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7/28 - Live Feed Updates


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[hi all -- I came back to my hotel room (at Foxwoods) to check what happened today. Can't stay to help with LFU, but wanted to bring this forward:]

8:45 - 9:05 approx.

It seems all is not well in Brenden/Rachael Land. The two were outside having a tiff. Started over the group discussion of pre-nup agreements. Brenden wants one.

... [you called it, Morty] Summarized details follow.

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8:45 to 9:05 BBT, approx.

It seems all is not well in Brenden/Rachael Land. The two were outside having a tiff. Started over the group discussion of pre-nup agreements. B wants one.

It's suddenly obvious that Rachael is in a mood. She's playing huffy, then blunt, then pouty. She keeps repeating 'selfish' - that he and his ways (pre-nup) are selfish. She insists she's not reacting to that, it's more than that. In the meantime, Brenden is being quite the pest when she quite obviously doesn't want to talk at that personal level at the moment. Brende. Yetn will just not leave her alone. He steps away, he comes back, walks away again and comes back He somehow got himself into the hammock when she went there to escape him. When I last looked at the feed he was stroking her hair and she was facing away from his face. "I'm sorry I caused you to be difficult," he said. "I'm not difficult," she said.

[And so it goes. Use flashback to find this argument - it changed the dynamics between them big time. For a while it was on all four feeds.]

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10:22 BBT

In cabana Roon new BFFs Kristin and Kathy talking about "voices" in there {DR?} as Kristin wonders "are they watching me" asthe DR doesn't remember..Kathy says a lot of time is "spent on the other two"

Kristin talking about "the people who get the most time" talk about the same shit over and over...In walks Ragan...

ragan in meltdown mode once again.."I'm just tired of this"..."all of this is not right"...Kathy hugs him "Im sorry" as they reassure him only two more days of HN..Katthy throwing herself on the sword saying she'll do slop next week before he has to do it again..

K&K asking BB for "milk for Ragan" who's pouting BB hasn't answered him if he can have milk...

10:27 BBT Upstairs Brit and Rachel talking about Kristin and putting her up....they need a "super pawn" to go against her...as they plot her demise..Brit "what we do if she got HOH" and Rach says she doesn't think she will ....Rach says both will go against her as Kristin "will manipulate these guys" as both don't want "to be the only girl here" or "here with the cool girl" because she will come after "me every week"

Rach says they need to put up "one of the guys"...as they go over everyone who will go...Rach says "the person who went up against her" would have to be "super pawn"

Brit "we have to pray" Kristin doesn't get HOH..as she worries she may luck out and win HOH...Rachel talking "how dangerous she is' and says "she float fucking through" as the guys go after each other...

10:33 BBT Outside Matt talking about his meeting with Andrew and how he has secret alliance...Lane: "i'll be so pissed" if he calls me out and puts a "big X" on me Matt say "that's his trump card" and says "there at least three" in this secret alliance..they say he needs to go...

Back in HOH Bath Rach asks if Lane and Enzo are "close to Kristin"...Rachel talking about Lane trying to get info as Brit isn't being too talkative just saying she doesn't hang too much with him..{loud drain noise + no mics = hard to hear}

10:36 BBT Back outside the brigade playing pool..

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10:38 BBT

Rachel and Brits bath continues as they bond over their mutual disdain of Kristin..Rachel saying she's seen it all when it comes to HOH comps..

Matt comes in....talking about the little booze...and telling him "its so relaxing" as Matt fetches them candy as they tell him the can't wait to mee his fake sick wife "stacey"

Matt telling them where and what everyone is doing...Rach says they are "missing the party" in the tub and say how relaxing the bathroom is and tell Matt to take a bath and he says "not my thing"

10:41 BBT Andrew has joined Enzo Hayden and Lane to play pool...not much as conversation as Enzo goes on about "The BB Invitational" pool tournament...

10:43 BBT Matt leaves..and the girls are back to Kristin hating and how the most "boring" person ever get cast as they wouldn't want to "party" with her...as they says she goes to "bars with darts" and thinks she's "way too cool" and conclude "she has to go she's too much trouble"..Matt returns and laughs and giggle return...Matt mevaes again and back to the Kristin Hating as Rachel says "you have to try" for HOH and says Andrew would get them out...Brits says "Andrew? and says "he's to big a risk" Brits says he going after you and Bren and she says Me not Brendon.. and Rachel agrees and says "Kathy" is too and even though "she sucks" she is "the ultimate defination of Ultimate floater" and keeps making it through she has a legitamate shot of winning at the end..

