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7/15 - Live Feed Updates


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6:50 PM BBT

Lockdown over. Natalie telling them to watch their sheets after they did what they did. Jordan says, Now America is going to think we did the nasty!"

Laura now wearing a little black dress. Says her boyfriend Ben gave it to her. He picked it out and everything. One of the guys says, " so he fooled around on you and felt bad so he brought you that back?" (It was funny)

Casey comes in as Laura says he was going to save this for the end. Casey says "You don't want to be saving anything, none of us do," Braden says wear the red it was stunning, Jeff says save red for the block.

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7:05 PM BBT

Feeds switch the Jessie, Lydia and Natalie in BR. Lydia rubbing Jessie's legs. Nat eating burnt cookies still.

They are discussing Michelle (I think) they said she's scary - she flipped out for no reason. They are saying putting her up will piss of everyone in the house.

Braden walks past and Jessie says :Just a little casual stroll to the bathroom?" B says "Yeah I hope" Jessie saying you can hear Natalie coming a mile away with her slippers and will wear her socks down into the dirt.

Jessie says he hasn't changed much, Natalie says Well look at me. He says she's a champ and can't even lift a shirt over her head. She's whining that if she gets to cold showers she won't take one for the week (eww). Casey walks in and talks about needing a mat in the bathroom because men 'dribble' then he farts.

(Odd crew tonight)

Lydia says, "Im going to slap your face old man." to Casey, he says "I don't like that! "She responds, "Well I don't like piss on the floor and neither does Jesus."

Jessie saying Lydia's massage hurts for real. Natalie looking on. (Awkward).

7:10 PM BBT

Jessie asks Kevin to rub the other leg and he says no. Jessie says why not and Kevin says because I might get all hot and bothered. Kevin tells him to ask Nat. She says she's hurt over there.

They ask Kevin about Michelle. He says that she told him she was still thinking about it. They seem exasperated and say she's a wild card and doesn't want to talk about it. Kevin assumes she's talking to someone else besides her.

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9:20 BBT

All 4 feeds on Lydia, Natalie, Jessee, and Kevin in bathroom.

Kevin" Would you help a old lady cross the road?"

Jessee "I would if she asked me.. I mean, if she needs help walking across the street, why is she walking on the street?"

now talking about production.. Kevin and Natalie saw each other in sequester.

Natalie" When I saw you, I was like 'Oh my God, don't let this guy in the house!''

Jessee" I knew I would love you when I saw you, cause you had a gameboy"

They said only 25 (12 girls, 13 Guys) people make it to the finals, and when Kevin made it, he knew he would make it into the house.. he had a "good feeling"

Lydia says she didnt tell anybody that she made it on the show.. Natalie said she told her boyfriend... Kevin tried saying he was going on vacation for a week, but his friends talked it out of him..

Kevin" We are about to get busted"

2 seconds later

BB" Kevin, Natalie. You are Not allowed to talk about production!"

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7:31 PM BBT

Kevin has a friend who is on Amazing Race. He was not supposed to tell Kevin but he did. It was around the same time as 'this' but he never told his friend. Natalie asks why he never told his friend about this. Says he never told anybody about coming here but had applied for Survivor. So when he told everyone he was going away for a few months he reminded them that Survivor is only 39 days.

Nat says they take you r cell phone really quick - she left on Sunday and her Dad was in Texas hunting. Her BF was there at her house. Lydia says they started watching her Twitter account a few days beforehand in case she said anything. Kevin also left on a Sunday. Natalie never got to say goodbye to her Dad.

BB finally breaks in with a reminder not to talk about production.

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7:40 PM BBT

Ronnie asking Natalie if she knows about Braden trying to save himself. Says he's not switching side and is just leading him along, listening to his attempts to save himself.

Jessie's harem is over. He was laying around surrounded by Natalie and Lydia for quiet some time and he just got up possibly to go to his room if it's open.

Russel was napping, Lydia asks him if he wants to go in the hot tub later. Laura has her whitening strips in. Back to Jordan's white gum story.Laura off to look for scissors.

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7:57 PM BBT

Ronnie asking if Jessie and Natalie offered Laura anything after the nomination ceremony. Jessie says it was just like with Michelle. Ronnie says he's going with his gut. Says the thing that makes him nervous is that Russ is always coming around and.... he's interrupted by a knock at the door. Laura, Michelle and Jordan asking if they can use the bathtub to have a bubble bath.

After Jessie leaves Jordan asks Michelle what Ronnie was up here saying. Michelle says nothing, they are all just going to work out.

(Is anyone around to take over?)

8:05 PM BBT

Michelle telling Laura about what Ronnie was asking and Laura replies - I wasn't lying they told me final 4 or something.

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8:10pm BBT - All 4 feeds on the HOH bathtub Michele, Laura, Jordan taking a bubble bath and Nat is standing there talking to them.

8:20pm BBT - No change on the girls in the tub ... Jessie & Russell showing Ronnie how to work out lol Ronnie looks very odd I gotta tell ya!

The girls are teasing Natalie about Jessie liking her and if she didn't have a boyfriend things would be different

Ronnie looks tired after his first set about 3 minutes into the workout but he's going again

Casey & Jeff on the outdoor couch no game talk though

Lydia & Kevin doing yoga maybe? ... Sorry nothing going on at all

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