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  1. final 4 veto is pretty much if the non-nom wins the veto they use it as the eviction ceremony since nobody else is eligible to be nominated.
  2. 12:02AM BBT: Ang Tyler and JC general chit chat about the 2012 Olympics JC almost went to london games in 2012, JC is waiting for the HoH room so he can shower and go to bed, Kaycee in DR they are speculating she is recording GBM for Brett. Sam in HN room so she can be alone with the green TVs.
  3. 11:50PM BBT: JC and Tyler in Bathroom, JC freaking out about going on the block, tells him if he (JC) wins PoV that Tyler will go on the block and he doesn't have his vote 100% to stay, the girls might try and flip it. JC going on long about Brett was a mistake and he wasn't coming after them, A+KC manipulated him into doing their dirty work. Tyler replies "He said that to me himself, not through them"
  4. Snipa

    House on FOX

    Season 6 Debut was good. I like the whole yes/no thing between Cuddy and house, i hope they can get together and stuff, I think it would be good for the show, I was like, lol when she hid in the closet when Wilson was coming in the window and made house look like his wacked out Vicodon, I like at the end when he was like its not gonna work then she said she said she loved him for the guy he is, and then he was finally was able to to tell her that he loved her. On a side note i missed last seasons finale so i watched it before i downnloaded this eposide and i thought it was like a touching mome
  5. Before the season starts, we will look back on this mid season and near end of season and see if we liked our preseason favorites. Pick a male and a female. My official picks for BB12 are Kathy and the Tat guy.
  6. Snipa


    I just got done watching the first season of Netflix tonite, im gonna watch Season 2 tmw. Show is amazing. Im just sad Season 3 isn't available for instant viewing. Time to queue for the DVDs of S3.
  7. Sir. Big Brother 2. Will never won one challenge but he won the game. Its not all winning that helps you.
  8. Snipa


    Awesome ending. I have in the past hated ending to shows, but I like the way they did Monk. 1/2 the episode dealing with the Judge, then the second half dealing with everyone and Trudy's daughter. The way she relaxed Monk and helped his OCD like Trudy did. Randy moving to be with Sharona. I like the direction they went with this. If Monk didn't open the gift he never would have connected the dots and would have died due to the poison, and everything else. I like Natalie's detective work with the wipes having the poison on them. Was sad to watch it end, but It was a great episode. I don't think
  9. You kids to calm down, its only a show, you guys are doing what the prodction staff wants you to do, which is why they are doing and editing the show the way they are. lol The fans are the true puppets.
  10. I can't wait these last 8 weeks before the new episodes start!!

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