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7/15 - Live Feed Updates


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Casey and Russell on the patio talking about basketball.

Southern girl comes out complaining that she doesn't want to work out. Talking about her sister lost weight. They look like twins. Now her sister is fun since she lost weight. He brother is dark hair dark skin.

all three now telling each other about family.


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Ronnie and lydia in the kitchen

Ronnie :we are the gigglelyist cast ever

lydia :we laugh at eveything

Ronnie:The probably got us up to tell us no cuss during eviction. I dont know how they are going to edit Chima's racist joke. I can't wait to see the montage of us. it will be so funny. {not really}

Lydia is cooking and talking about Queen. That is what bb use to wake them up.

Ronnie"today is good bye messages ya'll"

lydia"boo frickin hoo"

Ronnie "you ever feel like you brain isnt working?"

jeff'you need carbs'

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Jesse joins lydia in the kitchen. I think they are flirting.

Jesse"are you good at pool?

lydia"why ,you wanna play?'

Jesse'ya, i wanna play you.

jesse goes out side.Stupid ronnie is sitting and the table and makes weird noise and calls himself Jar Jar binks. :disgust:

Ronnie "you dont like jar jar binks do you?"

Lydia "Jar jar binks??' feed switch instantly copyright

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Jesse and Michelle are still laying in bed in HOH.

looks like everyone else is getting ready to go outside or is already out there.

Russell is still on the eliptical

Lots to talking going on but nothing really being said.

hehe, Braeden plucking his unibrow

Pastey white ronnie and Jordan are in the pool. They are talking about bugs, in the pool and bugs that bother you at night.

{Nothing going on be back later}


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Russell Ronnie and Kc in the kitchen

Ronnie"i cant drink sweet&low

Kc 'that is the least of my problems The greygoose will get me first"

KC goes back outside

Ronnie is whispering something to russell

}{my face is down to my speaker and i can't hear them. sorry}

Ronnie goes outside, Russell is cooking. Ronnie comes back in

He is walking all around the house.

ronnie" i go stir crazy if i stay in one place too long"

KC is outside talking about the heat. {I forget the gay guy's name. no offense to anyone}

it must be kevin because lydia just asked him if he is half black and japanese. he said yes

The three of them are going over an arguement last night.

Kevin "jessie said michelle was crying. but I saw her and she as fine. And she was mad because she never cries. and then Chima was yelling at her about saying *hit. Natalie said if I win HOh now i know who to put up"

KC ''I was in bed not breathing so i could hear."

Kevin ''we need to talk about burning clothes and get them started again'

Lydia "its good for me to let them implode and stay out of it."

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12:36pm BBT

Michelle and Natalie are outback and Natalie is apoligizing to Michelle for talking behind her back last night. Natalie says she did not think she was talking behind her back because she was not saying anything bad. Talk turns to today being cleaning day befor the live show. (Normally cleaning is done on Thursday before the practice run of the show...)

Jordan and Jeff are at the pool

Jordan is telling Jeff that Diane and Drew played together and did really well. She tells Jeff that Drew won the game. She is telling Jeff to throw the HOH to her if its between the two of them that way she can put the athletes up.

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1:30 BBT

BB gave Jessie the digital camera, so some HGs have been taking pics. Jordan and Laura were whispering in the bathroom, but I didn't catch it.

1:50 BBT

Jordan, Laura, Jeff and Ronnie talking in recycled room. Jeff gets up to leave and Jordan asks if Ronnie can let her talk to Laura alone. He leaves and Jordan says Michele is now against the other side and could help them out. Jordan thinks that Ronnie is on their side and Laura states she doesn't trust Ronnie. Jordan says Casey's vote is going back and forth. Jordan says Michele said that she doesn't need Chima on her team, as she's useless. Laura doesn't think Ronnie will vote Chima out, since they're on the same team.

Laura says they can talk to Ronnie and try to feel him out without asking him flat out to keep Braden. Jordan says if Ronnie won't keep Braden, then she'll just vote to keep Chima to save face with the house. Laura tells Jordan that she's seen Ronnie make deals with the other side and how the other group has told Laura that Ronnie's made deals with them and hass thrown Laura and Jordan's names out there, so they need to be careful with what they say to Ronnie.