Rachel talking Brit to keep Andrew and says they can control him better than Kathy....Brit says he's "coming after you and Brendon" as Rachel says" "if Kathy is a vote for Kristin" than it will be harder to vote her out...

10:49 BBT Rachel doing her best to figure out to keep Andrew as she throws all these scenarios..as they keep saying Kristin vs Andrew, Kathy will go home..Rach say if they promise Andrew he's off the block he will vote for Kristin to leave and brit asks who will you "put up" and withouit saying a name "a super pawn?"

Brit now believes Kathy "would be a vote for Kristin" as they turn to Kathy hating... Brit says "oh retrospect"...as rach says "its better to threaten Andrew" have the "super pawn pissed at you" than have Kathy as a vote for "Kathy"..

10:52 BBT Brendon comes in with wine for Rach..as they ask what he was talking about downstairs and he says "plotting and scheming".......Brendon leaves...

10:54 BBT Back to plotting.....

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10:55 BBT

In HOH talking about "super pawn" and wonder who it would be neither want to name names but have come to a consensus that its someone Rachel has a "legitamate" reason to put thsi super pawn up..and hint its Hayden..

Brit admits she doesn't have a reason to put this super pawn {Hayden} up..

Brit says she thinks Hayden doesn't want to win HOH which gives them a better chance to win HOH..and rachel says "Enzo doesn't want to win" and Brit says "I don't think anybody wants to win this week"

Rachel worries if Brendon wins HOH he will become a bigger target..and worries he doesn't have "a super pawn" to put up and Brit says "he does" ......Rach says "lane doesn't want to win this week" and Brit agrees and Enzo as they wonder who "ragan" would put up and agree he wants to win...Brit has no idea ....Rach says he would be a good person to win he wouldn't put them up and Ragan says he might put up "Kathy" but have no idea who he would put against her.. and Rach "if she stays" and Brit says id Andrew stays he'll put them up...Rach says "he said he would but so did matt"

11:00 They go back to who they would put up against Kristin as Rachel worries about Kathy "keep getting through keep getting through keep getting through"..as they agree the same with Kristin...Brit says "she friends with Andrew" and Rachel wonders if she really is friends with her...

Brit says "i feel Andrew could be a vote for her too" but Kathy would too Rach says and Brit says "even if i win HOH she'll come sucking up to me"

11:03 BBT IN caban room Kathy and Andrew talking as Kathy says "no matter what" they will go home as Kathy does it looks so much easier on TV..as Kathy thanks him for not "throwin me under the bus" and Andrew says him either..

They talk about their ignorance of alliances in the house..

11:05 BBT their odd little bonding session continues..

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11:06 BBT

Kathy slips they told her what they're gonna do as Andrew says "really" because they don't talk to him and literally "walk away" and he has to go to them to talk...and says "only Matt" says "you can use the room"...

Andrew "they're gonna make a group decision" which is unfortunate and Kathy talks family outside the house but Andrew says "i would at least like to enjoy the game"...and says "either or" and would like to call her son and says "how great you are" and her call his family but can't figure the logistics of getting the numbers...

11:10 BBT Back upstairs they talk about Brendon says if Kathy stays she wouldn't so them "any good" and is taking the risk of keeping Andrew to have on their side to get Kristin "to go the fuck home"

11:12 BBT Outside Lane and Hayden talking about Andrew "I think he's just blowin smoke" about knowing who the alliances are...as they play pool...

Lane" The only thing its gotta be him Brendon and Rachel" and Hayden says "oh yeah"...and Lane says "they can't hide it very weel" and talk about "brendon's an idiot" to wait "30 mins" to say Bren isn't "voting out Andrew" and talk about Andrew and Brendon being a secret long friends "they could be cousins the'te both tall as shit" and says "they avoid each other" and Kathy saying Brendon says "I'll deal with Andrew" as they put their brain cells into overtime trying to figure out if Brendon and Andrew are the secret pair..

11:16 BBT Lane visibly bothered about Andrew's threat to Matt telling him his threat to call out "secret alliance"...as Lane says "he has to say one of us" and Hayden says "kristin himself and me" as Lane says "you think he would include himself" and Lane says we "agree" that Brendon and Andrew are a team....Lane says "beyond the brigade" who do we want in "jury house" and haydem just "hmm mmm" and Lane says "we need Matt and Enzo".."ragan will be a good vote"...."I don't know about Brendon" and hayden "kathy would be" a good thing for them in JH...Lane says "we have to amke sure we get Kathy out though" and "not let her float" to the "final"

11:19 BBT Ragan comes out talking about production again and FOTH...

