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8/26 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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9:11PM BBT: We over hear Russell in DR with his mic still on. Hard to hear because the other house guests are in backyard talking. One thing we hear is the producer saying "go for it." Then we hear Russell say, "I was, you find out that you've been back stabbed and..." they cut the feed! - BigFLGuy
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9:26 PM BBT

Jordan working out in BY - she's doing various pilates exercises.

Kevin asking Russ why he keeps his head bald - Russel says he's been doing it since junior high school - it's gross it's sweaty, he just doesn't like it. He says you can't have a bald head with no glasses - they soften up the look.

Natalie called to the diary room.

Jeff and Kevin in the kitchen sharing a bottle of red wine.

Jordan and Michelle about to start their walking. Jeff tells Michelle she looks skinny like in a magazine.

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10:00 PM BBT

Russell sitting on patio. Jeff playing pool alone. Nat in Hot Tub.

Jordan, Michelle and Kevin running laps around the pool.

Jordan asking Natalie if when she leaves there she'll say the words people in the house say. Michelle and Jordan laughing about thinking some fruit was a peach but then saying it was a nectarine. They are trying to recall 'trivia' in the house. We get FOTH as they were talking about production.

The group (sans Russell) says BB should give them a puppy for the house and then they get to figure out who owns it at the end. Jeff says, "Ya, till the minute it sh&ts on the floor, the no one wants it. Maybe they should wait for another year."

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10:10 PM BBT

Natalie lays down on the work out bench and starts bench pressing the bar - she yells out 10 lifts. Russell smiling a bit from his place on the couch. Natalie remarked that he and Chima are the only two that never got in the pool.

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10:21 BBT

Michele and Jordan singing their praises that they got this far when everyone in the "evil" alliance wanted them out.....Michele reassuring Jordan she will not put her and Jeff up....

Michele talking about getting Kevin out first..and Michele tries to make sure she's "on the same page" with J&J..as Jordan agrees with everything she's throwing at her...

They continue walking and running {Michele looking fit} as Jeff plays cards from the couch..

Russ also on the couch neither make eye contack or speak....tension rating.....high

10:26 BBT Jeff plays a game of Solitaire..Russell glances over every so often by shifting his eyes and not moving his head...still no words as of yet..

10:28 BBT Natalie is taking a shower {which is a rairity on the feeds}....

Back outside Michele/Jordan work out and Russel and Jeff on the couch....

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10:33 BBT

Not a lot has changed...Jeff ditched the cards and is playing pool by himself..

Michele says while she was HOH she never took a bath because when she tried all that came out "was cold water" so she didn't take one...Jordan "oh really"

Russ still on the couch just staring away...

Jordan is now sitting near the pool table watching Jeff .....Jordan agrees to play...as Jeff says they will play "9 ball"...."or regular" as Jordan "I don't care"

Jeff makes the executive decision "we'll play regular"...

10:38 BBT 2 feeds on J&J playing poool and 2 feeds on Michele stretching....Jeff directs Jordan on how to play....as Jeff tells her to use the granny stick Jordan asks if they get to really use it in "poker" before Jeff corrects her they are playing pool.

10:41 BBT Jeff getting way impatient with her and Jordan goofing around more ...Jordan says she feels bad "for Kevin" getting attacked bt Russells campaigning to stay..

10:43 BBT Jordan wins as jeff scratches on the 8 ball...."Congratulations.....ahhh you dork....good game"

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10:48 BBT

Jeff and Jordan still playing pool Russell still on the couch eating a frozen protein shake Micke in the pool room, finished with her workout..

Michele heads to the BR and runs into a freshly cleaned Nataliel..."Finally" she says to get into her shower..."how long has it been" and Michele hedges as natalie confesses she took only "2 showers in 1 week"....

10:51 BBTMichele going on about showering as Michele offers Nat some products if she wants ...she got in her "HOH basket"

Jordan comes in as her and Nat discuss the "saggy shorts" that no longer fit Jordan...

10:54 BBT Michele washing up as Nat worrks on her hair....

Jeff sitting in the kitchen..

10:54 BBT Russ found a companion outside.....a deck of cards

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10:59 BBT

Michele finally in the shower natalie {disgustingly} brushing her teeth..

