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July 23rd Live Feed Updates

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Guest shellnlele

i think howie just told kaysar that he is actually bisexual, and that this IS the summer of secrets!

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Most people are sleeping.

Girl: There's someone right behind this wall.

James: You've been in this house 3 weeks..

Girl: I know, but i've never heard them before, i had my earplugs in. It's so scary.. being watched.

(*sorry, can't figure who the girl is*)

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Here's what I heard during the Kaysar/Howie convo--I'm not sure if I'm right or not.

Kaysar asked Howie if he really is bi. Howie said that he was not going to say yes or no--he would let the viewers decide. Then he laughed and said that it was the summer of secrets, after all. Kaysar said he just had to promise him one thing, and Howie kept saying stuff like 'Oh, man!' and Kaysar said that he just wanted him to promise that at the wrap party he would tell him the truth. Howie told him that at the wrap party he would tell him the truth about EVERYTHING.

Earlier, they talked about Rachel and it did seem to be clear that Kaysar knows that Howie and Rachel are paired, and they seemed to be open about it.

Janelle came out and talked with Kaysar and Howie for a while. They were talking about the veto comp. and how they are going to have a huge shock/surprise factor over the other side. Kaysar was trying to figure out the order of choosing people for the comp. The HOH will pick first, and that will be the first shock because Eric thinks Kaysar is picking him to play for him so that they can take out James. Apparently, the two who are on the block for eviction do a sort of pick to see who will then pick second, and I think I heard that they pick something "with a mark on it." So, that person will get to pick second. Kaysar says that after he fails to pick Eric to play for him, if Maggie gets to pick second she may pick Eric to play for her. Kaysar says that will give him even more of a reason to put Eric on the block when they take James off.

As they were talking, April came out and asked to sit with them and smoke. They seemed shocked that she was smoking (probably because of her health problem). They switched the talk to Howie acting like a pig, and he was saying that he never realized that April has huge boobs, was stacked, etc. After that, they all went inside, and there was a brief whisperfest between James and I think Howie and Kaysar (I wasn't looking at the screen at that moment, so I can't be sure who was with James).

Later on, April laid down next to Maggie and was whispering to her, and James came in and interrupted them twice! He said something and April said not to say that, so James said "Why? Are you going to vote me off?" and laughed. April whined that he shouldn't say that--she didn't need that pressure. He laughed and said he was just kidding. Then Maggie said that she has been saying that to people all day--reassuring people.

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Feeds 3 and 4 cut to gold room.

beau and april are tickling james.. beau was bouncing on james and james said, "okay that's enough"

feeds go back to kaysar and janelle outside smoking table.

- edit.. sorry, they WERENT making out.. :lol: i'm just really tired.

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BB time: 11:30 p.m. backyard

Janelle and Kaysar at table.

Kaysar: James can't stop smiling. He can't stop smiling and Sarah can't stop smiling. They care about each other and have to pretend that they don't know each other.

Janelle: That would be hard.

So it appears as though the new team (Kaysar, Janelle, Howie, Rachel, James and Sarah) does know that James and Sarah are a couple.

Kaysar says that the comp. could be anything--juggling plates on their head, even.

Janelle says she thinks that James will be fine.

Kaysar says he hopes so.

Kaysar is planning, saying they will have a meeting after the comp., celebrate a little, but play the rest of the game with integrity.

Janelle: I can't wait.

Kaysar: The game will be fun at that point.

Kaysar says that they will be playing with people they like, and they will be having fun in the game. Janelle agrees.

Janelle says that BB didn't tell them how much they will win, with the new twist. She asks when they will find out how much they will get? Kaysar says that he doesn't know or care--they can't get greedy.

Janelle says it is so funny that everyone hates her so much. They are all talking, saying that she is the reason that Kaysar put up Maggie and James.

Kaysar: They think I'm so naive. (laughing)

The feed switches to inside the house, where April is telling someone that she was called out for smoking by "him." The girl (I can't see her) gasps and says "How uncalled for!"

Now, the feed is switching again to the outside.

Janelle says that she can't believe how it would be to have your boyfriend in the house!

Kaysar says that Sarah told him that if James goes, she doesn't want to be there.

Kaysar: James is a commercial risk evaluator or something.

Janelle: He isn't a high school teacher?

Kaysar: Nope!

Janelle: What!!!

Kaysar: He's like an investigator. That's how I knew he would play the game well.

Janelle: Did you ask him why he didn't like me?

(I didn't hear Kaysar's answer.)

Janelle: Ivette swore on her MOTHER that she would vote to keep James.

Kaysar: On her mother?

Janelle: I guess Eric said he wanted the final four to be him, Beau, Ivette....

Kaysar: And James.

Janelle: What a liar!

Feeds timed out..

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Janelle just did a hysterical impression of someone with Cappy, but I missed the beginning. It ended with her, in a high voice, saying:

"Cap--py! Let me wipe your ass! Cap-py! Tell us again a story about your children!"

Kaysar: You know what's funny? Eric thought he had it all thought out because he made a deal with me and James. He thought everything was perfect.