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11:22 BBT

Brendon is now campaigning for Andrew to stay wih Enzo saying he's not worried about Andrew coming after him as Enzo says if the should keep a "big threat"

They whisper as Enzo tells him "i don't know yet" and tells him "its a tough decision" as brendon does his he doesn't want to see a person who wins and "doesn't deserve it" and tells Enzo he wants to keep him in because "he's fighting"

Hayden and Lane enter talking about their pool game...

11:27 BBT Hayden and Brendon tossing their aluminum foil covered football as Brendon talks about his HS football days and his ainabilty to play QB because he throws "side arm"

11:29 in HOH Ragan enter "hello..you're still in the tub" as they show him their wrinkled hands and feet after he asks to see them...Aksing what they are doing downstairs..and ragan rolls off what and where and who everyone are talking to.

Ragan will do a bath next week if he's not a HN and enter Brendon.. ...Rachel says the reason they have been in sooo long "we're planning Britney's wedding"

11:32 BBT Hayden joins Kristin on the bathroom couch while enzo flosses his teeth...Hayden gets up to watch Kathy feed the fish and Kristin follows a few seconds later..

In HOH Brit and Rach goping on about the "fabulous bathtub"....Rachel "tomorrows Picture Day....and Blog Day" as Brit says I wonder what are going to do for the pics as Rach says..

Enzo talking about brendon says "he isn't scared" of Andrew and Brendon putting up "lane and Kristin"..because they jumped out of the HOH early....out come Kathy..and Andrew yells "are you scheming" and they say they are just talking as Enzo says he's enjoying the BY because tomorrow he has to do laundry..

11:38 BBT Kathy telling them her new BB version of the "Miranda Right" (Miranda warning} "you have the right to remain silent anything you say will be misquoted and used against you" they all politely laugh as Kathy got the biggest kick out of her lame joke..

11:41 BBT Back in HOH talking about warm water as Brendon vaguely remembers warm water...for being a HN...

They talk how BB should give Ragan "milk" {oh please just take HN like a man} as Brendon says he'll ask tomorrow for more "soy milk" and Brit "will make it a point" to ask for milk for the {whiney} Ragan..

Ragan leaves..

He heads to the BY with the group "i need to eat something" as Enzo wishes for a cheeseburger.......

In HOH this gives Bren and rachel the opportunity to master a Kristin eviction...and talk how she's been "downplaying" her "boyfirend"......Rachel "she makes me sick" and Brit "i just don't understand she doesn't like me" and Brendon says she doesn't like other girls..and says Brendon told him "all my friends are guys" and Rach says she told her "all my friends are girls" and Rachel "what a fricking liar"....

In the Taj BR Ragan and Kristin politely laugh at her "new Miranda rights" and Ragan says you need to have a tshirt made of it and says "i wish" she had one she would "wear it"...

11:49 BBT Back in HOH more Anti Kristin talk now with Brendon saying "I think hayden has his own mind" and Rach says if he wins HOH he would put up "me and Britney" as Kristin says Kristin told her "I control him" about Hayden

Brit can't figure why she hates her...as brendon and Rachel try to drill it that she doesn't "want any girls around" and when girls are gone she'll turn on the guys safe "under hayden's wing" as Matt comes in and says they've been in the bath "3 hours"

11:51 BBT Matt just got of the DR and came up there..doesn't know where and what everyone is doing...

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11:57 BBT

In HOH Brit and Matt talking and Brit says they are off everyone radar next week and Brit tells Matt she believes ndrew Brendon and Rachel has a deal because she was telling her she wants Kathy out..

Brit says "why would you leave Andrew here" and she sais that Matt said he would vote us out and didn't as Brit says she would put them up as HOH but says "they are not coming after me" and should she "appease the house" or do what's best for her..

Matt tells her his version of double eviction of evicting Brendon and then tease her about Brendon meeting girls to the point of making DOR and Brit says "with the luck they're having" they may get HOH but both says at least they're safe..

Brit now wondering if its worth winning HOH.."It's a conundrum"

They are now talking what type of HOH...maybe a skill one but wonder why they haven't got anything to practice and Matt says they can LD tomorrow and put something up to practice..

Matt "in ragan's case" I'll throw it and says she has someone after her and throwing it "doesn't help you"

12:06 BBT matt says people are putting "everything on hold" to do what "needs to be done" and if that's the case maybe throw it so she can play the next week..

