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7/15 - Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

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Thank you!

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10:00 BBT

The storage room has been re-stocked.

Ronnie, Laura and Chima bring out more beer for everyone.

Pretty much everyone now in the backyard, .

Braden and Jeff play pool while everyone else sits on the couches.

Casey comes up with a game he calls "Have / Have Not".

Basically, they take turns going around and asking questions that start with either "Who has" or "Who has not".


Who has seen someone in this house naked?

Who has a crush on someone in this house?

Kevin: who took the explosive shit that was found in the bathroom? LOL


Who wants to see Ronnie naked?

Ronnie says he can't because of his job as a teacher, but he says he will jump in the pool with his clothes on. They cheer him on, so he does.

Then they tell him to do a belly flop, and he does a really spectacular one. (Fine form there, Ronnie!)

Who here has major skeletons in their closet... that will come out because of this show?

Who do you think is the one person who could get a stalker from this?

(The majority answers "Jordan".)

Jordan: "I don't think so, though, because where I live there's not so many people".

Someone else: "Internet stalkers, then".

Jordan: "I didn't have e-mail. I had to get it for this show."

Russell: Who here is, or has, dated a cougar? (Most of the ladies raise their hands. And Kevin.)

Jeff: When did you kiss a girl, Laura? Just curious.

Jeff: Would you kiss Lydia now?

Russell: Kiss, kiss, kiss!

Who has kissed someone in this house? (Russell raises his hand.)


A three-way kiss is proposed for Lydia, Michele and Jordan. And Laura?

(Wow, they can't count!)

The three four-way kiss takes place!

Some cries of "lame!" are heard, so they do it again.

(Got a screencap. Check the picture forum a little later.)

10:23 BBT

Casey starts them playing "20 questions".

After a dozen questions narrow it down to a famous male over 30 outside this house, Russell guesses "Barrack Obama", and is correct.

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10:30 BBT

After they can't guess Jessie's "velociraptor", they decide to play "Heads up 7up", so they go inside.

Lydia and Michele each give Jordan's boobs a squeeze (at her request, I believe).

Casey explains the rules, and the game begins.

10:52 BBT

They are still playing, and really enjoying it.

They are playing 4up, not 7 up, and when they call "Heads up", they are always making a crazy pose.

This last one had the 4 mooning the rest!

(It's really great to see them having such a great time!)

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10:35 BBT

{Just turned my feeds on so I may be lost a little}

It looks like the alcholol is flowing and a lot of hugging and smiles...They are gathering 'round the table and are playing the usual games BB HGs play...Tonight we have Heads UP 7 Up...right now they are going through the explanation stage...

10:37 a lot of "no cheating" "don't cheat"...as the game begins...

Seems the entire house is playing so unless someone actually pulls off a thumb there's not much to report..

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(Glad to see you reporting for duty, StephenV, I'm pretty much out of here. Just going to go post some screencaps first.)

11:00 BBT

Casey leads them back into the yard for "Red Light, Green Light".

He actually has to explain the rules!

And it looks like "Simon Says" has been requested for after.

Looks like even with Casey's rule re-cap, Jeff had some trouble understanding.

But it's ok, they are all laughing and having a great time.

LMAO! At 11:05, with Ronnie running the traffic light, Jeff takes quite a nifty wipe-out!

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11:02 BBt

Jeff "red light" "..Green Light".."red" .."green"

Yes it has turned into kindergarten play hour in the BB house....{I paid $29.99 for this}

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11:06 BBT

"were gonna play Simon say" someone says..."Julie says" now is the BB edition....

11:11 BBT Wow Jesse announceing the Julie says and has to be the worst ever.....

Jordan didn't participate as she must realize how silly this is.

11:13 Braden up and HGs shout "last one"..som seems games may be ending soon.

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11:14 BBT

Julie says is over...Russell says "best belly flop wins" as people walk in....no one takes him up...

sitting at the patio the Athletes(sans Jeff) plus braden and Michele.

In the kitchen people are making musical intruments..percussion ones...with pots pans bowls ..tongs..colanders, and food and they head out to perform..

