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  1. Of course there are, and I think you misunderstand what I'm saying, or I'm saying it wrong. I DO NOT believe that the powers that be at CBS are monsters with fangs and blood dripping wondering how they can ruin the next person's life. No. Not at all. I DO believe that they are looking for the highest ratings, and if they can do a show with kids backstabbing, lying, and conniving to add drama WITHOUT physically harming the kids they will. I don't for a minute believe they'd purposefully harm the kids. In fact, they'd take major precautions, as they did with KN, to make sure no physical harm came to the kids and have psychiatrists and counselors on hand 24/7 to attempt to minimize any psychological damage. That doesn't mean they wouldn't still go ahead with the show with those safeties in place. I believe they would do so in a minute if it brought them money. Another reason they are talking about moving out of country is because of the controversy over whether or not the kids were "working" more hours than allowed by law just by being on camera. Also, there was controversy over whether or not the kids legally had to be paid at least scale, which would have been a lot more expensive. Out of the USA those two things don't come into play. CBS will still do everything they did before to ensure the safety of the kids, of course. They just won't have to deal with a court fight or lawsuit over re-imbursement or whether being in front of a camera for 12-24 hours straight breaks labor laws on how long a kid can "work".
  2. That's me believes that. I'm not sure Baron has ever said he thinks the show will denigrate to such. echo, have you ever been to a competition among children? Heck, have you ever seen a "friendly" game among a large group of children? There is often a lot of anger, backstabbing, hurt feelings, etc just to win the game. Not by all kids, not at all. However, from what I've seen there are always kids willing to do whatever to win. Haven't you ever seen a kid cheat at a boardgame? And even in those sporting event controversies we hear about at times it's not always a parent or coach who pushed the kid to cleat that other kid in the knee and injure him/her for life. Kids learn from adults. Kids watch Survivor and Big Brother too. It's not like those shows are on late-night or even late prime-time! Those shows are early prime-time and I know a lot of parents who let their kids watch with them. Kids do emulate what they see, especially if it will get them further. Another example, those types of beauty pageants Taylor is involved in. Or even competitive dance. Three of my goddaughters are in competitive dance. I've been with their mother behind the scene. You should see how some of those mothers act. You should see how some of those girls learn to act. That whole stereotype of the "pageant queens" on kids sitcoms came from somewhere. You know the one, the little girl who is demanding, smiles to your child's face and says how they are bff, then puts blue dye or nair in your child's shampoo. That happens. In real life. It's not as uncommon in competitions as you think. In fact some schools have banned competitive sports/activities just for such reasons. I've gone on and on about this so many times and I'm sure others are getting tired of seeing me make the same analogies and give the same reasons and supports for those reasons so I'm moving on after this. Just wanted to answer this one last time.
  3. echo, I don't like Endurance because the times I've watched it I have seen that uncomfortable "picking teams" thing being played out and then hurt feelings, fighting, and someone not liking who they got "stuck with" and not trying to hide it from that person. I don't care to watch that. Also, those kids are High School age, not Middle School, but that's nitpicking on my part. I have been watching CBS and television for years, as I'm sure you have. There is not a doubt in my mind that the powers that be at CBS would green light that type of show in a heartbeat if they thought it could make money. That's been kind of my point all along. Not greenlighting that particular scenario, no, but that CBS is in this to make money. Although the producers of KN may have had altruistic motives, I can pretty much guarantee you that CBS did not. They saw a show that was cheap to produce that would bring them money. Period. CBS is a business. I can see them doing a one time charity show for a kid's cause, sure, but not a season. It wasn't CBS' intent to show us "what kids can do..." it was CBS intent to make money. Maybe that sounds heartless and cynical to you, but surely you cannot believe CBS is more interested in those kids than in money. I'm not saying CBS is a heartless corporation, they do good things just like all businesses, but they ARE A BUSINESS. The almighty ratings war is always priority one, and yes, I absolutely believe 100% without a single doubt in my mind that CBS would greenlight a backstabbing kids version of "Survivor" in a second if they 1. Thought it would make them money and get high ratings, and 2. Could do it without it becoming a "public relations nightmare" (in other words someone thinking they were exploiting or harming the kids, which is what all the controversy was at the beginning of KN). To borrow your own phrasing, it's truly mind boggling to me that you DON"T believe CBS would green light that. Don't you think that's naive? And please, don't think I'm name-calling. I'm sure you think I'm being cynical and that's cool. I've given my reasoning for my cynicism, which I think is just the reality of business, and I'd really like to hear why you think they wouldn't. Do you think they care that much about the kids?
  4. It will be from now on, unless they change or do away with the gold star system, but I'm beating a dead horse. Sorry. I just really see it becoming that next season. Hopefully it won't become like that Discovery kids "survivoresque" show "Endurance". I find that kind of boring and painful to watch at the same time. (I'll still watch.)
  5. Port