Matt says "its a tough one to figure out" more so for brit than for "ragan and me"...

Matt thinks kristin and hayden will be "busting balls" while everyone else thinking someone else to do it..as Kristin or hayden as HOH is "dangerous for me"...

Matt says if Brendon stays on the block he'll go home for sure but if its Rachel "there's talking to be done"...

12:10 brit confused whether to play for HOH or throw it...and Brit says it she wins does she done what's best for her...and says kristin will put them up and is bren or Rachel she would go up and stay with brendon but may go home against rachel and if Brendon and Rachel go up...."I'm fine"....Brit says if she doesn't do what the house wants does in make me a "target"

Brit if she did put kristin up "who would I put her up against" and it would have to be someone "who would not go home"

12:13 BBT Matt: "It might be better to toss it" as brit worries about Hayden and Kristin..

Matt wonders if Kristin is her target and Matt trying to say she's ful of shit but Brit says she's heard from someone else..

12:14 Enters Ragan...

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12:16 BBT

On Patio Andrew is still up talking baseball with Enzo hayden lane and Kristin outside

Camera switches to Brendon and rachel making out whispering in the LR...BB warns him to put on mic..as Rachel reminds him his mic is in the bathroom..

12;18 BBT Brendon and Rachel whispering as rachel says soomething to the effect "we need to vote out Kathy"...and then start joking around laughing..Rachel says shes's "gong to bed" as says brendon could walk her to bed...tells her he loves her and she looks beautiful and whispers to Brendon something about Andrew..{inaudible}

12:21 BBT Back in HOH Ragan and Brit discuss the vote..Ragan "i think it will be a unanamous vote" to vote out Andrew..Brit asks Ragan what he would do if he got HOh"ME?...I don't know...its so hard" but tells Matt and Brit "y'all will be fine" but other than that he doesn't know..

They discuss that that Brendon going home will help her game becaus ethey like Rachel and Ragan says "i really like Brendon too" but Matt calls him a "threat..he's a machine"..and says "brendon is rithless from " a game standpoint..

Brit: "what can be done" and he says "this HOH is so big..Fate is going to enter" and intervene...."its a huge HOH" and Ragan says if the viewers know how bit this hOH is..

12:25 BBT they talk about Andrew' mistake at the POV ceremony..and says the house is so "anti Brendon and Rachel" that they haven't thought about anyone else..

12:26 BBT Matt talks about Andrew's threat of spilling alliance as Brit says Andrew has the nerve "fist pumping " at HOH last week and ask her for a vote and throwing Matt "under the bus"

Ragan "no matter who gets nominated next week its gonna get crazy"

12:28 BBT Ragan does his analogies of what going on in the BB house..

Talking about tomorrows show will end with the supper wierd POV and how they all agreed to vote out Andrew because of it..

12:30 BBT Brit talking about "nervous" and "game changing week" and expectations..

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12:32 BBT

Brendon outside talking to Hayden and Enzo going to baseball games.."Angeles"...its different name..Hayden says "my dad built Devon White's house"..

Kathy who is puffing away..and finishes up and says "good night guys" as they discuss the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown NY

Enzo says "I think Pete Rose should be in the hall of fame"

12:34 BBT Back in HOH Ragan says he doesn't like to "vocalize" about anything unless you are "in the position"

ragan over dramatizing the "intense" week BB will be...

brit: "Brendon's voting for Andrew to stay" but Matt calling him "a big pussy" and will switch when he finds out kathy is staying.."he'd be stupid to do that" Vote to keep Andrew..

12:38 BBT Ragan hope he gets to eat "before the live show" but Matt doubts it maybe after...

Back outside talking siblings saying kids need a brother or sister and Brendon has older brother by "7 years" and "younger sister" by a year but Brendon says his older brother kinda "got fucked up" but doesn't elaborate...

12:40 BBT Enzo "real tight" with his younger brother..Hayden close with his sister 3 years younger..

brendon talks about fighting with his sister a lot ...Enzo admits they get in "verbal fights"..."i would never hit my brother' and almost one time in HS but missed and "felt like shit" and "thank God I missed"

12:43 Brendon says "me and brother got into a couple of times" Enzo says now "probably he could fuck me up" but have that "big brother mentality"

Talking about family as Enzo dad didn't want him to go to lose his job and not win...but Enzo said he would regret no doing it..

12:45 BBT Back in HOH Brit still up there talking with Matt as ragan says he's going to bed.."sooo tired"

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12:54 BBT

Looks like everyone is heading to bed..

