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July 23rd Live Feed Updates

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Ivette word for word practically telling EVERYTHING, EVERYONE said in the GR to cappy, beau, maggie...

Ivette reiterates, plan b was me.

eric: dont believe a single word that comes out of his mouth. every single word that comes out to james is a plan.

Ivette: youd still be here if you told sarah something and she ran and told james.

Eric: that has nothing to do with it.

Ivette: thats what he said...

Ivette: if yu're paired up, its easier to know. where as me it never even crossed my mind!!!

Eric: exactly! james came to me the 3rd or 4th day and said howie and rachel were working together!

group: really?!?!!?!

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still talking about plan b. Ivette wont stop saying plan b was her. again and again. lots of James/Sarah/Kaysar basing. Some april bashing thrown in there by maggie


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Around the hot tub: Beau, Ivette, Eric, Maggie and April. April keeps saying how Kaysar was surprised to learn that James was the second vote for Ashlea. She feels she has given him something to think about. She repeats the story SEVERAL times.

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Maggie-Shame on me for believing I was up in the air about using it if i won it (veto). shame on me

Eric-oh gawd, that would have been ugly.

April-why would that have been ugly?

Eric-if she didn't use it... and she didn't take herself off...

april-oh (like she understood what he meant...yeah right)

eric-cause they were all gonna vote maggie off.


eric-fuck yeah they were. they were gonna split us in two any way they could.

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howie, rachel and james in GR.

rachel-the problem is what if ivette or beau gets hoh next week

howie-the next two hoh's are very important

james-we can't get over confident

howie-anyone can get lucky

howie-cutting off their big power sources just makes them all scrambling and scared

james-as much as we hate to listen to april talk...as much as i hate to hear her breathe..

howie-oh gawd she is so annoying

james-as much as i just wanna kick beau in the ass right now, we gotta play the game. after another day or two these conversations where the six of us get together have got to end.

james-i'm scared of maggie.

howie-ivette is harmless. maggie is dangerous...gotta get her out of here

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When she takes her legs out of the water they do not stay wet. Everybody else's legs are still wet. I am dehydrated. Maggie is that dehydration?

Maggie-i don't know

April-it has to be

Sarah asks if she has lotion on her legs

Beau-yeah totally..that's why

Ivette-April girl, you are exactly what i told you you were. you are like a chop shop car..pretty on the outside.. as soon as you drive it off the lot it breaks apart. (lmao)

maggie-oh my gawd that is the funniest

ivette and maggie-you are a lemon

ivette-she wears dentures at night, her skin is dry, she uses certain toothpastes her mouth dries out

april and beau-honey you are a mess

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