Enzo told to change microphone.

Kathy cooking first meal since she was a HN. Brendon tells her to go take a shower and then she can come eat. She wonders if there's any warm water. "Anything warmer than the cold water you've been showering in will feel warm." reminds Brendon.

Ragan and Britney crying in HN room. "It's stupid to cry" says Ragan. "It's just a week in the BB House." "Yeah, we've been here before." Britney reminds him.

Enzo and Lane in storage room. Enzo repeating his suggestion for Brit/Rag nominations.

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7:33 PM BBT

Matt trying to get Brit and Rag to see the upside of all this [what does he care he's safe with DPOV this week]

Britney: Everyone is going to be hanging out with him and laughing now. It fucking disgusts me.

Matt: I don;t know about hanging out and laughing but you know

Britney: At least when you're a have not you're really tired

Ragan: Last time I didn't sleep because I was really uncomfortable. Can you hear them updating? Ragan staring in the direction of walls, looking pensive. If I have to shower I don't know what I'll do. Did you shower Brit?

Brit: I am going to wash my hair in the KT sink.

Ragan: I don't want to talk about it (Brendon) it's bad karma.

Brit: Stupid sab true love conquers

Matt: I don't know it will be awesome.

Brit: (missed some of it) Fuck. He said BB can't go through your stuff? When know that's a lie. We know BB can do whatever they want.

Ragan: First thing they do is go through your house.

Lane enters

Brit: If I cry a lot this week are you going to punch me in the face? (Talking to Lane) plus I'm PMS this week.

Lane: Ugh

Brit: PMS is pre- you're safe this week.

Lane: Nice Brit.

Matt: I'm leaving this room it fucking depresses me.

7:41 PM BBT

Ragan: DO you think he'll make us slop cookies this week? They laugh.

Their pity party continues.

Out in the KT Brendon is sweeping, Lane and Enzo trying to buddy up to Brendon and Matt hanging about.

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7:55 PM BBT

Britney is washing her hair in bathroom sink. Lane and Hayden eat tacos while Matt watches. Ragan in HN shower.

Hayden and Lane crunching on ice.

8:03 PM BBT

Brit bashing Brendon's pasta sauce. "Did he put every spice in the cupboard on that? Did he add a little olive oil?" She hopes the have nots get voted something to eat.

Ragan putting his undergotchies on under his towel all clean and fresh from his cold shower. Nearly dropped it there but BB kindly switches cam feed.

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8:00 PM BBT: Brendon sitting alone in the Jumanji bedroom. Matt, Lane, Hayden, Enzo, Britney and Kathy in the kitchen. Britney is making slop, she likes hers runnier than Matt does, so she takes hers and leaves him to watch the pan. Ragan was changing in the cabana room, now in the kitchen.

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8:05 PM BBT

Brendon sitting in jumanji room staring ahead. He looks deep in thought. [is he plotting revenge? Relishing the moment? Sending his telepathic love messages to Rachel?]

French Dressing is not an approved condiment. Kathy would have eaten it out of the bottle if allowed to

{Night all}

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BBT 8:37

brendon being very classy about his hoh win talking with lane and enzo in the cabana room about a class ucla offers about the beatles and and some talk about the hoh comp saying girls had no chance cause of wet rope.

Ragan and brit sulking in have not room being very quiet

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BBT 8:45

britt and ragan saying they hate crying, brit says she always hated when people cried from other seasons

britt says we should have kept rachel she never could have one that hoh. now saying they cant fret over losing they never stood a chance because of the weight of the rope, brit say it must have weighed twice as much as she does

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