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7/28 - Live Feed Updates


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2:30 BB time

Kathy and Kristen talking in bedroom about Andrew and his campaigning, and his fake tears, and how Rachel, Brendon and Andrew are all working together. How it hurts Kathy's stomach.

Feed 2 shows Andrew in kitchen looking for food, just before that he was looking at wall with the hanging chain mail.

Kathy, telling Kristen that Rachel and Brendon, are blaming Kristen and Hayden for causing all the trouble in the house right now. Kathy, then tells Kristen that she told Andrew she wouldn't be any part of the yelling and screaming, and that he is trying to get 2 more votes to force Mutt into making a tie vote, and that would force Mutt into showing his hand

Kathy, again reiterating that she cannot be used or pushed around, and that she votes with her conscience, and that is why B&R have turned against her, they no longer feel they can control her (blah, blah, blah)


Up in HOH, talk turns to farts, oh lovely, these guys are sooo boring. Lane tries to remember what movie he saw that has a great fart scene, turns out to be "I Love You Man". Kitchen scene, everything quiet as Andrew eats slop, oh Rachel and Brendon enter and talk begins about hair and how beautiful Rachel is without makeup, Rachel doesn't go for it.

Lane is called to diary room, back to br with Kristen and Kathy still complaining about B&R, and how they take up 60% of bb air time, and how Andrew, yelled at both Kathy and Kristen and how he said that they are both playing them like a fiddle, and how Kristen flipped out on him. Hayden says he missed it,Kathy says that Andrew is now saying that Kristen is running the house.

Brendon, apparently said that he wouldn't vote for Andrew after the fight, but Kathy doesn't believe it. Kristen says she wanted to call him out on it, but she didn't.

Rehashing fight from this morning for Hayden

Feed 2 Brendon and Andrew whispering, about whether or not Mutt really wanted Brendon out with a backdoor plan. Brendon, still believes Mutt didn't want him out. I missed it, but apparently, Andrew was told by someone, that he should out Kristen and Hayden for trying to get him out. Andrew has now figured out, he his going home on Thursday. Andrew wanting Brendon to go to Ragan to find out what Ragan knows about plan to eliminate Andrew. Andrew, keeps saying "they think I am going after you" Andrew calls Brendon an idiot.... (could be he is smarter than we thought)

Andrew, is stupefied that Brendon, can't see that Kristen and Hayden are working together to get rid of him, looks like Brendon, has talked Andrew into calling a house meeting - like the last one worked so well!

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Hayden Kristin and Kathy in a bedrooms

Hayben comes in, they fill him in on the earlier fight since he slept through it.

They jokingly determine Kristin is running the house (ongoing joke). They get excited about the toiletries BB supplied.

Hayden wondering what to wear tomorrow, Kathy offers to iron it.

They decide they are going to the pool or get attacked all day.

2:57 Switched feeds

Brendon talking to Andrew [it's very hard to hear]

Brendon wants Andrew to try a few other things before calling everyone out. Brendon wants him to call a house metting and apologize to Rachel and Brendon.

Brendon wants him to appologize for attacking them and suck up saying it's "their time in the sun."

Brendon is telling him they can flip the house and get Kathy out.

Andrew leaves.

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2:29PM BBT:

Kathy and Enzo talking about Andrew,Brendon and Rach in cabana room. She makes a point of telling him she hasn't talked bad about anyone so if Andrew says otherwise he is lying.Discussion moves on to jury and how both want voters to decide on their own and not be swayed.

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Around 2:30ish Enzo told hayden that he found it intresting how Kathy is saying she hasn't thrown anyone under the bus, when she's done so while talking to him. Talk turns breifly to how to vote and it goes back to Enzo feeling Andrew is a loose canon and a good competitor so he has to go. Hayden agrees with Enzo ( yet facially on the fence).

3:10 PM BBT:

Hayden talking with Andrew in the kitchen. Hayden knows that it's been tough, but that today didn't help his cause( He seems sympathetic towards Andrew and may be trying to get Kristen to understand his side of things). Andrew wants to appologize publicly to the house in an effort to make amends.

