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  1. Yes, it was Jeff and he did get an extra day. We will have to see today if they give that to her.
  2. July 30-Cam 1 8:27 am BBT Gina Marie gets up, goes into storage room, opens fridge and drinks from the bottle of Sprite. She should get a penalty for that. She has been complaining since she has been a Have Not that she can't drink soda. Wonder if they will let her get away with it???
  3. Just caught this so I thought I would Post: Cam 1 8:27 am BBT Gina Marie gets up, goes into storage room, opens fridge and drinks from the bottle of Sprite. (guess she didn't think anyone was watching!)
  4. Wil auditioned for American idol in 2009 Willie is Russel Hantz's brother Kara is Kelly Monaco's sister (Dancing with the Stars/General Hospital) and playboy playmate of the year in 2006 Willie and Kara's interviews were leaked but when I went back to get the links they had pulled them down already
  5. BBLite just released the update for flashback. It works.
  6. They said it will take a couple days for flashback to start.
  7. If you go their facebook page and ask the I'm sure they can tell you how, if it's possible. They are very good at answering all questions.
  8. Loop should by fixed now on BBLite. It did have an update when I clicked my desktop shortcut. I have them on now.
  9. Using BBLite and I have FISH ON MY FEEDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the MUSIC!!!!!!
  10. Update on BBLite: Bigbrother Lite: The live feeds are turned off now until 9 pm PT / 12 am ET. When they get turned back on BB Lite will begin working again (no more login loop). about an hour ago
  11. I'm sure they will get it fixed. Last year they were very good at fixing problems right away. If you go to their facebook page you will see that they are right on top of it.
  12. Thought I would post this for anyone using BBLite. They are always right on top of things. This was posted on their facebook page: Bigbrother Lite It appears that real may have temporarily disabled the live feeds during testing, which is likely causing the login loop in BB Lite. We'll keep a close eye on this and see if we need to release an update on our end.
  13. They start after the show airs on the west coast. (unfortunately, since I'm on the east coast!!)
  14. Your computer probably just recognized your log in. You should be good!!



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