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Sarah is outside now with Janelle and Kaysar.

Sarah says that she can't lie, she isn't good at lying and she hated lying to them.

Kaysar says that when she was in the HOH room pouring her heart out to him, crying, he thought she was setting him up.

Sarah says that she was partly crying because she was lonely without her family, and part was because she was scared that James will leave and she will be there alone. She tells Kaysar that she was partly trying to tell him about her and James without actually telling him.

Sarah: I was thinking, come on, Kaysar! You're a smart guy!

Sarah: Did you put him up to try to figure him out, or did you put him up because you wanted him gone at that time? (James)

Kaysar says it is complicated. He tells her that he knew that James would stir things up. He caused people to come out of their shells.

Sarah: Yeah, but people are still following Eric.

Kaysar: That's what YOU think. How do you think we got Rachel?

Sarah: Are you sure?

Kaysar: Yes.

Sarah: I trust you. I mean, I understand why you put him up. That was the smartest move.

Kaysar: Here's the thing. I don't have Janelle here with us, Howie here with us, you and James and Howie here with us as an accident. I knew I needed this many people.

Sarah: So you are going to get rid of that whole group?

Janelle: You know what, after that it will be a fair group. No more backstabbing.

Sarah also says yes, no more backstabbing, it will be fair.

Kaysar: Don't you want the most honest, the most trustworthy, the people with the most integrity judging you at the end?

Sarah: Yeah. Okay, cool. I didn't even know you guys were out here. I was going to sit by myself. Okay, I'm going to go to bed now. Thanks, you guys.

(Sarah leaves)

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Eric and Howie talking about chess and POV and what it means "black knight"

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Eric talking about tomorrow's POV and competeing with Kaysar and saying that he's going 110% and will not use it and saying kaysar needs to "honor the deals that he made"

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Janelle and Kaysar are trying to figure out the order of picking partners in the veto comp. At first, Kaysar was going to pick Janelle, but Janelle thinks that it might be best to pick Howie first, because if Maggie gets to pick second, she won't be tipped off that they have a plan, and she will go ahead and pick Ivette as planned. Kaysar says okay, he will pick Howie. Then Kaysar works out some other possibilities of how the picking could go, and he could go ahead and pick Janelle. He says there are so many possibilities, but either way Eric is going to realize he is going home.

Kaysar: So really, it doesn't matter.

Janelle: I know. (Happy voice).

Janelle wonders how to tell James that they are maybe going to switch up with Kaysar picking Howie/Janelle. She says that she and James are supposed to be fighting.

Kaysar: You stay away from him.

Janelle: Okay. I can tell Sarah and she will tell James.

Janelle says that one of the three of their little core group is going home. Kaysar says they aren't sure what is going on with the whole James situation. They don't know if they are trying to save James or get rid of him. Kaysar says they aren't treating Rachel like shit for no reason right now. He thinks maybe they are finally figuring out the pairs thing.

Kaysar: They probably think, why am I putting James up? It's too risky.

Janelle says something about Eric going.

Kaysar: Awwww. No more waking up at 5 a.m. to make Mickey Mouse pancakes.

Janelle is waiting for the DR to call her in.

Kaysar says that Ivette will probably be crying.

Janelle says that April keeps trying to get Janelle to like Ivette, saying Ivette is the best person, and she should send her over to talk to her.

Janelle: I was like, okay, send her over! Just kidding! (laughs)

Janelle: I have to sleep on that fricking cot!

(Earlier, Janelle talked at length to Howie and Kaysar, who agreed that the other group is acting like a bunch of children. Apparently, Janelle was supposed to get a bed (either Howie's or James') and she put her stuff next to it. She went inside and "HE" was lying there. (I think it was Eric). She asked where her stuff was he said it was "by that cot over there." So he took the cot that was supposed to be her's.)

Feed 4:


Howie and Cappy

Cappy says that he talked to Kaysar and told Kaysar that he will play with everything he has, but not use the veto if he gets it.

Howie: Oh, are you going to play??!

Cappy: I don't know. I told Kaysar I would play with everything I had, but not use it. You have to honor the commitments that you make. You have to honor the commitments that you make (2x).

Talk about the food comp.

Cappy: I can't believe out of 2-1 odds! It was 2-1 odds, dude!

Howie: It's like Vegas.

Cappy: I would have taken those odds any day!

Janelle comes in and talks to them. (Cappy is talking to her now like she is a human being).

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Janelle just kissed i think Michael's picture on the wall.

*anyway, im gonna get in bed now.. so no more updates from me for tonight.. g'nite*

So far i know these people are still awake:

Janelle, Maggie, Howie, Kaysar (i think), Eric

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Maggie is now inspecting the chess board maybe to help her with moves or clues

Tells yvette she can't sleep and "do you want to talk to me?"

Maggie goes back to GR.

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Janelle did kiss Michael's portrait, and Howie told her to stop. She said she loves it.