When Hayden went into his room he found Kathy sleeping. Andrew alone in kitchen eating.

3:22PM BBT:

Matt and Lane chatting about the next few weeks and how the brigade will get to jury house. In his blog he talked about the brigade and that if their alliance doesn't get to f2 he's going to look stupid. Hayden quietly listening. Now it moves on to how Andrew was safe and Lane says that Brendon probably got in his ear and changed his mind about going after him. Hayden tells them Andrew wants to have a house meeting. Matt hopes he does. Andrew joins the hot tub group briefly before they leave.

In the kitchen Matt tells Lane that Andrew is probably going to call him out. Both believe Brendon and Rachel have told Andrew that he's toast. Enzo comes in complaining about bathroom issues.

3:44PM BBT:

Just noticed Kristen and Andrew sunning on opposite sides of the pool. Britney,Lane and kathy outside on couches. Lane surprised kathy let Andrew yell at her ..."ain't you a sherriff!" They think the show is going to edit Kathy feeding Andrew baby food and then him yelling at her. Asks if she (Kathy) has thick skin and Britney says yes. Britney says she herself cries easily. Back to the household topic of Andrew: Lane doesn't like anyone to feel alone, that Andrew could come over and hang out and he would if he wasn't on the block, but that Andrew wants others to go to him instead.

Now Andrew on lounge chair, with shades on, looking in the direction of the group talking. Inside lockdown just announced.

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3:38 PM BBT - Enzo can't poop. Asks Matt what he can take and Matt says a laxative. Enzo wants to go in the DR and ask for one cause "it's like rocket trying to come out of my ass. I can't even walk" Wants to know what causes it and Matt tells him it's probably a combination of all the stuff he's been eating. Lane says it's the baby food. Enzo says "it's like half a fist trying to come out of my ass."

(I can't believe I pay for this stuff AND that I write about it, but if I have to hear it :) so do you)

Feeds change to Britney, Lane and Kathy on the couch outside. Britney thanks Lane for leaving her outside with Andrew. She thought he was going to come over and talk to her so she pretended she was asleep and thank god Kathy came out and saved her.

Lane says his glasses are poloroid. Britney says "polorized?" and he says "No, poloroid."

Lane questions Kathy why she didn't arrest Andrew for disorderly conduct when he went on his rampage.

And Enzo comes outside and tells everyone he is scared to shit. He went in the DR and asked for a laxative. He hasn't crapped in 2 days. Talks about the whole fist thing again.

Britney tells Enzo that he has to stick a suppository up his butt hole. Enzo says he's getting his colon cleaned when he gets home. So the conversation turns to enemas. Britney tells him to get in the hot tub and stick his butt up to one of the jets and then get our really quick.

Now he wants to jog a bit to break it up a bit. Lane tells him to drink shampoo. Kathy tells him to drink coffee, but Britney says have nots can't drink coffee.

3:54 PM BBT - Indoor lockdown called and Enzo starts jogging through the house.

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4:01 PM BBT - Ragan and Britney talking about the lockdown. Ragan tells Britney it's going to be a swimming competition for HOH. Britney says it's going a chemistry quiz. Build This Enzyme.

And in comes Enzo talking about crap again. Literally. Now it's a stromboli trying to come out of his ass.

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Andrew talking with Matt in hoh about how it's just been hard on him this week and that's why he wants to appologize to everyone. Matt thinks that is a good idea. Andrew says no matter what happens it's cool and no hard feelings. Matt asks if he's talked with Kristen. He says that he did appologize and explained how he was feeling and that whatever he said to her wasn't meant to be personal. Matt tells him that he's welcomed to hang with him.

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5:15 PM BBT Lane & Kristen sleeping

Kathy, Brit, Rachel, Matt, Andrew Brenden in the back yard talking about the BB messages. Keep getting the "You're not allowed to talk about production" message. Then talk turns to the HOH comp with the surf boards.


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5:17 PM BBT The back yard crew is talking about how they are getting used to not thinking in the house. And how its hard to believe that is actually the middle of the week. They all feel like it's Saturday.