Jordan says she trust Michele 100%. Laura says they need to get Jessie, Natalie and Russell out of the house and she's not scared to do it. Laura thinks Jessie is down playing his personality for TV and to stay in the house longer. Jordan asks if they should continue flirting with Russ. Jordan is going to get Jeff to talk to Michele and Jordan will talk to Ronnie. Jordan tells Laura not to believe what Russ tells her and Laura says she doesn't trust him or anyone in the house, except for Jordan, b/c they're team mates, and now Jeff, b/c Jeff is close with Jordan.

2:00 BBT

Jordan thinks they're safe with Ronnie or Michele winning HOH and how Russ talks shit about Ron but is nice to him when Ron's around. Jordan wants to see Ronnie win HOH to watch Russell kiss Ronnie's ass. Laura repeats that they need to be very careful how they word things to Ronnie, b/c Ronnie talks to everyone. Laura says she doesn't know if Ronnie just hates the other side, or if he's doing the same thing to the other side as he is them.

Jordan says she knows what Braden said wasn't right, but she has to remember that Braden is on her team. Laura stresses again that they need to be careful what they say to Ronnie, b/c he's smart, and can twist it and repeat it and it will screw them over.

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2:23pm BBT

Lydia cutting Jeff's hair, after he did a little himself. Before Braden came into the bathroom where Jeff, Michele, Ronnie, and Jordan was. Braden told Ronnie "I need you Ronnie" ..I'm assuming they approached Ronnie about keeping Braden and evicting Chima.

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3:11pm BBT - Totally dead in the house. All 4 cameras on Ronnie, Laura, Jeff and Jordan in the club room. Jeff and Jordan appear to be going to sleep. Ronnie was just reprimanded for talking about DR sessions.

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Ron is now working on Joran and poor pretty girl.

Ron"i ask michelle who she would out up. She just says I don't know. She's a liar.

Ron''they dont ask me anything in the diary room. its been so long since i have been in there. I am i not funny enough or interesting enough? [NO!] :censored:

bb ''ronnie, you are not allowed to talk about your diary seesions w/other hg's

Earlier he told KC and lydia

Ron"if I go, Your next lydia then you KC cause your the next smartest.

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4:33 pm BBT

Ronnie in the bathroom teaching Jordan about face masks (I think Ronnie is a metro/geek - thats kewl!), Jesse and Lydia taking a snooze on the bathroom couch. Ronnie has a huge amount of facial stuff. Jordan is going to do the blue exfoliating thing. Ronnie still instructing her.

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4:48 braden and casey in the pool room . casey's sleeping, bradens holding a blue elephant-braden says to casey" she's well known now , internationally known, and u took a great picture of her' - ( I'm assuming they're talking about the elephant ) on two feeds braden and on two feeds casey sleeping

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4:54 Jordan and Ronnie talking about Jessie, that jess likes russel, Ronnie said that he likes Jessie and that he never lied the other season. Jordan tells ronnie how Laura told jordan to be quiet and not to tell ronnie tell to much. Supposely casey said that u can hear people talk from the other room. Jordan said that Nat wants Laura or jordan out next.

Ron - "if what am i saying is this we have to backdoor .... to put natalie and russel. "

4:58 kEvin Joins Jordan and Ronnie , all 4 feeds on them, Jordan says that she likes this door. Jordan automaticaly changed the subject asking ronnie where ur from and how are the people from where ur from.

Jordan says she bleached her teeth and her gums went white, Jordan says she didnt sleep. She says cookies and cream are good. She says she should have sat outside yesterday if she knew she's gone be locked up.

5:00 Camera's switch to Jeff and braden in the kitchen, Braden is yelling something at someone but can't see which of the girls.It's Chima, he says that she wants him to die and she laughs saying " I don't want u to die'

5:02 Jeff is cooking , Michelle walks by, Braden says'Hello Mimi' she doesnt react, then they say michelle and she says that she's like do do do do do and laughs

braden says that he's making avocados.