F3 WC area

Maggie and Eric take a moment to have a little convo. Maggie is talking about the veto comp, picking people. I heard the name Sarah mentioned. They were whispering (Maggie is a pro at whispering, but Eric can't). Eric says that it is the perfect setup and James is history. Maggie doesn't seem comforted, and Eric says that if he is way off base, for her to tell him, but he thinks he is on base with this.

I heard someone coming--maybe Howie. They break the convo up.

Now, Maggie is sitting alone at the chess board, with her cheek resting on one fist, looking down. She looks upset, thinking.

F1 is the long view of the living room, looking down from the top. F2 is the long view of the dining table. (They've had these views on and off for days--seems like it could mean something?)

F3 and F4 are different views of Maggie at the chess board. She sees Ivette and whispers to her, asking her if she wants to come up and talk. Ivette: I don't know.

Maggie: I'm looking at the board.

Note: The house seems to feel, because of the black knight in place of the gumball machine, that it could be a chess challenge. Maggie apparently doesn't know a lot about chess, so feels it would be unfair. Sarah earlier mentioned this to Janelle and Kaysar. Janelle was not sympathetic, and I think she commented with "Too bad." Kaysar says that Howie and Kaysar and possibly Janelle are the best at chess, so why would BB make a challenge like that?

I hear voices in the bedroom (the huge bedroom with lots of beds). I can pick out Howie and April, who asked him if he needed a facemask. I don't think Ivette joined Maggie. In fact, I think I hear her talking. I see someone who looks like Maggie in bed now (that was quick?).

I heard Howie say "Kaysar is doing the dirty work; that's for sure."

I think I hear Ivette talking to James.

Ivette: I thought you knew.

James: Yeah, I just think he wanted to be cool and not broadside me. He also told me I was safe. I've heard two stories, so...

Ivette: What?

James: I've heard two stories, so...

(James is acting like he is upset, or depressed. Earlier, Kaysar was saying that James was acting too happy and needed to act depressed about being evicted. Ivette was definitely feeling out James to see if he is upset at Kaysar, maybe to get some dirt. James kept it short and sweet.)

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On F4, 12:22 BB time, we have Kaysar in the HOH room alone. He is sitting in the chair, watching the spycam. We had a brief view of the spycam as he was looking at the big, round table in the kitchen area. He got a closeup of that, and the camera stayed on the spycam view of the table until he switched it.

Now, he is looking at it AGAIN. (Transcriptionist's note: There MUST be something about that table, or the sections, or the shape...)

The camera is following Kaysar as he leaves the HOH room, and appears to be searching for a clue. He is looking down from the chess area to the floor below (I think that is the table?). He is now walking very fast, and the camera is focused on him. He has now grabbed Sarah (I don't know where she was--it was so fast) and brought her into the HOH room, and is showing her the spycam screen. They are whispering, and I can't hear them, although I heard her say "Eric." Suddenly, BB says "Hey, guys, can you put your mikes on?" (BB obviously didn't want to tip anyone off as to the identity of the people who were talking together).

Kaysar is naming the people who never compete in challenges. He says Beau never competes.

Kaysar: We don't need any more allies. Do you understand what I am saying? I'm actually trying to take out the garbage. We don't need Ivette, we don't need Eric. We don't need Beau. There is a reason why they are in that room. I. don't. want. them. Now, we have to deal with not getting James out. Now, you can go and act like a girlfriend with him. (laughter).

Sarah: I just feel bad. Don't be angry with me, okay?

Kaysar: I'm not, I don't get angry that easily. Just because you told one lie does not make you a liar.

Kaysar tells her to play it cool. He says that she can still have an occasional convo, but to play it cool. He says that Maggie and Eric look awful, look like they haven't slept. (They have the advantage if they get sleep and play it cool, I guess that's what he is getting across).

He starts to open the door and Sarah reminds him to check the camera first. He does, no one is there, and she leaves.

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F3 and F4 HOH bathroom.

Kaysar is getting ready for a shower, and BB doesn't move from this view. He gets in the shower in his underwear, and I think pulled them off in there. I switched feeds. I did notice that we had a view of the HOH bathroom that I hadn't seen before. Just to the left of the sink, there are two white starfish on the wall, and there are two square carpet mats on the floor (pairs theme).

F4 is now in one of the bedrooms, with someone in bed and it is dark, so I can't tell which hamster it is. They do appear to be asleep, because I don't hear them.

I'll keep an ear on them for a while in case anything else happens, but it looks like they are bedding down for the night.


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(first post ever)

Irony of ironies, Kaysar, having finished his Q'uran reading turns out lights and switches on HOH spy TV, where he watches...Fish Of The House!

Then off to dreamland with all other HGs.

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"All the hamsters lay snug in their beds,

While visions of veto comps danced in their heads...."

(Ok, I'm just being silly--not enough sleep) :wink:

They seem to all be asleep now.

F3 has a closeup of Kaysar right now, and he is lying asleep on his back, clutching a striped, shiny, small pillow on top of his chest.

F4 is on Maggie, and our view is partially obstructed by things she has on the table next to her.

The other views are shots of other hamsters sleeping.

Have a great night!


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