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7/28 - Live Feed Updates


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758 PM BBT Hay and Enzo talking who is going to win hoh and who'll get put up. Speculating in circles. Hay:"who knows dude?" Anything but Rachel to win. Now they are talking about Brigade Merchandise when they get out of there.

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8 PM BBT: Hay Enzo talking about jobs when they get out. Hay wants to work for the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) doing marketing. Talking about the fights and other sports and how they miss them. Blah blah...talking about life when the house is done--keeping in touch and being friends. Baseball fantasy league "The Big Brother League".

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8:05 BBT Hay and Enzo continue their *fascinating* conversations for which they are (tragically) on all four feeds. Rachel off camera talking about Vegas and Vegas prom. And now Hay and Enzo are making fun of Rachel's "like like like" all the time. Time to mock....Aaand Hay is off to play pool against Brit.

Enzo and Ragan mocking the POV conversation. Ragan imitating Enzo "I just farted in the bathroom. Go in there and tell me how many farts were left in that bathroom" <lol>

Now Enzo is in Kitchen with Andrew talking food and restrictions. Enzo tells Andrew that Andrew can poop cuz he's eating baby food.

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8:08 BBT

Back outside. Rachel asks Brendan to prom (VEgas Prom) then her laugh.

Bren wants Rachel to get into the Playboy mansion. Rachel has been there "it's not that fun"

Matt: How'd you get in?

Rachel: You like get invited.

matt: How do Bren and I get invited?

Rachel: I have friends who were in Playboy. So they let me in. It's totally legit. Your friend is a playmate. They send a pic to playboy of you and you get on the list if you are a girl.

And they talk about the Playboy mansion parties and how to get in etc....

Rachel "It's just like any other social event"

matt and bren: Well Carrot Top got in. Then someone mentions Pauley Shore hitting on Rach...and we have FOTH/Bubbles.

8:12 PM:

Rachel says "all it is is girls wearing pasties and thongs...why do you want to get in."

matt: You are def saying stuff that I don't want to see (laughs) I don't want to get in (laughs).

Matt asks if there is a cash bar or free flowing liquor.

On and on....

No game talk. I think I'm out...Hope someone else is out there...

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8:16 BBT: Oh...they talk about posing in playboy. How much?

Hay says "20 Gs? That's not a lot that's retarded."

Brit: I wouldnt do it.

(this is in the BY pool table discussion, all others on couches).

Switch to Bathroom:

Kathy and Ragan talking in the bathroom. Enzo enters. Kath says his "butt stinks so bad". Kathy is gagging. "It stinks".

Enzo is missing his hat.

Kathy "Enzo check your pants for a poop stain. With Exlax accidents could happen. " (OMG that was HIL/ARIOUS).

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8:19 8:30 BBT

Most HGs outside. Hay talking about his loss in tournament. There's going to be a bath party in the hot tub. Want to cram everyone in.

Kathy, Hay, Matt Brit on BY couches.

Rach on Elyptical (can't see other half of the Brenchel alliance)

Ragan outside somewhere but off camera.

Kris on couch. DEATHLY QUIET.

No sign of Andrew

interspersing Bubbles all over the place. Not sure why. Brit mentioned the Razorback sweatshirt and BUBBLES.

Enzo: Who's takin my f'ing hats. What the F..... Kathy finds it for him.

Oh! There's Brendan. Right next to Rach (shocker)

Wtheck? I'm now watching a convo in HOH between Matt and Kath discussion of the votes in house tomorrow. Andrew made amends too late. Matt talking about the feeling of being on the block on the live show. He is assuring her that Andrew is going and she is handling herself well. But assures her over and over Andrew's going.

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8:35-8:45 BBT Discussion in HOH Matt andd Kath:

Matt is bashing Andrew RAchel and Brendon's inability to keep their friendship/alliance stealthy.

Kathy refers to Brenchel as "two dangerous people" and says Andrew is a victim of his friendship with Brenchel. And Matt says he feels bad for him when he's alone but doesn't excuse his behavior.

Kath flashes back to the fight with Andrew Kath and Kris and kath is throwing andrew under the bus. "When I don't have something good to say I say nothing..." (**REALLY?**) And she follows that with "He's rubbing his hands together this morning and it was unpredictable." Matt says it was uncalled for. KAth worried that she was naked getting into shower when fight broke out and she doesn't want that on TV. Matt saying "Doesnt look good for him" because he acted bad from veto ceremony on. Then he throws Brenchel under bus saying they screwed andrew over.

Rehashing red flags of friendship between Andrew and Brenchel.

Matt is like "that was a solid three person alliance since beginning of game. It's hard to believe someone could do that..." (**lol BRIGADE**)

And the talk in the BY is about alliances etc. Talking about the Chilltown Alliance etc. Discussion of Boogie and Will. They are (Brit) talking about the Boogie and Erica fake showmance". And Brit Rach did a funny re-make of what the Chilltown DR session with the phones... not a bad reenactment. They say they love them...but would have hated them if they were in the house with them. Same with Evil Dick. Brit and Rach are enlightening Hay about past seasons.

And DR talk leads to bubbles.... lol...

Now I am DEFINITELY out...my typing is annoying my husband. HOpe someone can take over!

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