Ragan saying how he's going to be talking to people and will randomly say, "I wonder what the next competition is going to be."

Brit is going to buy her own ringtone when she gets out just to see what it says.


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5:22 PM BBT Lane has moved outside to the hammock. Matt is trying to lasso the weight bench. Lane is now giving Matt lessons on how to throw the rope.

Lane learned what retorical means by watching "Mr.Woodcock" (lol)

Matt has an unorthodox way of throwing the rope that is going to sweep the south. Lane doesn't think so.

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5:47 PM BBT Andrew calls a house meeting

He's getting emotional. We all gave up something to be here. Even though I haven't slept well or ate well.

Kristen it did sound like I attacked you, I apologize. You were like my only friend and you weren't talking to me. I get that you're friends with Kathy. I get that and I apologize.

I know that Rachel & Brenden are a strong couple. Rachel if I offended you, I apologize.

I think that there is estrogen in the protein shakes because I'm usually not this emotional.

I may seem secluded, but that is may personality.

Thank you all for everything. Kathy I won't throw you under the bus. I don't think I've ever spoken bad about you.

Vote how you want. No hard feelings. Thank you all for coming together.

Andrew gets up and goes to pray in have not room.

5:52 PM BBT Rest of the house still in the living room. Talking about Enzo's bathroom break. No discussion about the meeting.

Everyone is now dispersing through out the house.

Looks like everyone is heading for the kitchen to prepare dinner.

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6:14 PM BBT Dinner is done. Sloppy Joes and Mac-n-Cheese.

Kristen & Ragan are talking in the cabana room. Kristen says that she is not mad about the things that Andrew said to her, she's just mad about the way he went about saying it to her. She is also nervous about tomorrow. She wants whoever wins HOH to make logical decisions.

Kristen thinks Ragan is safe no matter who wins tomorrow.

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6:20 PM BBT Brenden in have not room trying to give Andrew the veto necklace. Brenden wants Andrew to have it no matter what happens. Andrew doesn't want it because he can't take it home. Brenden gives it to Andrew and leaves the room. Andrew puts it in his suitcase.

(i think there was a conversation before this but i missed it)

Matt comes in and says good work today. He appreciated it and he thinks everyone else did to.

Andrew laying down and crying. Talking to him self, wondering what he is doing here.

Now saying that he is starving.

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6:22 PM BBT

Andrew crying in have not room. Brendon was in telling him how much he appreciated him and will now leave him alone.

Andrew to himself "I can't handle this. Why do I care? Man oh man oh man." Sniffle. "I'm starving. Starving." 4 minutes of sighing. "Starving. I need a good meal."

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6:31 PM BBT

On other feed Kristen and Kathy whispering in the cabana room. Something about Rachel and Andrew having their two votes. They are taking about Britney, "I guess because she's turning 23 soon. She told me September." Hayden comes in. He says whatever they are eating tastes just like sloppy joe. Kristen gets a "Do not obstruct your microphone" she says, "I'm not obstructing it, I'm not." But whispering below level is annoying.

Lane comes in, asks where Enzo is. They say probably taking a sh&t. He leaves.

Hayden asks what they were talking about. They say Britney - she asks 20 times a day if she looks ? When Andrew was apologizing to Rachel, she was smiling. It was weird. Hayden asks if they think the tears were real. Kristen thinks he was upset. Se feels bad, still, really bad, but. She thinks he's struggling ... POV. Kathy says something about emotions taking over. Hayden says one more week and stuff changes, jury house and emotions get turned up.

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6:38 PM BBT

Hayden asking if they are going to have some Sloppy Joe and some macaroni. Kristen wants salad. Hayden didn't make salad which doesn't surprise Kristen. Kathy says you are so fricking cute. You just are. Kathy tells Miss Priss not to hide behind her hat. Hayden has had enough of this, he's heading outside. They need their lovey dovey time.

Kristin says Matt is solid, at least this week. After the veto ceremony a few people went upstairs to Matt. Either Lane and Britney or Lane and Enzo they told Matt that it was all a show, it was all fake. They all saw it through. Someone (she) thinks it was all it plan so it's working.