J&J sitting in the kitchen and Natalie coming through giving the update on Michele's shower.."the difference was she worked out..I stayed in bed"...to I guess in her mind its less disgusting..

Jeff drinking wine as Jordan talking food and says she wants a "cold margarita" when she gets out..and says she only drinks "the jumbo" one...as they talk about Mexican cuisine/restaurants

Russell whispering to Nat in RR talking about Russ's campaigning as Nat says to tell him he can't confirm unless Michele does....

11:04 BBT Kevin and Russell outside on the couch...as Russ says he was "trying to " keep all the flack off him if at all possible..

Russell brings up how Kevin told him he wants to be "remembered".....Kevin says he can't make "the first move" saying it has to be "Michele" as Russ goes on that he and Michele talk "at 4:00 in the morning" ...Kevin "really?".....Russ telling him the move will "open the game wide open" and says Michele has to wait "for no one awake" to do it...

11:08 BBT Russ talks about odd "you make this move its a 25% chance" he will be two that make money..Natalie pokes her head out as Russ asks if they are "going to play Chess" Nat says yes to give her a minute..

11:09 Kevin and Russ talking how and what they can see through the BB house windows..

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Kevin talking about his BF that looks like "Enrique Igelsias" Russ "you stud muffin"...Kevin "he's pretty cute"

Russ doing his faux binding as Russ says people usually "don't like him" on appearances as Russ calls himself "cultured" because he lives up in San Fran and offers Kevin and his BF a tour of the city...Kevin.."if you still like me"...as he thinks the plan will go through..as Kevin says "technically I'm not on board" and says Michele can't know he's on board...Russ says he didn't tell her and as Kevin says "she will immediately tell Jeff and Jordan" ...Russ reassures him he hasn't or won't.

11:15 BBT Kevin gets up.."leaving?...my company's not that exciting" Russ says .."i thought we weren't suppose to look wierd" as he leaves indoors..

11:17 Natalie talking about the pimple POV and the stuff that got stuck in the clothes....Michele Kevin Nat and Jeff in kitchen as Jeff saying he needs another suitcase from all the junk he's accumulated...

Jeff says he lives closer to O'Hare than Midway...as Nat tries to push "Southwest" airlines for free extra baggage as they talk airports...

11:20 BBT Michele talking about her experiences at DFW airport being strip searched for "pool balls".."candles" as they told her the items in her lugguage "make no sense" and was followed throughout the airport....Jeff "sucks it happened to you" but he's "glad you do that".....

11:22 BBT Jeff talking about his airline nightmare experience...in Poland/Madrid..as all his shit was thrown out....and all they said "have a night flight"..as Natalie needs the story reexplained to her..

11:24 BBT airport/airline experience talk..

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11:33 BBT

Michele goes on about more travel nightmares..this time "In Greece" getting a gun puled on her at the airport and being yelled at by authorities..

Michele lives in pasedena as Kevin complains about his 2 1/2 hr drive back home...Nat says he'll get a "train ticket" home...Jeff incorrectly thinks SD is 1:30 to get there..

Kevin going on how nice the train was the last time he took the train..

11:36 BBT Russ outside playing pool by himself....as Natalie going on how her BF thinks she's too small 'to bear" his children..

11:38 BBT Jeff outside smoking as Russ plays pool.....tension level.....medium..

Kevin talking how he doesn't speak spanish and on the spanish speaker look down on him as being stuck up.

11:41 BBT Michele teacher talk....

jeff heads back in as Michele goes on about deaf/mute student....

11:43 BBT Jordan done taking shower in HOH as it id BULLSHIT time....as they assemble on the table....Natalie offers Russ to play.."are you kidding me" he says..and agrees to play chess later with him...

11:45 Card game getting ready as Russ parks it on the hammock

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11:51 BBT

Bullshit card game inside

11:53 Russ in hammock {probably thinking where it all went wrong...}

12:01 BBT The same...

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12:07 BBT

Bullshit continuesas Russ comes in prepares a protein shake and no one even acknowledges him ....

Jordan won in Bullshit

12:11 BBT Russ walking around the house consuming several pickles.. looking for his hoodie in the BR and finds it in the red room

12:13 finally heads back outside without any acknowledgement from anyone and parks it on the couch..and plays cards by himself...