    In last night's episode it definitely "felt" like the producers or host or outside sources influenced who got stars. Didn't the host specifically say last night when he was telling them about the three 50k stars that "two will be given to those whom the council feels most exemplifies the spirit of Bonanza" (or words to that affect) and "one will be given to anyone!" I could have sworn I heard that, but it wasn't mentioned again afterwards. Not even when the council was shown deliberating. I'm glad Sophia won another 50k, but there were other kids whom I would like to have seen get a star. Mike for one. (oh no! I'm kind of agreeing with echo! The world really must be about to end in a fiery cataclysm! )
  6. Thanks FLYNWA! Now I wish I had kept them all on my DVR so I could go back and see the things I'm sure I missed. TCS, I want to know about Jimmy and the others too.
  7. Do you think you missed something on the show or don't understand something? Ask here and maybe we can all answer it together. I'm going to start with something that's bothering me: Did I miss Michael's birthday? Was it mentioned? I thought maybe he just turned 15 after the show had wrapped or something, but then last night it definitely had the "Michael 15" line under him. When the show started I know he was 14! His bio and the "tagline" under him (for lack of something better to call it) always said "Michael 14". I don't know when exactly that changed, but I noticed a couple episodes back that it was saying he was 15 and so I checked his bio and now even it says he is 15. Can anyone help me out and tell me if I am going crazy or not?
  8. I was upset about the Emily deal too. I know Migle tried to defuse the situation and did a decent job, but I would probably have been more concerned over how the other girls were acting than how Emily was acting. Well, to a degree, I mean yeah calm Emily down so she's not trying to hit or attack someone, but then pull those three little princesses aside and let them know how horrible they made Emily feel and how selfish they were being. That's just me. I didn't even think about Divad, but you all are right! They never did show her in a good light or show the outcome of her situation. She just kind of disappeared from the spotlight. I did notice Taylor didn't get a huge spotlight this time and as such a major character I expected her to. I mean, yeah she got more face-time than most, but she was still muted almost. No real resolution there. Yana, I know how you feel! I didn't realize I was so incredibly vested in these kids I don't know. It's weird! Watching every week was almost like being there. And I think because it's kids I became a lot more emotionally attached than I ever do with Survivor or BB. Well, ok, I mean emotionally attached as in caring what happens to each one of them and wanting to see them succeed. Yes, even Taylor, though I am and was one of her strongest critics I still wanted to see her succeed and will miss her being on my tv every Wednesday night. With Survivor and BB I do get emotionally involved, but that's usually not a good emotional involvement. More like screaming at my television over how idiotic someone is being and how they need to open their eyes and get rid of so and so immediately! heh.
  9. Well, I didn't think the ending was so great, but that's just me. Still looking forward to more seasons! Hey, echo, you confused me. Sometimes that's easy. Who and what was this in reference to? Were you just teasing TCS post above yours or were you answering my "regardless of echo's stirring. " comment? If it was that, I was totally teasing you dude. Surely you knew that. I know tone and intent is hard to convey in a post, but that was why I added the Seriously, hope you knew I was teasing, and not trying to fight with you or blasting you or something.
  10. If you haven't watched the finale be warned, there are spoilers below! Wow. That was interesting and a bit of a letdown ending. Not much to it, it seemed like. Kind of anti-climatic for me. I was a kind of surprised, though I shouldn't have been because I expected it all along, that the producers didn't give all the kids something extra. And three people, two of whom already had 20k stars, got 50k stars on top of it. Sophia deserved it, she worked hard. Mike should have gotten one of them. Don't have a problem with Migwe or however you spell that, getting one. She's been working hard too. It would have been hard for me to decide truly who to give those three 50k stars though. I can only imagine how hard it must have been for the council seeing as how they are just kids. This is one time I can say I was right, but not take any comfort in it. Nothing extra for the kids. Didn't show every kid in a super light at the end. In fact some kids we never got to know at all. Unfortunately I'm more convinced than ever that if there's more seasons it's going to become a "game show reality show" if they don't change things a lot. Those three 50k stars, on top of the thirteen 20k stars especially, will have parents scrambling to get their kids on the show and teaching them ways to get the others to award them a star. And how many kids are going to want to be on the council for the final last few days if they know they'll have to give out, (and not be eligble for), three 50k stars? I'd quit the council with three days to go and make someone else take it if it were me. Sorry echo, I don't see any evidence after this finale that tells me you were right, and believe it or not I hoped you were, about how the producers would end up showing everything. In fact, I saw what I saw all along, just kids "building" a psuedo town and being kids.
  11. I hope I get to see it tonight too. I'm moving out of my place today and going to stay with my mom at the ranch until I move back to NM the first of January. Hopefully I'll get to mom's before 7pm! Otherwise I'm kind of screwed, they only have Satellite internet out there and I don't know if any of you know anything about Satellite internet, but it is AWFUL and hardly better than dial-up.
  12. Heh, TCS, I hope you took that comment in the spirit it was meant. Regardless of echo's stirring. Nah, seriously. I think you are who you seem to be, just going with my whole "you can't really tell who anyone is in real life on here" schtick. You're still a sweetheart and that's just my opinion and I value yours. I deserve a gold star too. I work hard berating, lambasting, blithering, blathering, ruminating, illuminating, aggravating, and rambling on here!
  13. TCS

    Hi...just checking you out. hummm not much to check out. ;)

  14. To borrow from one of your oft used smileys: You are nothing if not inconsistently consistent (purposeful word play there) and I have to admit sometimes your posts make me smile broadly if not chuckle. We'll just have to see how it all plays out, but as someone who likes to use exaggerations to make points I commend you for that in your posts this season. Wow, echo's post about the world not coming to an end soon may be wrong! Just kidding TCS, you, (or at least the character you portray on here), are a real sweetheart and I've enjoyed posting with you in this forum. Hopefully we'll have many more seasons to continue it! Cool! Thanks for the info and nice to see you back with us if I didn't mention that before. That info you provided is the one thing I couldn't find yesterday, but I knew someone on here would probably know. (Totally off topic even more than I usually am) Baron, the family edition AR is the one me, my two brothers, and my then sis-in-law tried out for and almost made it on. Looking back, I'm actually kind of glad we didn't. If my nephew hadn't backed out leaving us with the only option of asking my younger brother we most likely would have made it all the way into the show because they told us later they really wanted at least one minor.
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