Jordan comes to the kitchen with her mask on her face saying she looks like a witch

BB voice : Russell sleeping in the livingroom is prohibited' ( bb voice said it 3 times)

Laura joins them in the kitchen and asks braden what is he cooking.


nothing is happening. Will report later

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5:15 BBT

Laura asking for advice from Kevin and Ronnie in the recycled room about whether to vote for or against Braden. Kevin says Braden called the president of CBS' wife (Julie Chen) a ho. They talk about racist remarks from Braden and how they don't even use those words at home.

Jessie is called to the DR. They guess what tomorrow's HOH comp will be. Ronnie says if some funny stuff happens and Chima goes home, his clique will have had the worst week, b/c they lost all the comps and a team member.

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6:10 PM BBT

Listening to alot of whispering with Jordan, Jeff and Michele. Talk of keeping Braden. Not sure if they have the votes.

Michele leaves camera sight and Ronnie shows. Braden there too. Jeff says to spread out. Michele leaves room. Kevin shows up to check it out and leaves again.

Jeff acting mad because Jordan was raggin on his ?towel?, jokingly said he would shove her into Charolottes Web. Jordan asking if her hair stinks. Walks out of room. Jeff asks where she is going, she says she will be right back. More whispering about voting out Chima and flipping the house.

Jordan now talking to Laura in pool room. More talk of keeping Braden. She told Laura that Ronnie said he would vote to keep Braden if Laura and Casey will too. Laura agrees, but has concerns that someone won't vote the right way and they (Laura and Jordan) will be targets next week for rallying votes

6:25 PM BBT

Jordan says her pits smell. Laura gives her deodorant. She tosses it to Braden.

Laura now showing outfits she wants to wear. Jordan wants her to try them all on.

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5:41 FOTH and then purple screen tha informs that the HG's are playing a game for the next TV show, and that feeds will be right back

(It was for Late Late Show w/ Craig Ferguson(every wenesday at 5:30pmBBT they will appear on it)

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6:28 PM BBT

Jordan and Michelle just talking about who has what votes. Says Ronnie will vote for Braden to stay if Laura does and that Michelle told her that Chima said she'd put Casey up if she won HOH. They are now saying that they have to tell Casey because his vote keeps swaying.

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6:31 PM

Laura picking out dresses for tomorrow.

Braden tells a joke - A mushroom walks into a bar and the bartender says, "We don't serve your kind here." The mushroom says, "Why not? I'm a fun gi"

Jordan didn't get it. They have to explain it to her.

Laura trying on dresses, she's wearing a red dress. They guys telling her she looks awesome. (She does). Ronnie trying to tell a joke to deflect his attention and Braden/Jeff calling out to Ronnie's wife Michelle to let him catch a look.

Ronnie's joke, "Do you know how to catch a unique rabbit? You neak up on it. Know how you catch a tame rabbit? Tame way."

Jordan doesn't get the jokes at all. The boys think she's cute.

Next Ronnie joke.. "How do you scare a bunch of bees?" Say "Boo" bees.

"Whats green and has wheels? Grass...gosh i am only kidding you about the wheels"

Now onto riddles. Ronnie giving them the fox, goat and bale of hay oldie. You can only take one at a time across. etc.. Jeff says "Stop being an idiot" to Braden because he's making silly commentary. "Let the fox eat the goat"

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6:30 BBT

Laura models red dress. Everyone likes it, but Jeff wants to see the blue one. Jeff asks Ronnie's wife if it is ok that he looks at Laura while she is modeling dresses.

They are now tell silly jokes. How do u catch a unique rabbit? U sneak up on it. Jordan doesn't get the jokes. They are now explaining the jokes to her.

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6:46 PM BBT

Jeff's getting the riddle idea now. Braden is suggesting they put the goat in a tree. Natalie comes in eating the burnt cookies. She says everyone likes her and Braden says, "I'd like you to if you let me rub your.... shoulder." Ronnie dissolves into giggles.

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