12:14 Boring as usual as BS continues..

12:24 BBT pretty much the same...a lot of laughing and joking around..inside..

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12:30 BBT

Bullshit candy break. snacks, and chips...Natalie wondering if she can eat the fresh Jalapenos as opposed to pickled for her popcorn..

Natalie trying to prove her worthlessness as Kevin says they should asks for Valvetta cheese and Pickled Jalapenos if they win HOh..Natalie says "i can't even win HOH" {which is probably more true than she believes}

12:33 Russ playing solitaire all alone

Michele the only one not pigging out as she's a have not..

12:34 snack time continues..

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12:39 BBT Jeff trying to teach them 31......

12:41 Russ still chillin outside {his choice}

12:43 Jeff continues to explain 31 in a practice game as they shovel the food in....{those must be some greasy cards}

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Jordan not having as much fun as with BS as the game is harder to grasp...

Russ back on the hammock swinging { I see no point in his sel imposed seperation}

Kevin wants to go back to Bullshit but Natalie says "i like this game"

12:57 BBT 31 continues..

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1:06 BBT

31 goes on ........

Russ still feeling sorry for himself out back..

{i'm done for tonight....be back tomorrow}

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1:30 BBT

Nat won 31. Rubbing it in everyone's face. Kev said "we're never playing that again"

Feed 3/4 goes to Jeff and Nat going outside. Nat and Russ starting a game of pool. Jeff smoking.

Feed 1 on Mich and Jor in Splish Splash Room. Talking about how J didn't understand some of 31 (i beleive she went to lay down in SS room while Jeff/Mich/Nat/Kev played. Jor said she will sleep downstairs tonight because she and Jeff have been bickering alot so she is going to give him his space. She ask something about the game in the Dining room and Mich tell her it;s done. Jor now tells Mich she is going to bed.

1:38 BBT

Mich goes to Red room to talk to Kev. Mich hope this is the last week of the have-not room. Kev mentions that her being a constant have not been has made her look really good. She said thank you and talks about how J/J made fun of her a little for not being able to take a complement. Then talk turns to how they can't believe they are final 5 etc.. (nothing really entertaining)

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1:45 BBT

R/Nat: talking about how Jessie Nat and Russ were suppose to be the F3. Nat mentions she hasn't forgotten what Jeff did. Russ said Jeff acts tougher than he is. Also mentions that his good-bye speech will be one of the most memorable. Mentions he will have fun with Jessie. Talking about Jordan and how her accent changed when being direct toward ppl earlier in the day, think that Jordan is making her accent thicker because ppl think southern accents make you sound dumber.

Russel won this round, and they are playing another one.

1:53 BBT

Feed 1/2 on Mich and Kev talking about personal things such as Kev bf and the fact that he's from Mexico.

1:55 BBT

R/N talking about votes, R said Jeff wont get his vote, N says he wont have Ly and Jessie votes. Russ said Jeff might be okay on votes because ppl forget.

Nat : but Jessie won't he never forgot about Dan.

a little more Jeff bashing, Nat said she is all alone and she knows that, she has some security as far as Kev not putting her up.

Talk about Kev's game play, Nat doesn't think he is being wise, especially because Kev thinks he now owes Jeff for taking him off the block

R: But that's stupid, He put Kev on the block

Nat thinks that M/Jeff have final two deal.

N:But she would be stupid to believe it because he would never pick her over Jordan.

According to Nat, Mich told Chima when they were cool that her and Jeff had F2 deal, that is were Nat got the info from.

2:13 BBT

N/R stop playing pool, nat remembers she has clothes in the washer. She puts them in dryer and both headed inside

Nat goes to the Red room and joins the K/M combo. talk about hoe everyone is moving into the Red room next week

2:20 BBT

Russ finished getting ready for bed and then joins the Red Room group. Taling about season 5 comp where they burn their clothes and everytime they burn an article of clothing they get extra seconds on the clock for a shopping spree.

Russ: So what would you burn of Kevins?

Nat: Everything, except some of jeans

Kev: Your just mad cuz i said you need a makeover to Julie.

they continue to talk about Kev's fashion choices.

(alright, my feeds are kind of choppy and they aren't that interesting so i'll call it a night)

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