They cannot stand listening to her. Kathy is just sick of it. Kristen says it sucks because she thinks he's a cool guy and she's totally turned him into this. She has a boyfriend. She's probably a frigging stripper. You watch when this is all done. Did you see the strip tease dance? (Rachel?)


6:44 PM BBT

Kathy has learned at work to keep it all in. But once it's out she'll let all out. Kristen angry that they locked themselves in there all day. They know they are going home. They've already said...

Kristen says, "It's not worth hurting yourself you are doing the best you can."

They are saying that Andrews apology was funny. Kathy saying how they must have told him to do what he did so people wouldn't know they were all together and they threw him under the bus. Kristen says it was better off if he didn't. Kathy doesn't like ... seriously... [hard to hear them whispering]

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6:49 PM BBT

Hayden and Lane playing goofy golf outside. Kathy and Kristen getting up. In the Kitchen Britney telling stories about someone being on the cover of Arkansas magazine as a hot single. Brendon doesn't want to hear stories about her dates and guys she met just the night before.

Rachel telling a story about a date she went with some guy she met in Chicago the night before and like.. WBRB.

Whatever her story was was an extravagant first date. Rachel now went on another first date to the middle of the Mojhabi desert. Matt says "What the f is up with your life?" They had a stargazing guide, went on a two and a half mile hike had two bottle of wine, some strawberries and cheese. She thinks that's a normal date. Britney and Matt says Hamburgers and a Movie are usual for them. Brendon suggests they go to the arctic and club baby seals for their first date. Britney says "I don't think most people get to do those things Rachel." One time Rachel flew to Sand Diego and went to the restaurant on the top of something. Britney asks have you ever gone to a restaurant where you ate normal food, $30 or less then you go to a movie and then you go home? Rachel says that's high school. Britney asks Have you ever gone to Chucky Cheese on a date? Bowling? That's a totally legitimate date.

Rachel never asks for these things, guys ask her to go to Aspen or Hawaii for dates, it was a week long date but whatever. She went to waikiki then to Maui then back. They went to the tip of the island this cliff where you can see the mountains and the

Britney breaks it that one time for her birthday her ex took her to Branson. Matt is cracking up. Britney says Rachel's dating is not in the normal realm of the rest of them. Does she ever goes on dates where she stays in Vegas? Rachel says no that's normal everyday stuff. Kathy asks if the guys pay for all this? Yes Rachel says. Britney says she's always paid for her flights she's never flown anywhere with a BF. Rachel has gone to Tahiti. Britney says that's a honeymoon. She says it was just for a week to hang out.

Kathy asks if these are people she knows well? Matt asks if they make it clear that after they spend the week together they'll never see her again? No, they really like her usually. Does she go out with the same guy more than once? Sometimes but more than once they do want to sleep with her. Matt says so it's like a timeshare where they rope you in with a free gift. You go long enough to get the free gift but back out before you have to buy the timeshare? Rachel knows this isn't normal but whatever. Kristen says that if she doesn't know the guy she's not doing that stuff with them. Rachel says it's not like she sleeps or makes out with them. Matt says are you in the minority of your friends who don't sleep with the guys then> Kristen says this are guys with money who want a girl around. Kathy drilling her now - so you are like accepting these guys money but not sleeping with them. She says she goes with her friends. Dating in Vegas is different. Rachel knows these are not serious guys, they aren't going to be BFs. Britney has gone to Applebees and paid half. Matt asks if Brendon took her for Chili and then back to his house to watch a movie after is she going to be okay with that? "Uh yeah anything with Brendon is fine." Britney went to Olive Garden and Chucky cheese before coming in the house and it was the best date. Rachel doesn't know any girls who wouldn't go with their gfs if some guy offered to pay and take them to Hawaii for the week.

