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July 23rd Live Feed Updates

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Still in HOH. Howie Janelle, Kaysar talking about James and Sarah.

J: Sarah wasn't supposed to be here. He was supposed to bring a guy in, she was an alternate. He got hurt or something.

K: I'm going to bring April and Jenn in here and tell them, look I'll keep you safe for a week and we are going after them.

Talking about James and Sarah and James coming clean again.

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Kaysar: We are going after all the people spreading lies and deciet.

H: I don't trust April.

J: No way.

H: She is spreading lies and deciet and just blah blah blah to everyone.

K: Exactly! That's why she's with them.

Celebrating again. Howie acting crazy. All spreading the love saying I love you guys.

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James joins them.

J: He thinks he's playing with me, that he's competing for me.

K: Jenn told me Ivette's playing for Maggie.

James: You tell her if she fucks me, she's going home next week.

Kaysar telling them all about the others and what Jenn said.

James: Ok, so they are fucking me. You guys could be fucking me, but I know there's someone in this room that hates Eric as much as I do. I thought Eric and I were tight. I thought I was the smartest one in this game but I got circles ran around me by you. (laughs)

K: We are going to get rid of Eric and take them all out.

James: I just can't wait till we get them all out.

H: Don't underestimate them.

James: this is the first time I've been serious with Howie

All laugh,

K: Continue to be pissed, act like you're still going. Continue to be upset but don't overreact.

James: Ok, but there's nothing better than this. I'm going to slam the door.

He leaves and slams the door.

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Nothing going on now, empty rooms, people walking around.

James and Sarah whispering in BR. James tells Sarah the deal.

Sarah: Just please baby, get yourself off. Please baby.

James: I will!

BB: Howie, go to DR.

Sarah and James still whispering, she wants him to ask Howie instead of Beau to play with her. Hard to hear them.

Jenn comes in.

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Sarah Kaysar and Janelle in the HOH. They reassure Sarah. Tell her about Rachel.

Sarah: So should I continue playing neutral or make them think I'm wanting James out?

K and Jan: Play neutral, you're doing a good job.

S: I'm nervous.

K: That's ok, everyone's nervous. YOu're doing a great job. Don't talk about this for a while. Rachel's in, we are all on the same page. They think Howie and I are going to throw it and get rid of James, but we are going to turn it on them.

S: Promise?

K: Yes, Promise. Keep acting the way you have. Don't say anything.

S: I'm not going to say anything.

She leaves. Switch to Maggie, April, Rachel, Eric talking around the smoking table.

(crap, I lost feed, hope someone is getting it.)

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Back to Beau and Kaysar.

B: I didn't want to interrupt, I just wanted to congratulate you. Just don't sit here the whole week.

He leaves and goes outside to join April and Sarah at the table. They are discussing food.

A: Are you competing tomorrow?

B: Course!

A: Oh we get new people we get to cheer on!

B: I am really into sports, I'm so competitive and into sports.

Discussing the cameras and forgetting they are there.

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BR, James and Maggie.

Maggie: Are you the only one who is allowed to talk to people? I can talk to Ivette.

James: No, I just give her shit, it's been like that since day one.

M: That really bothered me, just because I'm not on your side, I should still get to talk to people.

James plays her off and ignores her. They go into the GR.

BB: Eric, put on your Microphone!

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James and Janelle in GR. Whisper about game.

James: I just caught Iv and Maggie trying to talk about me!

They go back to talking loudly about clothes and swimsuits. Janelle clearing out her stuff.

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BEAU, APRIL, SARAH talking outside at smoking table.

April: We eat likes its... ????

Beau: every two secs i get hungry

April: Are you competing for veto?

Beau: o'course

April says "oooooh, we have new people we can cheer on!"

Sarah: can you even compete?

Beau: You don't have to worry about that, you don't understand, I'm actually a sports boy. Baseball 9 years, Soccer 5 years, Volleyball 4 years, I mean Cheerings, and student council, and getting A&Bs and couple Cs here and there.

April: haha, couple C's and here and there.

Beau: well i was so involved with extra curricular activities

April: But you're a freakin boy scout.

Beau: -------- fricken to the max.

April: I'd be laughing so hard.

Beau: I can't believe you stick you leg up on BB

April: I forget the cameras are here.. *waves at camera*

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Erik Maggie Sarah, in Kitchen. Sarah getting info. Eric says she's getting Iv. Sarah says she just wants to make sure she's still in.

Cut back to GR James and Jan.

James: I can't wait to send Eric home. After all I did for him and have him work against me. Fuck you!

Janelle: Yeah, fuck him!

They are talking about the bible now.


James: So was Mike really doing what the girls said?

Jan: No, he didn't do that.

James: I told him I would owe him a thousand apologies.

whispering, I can't hear well, talking about how dirty it is to play that way.

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Eric and Maggie walking through the house whispering. Eric says if we go down we are going down together. Ivette's with us. I'm taking my shot. Fuck it.

E: He's pissing me off the things he's saying now.

They stop talking, Janelle is in BR.

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It's the Howie show outside with April, Rachel, Beau others at table. Talking about nothing, Howie style. Boobies.

*I must go to bed, if someone's here please take over. Thanks.*

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Ok, no bed yet. Getting good in the GR. James and Maggie.

M: Kaysar hasn't talked to me yet.

J: I think a lot of people underestimated him. I did.


Ok, goodnight all.

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Guest shellnlele

maggie asks james what he is reading

he says he is reading the Bible, its Beau's

She said it makes for good stories, it just depends on what you do with the stories.

Then Maggie asks Jennifer is she will paint her nails the color of hers. Jennifer tells her sure, but its Aprils polish, and they go off to get it.

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K is explaining to H how he came up with the plan on his own, he told James he might put him up but to just trust him. about how he did all the juggling of scenarios. Tells H he never was plotting against him or Jan and that him and Mike were talking that if neither of them got it they wanted either Jan or H to.

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