Jordan "I have a gas bubble I need to fart" she annouces to Jeff and Laura in the BR...

11:17 BBT the BB percussion players set up to play..

In the Pool room Jordan and Casey joking around....they move to BR where she announces her need to flatulate to Casey..he says "don't bother me"..Jeff tries to help her through it by telling her to go sit on the pot but Jordan doesn't "want to"

11:20 they head outside and jordan still complaining about "my stomach" as Jeff joins the ensemble..the beats begin...and its becoming apparent HG have no rhythm

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11:23 BBT

The basic beats go on...and a lot of laughing. Jordan countin "1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8" while everyone else seems to be just making noise rather than music.

Chima gets up and she's doing an african dance while Braden chants ..Michele starts shaing it and letting her booty shake in her bikini....Chima joins back in..

Michele who seems to be a closet bad girl is really letting the hips go..

11;27.. The rhythms stop as casey explains what he wants to do..."ah ah ah ah 5 6 7 8`" is Caseys new chant...and the whole thing seems to be falling apart"

"I can't dance" Jordan declares when people try to get her to dance...."ah ah ah ah" now the whole house is chanting....

Braden starts rapping in a Jamaican accent.

Casey "give ourselves a hand" and they do.. it ends..Chima "that was team work"..

Russell wants to play "4 4 40" a drinking game with water { now comes the water intoxication}

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11:31 BBT

Russell brings out his jugs..so its dring 1 gallon of water in 4 minutes and hold it down for 40 seconds....Jeff "this is silly if its beer I'll do it"...he says again "it's silly"...Jordan "defintely not" when asked if she was going to do it..

Russell filling the jugs..."I'm so screwed..my stomachs so full" Jesse says...Chima "you're not gonna throw up"

Russell is so giddy about the sight of the impending puke...

He explains when he was a fire fighter they used to do it...

"ronnie you're doing this right" Russell ask Ronnie says "Hell ya" and Russels says "I'm putting my money on you" {me too with that protruding gut}

11:37 BBT Russel says to take off the mics because of the "projectile vomit"

Outdoors the rest of the HG asks "where they at" and someone says they are going to pee first.

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11:40 BBT

All the feeds are FoTH but BBAD has the waiting for the 4 40 game....Jesse "i think we might not be doing this"...Seems BB doesn't want them to take off their mics and they can't get em wait...BB saying "it's messy" and they say "its a new guy" and get BB warning about production..

4 40 is now a no go..

On Patio Kevin talking about Julie Chens Hubby "he owns fucking Viacom" and BBAD cuts feeds breifly...laura "big brother wouldn't be Big Brother without Julie"

Inside Michele Chima and Natalie snacking and just chating about "the boys"..Jeff who was playing pool with Braden comes in with his cue and joins in with the snacking...asks for a bowl of popcorn...Braden comes in as well as Ronnie nothing and I mean substantial to report. Well they are talking Julie Chen doesn't really watch the show...she shows up just for "the paycheck"..Chima declares she wants to "marry rich"...

11:50 BBT Nothing to report just Laura saying "we need to clean tomorrow".....Braden in the pool room with Jordan...Braden looking for something..Jordan say she's going to bed. Braden taking something out of a dropper in his mouth...again these two aren't saying anything..just acting silly

11:53 braden tells Jordan "I like your booty"..."Is that possible" when jordan says we gotta save you..they head back to the group..Chima still bitching about the shit laden toilet and arguing with Michele.."you don't have to yell at everyone"...Chima "its probably her ass that's why she's so defensive about it"..Chima "her standards are so low that she would sit on a " toilet full of shit...Michele goes out "it was her"..Chima "she came in my face..bitch you clean it"...Kevin tells chima "I want Braden to go home"...Chima "she can vote for Braden and shit on the toilet"

11:57 BBT"If they show that on tv everyone is going to be on my side come on" Chima says as BBAD goes off...