Britney had a friend that dated a guy from the Detroit Lions and he used to fly her out to date. He would call her on Wednesday and say he got a ticket for her to fly out on Friday. Kristen learned that all football players are like that. She dated a few and learned her lesson. Rachel says they are all the same they have 10 GFs and you don't take it seriously. Kristen says it's hard if you start liking them. Rachel has guys that buy her expensive gifts and everything. Matt asks doesn't she feel guilty. No, not if it's someone she is genuinely interested in. Kathy would be running criminal histories on them. Rachel's most extravagant gift was a car. Kristen got a diamond necklace. Rachel usually gets jewelery and expensive purses. Same with Kristen. But Kristen can't accept things unless she is in a serious relationship. Rachel now sharing about all the gifts her one GF got, fancy scarves, a diamond necklace.

There are also athletes who are totally douchers who will meet a girl, fly them out to where they live and bang them then never talk to them again.

Kristen says that these girls throw themselves at these guys and they are totally asking for it. (She is speaking from experience) Black card Takers is Rachel's term for girls that date guys with money. Rachel never using people, ever. If someone asks why say no. Why not? She doesn't say if you don't take me to Hawaii we aren't hanging out. And if they say hey do you want to bring your friends, I'd be like hey why not. Of course, some of her friends have serious scary stories so you don't have to be careful. Rachel dated Paul for two years on and off. He's a chemist and is watching her dog.

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Keep getting FOTH because Rachael is talking about her extravagant dates to Hawaii and Aspen and others have trouble grasping that someone would pay for her to go with them to these places. Rach keeps saying names so the feeds get cut.

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7:15 PM BBT

Outside to the guys.

They are talking about who has the pool champion title.

Brendon and Enzo have played twice. Hayden is playing with his rope again. [Or Lasso. Or whatever you want to call it.] Matt comes outside. He can't take it anymore. Ragan is working out. Brendon now trying out the rope. The workout bench is his target.

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7:26 PM BBT

Britney and Andrew hugging. He thanks her and tells her he appreciates her talk. She says he can talk anytime. She felt like that when she was on the block so she knows how it goes. She likes her hair curly. Asks if it's cold outside. Outside they guys had just been grilling Ragan about whther or not it was unusually cold for that time of year.

Kristen and Kathy whispering in the KT.

Kathy now asks Andrew if he's okay. Asks if she can give him a hug. He says he's okay, it just stops and makes you think. She knows, she's right there with him.

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7:41 PM BBT

Rachel telling Hayden how hard she worked to be here. Asking who he is leaning to. He says he was leaning towards Andrew. But now he's going to vote for him. He's been picking people's brains and trying to feel it out. Rachel would rather have Britney and Andrew put her on the block than Kathy getting through because she's never done anything you know? Hayden says that it's like Jordan. She didn't deserve to be there but she made it. They both agree Kathy is a great person.

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7:49 PM BBT

Rachel's campaigning is going on strong. Her and Brendon have to work so hard every week. They have to fight all the time. They are fighting really hard at the beginning but over time they will get easier since there won't be obvious targets. Hayden thinks the house will split. He tells her all she can do right now is keep her head up and try to have fun. Rachel thinks all the competitions are fun and they've gotten to play in all of them. He says "Yeah and you guys are jerks." Hayden says thanks to Alison, Rich, Robin, he is so grateful to CBS for being here he can't thank them enough. Now he says, lets go play in a pool tournament. They 'bump'. She asks if his monkey has his baseball number on it (Tattoo) No. What was his number? Number 34.

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7:57 BBT Enzo and Hay talking about food. When they will get off restriction on the lounge chair. Enzo lets another rip. Hay: Man that's the worst fart i've smelled all day. Enzo: Dude you smelled that? That's what Slop will do to ya.

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8:00 PM BBT

Enzo is losing weight and stuff. he just farted. We know this because Hayden says, "That is the worst fart I've smelled all day." Enzo says that is what slop does, slop is sloppy. He's done with slop he wants to move on to burgers. They agree to work out tonight.

Today's hygiene update from Enzo is: "I need a shower, I haven't showered in two days."

They are making plans to create a Big Brother League for online sports betting. On CBS no less. Hayden couldn't join in before because he played baseball. Now he can. They are really hoping for some sports updates.

[if there are any others around tonight I'll sign out. Tomorrow is our own LFU endurance challenge! Need our rest.]

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