12:54 BBT hayden Enzo brendon talking while Lane Brit and Matt just watch and listen...

Enzo talking about his wife ..Drunk...her girls night....talking baout giving her space..

{i'm out be back tomorrow..Night all}

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9:00BBT After some WBRB Lane is in the BY doing free weights. More WBRB

9:03BBT Matt folding laundry, Kathy smoking.

(have to take off for a bit, someone elses turn)

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9:48BBT Andrew just confronted Kristen stating that he knows she has been playing him like a fiddle and he wants her to stop it now! Kristen is surprised and tells him that she has been on his side, he doesnt seem to believe her

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10:06 am BBT

Ragan and Matt on the hammock

R: so this is kinda like what I want to say to him

M: can I kinda interject your story

R: yeah

M: I was in the kitchen making slop and Andrew went in the bathroom and told K & K "You two need to just stop picking on me, you just need to spot" Kris said to him "Andrew I don't even know what you are saying, we aren't doing anything" Kris was pissed.

Mat says that it was just looney toons

R: If I win HoH I don't even know what I am going to do

M: You are in the worst positiion

R: I am going to have to play out some things in my head. One thing I don't like is when people campaign negatively. The proverbial straw with andrew is that I was on team andrew

M: Yeah most people were

R: I don't like the fact that people would say "Keep me in the house because i am going to go after these two people"

Its hard to keep up. R is saying that it is f****** gross and that it is bullying. R: is saying that Matt was called out so the situation was different.

10:12 am BBT

Kris and Andrew are YELLING at each other!!! YELLING! Kris says that he is attacking her.

K: You are digging your own back

A: YOU are digging YOUR own grave You better watch your back!

Andrew is saying that Kris doesn't have his back... they are screaming!

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10:08 BBT Kristen is now confronting Andrew telling him she was offended by what he said, and Andrew says why cause you are playing me like a fiddle....Andrew tells her that she has not confirm to him that she is still voting to keep him, that she has spent all her time with Kathy and that her and Hayden has not said anything to him...Kristen tells him he should have come to her in private instead of the way he did it. Andrew says her she has not come to him and Kristen says that she was comforting Kathy as a friend, and Kristen tells Andrew that it is a 2 way streeet and he could have come to her....Now Kristen is yelling saying she was comfronting a friend

Kristen tells Andrew that he is digging his own grave and Andrew tells Kristen she is too...Andrew says I know what you guys are doing and he know he is leaving.....Andrew says why should he come to her and why didnt Kristen come to him, that doesnt make sense....Rach comes in and Andrew leaves

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Kristen is now telling Rach that she is pissed and upset by Andrew attacking her....Kristen says he is digging his own grave, Rach says he is probably stressed being on the block, Rach says well he cant attack her like that....Rach said everyone could hear what they were talking about and she didnt think it was appropriate that is why she walked in

10:19 BBT Kristen is telling Kathy what happened between her and Andrew....Kristen tells Kathy that Andrew feels her vote will turn, and Kristen said it was like talking to a child. Kathy thinks he did this for TV

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10:31 BBT Rach and Bren are talking about different senerios, now Ragan came in to talk to them....Ragan says he was team Andrew up until recently...the speech for one...and he tells them that he has told the whole house that he will not put Rach/Bren because they are his friends and he fells Andrew's speech was bullying....and he will not keep him in the house and he will tell Andrew this today

Ragan says that a few days ago they were by the pool with Andrew and someone else and they were talking about the have not situation...Ragan says anyone who was a have not twice should not be a have not again....Andrew says if it is his choice Bren will be a have not again and Ragan did not like that. Ragan says that he has talked to Kristen 2 times and she has not thrown anyone under the bus...Ragon tells Bren/Rach that he does not want them to leave for personal reasons and game play....he does not like Andrew's game play...Ragan says he does not know of anyone who is voting for Andrew to stay

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10:51 BBT Kahty and Andrew talking and Kathy tells him that Kristen didnt do anything to him and Andrew felt Kristen should have come to him because he is alone in the house and tells Kathy this is your week and Kathy says you dont know that...Andrew says that Kristed controls the house and Kathys says she doesnt.....Kathy says Bren told her he was voting to keep Andrew so he does have a friend.....Andrew is crying saying he cant talk to Bren because of the POV speech

11:00 BBT Bren is in the HOH room with Ragan, Matt, and Kristen...Bren asks Kristen what happened and she recounts what happened this morning

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