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  1. Well it's the first night and though I've been excited for weeks leading up to June 26, 2013, what an overall horrible night. Feeds aren't working, TVGN is NOT in HD, and they are censoring the LANGUAGE! It's called Big Brother After Dark for a REASON!!!! CBS, REALLY, you need to jump on this and fix it quick. I can't watch the live feeds I PAID FOR as they don't even work! Though I've never missed an episode of Big Brother After Dark, I can't even watch this because the censoring makes it too hard to follow along with what is being said. PUT IT BACK ON SHO IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!!!!! Really CBS you should consider your long term supporters and BB Followers before making decisions that make BBAD non-HD and impossilbe to enjoy watching by cutting out sound whenever the houseguests say a curse word. To sum up my first night with BB15 SUCKS! Now bleep that!
  2. Is very excited about the new season.

  3. 10:50 BBT: Natalie walks by Michele lying in the green room and asks here what she
  4. 10:27PM BBT: During the Showtime Afterdark show Big Brother mistakenly gives us a glimpse of what will most likely prove to be part of the veto competition set. Jeff, Jordan, Natalie and Kevin are laying in the pool room hanging out and discussing possible competition scenarios. One guess is the comp will have something to do with space since they
  5. 9:11PM BBT: We over hear Russell in DR with his mic still on. Hard to hear because the other house guests are in backyard talking. One thing we hear is the producer saying "go for it." Then we hear Russell say, "I was, you find out that you've been back stabbed and..." they cut the feed! - BigFLGuy
  6. ALRIGHTY THEN!!! Jordan lost me tonight when she said "I don't see how some people get that big! Like to 400 pounds, now that's crazy." Take it from a 400 pound man Jordan, it's NOT that hard to get this big! Why are you judging people Jordan? I hope people don't assume your dumb because you have a country accent and fake boobs.
  7. 2-3AM EST 11-12PM BBT 11:03PM BBT: Big Brother calls for Chima to change her microphone. She
  8. 1-2AM EST 10-11PM BBT 10:03PM BBT: Russell is telling Jordan the story about when his Father left Lebanon. He says that his Father left with no money or anything. Then he went back and got his siblings. When he got to America he went to school and became a journalist. Russell continues that his family in Lebanon are involved in the Secret Service and that his Uncle ran for President just two-years ago. 10:07PM BBT: Russell bitching how it
  9. 9:04PM BBT: Jeff alone in kitchen eating left over Chinese food. Not another houseguest in sight. Most everyone is napping during and indoor lockdown. 9:05PM BBT: Natalie and new best friend Lydia, in red room. They have the chess-board from upstairs. They are using colored candy and the squares to build a Big Brother calendar. Actually a little impressive coming from Natalie (BigFLGuy). 9:39PM BBT: LD Over and in the backyard we find a
  10. 9:53am BBT Braden is doing laps in the pool with his pink kids mask, fins and snorkle WHICH he walked all the way from the bedroom to the pool in. Ronnie is on elliptical trainer saying he's already lost 5 pounds while on slop. Casey is doing a pretty good beat box for Ronnie's workout. Jessie, Laura and Natalie are asked by Big Brother to please change their batteries. Lydia and Jordan are applying makeup in bed while chatting. Everyone else mulling about the house.
  11. Braden is putting on OBVIOUSLY kids size pink mask, fins and snorkle.
  12. Wake up call for house guests at 9:26am BBT. We heard a little moaning from some girl saying no then we immediately got FotH.
  13. Lydia continues her yoga and Casey on the Elliptical machine.

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