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7/9 - Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

Please post pictures and video the following forum! http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?showforum=89

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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9pm BBT - Feed 3

Russel, nat, and someone else possibly laura, in the kitchen talking about the people watching, and the first week. Just some small talk. Not much fame talk.

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9:05 BBT FEED3

Natalie is asking for people to check for alchol in the storage room.

There is none..


They have already been informed about the coldwater showers.. Guessing they have had first Have-Have not competition.

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Ronnie wearing his key, nat comments, that he shouldn't do it because she doesn't think Lydia and Chima would approve of it. apparently.

Lydia and Chima have been nominated for eviction.

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9:25 BBT

Jordan and Lydia are BFFs. Lydia tells her she doesn't have to talk to her if it will make others mad. Jordan says that she's still going to talk to Lydia whether she's on the block or not.

Lydia called to DR.

Boys in hot tub, wondering how many people are watching them online.


Chima is on slop. She sees a salad and asks for them to make her one when she's off slop. She says it make be a few weeks, though. Natalie says she may not have anything to worry about after next week (meaning Chima is evicted.) Chima comes over and pretends to slap Natalie.


Michele, Braden, Kevin and Ronnie at HT talking about the neon, blacklight challenge.

Jessie, Chima, Laura, Casey, Russell and Natalie at dining room table. Chima is telling Natalie she can teach her how to shave. Jordan comes in and starts rubbing Rus' shoulder and head. Chima keeps repeating herself that she didn't bring linguire, just flannel pjs.


Jeff and Lydia sitting outside. She's saying she's going to win the veto (guess it hasn't been played yet.) He says she should let it come down to votes. She says she'd be stupid not to try for it.

Jordan joins them outside, saying she wants to do something fun. She asks Braden for help. He starts singing and someone tells him he can't sing b/c of live feeds. He says he'll sing whenever he wants b/c they're his lyrics. We then get a short FOTH.

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9:30 BBT

Natalie says she wants to make chili dogs tomorrow, thanks Casey for the food says Jessie won't eat the chili dogs. Chima comes in and Natalie says your outfit is sexier then mine. Natalie makes a smart comment about Chima not having to worry about something next week hinting that she would be evicted. Chima laughed it off and smacked her friendly on the head.

9:45 BBT

I think Jeff tells Lydia that he thinks she has the votes to stay. Tells her that it might be good if nobody wins the veto, but she should try to win it. Lydia tells him she doesn't want hm to stick his neck out for her, because Jessie might be mad at it. then he tells her to win veto, win HoH. Lydia says shes going to win HoH. Jordon comes over to join them on the patio.

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Lydia and Jordan talking on outside couches.. Tells Braden to come over and help.. He is singing a song he created himself.. they tell him he will get in trouble, but he says "I can't get in trouble for singing my own lyrics, I created them myself". We then get FOTH

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9:50 BBT

Michele, Ronnie, Lydia and Jordan on BY couch, talking about Chima and wondering when POV comp will be. Jeff rejects food from Lydia b/c he doesn't want to get fat.

Inside, Natalie says how she didn't want a former hg in the house and then put on her team, but it's funny how feelings have changed. Kevin thinks the cliques should be called geeks, jocks, freaks and popular. Both groups (inside and out) are talking about themselves in highschool.

10:10 BBT

Jessie and Braden talking in kitchen. Jessie shares some BB advice. He then asks who Braden is going to vote for, and before he can answer, Laura comes in and convo changes. Braden says he loves fruit in the evening, as he's making a melon shake. Everyone but him is outside.

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10:15 BBT

Braden brought some cans of Heineken out to the people in the yard.

Lydia is having one.

Now someone (Jeff, I think) brought Jordan a glass of white wine.

Natalie asked Russell if he was going to have red or white. He picked red.

(They got three bottles, apparently.)

Jordan used to work at Hooters.

A girl she worked with did something with Playboy and they both got to go to the Playboy mansion.

She is discussing this with Lydia while they lounge on the couches outside.

Casey proposed a toast: "To the season so nice - they named us number one twice" (11, get it? LOL)

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Would you ever date outside of your race?- Casey

I like men of light colored skin- Jordan

YES, OR NO?- Casey

I kinda- Jordan

YES, OR NO?- Casey

I guess... No- Jordan..


Then Casey goes on to how he likes woman of color.. his wife is 1/2 Philipino

--Then talks about how beautiful "Downtown Julie Brown is"


10:36 BBT

Jessee talks to Chima in bathroom while everybody is outside saying how she should be safe.. He tells her that laura likes her cause Chima helped her out already, and that Laura doesnt like Lydia... He says she will be safe.

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10:31 BBT Jesse and Russell sitting in the hot tub talking about their weight and physique and their strength.

On the patio Jordan slurring a bit talking with braden who is explaining what's in his smoothie. Jeff talking about how Kevin's body "is gonna shred" when "he gets out of hear. Talk turns to weight lifting.

Chima and Jesse talking in bathroom, Reassuring Chima everythings good "no worries no worries' advising her to keep up her relationship with Laura.

10:36 BBT

Everyone else drinking and talking. Ronnie and Casey playing pool.

"Yeah" Braden says when asked if he was drunk...goes on yeah "wake n bake"..

In hot tub Russell tells the girls he's a stock broker.

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10:39 BBT

In the silver bedroon Chima and Casey talking about the sleeping situation. Casey explaining all his ailments and Chima says its cold in that room and "I can't wait till someone else goes in that room"

Chima can't have wine because she's on the "have nots" and a disapointed and drunk Jordan stomps in playful anger.

Now Kevin and Lydia has joined Chima in looking and the memory wall and playful talking ensues...a lot of giggling...joking someone "has money" and that he spent his stipend "on face cream" and "he has money' "he's next" {not sure who they were joking about}

10:44 BBT Outside Laura says "braden says I can't talk about him " she referring to her "BFF" boyfriend..while Casy says "Janet" was his "BFF" Laura talking about her "best friend" worried she will remember her when she gets out and be roommates..

In the pool room Lydia talking about PoV and telling Kevin and Ronnie that she knew 'hew was going to put me up" "i like Jesse" and goes on "I'd consider dating the guy" talking about "the two fingers" Jesse says he can Make a girl orgasm" Now she's saying "I'm going to win this veto com with these two fingers" the guys laugh..."girl you crack me up" Kevin tells her.

10:49 BBT They leave Ronnie still laughing as the walk to the BY,

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10:45 BBT

On Camera 1: Lydia, Chima and Ronnie stand in front of the memory wall and reminisce. Ronnie recounts how Jessie had come out and announced "The food competition is a thing of the past" before going into the details of the "Have / Have-Not" competition.

And then they move into the Pool room, where Lydia announced that she actually likes Jessie and would even consider dating him, even though muscled guys have never been her type. (Not sure how much humour this was said with.) She then quotes Jessie as having said that he could make any girl squirt with two fingers, and that no girl has even faked an orgasm with him. To which Kevin responds with a crack about that is why Lydia said she would consider dating him.

They go back to the memory wall and do some counting.

(Keep it going, StephenV, I'm out for the night!)

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