12:05 BBT

Kevin trying to get Jordan to Kiss Jeff saying everyone wants to see them kiss. "Really" jordan says...Kevin then goes on how the bed is broken and that her and jeff will need to share...Chima who's dense kepps asking how the bed broke....FOTH

12:07 BBT Still Foth

12:10 BBT feeds return and sleeping arrangements talk.."my bed sucks that's why I'm sleeping upstairs" Chima says..."I think I can sleep in a chair" Chima says....Natalie I want to get "a good nights sleep" since she only has a few more...Chima says she doesn't 'want to sleep in jesse room" if its going to bother him.....she tells Nat "I have to be there to cock block" and repeats "i can sleep in the chair"...Nat calls for Jesse....more how the way they sleep.....

12:14 BBT after brief FOTH house Jesse says it alright..You can hear Jeff and Jordan talking almost oblivious to what's going on and tells him "the want me and you to makeout and they wanna watch" and all attention turns to them..Chima "I want to play Truth and dare"..and Jeff you and the game.."I dare you not to play"" Chima says Braden "is still calling Julie a HO" and we get FOTH... come back and Chima says she doesn't care about them and she shows up for just for the money...

12:19 BBT Natalie{the hypocrite} saying if she gets backdoored like she did to Braden she's going to "burning your clothes" "Chima says "Its funny how the athletes keep threatning people"..."Your whole team is Evel Dick"

12:21 BBT Chim "that's good you and Russell keep threatning us" because if you follow through we won't have "to worry about putting you up" becaue BB will throw them out.

12:22 BBT Braden talking to Michele in the bathroon telling her he's a strong competitor "lydia made up lies about me...I'll have to deal with it...I'd love to stay...I need to stay..ideally" Michele smiles politely long silence as Michele washes her face and braden brushes his teeth complete with disgusting gagging noises..

12:25 BBT Jesse ragging on Memphis saying he coasted to the end "had he actually won something" he may have won....Casey "I can't believe he gave you and your GF the cold shoulder" and FOTH.....

12:30 BBT unexplicable FoTH..{probably while bitter Jesse rants about Memphis}

12:33 Feeds back with a yawning casey saying "you're gonna get that everytime" talking about "hated that 10 -0" Jesse "it was the mob mentality...."america voted me out" {damn right}...Casey smooching his ass..Jesse "they were so boring soo fucking boring"..."That Dan"..."every single weel it was this person this person"......Now Jesse is sayinghis family and fans was at a 4:1 disadvantage........calling evel Dick a "douchebag" for saying "you got voted out by america deal with it"...and Jesse "you had the highest house call ever" Bitter Jesse whining...

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12:39 BBT

Jesse being a complete idiot about being evicted last season and keeps going on about Evel Dick as Michele Casey Russell listen as he explains the old HouseCalls...and their requirement to do it {I can't believe these people don't know this stuff}

12:41 Jesse seems to be done bitching "is it OK with Chima and I up there".."if it wasn't OK" the he would tell her...

12:42 BBT A lot of giggling talking about the fallen politicians and the sex scandals..they are talking about Sen Craig's foot messages....and Kevin talking about "some mexican guy" doing the deed in the stalls....and goes on about "gross" story...about the crowded LAX bathroom

12:45 BBT In the bedroom a lot of chattering that isn't all tha important or interesting...with Chima Jeff Kevin and Ronnie and Michele

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12:43am bbt - in the red room is laura, kevin, michelle, jordan, jeff, ronnie and chima and all talking about Larry Craig in the bathroom stalls and Kevin sits up and starts talking about at LAX he saw a guy jacking off and then in another stall was two guys and people standing around watching and he was like what did I walk into?? so he left real quick and saw the security heading that way... chima says didn't george micheals get caught in a bathroom.... then Jeff asks if anyone has seen the you tube video with all the actors that freeze in the grand central... it was cool and freaky... kevin says they are called improve everywhere and they will go to the mall and just bust out into song and it will freak people out (http://improveverywhere.com)... ronnie starts talking about how this group went into a store and they all took off their shirts.

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12:48 BBT

The athletes are whispering in the kitchen talking about the votes on Thursday "if it does get to five"..Jesse says "i'll be fucked"..a lot of whispering kinda hard to follow..talking about Michele being "quiet under cover"....they are discussing about HOh Jesse "I prefer to get Michele out" all agree 'so we are all on the same page"

Russell asks about "tomorrow's plan" ..Natalie says "tomorrow we'll probably have to clean"....Jesse reminds them he's not in the HOH comp..Casey comes in and the meeting breaks up with laundry talk...

12:52 BBT Casey goes through and Russell returns from outside and they break up their muscle head meeting

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12:55 BBT

In the bedroom they are talking aboutthe food saying eggs and bananas go fast.....Chima complaining about Russell and Jesse eating all the food....We should vote people out according to the amount of food they eat" a upset Natatlie "chima shut your mouth"

12:56 BBT Natalie "tuna is your word" and Jeff wonders "how'd that become my word?"..natalie warning if they have a food com with tuna he better not get it wrong...

12:59" Natalie tells Jeff and Jordon 'the two of you would be a cute couple..for reals"

1:00 BBT Casy and Laura talking in the bathroom and hard to hear because of the running water.."they can go back to back" as casey says he doesn't like when people make it uncomfortable around here {who they are talking about I have no clue}

The feeds are playing switcheroo as it switches back to the red bedroom with kevin Chima Michele and Jeff/jordan..

Kevin just to let you know "I'm winning HOH" while Natatlie says "if you put me up I'm burning your clothes"..Chima asks who he's putting up...."Oh my Gooood"..agree to stop talking about it and talk if Natalie is capable of being ghetto...

1:03 BBT In the kitchen Casey talking to Jesse and Russell i the kitchen...giving Casey props "on the girls you nailed it" russ tells him..when they run the water hearing is almost impossible......casey talks about being in the "Dog house 3 -4 times a week for 5 years" and we get foth..

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1:10 FOTh over and Casey Russell and Jesse still talking in the kitchen..Laura comes in "do you hear em ..did you hear em" telling her he was sticking up for her beacsue they were talking "shit about" her...he's joking with here...

Casey in 48hrs it will pick up...Laura tells them about natalie burning people's clothes about being put up...Michele comes in..Laura joking about putting all the athletes "on the block" Jordan goes in and out...

1:14 BBT another FOTH and I'm just frustrated enough to {calling it a night be back tomorow..night all}

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2:40am BBT - Ronnie explaining how Chima got pissed about an explosive shit someone took and didn't clean it up after it stuck to the flush ... Michele said it didn't bother her that much and Chima got pissed at Michele ...

Kevin is inside with Lydia I guess he was cleaning now he's making something to eat and everyones decides to join him

Jeff & Jordan laying in bed talking about nothing ... looks like they might be going to sleep

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2:38 BBT

Casey and Jessie outside talking about the fights and how Jessie tried to explain to Natalie that when she makes jokes it reflects on him. Ronnie trying to butt in. Suddenly convo breaks up.

Everyone else seem to be going to bed. Jordon and Jeff taking turns running their fingers on each others back. Bit of cuddling.

Now Kevin making eggs. Ronnie just kinda aimlessly walking around. Jessie and Kevin talking about the lack of strawberries.

Natalie,Chima,Lydia, and Casey chatting about wasting food in the house when at home they probably wouldn't.

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bbt 2:09am Natalie talking to Chima Lydia Jessie and Ronnie and Kevin about Michelle and how she got upset about the "raid and buring clothes" Michelle hears this and confronts them.... Natalie goes in the bedroom and talks to her they work it out.. NEWSFLASH...JESSIE LIED..she did not cry to him abou it...(when will they learn)

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5:10 BBT

Jesse, Natalie and Chima are in the HOH bed talking. Basically about all of the houseguests. Nothing of real importance.

Natalie did say she was going to appologize to Michelle for talking behind her back, just to keep the peace.

(I guess it's now ok for Chima, Ronnie and Michelle to slept outside of the metal room. I notice how there is not a camera on in that room. Don't know if Michelle and Ronnie are sleeping in there.

5:35 BBT

They finally say "Good Night" and stop talking.

Looks like all HG are asleep. :bedtime:

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Russell and Casey talking about Chima and how she drives them nuts! How she goes around knowing she is safe and it may come to bite her.

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